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  • It was a lovely mid-morning day and the tabby already found a way to mess things up for himself. Breathing in sharply, Res held back a yelp when he felt his front paw slide into a particularly soft area of earth filled with mud. Jumping to the side, he grimaced as he stared at his now mud-coated paw before sending a sharp look at the unsuspecting puddle so rudely camouflaged and placed on his path. Sighing, he closed his eyes and turned his head away as he shook his paw vigorously in attempt to get most of the gooey substance off. Flexing his claws, he felt a shiver run down his spine when the cold semi-fluid seeped between his toes. Bottom lip trembling, Res gritted his teeth, placed his paw back down and continued on his walk. None of this would have happened if he set aside his pride and asked for a tour. Rather, it wasn't a matter of pride. It was more of him not wanting to bother anyone with a dash of him wanting to go exploring by himself. Albeit, exploring with another sounded much more fun to the social male... Even if they were showing him around. Perhaps they would have run into something new and exciting! Nothing beats experiencing something unfamiliar with someone. It would give them something to talk about and bond over. Not that Res needed something like that to jump start his relationships. All his life he has been blessed with social skills so making friends was never a challenge for him- something he's thankful for. You'd think he's put those upstanding socials skills to use when asking for help navigating the territory.

    Retracing his steps - he walked in a straight line because he was scared of getting lost - Res kept his eyes focused ahead of him as he approached camp, ignoring the uncomfortably hardening mud that encompassed his right paw. Maybe he should find Knightorbit and ask him? Would that be alright? He did offer to show him around when he joined but part of Res wondered if he was just offering to appear kind and didn't mean it. He's had his fair share of creatures like that and he had zero interest in being fooled again. But it wouldn't hurt to at least try, right? What if he was wrong? A pit formed in his stomach as he contemplated his assumptions about the lion being incorrect. Shaking away his guilt, he decided he would ask him but not push him if he couldn't do it or if he was busy. Was he even in camp? If he wasn't, should he ask someone else or should he wait until he returned? His thoughts whirled around like a hurricane in his mind, holding all his attention. Before he realized, he was in camp and walking gods know where. Stopping, Res would give himself a shake to clear his head and brought a paw up to rub his eyes. Stopping halfway, he glared at the dried mud and brought it back down. When he finds Knightorbit, his first order of business would be to wash his paw. Inhaling slowly, he began his quest to find the male, inquiring to those who he passes and asking if they could send him his way should they run into the larger creature.


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    Knight was almost never in camp, but today was one of his rare lazy days. He was simply enjoying a little sunbathing when a NPC came sprinting up to him. Muffled words of Res asking for him would bring a casual yawn from the male. Slowly, he would raise up from the balcony of his tree house home. Stretching his bulky frame and then leaping down from his house, he would trudge after the NPC.

    The brute would let himself be guided to where Res was at. Stopping to look the smaller male over with those calm optics. It was not unlike him to offer kindness when he would rather be alone. That was how he was. Yet, with Res it was different. He was willing to help the smaller feline simply because they asked. Taking in the muddy paw, he would frown in thought before moving closer to the male.

    Ah, would you like a wet rag to wash that mud off? He offered as he reached into his mane and pulled out a rag from his pocket dimension. Using his water elemental to wet the rag before holding it out to the other male with a steady paw. A faint curve to the corner of his lips as he watched the other a moment.

    The waters blend well here. Takes time to get used to. I still find puddles myself. He admits with a soft rumble of a laugh. He remembered falling face first in a puddle when out on a walk. Vines were a dangerous thing to run into. He could easily wash it off himself, but man was that annoying.

    Ah, anyways. I heard you were looking for me, Res? He adds after a moments thought. Wondering what the male could need. Was it a tour? Some food or company? Maybe just to talk. Who knew, but the lion would not mind it. Res was not one of the hyper in your face types. He liked that. So, he would simply watch the other as he waited to see what was up.


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  • Res made sure to hang out in the middle of camp in plain sight so locating him wouldn't be hard. It would be bad (and annoying) if the person who sent for another was hard to find and he didn't want to trouble him anymore than he probably already is. The gentle tabby felt an involuntary sigh escape his lips as he stared down at the dried mud that clung to his paw. Every so often some pieces would crumble away leaving behind a jagged texture that didn't feel good nor was good to look at. Nose scrunching in displeasure, the male would turn his head with a "hmph" and look elsewhere. Ignoring the slight pain of the hardened semi-fluid between his toes, he would express his gratitude towards the one creature who reported back to him so far. It seems they went out for a bit to gather some herbs upon the doctor's request and hadn't run into him. It was fine. Res had asked few handful of others. All he had to do was wait- and he was very patient. It wasn't much but it was something he prided himself on. He could wait as long as needed for an outcome. Growing up with siblings, dealing with both energetic and tough personalities as well as being around children required him to calm himself and take a look at the situation he was in. Most confrontations, he finds, can be avoided if one is willing to work with the other and wait for them to finish speaking. Of course, there's a level of compassion and listening skills to be added but it would be all for naught if one isn't patient with others and themselves. Food for thought, he supposes.

