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  • INDEX — *+:☽

    (played by apollon)

    i. main tags

    ii. misc. notes + important links/timeline

    iii. to-do list + playlist

    iv. rough stats sheet


    i. none! :)

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  • GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( tawnykit— tawnypaw— tawny? (badger, heart, claw, fang, owl, wing) / cisgender female & she/her )
    tawny- for the wing-like patterns on her shoulders (tawny owl) / -paw for her rank

    — shadowclan's feisty mama bear / 11 months / ages at random (around the 20th) / identifies most with scorpio and aquarius

    — shadowclan / medicine cat apprentice / apprentice to by icefeather
    — previously shadowclan kit, warrior apprentice under firedawn

    — primary character / created sept. 3rd, 2020 / alive, active


    ( npc x npc / 2 sickly siblings (npc) / 1st gen. )

    — no other biological family / feels sisterly towards spindlepaw
    trusts most of shadowclan / likes ratpaw, turtlepaw, firedawn, beetlekit, twilightpaw, floralpaw, spindlepaw, onekit, argo, tansystar, icefeather, rat that bites in fear / friends with stagheart, turtlepaw, twilightpaw
    distrusts sunny / dislikes gingerstep, brindlemist / hates sunny

    — panromantic, demisexual, polyamorous / single

    — interested in none / crushing on none / mates with none

    — ½ shiphere / other

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 85% major bite wound to her lower back; healing well, other minor injuries / mental health: 90% feeling frustrated due to just not being great at her medical training )

    — off-white she-cat with darker brown tabby patches and golden eyes / reference (origin ref for documentation; scars not shown)

    — left back leg twitches minorly on occasion / non-debilitating

    — has her family's traditional wing-like markings on her shoulders

    lean ★★★★☆☆ muscular
    — small ★★★★★☆ big

    short fur ★★★☆☆☆ long fur

    soft fur ★★★☆☆☆ coarse fur

    traditionally ugly ★★★★☆☆ traditionally pretty

    kitten proportions ★★★★☆☆ adult proportions

    scary ★★★☆☆☆ friendly

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( estf-a, "the consul" / gryffindor, pukwudgie / neutral good )

    — highly loyal (to her clan and the code), protective, bold, mature, outspoken, feisty, bias

    sociable ★☆☆☆☆☆ lone wolf

    kind ★★★★★☆ abrasive

    loyal ★☆☆☆☆☆ fickle

    bold ★☆☆☆☆☆ timid

    loud ★★☆☆☆☆ quiet

    warm ★★★☆☆☆ cold

    — objective ★★★☆☆☆ subjective

    — active ★★☆☆☆☆ passive
    — calm ★★★★★☆ temperamental
    — strict ★★★☆☆☆ lenient

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically medium / mentally hard / starclan follower )

    — open to minor injury, ask for major injury and capture / closed to death, maim, etc.

    — will start fights, especially if she feels she or her clan is threatened / will end fights / won't kill unless she needs to

    — attack in bold italics and @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

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  • MISC. NOTES — *+:☽

    ( just things i think i might need later, or tawny might remember )

    — stagheart's favorite food is mice

    — blackberry leaves and dandelion help bee/wasp stings

    — dislikes heights; not scared, just uncomfortable


    ( description w/ link; put in chronological order (not necessarily by date) )

    lake territory descriptions

    plotting thread

    introduction; reinforcing the nursery for leaf-bare.
    — an odd pawprint is spotted on tawnypaw's border patrol.

    meeting; assigned firedawn as a mentor, while a bunch of kits were made apprentices! tawnypaw is happy. snownight's departure and lack of medicine cat is announced.

    training session with firedawn.

    getting to know the apprentices, new and old.

    stepping in the lake for the first time.

    first wolf sighted.

    — finds brindlemist snuggling with a tribe cat; first confrontation with gingerstep.

    maggotpaw returns home.

    tansystar loses her first life to a wolf. tawnypaw is shaken.

    — ages up. (10 months)

    found a kit on the border with bushpaw and turtlepaw.

    — brindlemist's kits are born. tawnypaw will love them despite their heritage, and her dislike of their mother.

    spending time with beetlekit, one of brindlemist's kits.
    mini meeting; volunteering to help drive out the wolf

    — a bat lands in camp, and doesn't fly away. this taken as a bad omen.

    chatted with and comforted floralpaw, a skyclan apprentice who thinks she's cursed.

    turtlepaw loses a leg

    attack on the wolves, tawny suffers a bad bite wound to her lower back.

    teaching rat that bites in fear about the clans.

    introducing herself to darkclan as a medicine cat apprentice.

    training with icefeather and spindlepaw.

    firedawn and morningfire give birth; firedawn goes into a coma for a few days, while morningfire has a stillborn.

    firedawn wakes up!

    — ages up. (11 months)

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  • TO-DO LIST — *+:☽

    ( general notes )

    — gain warrior name (or medicine cat)
    — find a mate or two (want at least one male and one female)
    — struggle with what it means to be truly loyal (forbidden romance dilemma?)
    — maimed (loose either an eye or ear, not sure; maybe leg paralysis)
    — kill another cat, believing she is defending her clan
    — now that she's a medicine cat, i really want her to struggle in a love plot

    PLAYLIST — *+:☽

    ( song, artist )

    so am i, ava max

    dance monkey, tones and i
    freaks, jordan clarke

    little miss perfect, joriah kwame and taylor louderman

    brother, kodaline

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  • STATS SHEET — *+:☽

    ( d&d based and inspired )

    19 (+4) strength
    ╰ ‣ physical combat, climbing, jumping, swimming, and intimidation
    ╰ ‣ trained (+3), naturally adept (+2), age (+2), muscular (+2)
    13 (+1) dexterity (+2 from shadowclan origin)
    ╰ ‣ movement, agility (including balance and dodging), reflexes, and stealth
    ╰ ‣ trained (+1)
    17 (+3) constitution
    ╰ ‣ endurance and concentration
    ╰ ‣ naturally adept (+2), age (+2), training (+3)
    14 (+1) wisdom
    ╰ ‣ perception, intuition, survival, and profession/medicine
    ╰ ‣ training (+2), decent survival skills (+1), subpar medical skills (-1), age (+2)
    15 (+1) intelligence
    ╰ ‣ reasoning, memory, nature, and book smarts
    ╰ ‣ trained (+3), age (+2)
    14 (+2) charisma
    ╰ ‣ verbal force, persuasion, charm, performance, and deception
    ╰ ‣ temper (-1), age (+5)

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