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    Mönkhnergüi had yet to make a den for themself. They had been sleeping under the stars since their arrival to the marshlands. They had been invited by many to share a den until they found one of their own. No need, however, Mönkhnergüi had a den of their own. It just wasn't constructed yet.
    On the journey from the mountains to the marshlands, Mönkhnergüi had carted a mess of sticks and a cloth with them. Really, it looked like garbage, but it was actually their home. A mobile home of sorts. When they decided they wanted to carry on their travels, they could just take down their yurt and be on their way. It was the perfect home for Mönkhnergüi and they wouldn't trade it for anything. Certainly not a stinky den of mud or a hollow tree.
    The thing about yurts is that, while they are sturdy and portable, they take a while to construct. Mönkhnergüi had been procrastinating since their arrival, hence why they were sleeping outside. Today, however, was finally the day that Mönkhnergüi would make their home. It was a pain in the ass to build a round platform out of not round sticks and dried grasses. It was an even bigger pain to haul the heavy wooden circle onto some strategically placed flat rocks to keep it off of the wet ground.
    There was Mönkhnergüi, in the middle of camp struggling to pull a large piece of wood over some rocks. Strange cat, they were indeed.

    word count: 251
    character count: 1,385

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    Marilee knew lots of things, mainly from her hobby of reading. Yurt's, she had never seen one, briefly saw it in a book, but wouldn't know what it was unless someone told her. Maybe because it wasn't something that really interested her in the way her plants did. She saw Monkhnergui doing something, moving a large piece of wood around, and struggling with it. "Um... w-would you uh... like some help?" she squeaked out in her meek tone, quite nervous as usual.


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