    He was more than prepared to wait another hour but much to his delight, bright green eyes landed on the black and white lion in the distance being led by one of the creatures he had asked for assistance from. As the two drew closer, the feline would dip his head in thanks to his groupmate and waved their mud-free paw in farewell when they walked off. They appeared to be out of breath, didn't they? Like they sprinted to find Knightorbit. He chuckled at the thought and returned focus to the feline towering over him. He still wasn't used to being on the smaller side to his groupmates. Back in his homes, the largest creatures he would encounter on a day-to-day basis were as large as wolves. They were much larger than Res but not overwhelmingly so. He was a bit jealous- granted, as far as domestic felines go, Res was huge so he suppose he shouldn't be complaining.

    He smiled up at Knightorbit after dipping his head in greeting. Before he could say anything, he noticed the frown that etched it's way onto the other's face and Res could only hope a speedy apology would make things better. It seemed as though his worries of bothering him were true. Growing panicked, he opened his mouth to apologize but stopped when he asked if he'd like a rag to tend to the mud. Blinking a few times, he would look down at his paw then back at Knight. Then back down at his paw only to settle on the vampire once more. Was the other showing displeasure towards the mud hence the frown? Feeling silly, Res tugged at his white ear, "Y-yes please." Lowering his paw, he watched in amazement as he pulled a rag from his mane and dowsed it with water before presenting it to him. Taking it, he held it in his paw for a moment before meowing, "H-how? Wait," he laughed. "Sorry... How did you do that? I understand the water but- do you always have this with you just in case?" Came his amused inquiry, rubbing the rag between his paws as he tried to get the mud off. It was comforting to know that he wasn't the only one who was having trouble with the well-hidden puddles of mud and that it could take a while to get used to. He pressed his lips together to prevent from laughing, though the side of his mouth turned upward in a smile at the thought of Knight slipping into or stepping in the puddle of mud he himself fell victim to. "But one of us has a magic mane and water abilities, which makes things so much easier." He said, narrowing his eyes playfully. "I don't think plants would help me much in that situation." He purred, waving his paw and allowing small blades of grass to grow around them. He could absolutely create a bridge and cross over it but that would require him noticing it first.

    Wiping off all the mud, he held onto the rag awkwardly. Should he return it or should he wash it first? Leaning heavily towards the latter, he spoke. "Um, I'll wash it and give it back." Sure Knight had his water ability and could easily wash it, but Res felt it was the least he could do. As he continued, Res noticeably perked up when Knight inquired about the reason he wished to see him. He had almost forgotten about the tour. It was as thought his mind gave up on it and decided he would much prefer sitting and speaking with him- it wasn't wrong but this was more important. Knight wasn't going anywhere so they could always talk later. "Y-yes, right, so," there was a small pause before he continued, contemplating if he should add he got lost on multiple occasions since his joining. "I was wondering if you could give me a t-tour?" Came his meek request as he smiled sheepishly. "If you're not busy of course! I can wait until you have time." He added quickly, not wanting it to seem as though he was forcing him.

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    The fact that Res was easy to find was a bonus. Honestly, Knight hated people that made life harder then it had to be. Life was simple. Keep it simple and things were easy. So, was the males view on the world he called home. Alas, things were never simple and time would show him this fact. Nothing was ever black and white, and he knew that. He would just follow his own moral compass in those grey areas.

    Things could be simple if he wanted them to be. So, he tried to just follow his heart and let his mind work out the details as they went. A fatal flaw in most, but it had yet to fail the male. So, he would be grateful for that fact. Thought other things now had his attention. So, he would shake away the thoughts with new realizations. Now, as he stood before Res, he noted the strange feeling of being a towering mass.

    He was, in all honesty, used to Wyverns and Saber-Tooth Tigers. Next to them, he was small. He was always small next to them. So, standing over someone made him feel a little awkward. He should have known that he would be bigger next to someone one day. Being a huge muscle bound lion. It was kinda how life worked. So, his awkward feeling was, well, surprising for most.

    Yet, he felt himself lowering his body to the ground a bit. Trying to feel a little less imposing in size. It was subconscious and it was almost noticeable to anyone watching. The male was doing more then crouching his massive frame down for comfort. Yet, Knight would not offer much proof of his self conscious inner thoughts. He would try to hide his emotions, as he often did.

    At the sudden question about the rag, he would blink a moment. Oh, well then. He had forgotten his Pocket Dimension was foreign to some. After a moment, he would lower that paw and offer a soft reply. Ah, no. I have a Pocket Dimension in my mane. He would tilt his head slightly and then offer that soft laugh, more of a faint rumble really. It is linked to my earring. Without it, I have a normal mane. It is a weird power I have I suppose. He adds with a slight shrug or those shoulders.

    At the mention of his magic mane and water being useful, he would narrow his eyes in thought. Small smile tugging the corner of his mouth up a bit. Wait, plant powers? He pause and his eyes opened fully again. A sudden idea entering his mind. Plant powers would help stop the problem though. He would have done it himself if he could. Water lilies in the puddles would show water is there, right? We can defeat the puddles together.

    He showed a hint of his more child-like side there with his joke. The idea of ending the embarrassment of falling on his face in puddles, especially with white fur? How could he pass that thought up. He would let a soft hum leave his lips before looking at the grass that was now about them. Ears perking in awe. His powers were not all that great really. Water, which meant he could bend blood, but he hated that idea all together.

    Pocket Dimension, which was nice enough he figured. Memory Manipulation, which felt wrong in his mind. Oh, and he could go invisible. Which was useful, he supposed. His wandering mind came back at the mention of the rag. Oh, yeah. I mean.. Thanks. But, you don't have to. He answered with a bit of surprise. He hadn't expected the other to want to clean the rag before returning it.

