ONLY HALF A HEART TO GIVE |Open + Building Arena/Training area|

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  • When Olympia was a child she had learned the basics of combat in the woods, where soft grass was abundant and provided a nice padding for her to rumble a tumble on. Most sparring sessions were held in the courtyard though, and while it provided a suitable enough space for sparring and training, Olympia knew she could make something better for the novices of her home, so while her mate and children lay sleeping she snuck out in the early morning, before the sun had even kissed the sky, to assemble her materials.

    Olympia spent many days secretly planning this, a surprise for the Exilers.

    Finally it was time to build, Olympia assembled a good team of NPC’s to help her finally put her masterpiece together.

    At the end of the day, within the safety of the looming prison an oak platform stood. Golden brown oak planks were planted firmly against it, making its exterior look rustic but sturdy. Oak steps led on all sides of the square platform, which lay about 50ft long x 50ft wide, and about 3 feet off the ground, a large structure it was but sturdy and secure all the same.

    It took a team of NPC’s and a few others powers to help move the platform into one of the bigger empty rooms at the entrance of the castle like prison. Once safely tucked into a corner, Olympia began to work on bringing in padding armor, gauze and decorative things to tie the new training room together. Swords lay at a cross at the entrance of the room and Olympia had used her ice elementals to create dazzling vines that climbed up the walls and entangle amongst themselves, their icy coat glinting off the objects of the room.
    Once her team of NPC’s had left Olympia sighed a took a seat in the middle of the large arena platform, which had been moved to the very middle of the room with wirings against every side of the structure. With a happy wag of her tail she leapt towards the entrance.
    "Exilers! I’d like to show you our brand new training and sparring room!" She announced proudly.

    [the structure is a large square platform mainly made of oak, it has wirings on the side to prevent falls]


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