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  • Finally, she was back hosting meetings. The two weeks that she had spent being sick had been handled well by Ulla, but she had itched to hop back up on the meeting rock and make announcements herself. The stone underneath her paws felt comfortingly familiar. "Veilers, it's meetin' time!" She thundered, peachy eyes flickering over veilers as they filtered into the meeting room. "'m back to hostin' meetings, since 'm feeling a hell of a lot better. Thanks to Ulla for makin' sure Shadow Veil never collapsed into a shitshow." She didn't think it could collapse too quickly, not with its current member base, but she was grateful to the doe for holding down the fort either way. "As always, welcome to our joiners 'n' veilers who've been around more as of this week- POLARIS , Belial. , GLASSHOUSE , Corydora , Nautilus , MARROK R. 'n' COTTON ! . We've also got an emissary from th' Solaris Kingdom stayin' with us- dryice. Good to have all of y', 'n' once the meeting's over, feel free t' pipe up with any questions y' have or track more experienced veilers down later. Everyone'll be nice." She guaranteed that, punctuating her words with a confident nod.

    The corners of her mouth twitched up before she continued speaking. "I'd also like t' formally introduce adelaide a. t. , Aizik , Kirusha A.T. , NIKLAUS; , FREYA RHOSYN (Rhosie), SABINA A.T. , 'n' vanya. to th' clan, since they've been poppin' around a lot. If y' didn't know, they're the kids of Freya, the late empress of Volary Flights, 'n' I." She summoned a grin, proud of the litter being around. Internally, things were stormier. She wanted Freya there, to hear their names be rattled off, so that she could flash that grin specifically at her. She needed to move on quickly, else she falter badly. She brushed past her sadder thoughts.

    "As for politics, 'm declarin' the Sanguine Ruins an official enemy. They captured a child for no good fuckin' reason, and it's been unspoken that we're enemies, but I wanna make it clear." As far as Calina was concerned, they had been less than neutrals for a while, but nothing had ever come of it until recently. A few sparks trailed out of her mouth, and she rasped her tongue over her maw before speaking again. "The raid went well, so unless they strike first, don't bother with 'em. I want our border with them patrolled as much as possible, 'course." She hated that they were so close. Only months ago, it had been convenient. Ambassadors could pop over in the blink of an eye. How far their former alliance had fallen- from one of the longest-lasting partnerships in Agrelos, to shaky neutrals, to enemies.

    At least they had forged new bonds in the meantime. The Sanctuary and The Arcane were still fresh allies, and the Phoenix Eclipse Alliance still ran strong. "I want ambassadors to head out this week, make sure all of our allies are doin' well. After everyone's visited, if Mystletainn wants to host a session where y' all talk about how things are goin' with your respective clans, that'd be cool." She paused only a beat before realizing she had forgotten something. "The Arcane's still on a trial alliance, so we should sort that out, too. If any of our current ambassadors want to visit them as well to see how they're doin' and report back to that ambassador meetin', that'd be great." Another beat, and she added more on. "Jingwei's still missin'. Ask our allies if they know any clans with big water sources that might wanna snatch a veiler." If the child of Ulla wasn't found soon, Calina would just be making trips to all the neighboring non-allied clans that had a source of fresh water. Simple as that.

    Now that she had run through welcomes and politics, she got down to the ranks. "Bad news for ranks first. Greygarden 'n' Indrik stepped down- thanks t' both of y' for servin' the Veil. JUNEBUG A.W. gets a warnin', but that's the worst of it." It was a relatively pain-free week. No demotions, at least, which was a bonus. " POLARIS , step up to duskguard if y' want it. Sylmae Winzor , I'd like y' to become a darkseeker. Shout-outs go to Orfhlaith Faelan , LOU . 'n' adelaide a. t. . High positions did pretty damn well this week." She couldn't shout out all of them, but she wanted to give them a reminder that she was happy with their performance. "I'd also like to give Órfhlaith the Patriot title. You've been in Shadow Veil almost as fuckin' long as I have, 'n' you've done a hell of a lot for the Veil. Without your healin' 'n' teachin', probably a lot of veilers would be dead. Thank y' for your loyalty." Grossly formal, but it needed to be said.

    She had forgotten how long meetings went on for. "This week we've got a lot of stuff goin' on around the Veil. Sylmae's hosting weekly tasks. Junebug's got a potluck happenin', Mystletainn's planting fruit, 'n' Lou's hosting a sparring session." A wide range of activities, some social, some agricultural, some combat-oriented. All of them fun, she hoped. "We'll also be havin' a culture festival go up soon, keep an eye out for that."

