don't fall in love with the devil -- plot with a succubus

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  • do you wanna start a cult with me?

    nym is a shape-shifting succumbs who loves to fight and f-ck. she's a member of the sanctuary and has no relations currently, though she does wish to have an army of little demon children. she can be anything you want her to be, and will flirt with every ounce of her body. she has a kind of uneasy presence due to being so forward, which might be a little scary. she doesn't believe in love and can't form any kind of genuine relationship, but let's plot!


    -- simple interaction threads

    -- getting drunk or smoking with y/c

    -- having nym fight/kill/torture/injure y/c

    -- nym pretending to be y/c friend

    -- one night stand*

    -- literally any kind of litter* (she can take a male form and impregnant y/c if you're into that)

    -- nym manipulating y/c into falling for her and possibly having a short-term relationship*

    -- whatever you want


    -- permanently killing nym

    -- genuine relationships

    * if y/c has sexual intercorse with nym they will fall ill temporarily and it can be mentally or physically, or both if you're into that. repeated acts can cause death to y/c unless they are an undead species/immortal (ie. vampires)

    powers include shadow element, shapeshifting, and fire elemental.

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  • do you wanna start a cult with me?

    Elysium C. Nightshade i would be down for that! she can also show up on the sanctuary's border saying she might be expecting if you want to have an actual thread as well... nym would probably be unphased and unapologetic, tbh.

    powers include shadow element, shapeshifting, and fire elemental.

  • *:・゚✧

    maybe a litter with kol? he's lonely and sad and could totally be manipulated into falling in love with nym easily


  • do you wanna start a cult with me?

    kol e. of course! would you like me to make the thread of them meeting? she could easily manipulate him and make him feel special with the intention of the litter, if you'd like a reason of her pursuing him rather than just bordem.

    i can make the adoption thread too, if you'd like!

    powers include shadow element, shapeshifting, and fire elemental.

  • *:・゚✧

    oooh that sounds so great! he's so angsty and has never had a relationship and has been longing for one, so he'll be a little tough at first but if she makes him feel special he'll totally fall for her.

    that sounds amazing, thank you so much! can't wait!!


  • she could have a one-night stand with fyodor!

    he's half vampire so i don't know if that would qualify as undead or not but

    if you wanted, there could be a litter, maybe only two pups at most

  • *slaps my fresh baby vampire down*
    i'm down for friends with benefits, them getting drunk and high together, and even a short term, open relationship-no manipulation required!!

    perhaps eventually i can offer cham to either sire a litter or carry with her but for now she just had kids and i'm taking a break from litters for a bit since she is a new mom and she's having vampire angst. But!!! Vampire and succubus queens??? yes

  • Maybe manipulate Whisper into falling in love with her, potentially leading to having a litter? If she, for some reason, didn’t want tre litter, she could abandon it at the coven where Whisper and his sister are living. He is caught up in caring for his sister with her time being so close that he could likely easily be taken advantage of, especially when he and his sister see anyone with mutations as being deformed. And, being manipulated would hurt, especially if it somehow developed into actual feelings for her subconsciously, outside of the manipulation influence.

  • why try to stay sober

    sorry for the late reply everyone! I'm dealing with a lot of stuff irl but I'm still down for these threads, though i'd really appreciate if you guys make the threads if you'd like them and just tag me. or, I can make them in a couple of days or so.

    when i'm dying here

  • of course! sorry for the later reply!

    i'm busy myself as well, so don't worry — i'll get it done in the next couple of days, hopefully by the weekend

  • Just an FYI nym . got a post up for us which I tagged ya in but mainly posting to note I will not be on tomorrow evening until o at least Friday due to being outta town.