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    The moonpool is beautiful. It’s surface holds a perfect reflection of Silverpelt, unwavering. It feels mystical, as if it is the sky that is shining in tandem with the water, and not the other way around. The stars feel so much closer here. Tansystar lowers her head carefully to the moonpool, laps the cold water with as much reverence as she can, her tongue sending ripples over the surface and making the stars held within dance. She raises her head and, just as quickly as the moonpool had been disturbed, it settles.

    Tansystar stretches, first extending her forpaws in front of her, back curving downward, then she stands fully, back arching upwards and legs shaking with the effort of it. Satisfied, she licks a paw and runs it over her face once, then curls on the bank of the moonpool and allows the tricklesound of the water to lull her into sleep.

    When she wakes into a dream, she is without memory of rising, of opening her eye. She is simply there, among her ancestors, in the place of her dead, and she is deeply, deeply ashamed. Lowers herself into a bow that she holds, nose hovering just over the ground. “I am sorry,” She says, and she is, desperately. It doesn’t feel like enough. “I took the name of a leader without it being given. I come to you now as Tansyface.

    She rises from the bow, allowing her old name to settle into her mind. It feels right, feels far more suiting that Tansystar. A part of her longs for her warrior name to be permanent, it feels far more comforting, does not hold the responsibility and the burdens of Tansystar. They are responsibilities and burdens she has long accepted however, and while she will never be truly ready to face her ancestors, she takes a slow, steadying breath, and prepares herself.

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  • From the sparkle and the mist, Wolfshine emerged. He gave a smile to Tansystar; he held none of the same animosity he held for Brindle against her mother. The shaggy furred warrior limped over to Tansy, almost face to face with the leader. It was odd to see someone older than him meet him, her living and him not. He wished he could've been honored to live a little longer, just enough to peak and see how her reign was going. It wasn't in the cards for him, but he was still happy to give her an extra life to keep her down in Shadowclan longer. "I hope your reign has been peaceful, at least. I hear that everyone's safe in the new place... I never expected to be visiting you through a pool." he chuckled, stars twinkling in his pelt as he huffed. "I'll try and make this quick, so you can get to being a proper leader." Another chuckle. "I give you the life of adventure. Life is crazy and you never know what it's gonna throw at you, so make the most of the journey. We all know where the destination is, so best of the luck on the adventure!"

    He took a step back, giving room for the ceremony to continue on. Before he was gone, he stumbled back towards Tansy. "Oh, and.. if you can, say hi to Firedawn and Stagheart for me, okay?"


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  • Pantherfrost stood among the starry ancestors, chartreuse eyes blinking steadily as Tansyface addressed them all. He waited patiently as Wolfshine stepped forward to give the new leader her very first life. The life of adventure. Heh, fitting for the young tom who had joined StarClan far too early. He let the smallest of smiles come to his face before stepping forward next, his bulky frame lumbering towards the molly before them. His ebony pelt remained littered with scars, just as it had been in life. His stubby tail flicked thoughtfully as he stood before the cat he once knew, the slightest bit of shame entering his gaze. "Tansyface," He began, voice rumbling. "When I first traveled to the clans, ShadowClan accepted me as a warrior in their ranks. They fed me, taught me, and protected me, and in return I did everything I could to defend them. But as you know, my loyalties were split. I fell in love with a SkyClanner, and I knew I couldn't divide my heart any longer. I left your clan to be with her, where I lived the rest of my days with our kits until sickness took me." He exhaled before leaning forward to touch his black nose to the top of her head, giving forth a force of energy he hadn't thought possible. "With this life, I give you loyalty. Use it well to know where your heart truly belongs and to make the right choices for your clan." With that, the star-covered Pantherfrost stepped back and dipped his head to the ShadowClan leader before taking his place back among the StarClanners to watch the rest of the ceremony.



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    It doesn't strike her until Wolfshine is before her that she would be seeing the faces of those she had known and lost. StarClan has always felt like a vague force in her life, something to praise when times were good and curse when they were bad. She knew those who died joined their ranks, but those she knew always felt distinct from those she hadn't known. StarClan was a clan made up of individuals, and for Tansyface to think of it in any other way was wrong.

    The life Wolfshine gifts to her feels of wet dewy grass beneath her pads, longing to reach the horizon and then further. It settles in her heart, soothes something, sets something else to aching, and folds into her chest until it feels like it's always been a part of her. She opens her eye, wonders when it had ever closed, and settles her sight on Wolfshine curiously. It's good to see him, and Tansyface is struck with the feeling that she has no idea what to say to him until she feels her mouth forming around the words, "I will tell them so," May it please the two of them to hear from Wolfshine again.

