Into the Void (Family Seeks Home)

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  • The scarred tomcat padded through the mountains, his three kittens stumbling behind him as they descended to the lands below. When they reached the lower lands, the cat stretched out his limber body and paused to check over the kits. Three sets of eyes peered up at him, the cat flicking his half tail and leading them on. They traveled for days, scrounging on rats and carrion, until they neared the potential end of their journey. It took a while for the kits and their father to reach their destination, an abandoned town full of derelict buildings and rats galore. “Papa, what is that horrid smell?” A silver furred Tom kit spoke in disgust, his nose wrinkling at the stench of sewage.

    “That would be a rat nest,” spoke the tom cat. “Sewage, to be precise. A two-leg thing to get rid of their waste. Now hush Wolf. We seek to join a clan.”

    “Assuming they’ll let us in. We’re filthy.”

    “Nothing a bath won’t fix,” muttered a tawny-beige kit with black stripes, giving his brother a side glance and causing the biggest cat’s fur to bristle. Beside him, their sister lay between her brothers, watching their surroundings with fear.

    “Oi! Anyone gonna let us in?!”

    “Wolf! Behave.”

  • Vortex was patroling the town, looking for food or something to do. The black tom glanced around, head tilted back to smell the air. He lowered his scarred head as he scented a- strangely off cat scent. The ripper narrowed his eyes and followed the scent trail, black fur tensing. Vortex let out a startled hiss as he saw a limber cat. He unsheathed his claws, then noticed three kits beside him. He lowered his jaw to show pointed teeth, and stared with his icy blue eyes at the father. "What are you doing here? You should know this is BloodClan territory! Tell me your name, kits names and why you are here. But- seriousness aside, are you hungry? I buried a thrush and a mouse around here somewhere." Vortex wrapped his tail around himself and rested it upon his front paws, forcing his fur to lie flat.

  • Thankfully for the impatient Wolf and his siblings, it wasn't long before someone noticed their arrival and appeared to challenge them, the kit bristling and hissing until his father laid a paw with unsheathed claws on his head, pricking his flesh and pushing him down. The scarred cat turned steely eyes upon Wolf until the kit submitted to his father's glare and claws, going limp but scowling up at the cat that had approached them. Releasing his claws from the kit's head, he sheathed them and turned back to face the icy blue eyes of the other. "Ah, so we are in Blood Clan. How...lovely," Lizard spoke.

    Pond is still huddled in between her brothers as Wolf gets punished for acting out, the frail kit shrinking even further into Scourge's side as her eyes continue to watch the cat staring at papa but the runt's stomach rumbles with hunger at being asked if they're hungry. "Papa...I'm hungry."

    "Me too," Scourge piped up.
    "Mister, are you going to feed us?"

    Even though the kits had been fed on their journey and had eaten before they got here, they were growing. At three months old, they needed all the food they could get, especially Pond who was small and frail as it was. Thus, the exiled tribe member did not reprimand the latter two kits like he'd done with his other son. "Lizard...and my kits are Pond When Ice Melts or Pond for short, Wolf That Howls in Night or Wolf for short and Scourge." As he spoke, he would gesture with a paw towards each kitten that would stare at the cat. One might be able to guess the kits were half tribe by their names, but the tomcat had no intentions of revealing his own crimes or exile to anyone nor of his dear sister who he'd had to leave behind, who couldn't understand why he had done what he'd done.

    Lizard shook his head before opening his mouth, however Wolf beat him to it. "Our mother was a blood cat. She was weak and died." Lizard said nothing but his eyes closed in pain as Scourge shot his older brother a murderous glare at speaking up.

    "My kits could do with something, if you would be so kind," spoke Lizard at last.


  • Vortex listened to the cats conversing, holding a snarl when Wolf betrayed his mother, and when Lizard- corrected Wolf. The black tom dipped his head and stood up. "Ok, sure, I'll get you food- BUT - you must not move a mouse-length until I return or I will rip. You. Apart. Got it?" The ripper turned away, not bothering for an awnser as he padded off into the surroundings. Soon, the tom appeared with a plump thrush and a scrawny mouse dangling from his jaws. "Im back! Did you move?" Vortex's icy eyes locked with Lizard's as he set down the food. Before anyone could reach it, he placed a protective paw on the prey. "Now, before you eat, I need two things. Firstly, are you joining BloodClan? I can't help if you are not, and will have to take you prisoner or kill you." He growled with no emotion. "And secondly, what are these?" When he said 'these', the tom pointed to his white collar, which had bloodstains and bones sticking out of it. Vortex let out a ghoulish laugh and unsheathed his claws, tearing at the overgrown grass, teeth red from blood and his pelt showing the scars it was littered with. Little did they know that the ripper had told his leader about the odd cats.


  • Lizard would absently wave the cat away in a dismissive manner, blinking one eye in acknowledgement before turning back to his kits, his gaze surveying them in warning. It was a simple warning, be quiet and behave. "Idiot. You know papa doesn't like talking about mama," hissed Scourge in a low tone to Wolf.

    "That cat was insulting papa and us."

    "Enough," the tomcat spoke, his voice tinged in warning and the pair of kits fell silent at the order. "What did your mother say?"

    "They like killing cats of the forest for shit and kicks," spoke Wolf. "Probably because they have nothing better to do with their lives."

    The tomcat rolled his eyes and didn't even bother to respond to his child's words. However Pond piped up with a question.

    "Papa, what's a mouse-length?"

    "Two or three inches," spoke the tomcat. "Slightly longer then a kitten step but not by much."

    "Beetle-brain," muttered Scourge to his brother. "These cats don't believe in the tribe of endless hunting or the forest cats' star clan do they papa?"

    "They're rogues," spoke Lizard. "Some may have betrayed their clan and joined these group of cutthroats, but I never had much knowledge of them. But you are right Scourge, they believe not in the tribe nor in star clan according to your mother."

    It wasn't long until the cat that had originally approached them returned, carrying caught-prey in his jaws, the cat then dangling said prey in front of the hungry kits. "Does it..."

    "No mister," cut in Scourge before Wolf could mouth off again. The toyger korat hybrid looked at the food and then looked at Pond. The tawny-beige kit often tried to be a calming influence on Wolf, given the trouble Wolf caused.

    "Why would we come here if we weren't interested in joining? What idiot...."

    The tomcat sighed in exasperation and put a paw to his face, running a paw down it.
    "Despite the kit's lack of politeness," he said slowly, "he is right that we have come here to join. It was...their mother's wish." The feline didn't appear too thrilled about their mother's 'wish' but he would honor the deceased and weak molly.

    "A dog collar," scoffed Wolf. "Beetle-brain."

    Lizard turned to the kit, twitching his tail as he stared down at the male and a warning growl came from his maw. Pond hesitantly sat up as she looked at papa and then at the cat in front of them. "Teeth?" she questioned uncertainly, her nose twitching to try to pick up the scent. "You could use a bath too mister." The little molly's comment wasn't meant to be insulting, the kit just assumed he was dirty due to the blood staining his pelt.

    Scourge shook his head, lifting a leg to scratch at his neck.
    "Bones," said Scourge simply. The kit didn't mention that mama's collar had teeth and claws, which was where Pond had gotten her guess from.