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  • Pixar

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    The smell of smoke clung to the dark pelt of a young male that trailed behind a few other dogs. His ears were perked up and flicked at every sound as he continued to walk. His muscles ached and his paws felt like they had been burned, but he kept pushing through. The sent of smoke was strong on each of the dogs and paw print indentations were being left in the soot. Pixar let out a sigh of relief when he heard Maxwell’s voice telling them to get comfortable. They could finally stop. Fires were always a problem and forced them to move from home to home. ’When will this all be over,’ he thought to himself as he looked at each pack member. His eyes fell on a young pup as she came towards the other dogs after chasing a small creature.

    A smirk formed on his muzzle as he padded over to the youngster, ”I am sure you will get it next time.” His tone made it seem like a tease when he spoke to the cream colored pup. The large male looked the small pup over for a moment before making a quick glance over to Ensio when he announced that they should keep moving to find water. Pixar’s attention returned to Honey as he tilted his head slightly. ”Would you like to race to the river,” the male said in a playful tone. He was always playful around the pups of the pack and he knew they needed a way to get all their energy out. The Doberman also needed something to get his mind off the fires that pushed them away from their home.



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    A stinging sensation shot through the young body of a golden colored dog. The wound was caked with dried blood as she continued to move away from the fire and smoke. There was no time to stop and clean the wound now. The young female had recently come across a pack of mixed dogs and pure bred dogs that she decided to tag a long with. Willa had caught a few of the names, but she was still working on trying to figure out who was who. Her eyes landed on the small group of city dogs when they went to the mother dog. Pain shot through her heart as she realized the mother was only able to save two of her three pups. Willa pinned her ears back gently in sorrow for the mother, but stayed a little ways behind. The young female wanted to make sure there was plenty of space for each of the dogs ahead of her.


  • Rain/German Shepherd/City/Female/Interaction: King I'm Divergent /



    Rain hadn’t heard his coughing. It wasn't until he was padding along beside her did she take notice of him. Rain stopped in her tracks as he greeted her. She tilted her head down slightly to look at him for a brief moment. His greeting to her had caught Rain off guard but she wouldn’t show it. Being the ex-police dog she was Rain hadn't been used to this type of greeting.

    She twitched her left ear with irritation"You.. can’t be serious?”her voice hinted at slight confusion. Rain then lifted her head up high to straighten her body more to appear intimidating despite his tiny size. She hadn't been in a great mood for this type of greeting, her head was pounding and her lungs were burning from all the smoke she had inhaled. “The city’s on fire, you should get to safety” was all Rain said before continuing on her way out of the city. Rain knew that probably wasn’t the best way to respond.. then again she wasn’t the best at socializing with strangers anyways.

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    "Haha, me serious? Of course not. It was a joke." King attempted to keep pace with her, not at all intimidated by her larger size. He often forgot how tiny he was, and when he did remember, he pretended it didn't bother him. "Ey, slow down. Where you headed?" King glanced behind him, to see yet another building crackle and pop under the fire that raged within. King turned his head abruptly, trying to forget what was happening around him. He just needed to get out of here quickly, before his fur became darker than it naturally was. He also didn't want to admit how thirsty he was, his throat scratchy and the effort it took to keep himself from coughing. "Think there is a river nearby?"

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      Rain let out a sigh before slowing down her pace. She held her head high, posture forward and her tail up Rain was fully alerted. With raging fire and collapsing buildings right behind them, it kept her on edge. “I’m heading to the clearing just outside the city, then to the forest” Rain answered him honestly, to her it was the only logical place she could think of “and hopefully there’ll be a river there” she added. To be honest Rain hadn’t expected him to tag along with her, though she didn’t really mind. She glanced at the chihuahua for a split second. “Now whether you tag along with me or not is up to you” Rain returned her gaze back to the road ahead of them while awaiting his answer.

  • Sunny | Mixed Leader | @Mixed Dogs

    "We need to pick up the pace!" Sunny called back, aware that the smoke was getting worse by the minute. That was more dangerous than the fire. It killed before you could even realize you were dying. Her bones hurt to do so, but Sunny picked up a light trot. She was breathless within minutes, far too old to be moving like this for so long, but the other option was death and that didn't sound all too pleasant. Every now and then she would glance back to make sure no one was stumbling. Most were doing better than she, being that they were young and spry.

    Finally, the houses began to space out more and trees came into view. The forest was ahead! With a renewed energy, Sunny continued on until she reached the treeline, at which point she finally slowed to a halt and turned around. "Keep moving," she directed calmly. "I'm going to watch for stragglers for a bit."

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    Even Noodles, with his seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm, couldn't really force himself to be happy right now. "They're not normally like this," he shrugged. "Most are really nice. But a lot of dogs have died already. Some of them were close friends or family. It's just respectful to give them a little space while they grieve instead of trying to cheer them up." Everyone coped differently with loss. Not everyone wanted to be cheered up when they were hurting so bad. "They'll perk up in a few days, but I'd just lay low for a while."

  • ───────── Maxwell

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    The dog heard his deputy's words, acknowledging them with a twitch of his ears. He doesn't wait for his pack members, though by leaving first he unknowingly leads them. The river is some ways away, and they have to cross the burnt ground. He steps on a burnt twig, which crumbles under his paws. He grumbles as the soot is kicked up, dirtying his grey pelt more than it is. He is disgusted with his looks, and is reflective of his time as a show dog who never lost. He was perfect, always. For the first time since the fire started, Maxwell feels almost calm, reflective. Though still prone to unexpected and loud outburts, he feels a calm energy as he walks.

