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    A terrible fire has swept the East Sundran Jungle, plunging a chunk of the territory into complete disarray. Much of the territory's hunting grounds have been demolished, leaving behind nothing but ash, soot, and the crumbling skeletons of trees in its wake. During the course of this event, Volarians are going to have to band together to get through the sudden loss of a part of their home — they'll have to adapt to the circumstances of lost prey, the encroaching autumn weather, a strained relationship with their closest neighbor, and maybe solve a mystery or two along the way. Will the Flights succeed in finding a way through these unfortunate circumstances, or is there more tragedy to come?

    Indeed, welcome to the VF fire event! Organized by the amazingly talented Ivory, this clan plot will have several stages, each with unique opportunities to earn badges! Not only can you earn a specific fire plot badge, but you can also get a head start on claiming the Great Eagle title. Here we will keep track of each current stage. 30 points total are required for a badge.


    STAGE ONE — (COMPLETE) The west border has gone up in flames, and the Phoenix Ruins have gone with it! No one knows how the fire started, but there's little time to ponder as prey starts dwindling and the Commons struggle to find room for all the displaced injured. The Flights is in disarray and must regroup to move forward.

    STAGE TWO After a failed negotiation with the Thunderlands, a patrol goes out to try and secure a new piece of hunting territory until the Flights' own land regrows. Tensions are rising between the two neighboring clans, especially as there are no answers as to how the fire started in the first place! Is there a war brewing, or will a new understanding emerge?

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