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  • Plot Background

    [Your character]'s family has been cursed for generations. The firstborn child fated to die in their final year of high school, their third year. The curse is known by every family member, and even when they attempted to stop the curse by not having children, in a twist of fate, they still had a child. This family began to distance themselves from their firstborn, as to lessen the pain of their unavoidable death. His childhood friend, Yua Shota, has been by his side since they were young. She was always there to lend a helping hand and encourage him when things got rough. However, [Your character] learned about the curse at the beginning of his middle school years, and began pushing everyone away. He became the school's 'bad boy' of sorts. A player that girls loved despite his cold demeanor. He pushed away all of the people he had once been close to, including Yua, whom had no idea why he suddenly changed. His reputation followed him through middle school as he began to live recklessly. His family was wealthy, and became a way for him to further his dangerous living style, spending mountains of money on a consistent basis, whether it was to take girls out and flirt or to buy an arcade to spend the day in. Things didn't change during his first year of high school, and he abandoned Yua altogether, ignoring her and acting as though he had no idea who she was.

    Yua, though, found out about the curse their first year. Her father was Death, the being in charge of the lives of humans. As every child of Death must, as a Grim Reaper, she had gone through life living as a human to learn a lesson in the importance in human lives, and why she was to be compassionate but also remember where she stood as a supernatural being. Death was only allowed one child. And once that child was prepared to become the next 'Death', it was their duty to reap their predecessor, as they are the only ones who are capable of 'killing' Death. Determined to save [your character] from his fate, Yua does her best to persuade him to live his life differently. To enjoy the precious moments he had. More often than not he would push her away. He had slowly been losing himself for years. The only way to break the curse was unknown to his family, and while Yua knows how to change the curse, she cannot reveal the secret, as she physically is unable to do so, bound by the laws of life.

    The fateful day approaches, however, and on the first day of their third year, a terrible accident befalls [your character]. In her grief for the boy she'd fallen in love with, Yua's emotions turn into strength, breaking the very laws of nature to prevent him from dying that day. Still, the curse is not broken. Each day [your character] faces death, and each day Yua prevents him from that fate. This takes a toll on Yua, as she uses her own life force as a Grim Reaper to protect him. Each selfish decision he makes wounds her, each day he refuses to enjoy what little time he has left is a blow to her. Will [your character] realize the truth behind the curse is not to be afraid of it, but to realize the importance of enjoying every moment to it's fullest, or will he kill Yua with his reckless living, and himself by fearing and cursing his predestined fate?

    (I'm really wanting something angsty, so we could end this badly or good it just depends on you!)

    Additional /Side Plots (just ideas)

    1. Yua is bullied by the other students for being 'strange' and because of [your character] who openly insults her

    2. The curse was put on [your character's] family because of an ancestor who had no appreciation for the life they were given, and tried to kill the reaper that had been sent to collect them. They had succeeded, but this resulted in their family to be cursed unless they could see the value in their time on Earth, no matter how little it may be.

    3. One day Yua follows [your character] to make sure he doesn't get into trouble but ends up walking into a gang territory that she shouldn't have been in, getting herself into trouble.

    4. [your character] gets upset with Yua and corners her to tell her to leave him alone again, but Yua confesses her feelings instead, telling him how she is worried

    5. [your character] constantly dates girls, usually a different one every week or so, but despite this he never even looked at Yua, which is a part of why she was always bullied.

    6. Yua and [your character] go on the class trip in the woods and Yua gets lost and a search party is sent for her. [your character] finds her.

    7. As she did every year previously, Yua makes [your character] his favorite chocolate for Valentine's Day, but this year he not only rejects it, but accepts another chocolate right in front of her.

    8. Yua ends up sick and in the hospital in their 3rd year due to the impact [your character] was having on her

    9. (If you have any ideas/thoughts please let me know I LOVE plotting!)


    I will go ahead and start us off with a starter post. If you'd like to join, you can just jump in. A small, basic form would be nice (for reference, as they are supposed to be childhood friends) but if you'd like to put some of that information in your response post or in your posts, that's fine as well! If you have any ideas, please let me know because I love plotting and I love other ideas. None of this is set and stone, just an idea I got while watching some shows!

    I'd prefer an intermediate to advanced roleplayer, simply because I prefer multiple paragraphs or even a single paragraph to one-liners. Though I welcome beginners as well. All that I am asking for is decent grammar, spelling, etc.


    Whispers filled the hallway, murmurs of excitement and disdain lost on her, who focused herself on getting to her new homeroom class. The start of their second year of high school should have been thrilling, but she couldn't bring herself to even smile about it. Time was ticking down. They only had a year until he was supposed to die. A year to find a solution to his predicament. Even knowing the laws of life, knowing that it was a taboo to prevent the death of a cursed individual, her thoughts didn't stray from the topic. The only human she'd found that actually mattered was cursed to die. And she was to be the one who collected his soul. She couldn't do that. Growing up as a human had been odd at first, but her friendship with him had developed. It had been a wonderful childhood, if she thought back on it. Only when middle school began did he begin to change. His behavior and the way his eyes no longer held the childhood gleam of excitement in them. Until the previous year, she didn't know what had spurred this change in attitude. Did not understand why he suddenly pushed her away and turned into a person she could hardly recognize. Her heart yearned to save him. To reach out and soothe his pain and his wounded soul. But try as she might, he only got further and further out of her reach.

    "Hey, did you hear? Shota got ignored by [your character] again. I don't know why she even bothers. He's made it obvious that he doesn't want anything to do with her." The familiar tone of Akito Makamoto was the first thing she heard the moment she entered the classroom. It was just her luck to be in class with them, though her eyes scanned the room anyways for a trace of him. She'd seen his name on the board. They were in the same class this year. Maybe she could get through to him. Talk to him and tell him that she knew about it. That she wanted to help. The very idea stirred the chains that bound her to follow the law of the living, but she couldn't help but resist against them. Giggles left the lips of the gossipers, but she ignored them, walking towards the furthest seat away from others in the back of the room. No need to draw attention to herself. If she was in the back, people couldn't look back and bother her without the teacher getting onto them. This way she could focus on the more important problem. "I also heard that [your character] broke up with his summer girlfriend this morning, so we totally have a chance! I've been working out all summer so I can keep myself in shape to impress him. I heard he likes girls who aren't afraid to chase him. This time for sure I'll get him." Why the blonde even tried to go after the school's known playboy, Yua wasn't sure. Though it wasn't her problem. He had chosen to go down the path of wasting the last couple of years instead of truly living them. Had he given up his dreams so soon? Because of what his family told him? I don't know how I can help him, but I have to try. I can't give up like this. Her mind was a spaghetti mess in her head, making her oblivious to the entrance of the main topic of discussion, and the very boy who plagued her mind.

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