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  • She'd slept for what felt like a solid few weeks tuning the entire world out in favor or simply relaxing with only her lovers and youngest kids to keep her company and she'd be lying if she didn't say she was at bliss - but would also be a damned liar if she claimed she didn't feel a smidgen of guilt about it. She knew better then to relax and let her guard down that was always when disaster struck - and she's sure she'd hear about some calamity going on outside of the haven whenever she stepped paw out of it either it'd happen out on a patrol or when she got her family together to celebrate birthdays and hash out warnings. She didn't want to worry about any of that right now, not when it was this early. She'd make her way out onto the porch of her shared cabin sitting herself down and leaning against one of the railings near the stairs a blissful yet sleepy look on her face.

    She'd get back to work soon enough, return to going to countless raids and handling diplomatic missions here and there but for now she was at peace. She didn't expect to be bothered so for now she'd just rest and watch as the sun rose into the sky over the meadows.


  • Personally, Mercy can't blame Ver for withdrawing and taking a bit of a mental health break — that's most of what she herself has done since arriving here, shutting most everything out aside from the loved ones who live alongside her, save for the days here and there where she emerges to socialize with the rest of the clan. Though she does want to put herself out there a bit more, she frankly doesn't feel much of a rush. That's something she likes about her current place in life; there's hardly any pressure. The lack of responsibility is freeing. Naturally, she's taken quite a bit of pleasure in getting so much personal time with Ver (and the rest of the family) over the past several weeks. There's nothing she loves more than being a partner, a mother.

    Movement beside her makes the molly stir, but for a few minutes she remains in bed with her eyes closed, unmoving but awake. Eventually, however, she lifts her head to see that Ver's missing. Yawning, she rises and springs down from the bed before padding outside to sit next to her lover, enjoying the breeze that cools the morning air. "Good morning," she murmurs. It's been a while now since Mercy first arrived here, but she still cherishes such tranquil moments like this as though she'd been terrified and on the run just yesterday.



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  • ・゚ ✦ ° TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER NATURE - He had grew worried about his fellow Advisor's absence; only occasionally seeing her mostly relax on her own accord with her family. He didn't have the heart to step up to his step (?) mother so the rabbit tried hard to step up to the plate himself. Maybe later when he needed a break, Ver would be able to repay the favor by making sure Wind Haven was kept safe. There was so much to do and sometimes he felt like he was overstepping his boundaries as an Advisor.

    "Um... Hey," greeted Windwaker lightly as he'd approach the two. So many mothers; he was comfortable thinking of Charlotte as mother, but what about her lovers? Maybe they wouldn't appreciate the sentiment so much so the rabbit was stuck in awkward formalities.


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  • Fidelity wouldn't consider herself one for relaxing. She doesn't consider Wind Haven's wide boundaries as a sort of pen; they're the edges of the world right now, the farthest reach into her little known world. She's ventured outside of them once, all the way to the Dark Dynasty, and it'd felt like a grand mission and a half. She might have to stay within the Haven for awhile just to recover from that adventurous ordeal. Naively curious as most children her age, she hasn't forgotten her "mother"'s twisted reminders, as well as her own, squeaked-out oath to Wind Haven. It's her growing duty to explore the Haven, she thinks, to reach a paw into every nook and cranny and to truly know them for future reference. That, and the fact that she doesn't quite know anyone here either. A good thing? the developing, inner voice chimes, probably wringing its nebulous hands. But the spirit of a normal childhood overcomes it today, and Fidelity finds the porchside gathering with delight.

    The cougar cub certainly knows of the horned rabbit, but Ver and Mercy have only been names to her up until now. She's caught their titles in passing, a comment or the subject of a mildly-important errand, but never their fearsome faces. Ver's visage certainly fits her self-created rumors, sleek-lined yet scarred, with scarlet horns erupting from what must certainly be clever temples; she looks like a demon who would sooner wreck havoc on this cottage than sleep in it. But the way the tender feline at her side greets her is a just-awoken sleepy. Vulnerable, something a little unthinkable given Fidelity's sole and current influence. None of the trepidation or surprise shows on her round face when she pads up to Windwaker's side.

    "Good morning, everyone." Her voice isn't thoughtful like Mercy's or bumbling like Windwaker's, more of a casual salute than anything. Her greeting is accompanied by a fleet smile that has the subtle feeling of wanting to make a good impression on all of these high, and former high, positions here. "How are you guys?" she adds in the ensuing pause, tipping her head.


  • Charlotte was the happiest she'd been in a long time, and she owed it almost entirely to her wife and her girlfriend. Whatever was left was to be granted to the bucolic influence of Wind Haven. She relished the time with her family and delighted in the opportunity to rediscover herself and the joys of Clan life. All things considered, she was currently full of joy, and she liked it that way.

    This did not necessarily extend to early morning, however.

    A disappearance of warmth on both sides of her stirred Charlie from her sleep and she gave a soft, mournful howl as her lovers disappeared into the brisk morning air. The shepherd reluctantly crawled out from beneath the covers and went in pursuit of Ver and Mercy, yawning widely and blinking sleep from her copper eyes. To her surprise, Windwaker and Fidelity were in conversation with the pair, and she gave a shuddering yawn as she flopped on the ground next to her wife and her girlfriend.

    "Why are we awake at sunrise again?" asked the Aeternum mournfully, resting her head on her forepaws.

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