    He would then hear the sheepish tone and he felt a bit of amusement. I would not mind it. all I was doing was sunbathing. We might get lost, but at least we can do it together. A joke, perhaps? Only time would tell.


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  • The last thing Res wanted to be known for is being difficult or making things difficult. He did his best not to get in the way of others and should he, an apology is never far. Especially to individuals who hardly knew him- how would they know he didn’t do it on purpose without first getting to know him? Sure, they could go off of how he acts but there’ll always be a sliver of doubt in the back of their minds because they don’t know him. Despite this thought, Res knew better than to take it personally or hold it against them. For the sake of keeping the peace, he speaks nothing of it while it clouds his minds. He was never the one to talk about his feelings. Rather, he was more on the receiving side when it came to conversations about mental well-being. He was okay by the way. Res doesn’t have much troubles aside from his usual monumental concern for everyone’s general health. But checking in sometimes is definitely appreciated and welcomed. He would feel quite odd opening up to someone about his feelings, but keeping them bottled up isn’t healthy either. The individuals whom he’d feel the most comfortable speaking with are no longer in his life. It grew quite lonely, being alone like that and detrimental to one’s health in prolonging isolation. It was one of the reasons why he sought out the Thunderlands. Having the sense of community was important to the young tabby- even if he doesn’t make any friends being around others, hearing them enjoy themselves was enough for him.

    If Knight told him he knew the feeling of being small, Res would have a hard time believing him. He knew there were creatures larger than him but he’s yet to come across any of them. He wasn’t sure he would be able to speak with them for long due to his neck growing tired from looking up at such an intense angle. At least with Knight, his neck isn’t craned to the point of soreness, stiffness or pain. It did help, however, when the other lowered himself a bit allowing for Res to lower his cranium ever so slightly. It wasn't a huge decrease in angle but it did help alleviate the little stress he had on his neck. Part of him wanted to comment on it, telling him he was alright in his previous position but it would be rather arrogant to assume he shifted his frame for him. Maybe he was getting comfortable or perhaps his former alignment put strain on his body. It may conceivably be another habit of his to pay strict attention to body language, relying on it heavily especially when forming new relationships. During this time, the individuals are still feeling each other out and refrain from speaking about personal matters. Paying attention to bodily cues isn't a foreign concept and is practiced by nearly everyone- he can say that much with confidence. The only problem with him is while he notices small shifts, his deduction of the meaning behind the action is oft wrong... Which leaves him wondering what the point of noticing is anyways if he's going to come up with several reasons as to why they moved a certain way and all if not most being wrong.

    Res stared at Knightorbit in awe as he listened to him explain his ability, his mind reeling with questions. Where do the items he takes come from? Are they his or is he borrowing them from someone else? Is he interacting with another dimension every time he reaches in? What would happen if Res accidentally collided with him? Would he find himself in another realm or face-planted in soft black fur? Is there a size limit? Could it be overloaded and unable to fit any more objects? Would it work on Res if he wore the earring or has it, in a way, bonded with the lion? Curious, but not wanting to bombard him with questions, Res settled for something that would summarize his thoughts perfectly: "Amazing." He wondered where he would store things if he had that ability. He'd probably "eat" it. The idea made him very uncomfortable but the thought of the priceless expressions on those around him would almost be worth it. It was a convenient and extremely useful power to have so when Knight called it weird, Res would shake his head in objection. "No way! It's really helpful and cool! Think how much time you saved me with it," He meowed, referring to the damp rag in his paw. "You really came through for me there," He chirped. It was a small gesture but it genuinely meant a lot to him. Is he merely easy to please or is he acknowledging the efforts of another? Who knows.

    The tabby blinked a few times, nodded and tilted his head to the side inquisitively when Knight repeated his words. It wasn't as impressive as having Pocket Dimension or water manipulation but he suppose being able to grow any seed is a plus. He wasn't sure what practical use it would have but he probably wasn't being creative enough with it. The feline's ears perked up at the mention of being able to do something about the puddles. There wasn't much that could be done though, aside from paying more attention. A confused expression clouded his features as he stared at Knight, wondering what he had in mind. At the mention of water lilies, everything clicked. That was... A really good idea. He nodded his head in agreement, "I don't see why not," He grinned, tail tip twitching excitedly. He wasn't sure if he had enough energy to cover all of the puddles on the territory but he would be satisfied if he could do something to at least a handful of them. He wondered why he hadn't thought of that before. "You'll carry me if I run out of energy, right?" He joked, batting his lashes as he stared up at the lion. After a second, he laughed and waved his paw dismissively as he meowed a lighthearted "just kidding." He wouldn't allow himself to use his ability so much as to render him immobile but he thought it would be a fun thing to say.

    Res has his fair share of tumbles and falls. He's not the most agile cat and it's not something he actively tries to improve. He doubted he could anyways considering his tail is the source for most of his ungraceful moments. It was long and bushy, causing him to trip over it and having to pick things from it every other minute. As much as it irritated him when it happens, he does like his tail and can't imagine being without it or having something different altogether. Flicking his tail around, he wrapped it around his frame from the other direction as Knight continued. "Yeah but... I dunno. I want to." Was it an odd thing to do? It was Res' fault that it was soiled and even if Knight has his Pocket Dimension ability, it still felt wrong to give it back to him without cleaning it first. He wasn't quite sure how to explain it but he was thankful the vampire allowed him to.