    Speaking about Órfhlaith had reminded her that there was something she needed to get done, but she had saved it for last, since it was supposed to be all ceremonial. "I also have the fuckin' ascension quest rings for Órfhlaith 'n' Mystletainn! Forgot about this shit after the Shade Hour." She tapped the two bronze bands, pushing them toward the front of the stone. " Ver Million 's also completed her second ascension quest." An impressive feat, since Calina had never seen it done before. She knew that the ascension quest assigned to Ver couldn't have been easy- none of them had been, but Ver's had been particularly heavy emotionally. "Another show of loyalty 'n' dedication to the Veil, so... fuck yeah. Y' three should come get your rings. If anyone wants an ascension quest who hasn't told me before, come 'n' tell me now." She hopped down from the rock and then stood on her hind legs and scooped the rings off from the top of it before dropping down again.




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  • this is your first time attending a meeting hosted by calina - the actual leader - and you're rather curious to see how it differs from those hosted by ulla during calina's illness. in essence, everything is the same. the topics that need covering don't change between hostesses, not that you expected any different. calina's prose is different, though. and a certain resonance to her voice that you can't quite place.

    not much applies to you today, though you do make a note to patrol the ruins border like she says, and to check out the happenings in the clan she mentions. the sparring session sounds somewhat intimidating, but you suppose you should learn at least some self defense, lest you end up relying purely on instincts in the event of an emergency.




  • So much information to soak up, so many new names and faces, promotions and people stepping down. Her heart ached when she heard that Grey was stepping down. Was he going to disappear and leave her all alone, just like Vani and Kin? Hiding her own pain, her golden eyes studied Calina and she bowed her head politely. "Thank you, Calina.. I'll do my best." She said and then shifted her paws. It was good to see her leader back in tip top shape and hosting the meetings. It meant she was okay. "Congratulations everyone else!" She called out, waving her long tail behind her happily.



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  • In some strange turn of events, Marrok had not actually intended to attend his first meeting here. The young feline had had an exhausting few days and it showed. He didn't technically have a home here, and he wasn't sure he ever would, but that didn't stop him from crashing like it. His mistake was in picking the meeting room for a nap. To his credit he was unaware of this — to him it was just another rocky shelter made of these ruins. The only thing that told him otherwise was Calina's strong voice. It immediately jolts him from sleep in the most undignified way, and Marrok's head jerks from the ground with eyes that blink sluggishly, still heavy with exhaustion. For a while her words don't make any sort of sense. Just a bunch of noise spoken in an unfamiliar tongue; she's not any of the leaders he's accustomed to hearing.

    But then, suddenly, shit catches up. He scrambles to his paws, uncaring of the scene he must make with the quick jarring movements. The late empress. And I. His heart rushes. What the fuck. What the fuck? He wants to shout at her from where he stands, demand answers, demand his siblings. As he opens his mouth for anything, there's — nothing. His breath shudders out hard. Anger leaps in his throat and is swallowed back down quickly. There's no point to his pain. There is nothing he could do or say to fix this now. Numbly, he sits and listens to the rest of the meeting without truly processing a single word.


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    The sound of Calina's voice ringing throughout the ruins caused the ivory and pastel savannah to lift her head from her paws. At the time she had been studying the delicate scales and colors of a butterflies wings. But now that a meeting had been called Nautilus knew that she would have to place her observations to the side for now. A gentle huff escaped her maw as the butterfly fluttered off to who knows where. Sea green eyes turn in the direction of the usual meeting area and she saunters in with a casual expression resting upon the ebon and peach glowing shadowkeeper. That is until in the corner of her eye she noticed MARROK R. scrambling to his paws as if he'd just woken up from a nap.

    Quietly she slipped through the crowd, her gaze continuing to rest upon him as a conflicted expression crosses his face. A single brow raises questionably and while she did not know him all too well, he was nice enough to try and help her get her novel before. You alright, muscles? She whispers as she comes to take a seat near the much large feline, eyes trailing from him and then back up to Calina, taking in the information. But then it dawned on her that she had never done an ascension quest before on top of not knowing what it was. Um excuse me. What, pray tell, is an ascension quest?


