Break this girl's heart for a character arc?

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  • So I've had this plot in my head for a while now and I think it's finally time to kick it into gear. This is Pastel, the Cartel's resident tiny adult with what she considers a very dark secret. She's a half cannibal, which basically means that while she can eat and consume normal food, she only gets benefits from consuming characters. NPCs can return her healing rate to that of a normal character otherwise she heals extremely slowly, while player characters can do that and help her grow up physically. While she is over 3.5 years old, she still takes on the appearance of a small kit due to not wanting to eat people. However this has also barred her from most romance. This is the point where your character can come in. Pastel will slowly develop a crush on them, eventually deciding to take a risk to cannibalize a few enemies of the Cartel or those who have harmed innocents (excluding the Ruins and any Associates) before attempting a confession about two months later once she's grown. Depending on your character's personality and story, it can go one of two ways;

    A. Your character accepts for a time, eventually finding out about what Pastel did to get the way she is. They see her as the monster she always thought of herself as, breaking up with her and scorning her (they can also attack her if that’s in character but no maiming and such) for her actions.

    B. Your character declines, as they are in love with another or because she's simply not their type/they don't find her attractive. This route can be much less severe than the first, as your character could stay blissfully ignorant, or find out and accept that she did something normal for her kind or go into something similar to route A.

    Regardless of what route is taken, Pastel will feel like she killed those people for nothing despite whatever crimes her victims may have committed. She will become unsure of herself and hateful of the figure she has now due to how she went about getting it. This will send her into her next character arc.

    I do have a few notes to make here

    - This is not FCFS, I do want to find someone Pastel would reasonably want to romance despite it being destined to fail.

    - This is a plot for characters 3+ years old but no older than 5, who are attracted to women and are from clans the Cartel can peacefully associate with. She herself has no preference on gender identity. Ageless adults are an odd case, so I suppose as long as their physical body is in the range listed they'll be fine.

    - This will be a slow burn and likely begin with Pastel becoming friends with your character first before developing the crush and deciding to take a risk since she's distanced herself from the idea of romance for a very long time.

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  • hmmm I might honestly put ephrem up for this, though not for the first version as he ?? used to be ghoul himself on earth so he knows exactly how that works, he is simply just... extremely inept at romance and doesn't develop it as easily or quickly as others *squints*

    he might lead her on just for a little and subtly entertain her feelings since he'd find it useful for him to get more access to the cartel ( as he's eyeing it out as a new hub of operations at the moment )

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  • I really thought I replied to this im so sorry!

    I looked at his tags and he's not exactly someone I could see her interested in, and the aftermaths of him leading her on could honestly screw over that base of operations idea, so I'll have to decline

  • If this is still open~

    Im down to offer up Drift! He's a big old goofy sweetheart who's seriously painfully oblivious to romance despite being betrothed to another so he wouldn't notice Pastel's crush until it was too late (especially since he'll mostly still see her as a youngin')

    He'll ultimately reject her obviously because he's already got a fiance, but there'll be that added bonus of him just being horrified by what she had to do to get her body once he finds out , but we'll see how it ultimately plays out~