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  • Calcifer had been living the loner life for quite some time. The scar marred his previously pristine pelt. After all, he had been born a kittypet signified by the collar around his neck. The collar was green and tattered, chunks missing around the sides. His sister, Firedawn, had gone to reside within ShadowClan's ranks many moons ago. Calcifer, a different cat back then, had decided to leave the spoiled lifestyle behind and follow in her pawsteps. Of course, the flame hued feline had not followed her to the soft clan that she had grown fond of. No, Calcifer had decided he would lead a different life. The somali had been known as Lady back then, but he knew that his name and how he was view wasn't him. No, he was Calcifer.

    The fiery transtom padded towards BloodClan, a corpse being drug by its scruff towards the border. The softhearted former clanner hadn't put up much of a fight for the bloodthirsty king, which had taken the fun out of killing the idiot. It had been a shame to waste any energy on this body of bones, yet he wanted to be accepted. What better way to make a good impression than bringing a body of an enemy to the border? The blood of the lifeless lonercaked Calcifer's fur. As the body fell to the ground with a resounding thud, the bloodthirsty creature smirked. "I bring a gift to BloodClan. I've come to join your ranks if you'd allow me to."

    He stopped in his tracks, waiting for someone to meet him there. Calcifer showed no hostility towards any approachers, rather he seemed calm in his demeanor. Hopefully, the flame hued tom would be allowed to join. After all, joining this clan could be fun. They seemed to enjoy ripping some throats and taking names just as much as he did.

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  • "Uh. What's with the random corpse? We meant to eat it or something?" Dust questioned as he stopped, turning an incredulous look towards the stranger. The fawn-furred tom cleared his throat awkwardly, ears twitching backwards with slight discomfort. "Also c'mon, I need like ... a name or something to work with here if you're gonna be joining us." As if he had any authority to accept the tom, anyway. Best he could do was hold down the edges and talk to the unfamiliar somali until someone who knew what they were doing showed their muzzle.

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    dust ; noun

    i. fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.

    ii. tyro of traditional bloodclan; eleven months of age, uses any pronouns. casual and friendly, but maybe enjoys fights a little too much.

  • Calcifer watched as Dust appeared, a slight discomfort from the sight of the corpse lying on the ground. "If ya wanna eat it, then go for it. It's not my thing, but I ain't judging." The Somali's tail waved behind him as he took a seat before the fawn feline. Licking the blood from his paws, the fiery feline watched Dust carefully. His green eyes were calculating, devious. A sick smile rested on his lips. "Name's Calcifer if you must know. I would say it's a pleasure to meet ya, but I don't even know your name either."

    So far, he hadn't decided if he appreciated Dust, but if allowed to remain, then he'd decide then. "So, are ya the leader or something? Shouldn't there be more of a...greeting party?" The flame furred monster looked around, curious as to the absence of patrols.

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  • If he weren't a government official he would have turned on his heels and abandoned the unfortunate pair to talk it out alone; who's to say their conversation wouldn't end in a bodycount of two? But no, he'd acquired the understanding to realize that if he wasn't telling who to let in or not, then any old fanatic could waltz right into his home and disrupt the balance. It was that careful tension which pulled between the desire to have leadership that survived the test of time, and the desperation for someone less-crazy to come along which kept him in his place— At the junction of these conflicting ideas. It was the only interesting thing about being deputy; The ever-varying looks he might be greeted with upon entering the courthouse.

    He forced his way through the clouds of stench, masked face growing increasingly disgusted at the sight which welcomed him at the foot of this joiner. He stood beside Dust, cold green wandering unwillingly between the spots of red which littered the concrete before him. "Yeah he's the leader," Sinclair's voice at long last scored their conversation with the sharp tone of his own city drawl. It was obviously a joke, but only to someone familiar with the tuxedo's antics. "Why haven't you been sending greeting parties out here? Haha." He turned and looked at the rosy stains smeared down Calcifer's face and chest, a suitable uniform for any murderer who was happy to let the masses know who they were. To Sinclair, it only looked uncomfortable and sticky. "So, d'you like killing cats, Calcifer?" He interviewed with a faux-professional impartiality. He didn't even know what answer he wanted.

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  • The fiery hued feline smirked as the tuxedo padded towards them. Now, this was a cat that was one of power. That much, Calcifer could tell. The demon sat down as the deputy approached. "Now, now. Greeting parties are always helpful to make sure that some wannabe comes crawling to you all. Simple as that." The Somali shrugged and then paused before answering Sinclair's question. "What gave it away? The fact that I have blood caked to my chest and maw or the fact that I placed a dead body at the border?" He laughed before grooming his chest for a brief moment. "This one seemed to get in my way and wanted a fight. Well, no one told me killing wasn't on the agenda."

    Calcifer managed to keep his composure and seemed to be rather unfazed by the tuxedo. "So, what do ya say? Can I be a valuable member to your clan here? If you need someone to rip out a few throats, well then I'm your guy."

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