    When Pantherfrost approaches, there is a shocked sort of grief that grips her. News of his passing hadn't reached her, and while they'd never been close he had still been one of her clanmates for a time. The feeling settles as Pantherfrost shares his story, and the life he gifts her burns under her skin, steady and loud. Her heart feels split in two between the lake and her old home, but she is so keenly aware of where she belongs, where she is needed. Her home calls out to her always, and surely it misses those who once tended it, but she lives here now, is needed here.

    As Pantherfrost steps back, Tansyface offers him a small nod, her voice soft in a way she hadn't sounded in a long time when she murmurs, "Thank you."

  • As the days passed and the clans settled into their new homes, Belle had found her mind’s eye coming more often to certain leaders —those in all but lives — that had lead their respective clans to the territory. Tansyface was one such, and when it came time for Belle to step forwards, she did so with her gaze trained on the recovering fela’s.

    Following Tempeststar’s nine lives ceremony, a fellow StarClanner had requested that Belle lay off the ceremonial trappings of her adoptive home — and so when she spoke it was with none of the usual flair of SixClaw Colony. No bowing, no operatic Voice, no embellished speech. She could see the reason in it; where Tempeststar had been introduced to SixClaw storytelling prior to her ceremony via Gyrecall and Cricket, Tansyface had no familiarity with it. It still stung. But no matter.

    Starshine glimmered in gray and white as the aged cat stepped forwards. In a conversational tone she offered, “Greetings, catling. My name is Belle.”

    She tipped her head in a most respectable nod (take that, Beaverclaw!) before continuing, “I was born to RiverClan, far, far before your parents were a twinkle in your grandparents’ eyes. I was a troublemaker, and more than a little excitable, but I did my best to serve my clan.”

    “In time however, I found that it was not where my heart was meant to be. I left the clanlands as a warrior without dedication, and a queen without kits.” At the admission, her gaze turned inward — overtaken by the memory of one last glance back at her watery home, at the plains of her mate’s, at the heather and lavender she’d laid on three small so small too small take her instead they were so small too young graves — “I was broken in nearly every way a cat can be.”

    She came back to herself in a start, blue eyes refocusing in a moment. “So I remade myself. I took my pieces and made something beautiful — over and over, again and again. Each time I broke apart, I rebuilt. And while I never returned to the clans, I found my home and my heart, and died with both intact.”

    “Tansyface, with this life I give you rebirth. Break your shell and grow your bones from the pieces; a dozen — a hundred — a thousand times, until you are yourself in the truest sense. And then do it again, and again, for the rest of your life, because our truest selves are rarely the same, either a moon forward or behind.”
    She pressed her nose to the torbie’s brow, then stepped away for the next life-giver.

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    The molly that greets her is one Tansyface had never before met. From a different, far away time. It was dizzying to think about how far back time had stretched, to think think that there were those far more ancient than the cat that was currently before her now. Of course she understood that in theory, but it was different seeing living (?) proof right before her. Tansyface does the only thing she can think to do, and returns the bow, humbled.

    As she speaks, Tansyface understands more and more why Belle had come for her. Their stories were different, Tansyface couldn't imagine who'd she'd be if she'd lost her kits, but there was a commonality in how they had reacted to strife. At a certain point, the only thing to do was pull oneself together, messy and serrated but whole once more. Gardens grown from ashes. There was a paradox in her, the desperate desire to twist herself into something another could love, the brittle stubbornness in refusing to change anything for anyone. Each new iteration felt less like her, like there had been pieces left behind, but perhaps this was something she could learn from Belle.

    This life washes over her like the newness of spring, settles into her muscles with fierce energy born of determination, all you must do is rise, all you must do is take a step, all you must do is one more step- the feeling doesn't dissipate so much as it ebbs into something non-distinct. "Thank you, you've honored me," She says after Belle, voice soft.

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    A fawn and white large kit marched forward to give the tortie her next life. He remembered her very well from when he still walked on the marshes back in the old territory. At the time, she was still just the deputy and strive to be the same once he got older. Yet, Lightningkit never made it to his apprentice ceremony, and he had been lost in the woods looking for his mother and fathers. The stubborn tom looked at Tansystar with seriousness in his golden eyes. He had always been beyond his years in spirit than in physicality.

    "I don't know if you remember me, but I once lived beside you in the marshes. Though my time was short, I learned some skills along the way. One being battle training with my father, Valerianfire." The name should be enough to bring back memories, thought the training part wasn't really true. Closing his eyes, the boy presses his starry nose onto the forehead of the battle scarred woman. "With this life, I give you the life of war and peace. Use it well to make the right decision when leading your clan into battle, giving you the greatest strength and determination to make a right when words fail to do so. But when words are proven to be your greatest weapon, to then make a peace worth keeping for generations to come."

    He pulls away to then whisper, "You've made a wise choice in deputy, and tell my mother, Firedawn, that I still watch her from above. Golden eyes sparkled before turning away to allow the next member to give her their life.


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