plot with a cartel plague doctor?

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  • isaac, otherwise known as pestilence or the first of my four horsemen, resides currently in the cartel as part of the nurse division. more detailed information can be found in his tags, linked below. i'm mostly looking to get him plots and interactions across groups

    open to:

    — herb trading, he's seeking to form a collection of most herbs throughout agrelos

    — mentorship, he can teach advanced medicine, surgical technique, poisons, and more

    — surgery, y/c goes under the knife to treat a condition or injury

    — any other medical treatment

    — enemies

    — anything else not mentioned


    — friends, but he's difficult to get through to and it'd likely take a lot of ic development for him to trust y/c

    — capturing y/c, the only reason he would capture anybody would be to dissect. preferably an enemy of the cartel. more info can be found in this thread

    — captured or tortured by y/c, needs to have a good reason

    closed to:

    — romance

    — killing or maiming

    — any children, he physically can't have any

  • I'm just sorta,,, tracking this for now,, bc I have a plot in mind for this guy in the near future involving this kind of thing

    leo is kinda part of wind haven (but also kinda a rogue/loner) so assuming isaac was willing to capture him, would he be able to declaw a lion?

  • switching to main

    yeah! but only on the basis of mistaking him for a rogue if he trespasses in the cartel, since he doesn't want to cause any trouble for himself by capturing allies

  • just chimin in real quick bc i believe cartel and wh aren't allies, only neutrals? i might be wrong but wanted to chime in since i actively rp in wh!!

    anyways ! :flushed: tentatively enemies with a char i have named thanatos?? i think tlands and cartel are associates maybe? but i do think they're both on the "different" sides of the death spectrum enough that their morals might clash?

    thanatos is based on the greek god thanatos, who was more about peacefully passing so he might heavily disapprove of isaac's actions, especially if he somehow kills someone?

    might turn out into a weird friendship later on depending on how things play out?

  • im a dingus and dont know all the new politics yet lmao

    oooo they could have a thread that might be interesting,, dm me for details? discord or onsite i dont mind

  • Panya and him could be herb trading buddies if you'd like? She usually resides in Orcadia so she could swap various native herbs from there for the ones he has access to in Delos? She's also a loner so she;ll trade with anyone irregardless of affiliation. Only problem i could see is she may be wary of him at first because rats ad owls usually dont mix well lol.

  • ah i totally missed that! she could also show up as a possum if you'd prefer? though it'd be quit interesting for her to have her situation reversed, where someones scared of her instead of the other way around

  • yeah i thought it'd be neat!! bless you for having a rat character,, they are adorable

    i'll have him visit to collect herbs and then they can interact if that works