    The tom noticeably perked up when the other agreed to give him a tour, relief overwhelming his senses. Part of him felt a little bad that he interrupted his sunbathing- which sounded lovely right about now but he needed to focus. But he was glad nonetheless Knight was willing to help him out. "W-wait, don't jinx us!" He laughed. His voice trembled just enough to show while he wasn't too concerned with the idea it was still something he'd like to avoid. He suppose getting lost with him wouldn't be so bad though. It would give him an excuse to spend time with the other and perhaps become his friend if things work out.

    Rising to his paws, he bit into a clean area on the cloth as he gazed at Knight with a grin. With a muffled tone, he spoke, "I'm ready when you are."

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    Knight was rarely bothered anyways, so Res was never going to owe him an apology. Then again, it was hard to annoy a lion that just.. existed. He was always just existing. Knight seemed to find himself trusting in the good in all others. Not that he ever found good in himself, but that was another story. At the comment about coming through for him, the lion would let out a low rumble. He was almost laughing, in his own little way.

    Well, it has its uses. I am glad I could pull through for you in the end. He offered with a soft smirk teasing his lips for a half a second. The question about carrying him would make him pause a moment and then a soft roll of his shoulders would follow. I wouldn't mind carrying you. He answered with a slight twitch of his ears. The male had no idea if the other was joking, or not.

    Alas, with this male, it was hit or miss with jokes and flirting. Res could be in his face flirting and Knight would be blind to it. But a small gesture could also be mistaken for flirting. The males desire to clean it. If you want to, I won't stop you. thank you for doing that ether way. The rag being cleaned would be nice, but he was capable of doing it. Alas, he would not argue it as maybe it was custom for Res.

    It took him some time, but after a long moment he would rise to his full height and nod. We can go to the Glowing Lake first. It is a wonderful place to see. He loved the place and was sure Res would. So, turning on a paw, he would move of at a relaxed pace. Not wanting to leave Res behind with his longer strides.


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    dont touch and you will be fine

  • For now, it would probably be for the best Knight kept to himself about being content with just existing or that he didn't find good in himself. While Res didn't know him nor for very long, he would drop everything and spend hours trying to convince him otherwise. To Res, existing alone is something that should be celebrated. How many situations has he been in that he didn't think he would make it out of? Days when he felt like everything was pointless in the grand scheme of things. The tabby has had - and lets face it, will continue to have - days like that but with every sunrise he lived to greet, there was no mistaking the feeling of pride that would ignite within him, no matter how much the contempt and worthlessness would overshadow it. He knew not everyone could see it the way he did which is why he would supply his unwavering support and gently tell them what he knows but what they themselves are seemingly unaware of. He didn't think too highly of himself either and the male knew deep down he should be following his own advice, but it genuinely didn't seem important to him. He enjoyed helping others to the point where he's almost convinced it is his purpose in life. If he could make things even a bit easier for others... Even the smallest bit less stressful, he'd be happy. Maybe he was being selfish- using others as a means of feeling fulfilled. While the thought has crossed his mind on more than one occasion, he never entertained it long enough in fear of discovering something terrible about himself. The thought of him not only being capable of doing harm but volunteering to take part in it terrified him. Res was a coward when it came to his own self-reflection.

    The tabby would nod his head and smile at the lion when he expressed his content with aiding him. While it was small and Res would have toughed it out until they came across a source of water for him to rinse the mud off, Knight did make things easier for him. He watched as the vampire paused moment before telling him carrying the smaller feline would be no trouble. Sure, not weight wise. If Knight wanted to, Res was more than positive he could throw him farther than a good couple of meters. The problem lied with Res not wanting to come off as too dependent or bothersome, especially on someone he just met. Judging from his attitude, the tabby had a feeling Knight wouldn't mind if he asked for a few things but the anxious tom didn't want to push his luck. Shaking his head, he chuckled as he waved his paw dismissively. "No, no, it's alright," he smiled. "I was kidding. But thank you." How kind of him. Res would say the same if their sizes were reversed but being so used to helping others, he forgot what it was like to be helped. It was... Weird but... Nice.

    Res would grin and dip his head upon being thanked by the other. At the first sight of a river or stream, he was going to wash it. Hopefully it won't be too much of a pain to clean else he'd surely perish in the heat of his embarrassment from having to sit there for a while as he attempts to get all the stains out. Thinking about it made his face grow and ears grow hot and he dug his claws into the earth to stop himself from looking away as he pulled his ear. Giving himself a shake to clear his mind, he would watch as Knightorbit rose to his paws after speaking. Glowing Lake? That sounds interesting. Was it literally or metaphorically named? He wanted to ask but he felt it would be better as a surprise. Standing, Res would trot after him before falling into step next to the lion, silently appreciating the other's slower stride. There was a brief moment of silence before the feline spoke up, doing his best to speak around the fabric in his mouth. "So uh... How long have you been in the Thunderlands?" Came his curious but muffled inquiry. A pitiful attempt to break the ice but an attempt nonetheless. He wanted to know more about the other but he wasn't sure how to go about it. This part in forming relationships was always tough. The rag in his mouth wasn't helping his situation either. Maybe it would be best if he asked Knight to store it in his mane until they came across a river? Conversations from here on is going to be a challenge with the rag in his maw.

    {{ i can absolutely see that happening lmaoo

    it also becomes a source of comfort for him so when he's having a rough day, he dejectedly crawls in and knight's like "are... you alright?"

