• just as the title says! this is just a cute little thread to refresh our ooc board a bit and also spread love bc.... you're all amazing tbh. i'll start with the clan as a whole!!

    i'm pretty hit or miss with rp given the chaos of real life, but i'm thrilled to have found a real home in vf! the concept is so cool, all the characters are so interesting, and the community is so great. i'm so honored to be able to lead and do whatever i can to make volary flights a fun and inviting place to be! : )

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  • BELLUS!! i absolutely adore your writing, first of all. i think it's some of the best writing i've ever seen on ff. your posts are always filled with wonderfully engaging imagery and really give insight on felix's thought process and his feelings. your writing is always so entertaining to read! it looks like you put a ton of thought into each post and i admire that so much. and you!!! ooc!!! you are so nice!!! you are always really friendly with everyone and i v much appreciate that and your sense of humor! your dedication to keeping vf a nice place to have a character is awesome :)

  • trops!!! i love u trops....your writing always delights me and your ability to flesh your characters out so soundly is absolutely amazing to me. all of your characters have such depth and so many characteristics unique to them. your writing is also really really solid quality and i'm always eager to read it...basically ily and ur very talented and ur characters are top-tier :-*

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  • i absolutely ADORE your ability to create post so quickly! i'm always amazed when i see tim's icon spanning the length of the entire board because i wish had that sort of ethic and motivation. and tim himself is such a sweet fellow that i love seeing around in the flights! but i really, really, really admire your motivation and you deserve all the hearts for it <33333

  • maranthee!! you are just such an absolute gem. you're so helpful and sweet and i'm so so glad that you decided to bring icilia to VF!! she's such an interesting character and she brings so much to the table when it comes to plotting. your writing is absolutely incredibly and you're always so museful it makes me jealous. also you have such a good taste for aesthetics and fancyposts it makes me :grabbyhands: i love having you around!! stay forever!!

  • ivorrrrrrrrrry!

    i am genuinely so sad i haven't had the chance to rp with any of your other characters because the way you write is so fluid and fun to read! i absolutely adore arya and her character development from kid to now and it's always mega exciting getting to see her next step in life!! her confrontation with carmenere in the trial was m'wah *chef's kiss*, her protectiveness over show as well warms my heart :pleadingface:

    she's just a super well-written character and the fact that it feels like she's everywhere as well really says a lot about your motivation for her, it's awe-inspiring and i hope one day i do that for some of my charries xDD.


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