Return of a power in Agrelos!

  • Previously, staff had removed the ability to transfer wounds because having that as an addition to the healing power would have made it a bit too much. However, per request, staff have considered adding it back in. We were still concerned by just how powerful that would make a character. Therefore, we decided we'd go ahead and make it a separate power!

    This power can be found live in the inventory shop now for 20% of the power bar. The restrictions are pretty simple as far as we've worked out, but as always, this isn't a conclusive list and staff reserve the right to alter it based upon situations that arise. The first restriction is that the wounds can only be transferred to the character in question. They cannot be transferred, say, to a random prey animal or a NPC. Your character must take on this wound if they are wanting to transfer the wound away from another character. That said, any wound that is deadly/fatal/life threatening will STILL be so. Your character cannot take on a wound like a slash to the throat that would kill another and expect to live.

    We hope this makes sense! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to toss up a question in the help den or message a staff member. :)

    Thanks and we hope you have fun with the new addition!

    PLEASE NOTE! I am having to juggle a lot in real life right now. Due to that, I am having a hard time accessing the site to respond to conversations/questions/requests in a timely manner. If you need immediate/quicker responses, please message another staff member. Thank you guys for the patience and I hope to return as I normally would have been within a few weeks. :)