    "yeah, don't mind me. recharging"

    i can also picture them relaxing and talking and res absentmindedly weaving flowers into his mane and both forgetting it's there so people would giggle at the flower and knight deadpans like "imagine not having someone to braid flowers into your hair... what a terrible life to live. i'm glad that's something i don't have to concern myself with"

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    If anyone could make Knight find good in himself, it would be Res. Yet, for now, the brute would walk along and keep his inner thoughts a secret. Then again, if Res spent hours talking to Knight, the lion might find himself seeing more then friends with the fellow feline. Though Knight never had a date or been with anyone. He was a strange creature from an even stranger family.

    It was a whole mess that Res would likely one day hear about. The male was tired of losing everyone he loved to time. Living for as long as he did, well.. His parents murders, his friends deaths to age. He lost over and over and would let himself fall into a deep sleep for a time. Sleeping in a coffin of stone that was tainted with the blood of his fallen allies. The memories always made him somber.

    Yet, as he walked along with Res, he would let those thoughts melt away. He was not to worried about his past right now. He wanted to make a new friend without drowning in his losses. The brute would let his head tilt down to scan the ground before him for any puddles. Though he was taking a normally dry path. The silver cross earring dangling there would bob with the motion.

    It was a rather wonderful day and the strange creature found himself feeling more grateful to Res. Then, he heard the other speak and his head would tilt back to look at Res. Hmm..? Oh, I see. I am bad with picking up on that sort of thing. Ah.. My apologies. He offered in return. feeling a little embarrassed. What a mistake to make.

    The male would then blink slightly. Ah, well.. Time seems to blur for me these days. I think a few weeks or so. He admits with a thoughtful hum. Tail waving slightly. He wasn't truly sure on that one. Though, his attention was shifted as he reached the lakes shore. Stopping and letting out a pleased rumble. We made it without a single puddle. Off to a decent start.


    //knight would though. rex would do that and someone would laugh and he would be like, what? your man dont love you enough? that it? lmao

    also, that sketch is life rn :o must add that to my discord channel for him ,., if that it okay??

  • As far as romances go, Res was in the same boat. He had many friends but there wasn't a single person he thought to be romantically involved with. This could perhaps be from he himself thinking he is undesirable but it was mostly because he never gave much thought to it- as simple as it sounds. Romance wasn't something he actively sought out as he found more value in friendships. That didn't mean he wasn't interested in it or adored it. The way love is described in literature made his heart flutter and for a moment, his sharp claws would curl with envy. However, he's only been exposed to how others viewed and experienced love. Sometimes it was soft and delicate, fragile and timid. Sometimes it was wild and chaotic, like an open fire and just as intense. He's seen it described as life itself and like holding a rose to smell without removing the thorns; lovely and beautiful, but painful. Res' favourite depiction though are those who describe it as one of the easiest thing in the world. He wasn't sure what they meant by that but it sounded poetic. For the most part, he was a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Whatever happens, happens. If it's a good thing, he'll cherish it and put work into preserving it. If it's a bad thing, he'll do his best to improve on it and shift it to something positive, or neutral at the very least.

    He is also quite dense so any advances went over his head.

    Res' own family was far from perfect, but they loved and cared for each other the best they could. After his mother died, he began to feel a rift develop between them, but it was clear they did their best to stay close. He got along the best with his father, Pitifullullaby and his sister, Vanillakit while his brother and other sister, Tommy and Silentkit shared a special bond that couldn't be replicated with the rest of the family. The tabby didn't mind though- it would be hypocritical if he did considering he was very close with Vanillakit. At the end of the day, they were still his siblings and as long as they were safe and happy, he was happy as well. He wished he knew of his remaining family's whereabouts as he longed to see them again. He wanted closure.

    The male kept his eyes peeled for any puddles he may place the water lilies in. So far, he too wasn't having much luck in finding them so he figured he wouldn't look. Much like a watched pot never boiled, actively searching for the puddles would prove fruitless. Turning his cranium to look at Knight, Res chuckled and shook his head. "It's nothing you need to apologize for," he reassured him with a flick of his tail. "So don't worry about it." It appears he'll have to speak matter-of-factually when communicating with him until the other grew used to him. Which was more than fine to the male as he's more than willing to put in the time to allow the lion to grow accustomed to him. Res'll have to do the same with Knight too, his stoic and quiet nature that borders militant- he still has a lot to learn.

    He hummed a reply when Knight responded to his question. His mind instinctively told him to tell the vampire of his duration in the Thunderlands but he already knew considering he was one of the individuals to greet him. Thinking of something else to say, he spoke. "Blurred? Like they're uneventfully consistent?" Wasn't there anything he liked to do for fun? Maybe hang out with others or read? Deciding to voice this, the smaller feline tilted his head to look at Knight. "If so, are you okay with it being like that? Is there anything you like to do to keep yourself busy?" For Res, he enjoyed documenting various herbs and taking notes about things he's noticed in his day-to-day life but he lost his notebook when he was younger and never got around to picking it back up. He wasn't going to pry too much and impose his own thoughts onto Knight because there was always the possibility that he preferred things as they are now. Much like the puddles of mud, he wasn't actively looking for anything to alter. Speaking of which, "Lucky us," he'd purr, subconsciously stopping when Knight did. Returning his attention to before him, Res tilted his head when he noticed a large lake that sparkled brilliantly under the sun. Upon further observation, it appeared to be emitting light which he could okay assume is why it's called Glowing Lake. Blinking a few times, he kneaded the ground eagerly as he whipped his head to look up at Knight. "Can we get a closer look?"