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    ───────── Sadie

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    Sadie grunts in acklowedgement to Sunny's directions and picks up the pace. She ends up taking the lead as she had been walking ahead most of the group. She occassionally looks back and noses her pups to check on them. She still pushes the greif of her third pup out of her mind.

    Instead, she focuses on the anger residing inside of her. Ensio. The new bane of her existance. That good for nothing dog had left his family, leaving her. She struggled for awhile to even feed the pups, let alone herself. It wasn't until she made a few more aquantances with the city dogs that they were able to live, rather than just survive. Then the fire happened, and she lost one pup. If her mate stayed with them, it wouldn't have happened. If I ever see that flea-bitten dog.. she thinks as she enters the forest, which is nothing more than a huge collection of tall burnt pieces of trunk.

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    Ensio started behind Max, but kept his usual distance. He didn't feel like being Max's target once again, though he was lucky enough to have his secrets from his leader. He had never let the Irish Wolfhound know of Ensio and Sadie, and therefore their mix pups and he wanted to keep it that way. Sadie herself was sort of a mix, but it was the pups he would be most worried about. Ensio watched him carefully, not trusting what Max was going to do next. He knew something was about to happen at the river, he could feel it, but he truly hoped that his family was far away from it all.

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    "That's where I'll go then too. Al rio," King focused his attention up ahead, trying to ignore the travel pains in his bones and joints. Though young, the small dog had traveled a great distance over the last few weeks and a few days in this city had not helped him any. He really just needed a nice rest and some water, then maybe he would have his strength back. Of course, he didn't want to look weak in front of this bigger dog, so he kept his head held high. I am a Chihuahua, and Chihuahuas son fuertes the Russian Toy thought to himself, despite not actually being a Chihuahua at all. Of course, no one would ever know to tell him that.

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    hearing that camp was moving, otis stood up to follow the rest of the pack as they made their way to the river - or at least thats what he heard some dogs gossiping about. axel made his way over to walk with him, and immediately otis felt pain on his joints despite only having walked a few feet. that damn arthritis. he had fire soot all over his back half of his body too from not having watched where he was sitting. "oh, i'm just bored - wanted someone to talk to," he told axel as the younger dog asked him what was going on. "you're always a lot of fun!"




    oh boy. when cricket still didn't get the hint to just shut up and lay low, macy knew it would be a long trip with this small dog. she was surely going to turn into a chew toy. but she was still carrying a puppy in her mouth so she said nothing, using the puppy as an excuse not to talk. if she talked, she may blow up despite the fact she had tried being so calm a few moments before. it was frustrating to see this little dog, unable to see why they were all upset despite all the loss they had dealt with. she looked over at noodles as he agreed with macy, and her eyes said nothing but thank you to the mutt. at least he understood. noodles was always super excited and happy too, so it was nice to know that he got the gist of it. "just for now," she said shortly to cricket, "we need time." the dog didn't get it because she wasn't truly in this situation; she hadn't seen the deaths of family members and friends and was traumatized. or perhaps she had; but that would make her a psychopath if this was how she was acting despite seeing death. she just needed to learn, that was all.

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      Rain remained silent on the rest of their way out of the city. As they drew closer to the city's edge there were fewer buildings and a few burnt trees coming into view. Upon reaching the city limits she had hoped that they’d find some water and maybe even a place to rest. While looking forward she couldn’t help but think Is it even safe to enter the forest? and what about that pack of purebreds? Rain had known very little about them. One thing she was sure of is that she doesn’t share the same opinion as them that’s for sure. After finally making it to a clearing, she was determined on finding water and a safe place to rest. She just prayed that all she had to deal with was this chihuahua that's tagging along with her and not anyone else at least until tomorrow .

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    Axel|4 Yrs|Male|Pack Member

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    Axel was still wagging his tail and panting as he was still exhausted from running all those laps. As he heard that we were moving soon he got a sudden burst of energy as he looked back down at the older dog. "Oh thanks, I try to be!" The male spoke. "It seems like we're moving soon. I wonder where to? Would you like to walk with me when we do?" He asked, as he looked back at the pug. He knew he was older and felt bad because he seemed like something was wrong with his legs and he didn't mind helping another dog whenever he could. "Man I wonder where we're headed to next? hopefully it's somewhere with a lot of room. I do not like being stuck in a small area at all. There's no room to run around." He whined, he always wanted room to move around.

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    Honey sat herself down making a huff coming out of her small mouth. The pup scanning the area, she could hear other dogs, but decided to ignore them. Until, one tall black and brown dog came towards her. The female looked up at the bigger dog, with her ears falling back from looking above her. "Yeah, we'll see," she said mostly annoyed with herself. She usually got distracted a lot, especially by squirrels and such, but she wanted to see what would happen when she caught one. 'There's always next time I guess,' she thought to herself.

    Honey looked from the doberman to where the river was, then back to the doberman. The pup bounced up and panted, looking for the river, "Yeah, I'll race you." The female said excitedly, she always liked to play and she was usually competitive with other dogs. Even though she was just a puppy, she always like to play around with the older dogs rather than other pups, just to see what she was made of. I mean yeah she didn't mind playing with other puppies because it was also fun playing with someone your own age, but for some reason she always seemed to fall back on the older dogs, she wasn't sure why. Anyways, the female, looked back at the male to see if we were either counting before we went or if we just started running. Usually, other pups would just get their head start with ought counting first, but we'll see this time since she's not running with a pup this time. Although, she did look ahead of her and started trotting, but maybe that's just because she's a pup.