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  • falling in the black

    The fact that Res was much like him in that way, well, it would be a comfort for him in the distant future. He hated the way others looked at him when he said he never dated a soul. The way they were all so surprised that he was never with anyone. Never married. Never had a single kid. He never found time in his life and his parents died well be fore he could marry that royal they set him up with. He didn't stick around long after that and when he left that coffin he called a bed, well, he came here.

    He slept so long he lost everyone. Those he knew now, well, they never caught his eye in that way. He never found himself wanting love in his life. Not because he didn't fancy the love of another, no. He craved attention and company some days. He just feared losing that person. Once he gave away his heart, well, that was it for him. He would never love another once they were gone and he couldn't imagine living without the one he loved.

    Sure, he was a vampire and could turn them. It was always an option for him, but he would not force this life on another. Being like him was hard. Always hungry, but unable to eat. Soul stained red with lives he stole without meaning to. He lived every moment with fear of his own powers. Fear of his hunger taking him again. He was afraid of who he was, and he had to face it alone.

    Another newer vampire, one he loved? He could not imagine watching them suffer like he did. He could not put anyone he loved like that through what he dealt with daily. That was why he avoided everything. He was oblivious to flirting, because he wanted to be. He pushed people away, because he was afraid. So fearful.

    The voice of Res made him snap out of his thoughts and his head turned towards the smaller feline. He had nothing to be sorry for? Knight had everything to be sorry for, but that was not what Res meant. No, it was far from what the other spoke of and he offered a firm nod in response. Then, he was asked another question that made him blink in thought. His head turning to look over the waters before him.

    Perhaps blurred is not the right term. A soft pause as he thought the words over in his mind before speaking again. I live each day drained and my mind seems to lose track of the time. I patrol, hunt, and train. I work and clean. I read and learn. He paused and then let his gaze shift back to Res. Head turning to allow him to do so.

    Everything seems the same. As if I am numb to things. A soft sigh left him before he turned his gaze down to the earth between the duo. I want to change things, but I am not one to find change easy. This is the most peace I have found sense coming here. Standing here with someone that doesn't expect me to keep going. That doesn't rely on me to uphold the line. A snort left him before he rolled those massive shoulders.

    The sudden eagerness to get closer made the male pause and look back up from his thoughts. Of course we can. I swim here from time to time. Usually catching fish. He answered as he moved towards the water on steady paws. Drawing himself up right on the edge of the glowing lake and stopping. He loved how magical this place looked. How it made his snowy fur glow and cast sparkles into his mane like stars.


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  • Res couldn't begin to imagine the pain Knight must have endure for so long- and by himself too. The emotional and mental toll it took on him wasn't something that he could easily understand unless he too experienced something of similar extreme. But he didn't and he was thankful. He wasn't sure if he could endure something like that and not lose his mind in the process. It would leave him beaten and broken beyond repair and though Knight is far from healed, he's standing here. He's breathing. The blood pumping through his veins is as strong as ever- he survived. He survived and he's doing everything he can to make the most of it and if you ask Res, that's a damn good place to start.

    What the tom can relate to, however, is losing those once familiar to him and having to start over from scratch. As far as friends, family and material value goes, he lost everything. All he had to remember them by were the memories that swirled in his conscious. He clung to them in fear they'd disappear and he'd forget about everything. About everyone. The individuals he's laughed with, shared a table with and stood beside in times of conflict. Those whose wounds he mended, spirits he desperately tried to lift and shared moments of silence with. He treasured all of them but with every passing day, his resolve falters as he begins to wonder if these events really took place or if they're stories he fabricated to keep himself sane. He knew his memories weren't false but the anxiety that came with the doubt that lingered in the back of his mind made his heart race. He hated not being around others for long periods of time because he was so used to being surrounded by those he cared about. Now that they were gone, he feels like a part of him is missing. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for them, even if it would harm him in the process. This would also apply to Knightorbit. Res' terrified of supernatural beings so him befriending one without realizing it will definitely give him quite a shock- but Knight was his friend and if he needed blood the tabby would offer his own. He didn't know a lot about vampires aside from them drinking blood and turning into bats (can they turn into bats? Or is that something literature came up with? And would it be insensitive in inquire about the possibility of them having the ability to turn into bats?), but he know he wasn't going to abandon a friend in their time of need. It was only blood. His body will make more.

    His stripped and spotted tail brushed against the ground. The contact suddenly made him aware of it and he turned his head to look back at it. Just as he expected, he managed to collect all sorts of things: small twigs, leaves, small pieces of bark, petals of flowers and of course, dirt. He held back a groan and gave himself a shake, mumbling what sounded like an insult at his fluffy appendage under his breath. The motion managed to get most of the pesky debris off but those with rough surfaces managed to hang on. Bright emerald orbs narrowed for a moment before looking back at Knight as he spoke, explaining his reasoning behind his thoughts. Res fell silent as he listened, brows furrowed in sympathy as his expression softened. There was a long pause before the tom said anything. He'd stare at the lion for the longest of while before lowering his gaze to the ground, to the lake, then to him as he spoke. "Change isn't easy," he agreed with a nod of his head as he set the rag down in order to speak easier. "Especially when you've found yourself comfortable with the way things are. It's calm and... Familiar." It was scary too. Fear was a natural response to change but something about the way he spoke told Res he wasn't scared. On the contrary, he seems rather open to it but is unsure how to go about it. The next step was shrouded in mystery and presented no means to solve it. "But it also doesn't have to be..." he paused, searching for the word. "Extravagant. Or outwardly noticeable. Change can be small and steady." He wondered if he was making any sense or properly enunciating his thoughts. Regardless, he would continue, an encouraging edge to his voice, "It may take a while to get accustomed to but incorporating small things in your day-to-day life will makes it easier. For example, after hunting, drop by the others and see if they'd like something to eat. Maybe hold small expeditions around the territory with the children from time to time. Or, on a less social note," those were all things Res would take part in himself being the social butterfly that he is. But he wanted to introduce activities that are small and have no consequences if not routinely done to allow him to have full control as well as not be too large of an altercation to his usual schedule. "Redecorating your home to have a nice change of scenery if you prefer to be alone." None of these things were very noteworthy, but that's the idea. He didn't want to overwhelm the other - they're still trying to get to know each other after all - and wanted to present him with a choice.

    However, Res couldn't shake the end of what his said out of his mind. Standing here with someone that doesn't expect him to keep going? Someone that doesn't rely on him to uphold the line? He has all this weight sitting on his broad shoulders yet he does an amazing job not letting it show. At first glance, the male wouldn't have thought Knight had any of the concerns he spoke of... At least, not to this degree. He seemed so sure of himself. So powerful and every step forward is taken with purpose. Already knowing what to say, the tabby meowed. "You're dependable. You provide a feeling of security and protection. And perhaps stability too. But you deserve to be taken care of just as much as you care for others. It's alright if you take a break. You need rest too." He said calmly with a small smile and a wave of his tail. Res knew what it was like to have things expected of him but it was nothing compared to what Knight was going through. Did he have anyone to speak to about these things? Keeping it bottled up for long could affect his health later down the road. Stopping, he realized he kind of said whatever he wanted and a panicked expression flooded his face. "A-ah, but um, w-what would I know, right?! We just met after all and I don't really know you that well s-so who even knows what I'm saying." He laughed nervously, shifting his weight from paw to paw as he struggled to maintain eye contact. With an anxious twitch of his tail, he lifted a paw to tug at his folded ear, suddenly feeling awkward about the situation. Thankfully, when Knight gave the okay to go closer, Res swiftly stopped talking and trotted towards the lake. Stopping at the edge, he would crouch down to get a closer look. Knight said he swam in it, right? So touching it should be okay. Reaching out a paw, he carefully touched the surface of the water and watched as the liquid rippled from the contact. Looking at his paw, he noticed the area that touched the surface now glowed causing him to blink in surprise. Whoa, cool, he thought, turning his paw about to analyze it in all angles. As he did so, he meowed quietly, "Thanks... For opening up to me." Whether it was an easy or difficult thing to do, Res felt it was important to express his gratitude- be it minuscule or massive, there was a level of trust that shouldn't go ignored. He wondered if he should say something personal about himself too... Though they all feel like child's play in comparison to Knight's.

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  • falling in the black

    Honestly, Knight hardly felt much about it anymore. He was growing numb to the loss in his life. He was always dwelling in the past, but he felt it made him stronger. Wiser in the ways of the world. Yes, he was not healed but he was here. Now, if only Knight could have known how closely him and Res could relate. That they both were alone and starting all over. Knight would have likely pulled the other into a hug and vowed to never leave him.

    Something he would be fully able to handle doing. Hard to leave when you do not die. A promise he would not break, but was sure Res would eventually not need. He had his past materials. He had everything he once used and yet he cared nothing for it. He cared that those he loved were all gone. He missed them and he was sure he would miss Res and Marrak and Isaki.

    He was so sure that he almost missed what was said to him. Ears forward as he turned to look at the male beside him. Taking in the words spoken and blinking those red optics in slight surprise. You are right. Change is hard, but sometimes it is good. Knight was an open person. Despite his looks he was trusting and would be kind to anyone. His first friend was an Exiler, after all.

    Hmm. I am not much for decorating, but maybe you can give me a hand? My house is.. empty. I don't even have a bed. Patrols with the kids would be fun and good for them as well. He was liking the ideas, but he was bad with anything decorative. That had been her department. And she was long gone.

    As the other spoke and then touched the water, Knight would smile faintly. Amused with the glowing paw the other had. It wears off eventually. But.. Thank you. I don't talk much about things with others. Then again, I never get a chance. He admits as he looks out at the water. Reachign out a paw to touch the glowing waters a moment.


    slipping through the cracks

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  • Res would have loved the physical contact - he was a rather touchy guy himself but he didn't want to make others feel uncomfortable. Be it a tail resting on someone's back or him lazily laying on someone while they worked. The vow to never leave him would cause conflicting emotions to stir inside him. A promise like that carried a lot of weight and responsibility... A weight and responsibility Res could never ask of anyone. He knew how unpredictable things can get and making a promise such as that could only cause great strife to those in the pact. The possible sense of betrayal, fury, anxiety, and sadness when the requirements aren't met could take a heavy toll on the person and Res didn't want to be the cause of something like that. There may come a time were Knight or Res will have to be away for a while- perhaps because of unavoidable reasons or personal ones and would, therefore, break the vow created with such pure and wholesome intentions. Rather than vowing to never leave, they could instead vow to always find each other again. To vow the other will always be looking for them and wishing for their safety and comfort. But at the same time, it would bring him relief to know that he'd have at least one stable thing in his life. He'd wake up and see Knight. He'd go to sleep and Knight would be there. The thought of a friend always remaining by him made his heart full and body warm. For a second, if he may indulge in the idea for a mere second, he would allow his mind to wander to warm spring afternoons or cold winter mornings were they would hangout in their own quiet atmosphere (perhaps in the company of others. No doubt Knight would have made more friends by then), speaking about whatever comes to mind. Feeling secure in the other's presence knowing no matter what, the other will always remain.

    That was only if the other shared his thoughts at that moment though. Even if he hadn't and only went in for an embrace, Res would gladly reciprocate.

    Res didn't know much of the strife that Knightorbit faced and he decided long ago not to pry any further than he already has. But if he knew of the others immortality, he wouldn't be able to ignore the sadness that would work its way from his heart to the rest of his large frame. While he may be used to it, the tabby couldn't begin to fathom the idea. He couldn't handle being alone for a few months, let alone the possibility solitude for the rest of his life. How could Knight be so calm about this? Just... Just how long has he been alone, exactly? To become unbothered by something like this- no. He and Res were very different individuals - granted, they did share many similar traits but they weren't alike in every aspect. It was wrong of him to assume he would respond to it the way he himself did. How long one's been alone doesn't matter if the individual is able to carry that burden (if they even see it as such to begin with) and not allow it to hold them back. Knight was a good example of that. Instead of dwelling on his extensive solitude, Res'll instead try to focus on more productive things... Like if Knight has ever tried s'mores. He hasn't... He knows, disgraceful. But it never came up and he didn't think to ask so maybe they could try it together.

    The tabby nodded his head in agreement, smiling ever so slightly. He was glad he thought that as Res shared the same sentiment. At the mention of Res helping him decorate his house and tagging along with him on the expeditions, the feline lit up and meowed excitedly. "Y-yeah! I would love to!" He opened his mouth to say something else but closed it instead with a contemplative hum, brows stitched together in thought. "But before that, you'd have to tell me about the things you like. It's your home, after all. It needs to not only reflect you but provide a sense of comfort," he wasn't the best at interior design but he likes to think he does a pretty okay job. "Ah but we have all the time in the world to talk about that. Not like I'm going anywhere." He chuckled, his tail brushing over the ground. As the lion continued, Res felt his ears twitch when he mentioned not having anyone to talk to about these matters. Thinking to himself, he rose from his spot and looked at him. "If you feel like talking, I'm always willing to listen. It doesn't have to be about heavy matters like this either. Maybe you're attending a gathering and you can't decide between a necklace or a bowtie in which I would say, bowtie, definitely. But maybe I have an ulterior motive and took the opportunity to see you in a bowtie," he smiled mischievously. "Hmm... Questions, questions." Could he just ask Knight to try something on and chances are he would do it? Yes, but Res doesn't know that.

    Returning his gaze back to the lake, he poked the water once more with his paw and smiled to himself before turning back to Knightorbit. "Where to next? I'm not sure if anywhere else will be able to top here, though." He purred.

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    res, panicking: you've been alone for so long how are okay with it are you okay with it??

    knight, shrugging: i dunno... you learn to get used to it

    res, on the verge of tears: well stop! un-get used to it!! youre wonderful and a feeling like that isn't something you should be used to i'm going to fill your life with so much fun you'll forget all about this feeling and

    knight, concerned: res please don't cry

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  • falling in the black

    The male would let his gaze shift to the other. Taking in their words and feeling oddly at peace. A feeling he hardly felt when awake. He wondered when the last time a person made him feel peaceful inside. He could only think back to one time, and the pang of sorrow that hit him made him change gears fast. So, he would offer a soft hum of thought at the question. Where could they go next?

    You are right. We can work on that later. We have plenty of time. He would let his eyes fall to his own glowing paw. A thoughtful moment passed before he looked at Res. I think the Limestone Caverns can out do this. The lion offered with a tilt of his head.

    The lion would turn to guide the way. Would you like to ah.. Idk.. He paused in thought and made sure to check that Res was following him. Try that bowtie thing? I have never worn one and.. Maybe it would be nice. He wasn't sure what to say. It sounded fun. Different.

    He was open to new accessories. Though he was sure if people knew he would be a dress up doll so fast.


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  • "Limestone Cavern?" The tabby would echo in awe, his eyes glittering with curiosity. It sounded beautiful, though once again, the question arose if it was literally named or not. Was it actually made of limestone or perhaps that was the name of the owner? Regardless of what it may be, Res was more than excited to visit. If Knightorbit thinks it outshines a literal glowing lake then it must certainty be a sight to behold. Kneading the ground eagerly, he gave the lake one last look before trotting to retrieve the rag and running after the lion. Falling into step beside him, Res angled his ear upwards to better hear the other as he spoke. He... He was willing to try on a bowtie? The disbelief that flashed on his face was swiftly overshadowed by something akin to gentle encouragement. "Yeah! If... If you're alright with it then let's try it," he smiled. "But where are you- ah." He stopped, remembering his mane was made of magic- what did he call it? Pocket Dimension? Was he going to get it from there? He suppose that would make sense. The next step would be to question how exactly he would locate it but he forced himself not to worry about the details. He ran ahead a few steps before stopping and dropping the rag so Knight would know they were going to take a quick pause to tend to this matter.

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