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  • This would be her first meeting in .. a long time. In fact, it had been years. Her lithe form would funnel in with the others, skittish steps guiding her closer to where Calina was orchestrating this week's announcements. She didn't know much about Shadow Veil. Not when she was leading the Exiles and certainly not now. The color point would take a seat somewhere toward the back of the crowd, weight shifting nervously above her paws as her vivid eyes scanned for any signs of Belial. Without her lover's presence, Glasshouse couldn't help but feel vulnerable. It wasn't that she mistrusted her new clanmates, she was merely too anxious to engage in conversation without the reassuring company of the black leopard. Her tail would flicker from the stress, swallowing harshly as she listened to the leader speak. She heard about some Exilers getting chased away from the border, the many foul things spoken about them. Would they think that way about her too? She didn't like secrets but unfortunately, it was necessary here. If she opened up about her past now.. whose to say what would happen to her and Bel. Hearing her name, the female's cheeks turned a hue of pink and her ears pinned back with embarrassment. Shoot, she forgot about welcomes. "Th-thanks."

  • It was a relief to once again hear Calina as she called them all to a meeting with her familiar booming voice. Though it had been pleasant enough to have Ulla giving announcements, and perhaps it was something he would need to grow accustomed to eventually, there was no denying that he still enjoyed Calina's leadership and had no desire to lose her anytime soon. She was a good shadowkeeper, regardless of how short her temper may be, and that was the end of that. The announcements passed fairly quickly, none of the news particularly shocking to him. The only thing that might have surprised him was the relegation of the Ruins to enemies, but with their recent capture of Nissr, he was nothing if not understanding of the decisions. It had only been a matter of time before the shaky peace between them failed.

    The announcement about ambassadors was enough to remind him that with Calina well again, he could finally return to the Sanctuary for an extended visit to help teach about the Veil's herbs and help treat those injured in the raid from the Ruins fairly recently that had destroyed most of their territory. Though he had meant to return far sooner, his own pregnancy and Calina's illness had kept him tethered at home. He would have to go soon, then, and bring with him enough supplies to make up for his slow pace. The reminder about ascension quests was also appreciated when Haiiro had been meaning to ask for a while now, though it slipped his mind every time. "Congrats to the promoted," he said, even as his mind wandered to other things, a natural reflex at the close of a meeting.

    As the meeting was dismissed, the ivory lupine padded over to where he heard the thump of Calina dropping down, almost nervous in his countenance. "I'd like an ascension quest. I figure it's about time I got around to it," he said, a faintly amused smile curling across his lips. This had been his home for most of his life, and it was only now that he returned to truly prove it.



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    While this was his second meeting as a Veiler, it's the first time he's heard Calina address the group. In matter of fact, he can't recall interacting with their leader either. As he made his way into the crowd, he looked over at Calina. Without a doubt, he could already tell she was far different than her deputy- she has a bold demeanor & appeared a little rough on the edges. He sat himself on the ground, ears pricking up as she began the meeting.

    It started off with the announcement of the Sanguine Ruins officially becoming enemies. Roy couldn't understand how other groups could kidnap children. He'd think they would cross the line at children, as they surely wouldn't want children of their own harmed. It's sickening to think about. Demotions, warnings, and promotions caught his attention next. Some names in promotions sounded familiar, though he didn't recognize the members who stepped down or the one receiving the patriot title. He listened to the rest of the meeting with ease, and left when Calina dismissed them.




  • Freya's death still felt like it radiated in the air even here and maybe it was simply because all she saw was her sister-in-laws eyes whenever she looked at her children, she wonders just how horribly Calina feels wonders how she could even stomach being up there. She wishes she could do more, wishes that the world hadn't been so cruel to take a mother away from her cubs and her lover but that was the way of things and she'd went through it all she could do was try to support the Shadowkeeper in whatever way she could. She'd sit besides her grandaughter head titled up towards Calina as she prattled along the meeting calling out warning and news of steps downs - she would frown at the news of Greygarden's and she could only hope the boy was okay. However the news lightens at the mention of her sons name and she yips out in congratulation for him wherever he may sit, he deserved it in her eyes especially after his injury she hopes it'd lighten his mood to know he was being trusted with a rank.

    She goes rigid however when the ascension quests are brought up and her own completion of her own, she didn't even consider it that her garden for her wife wouldn't be complete for some time and truly it never would she would have to always come back to take care of it. She remains painfully silent as she goes up to retrieve the silver band fitting it over her paw and she hardly looks at it the gleam of her wedding ring being what truly catches her attention. She'd take a breath and hurry back to her spot besides Nautilus who seemed to have moved in that time to go over to a relative stranger to her, she doesn't catch the words she meows to him only her question. It's not hard to snap out of her silence though her mind lingers at the melancholy of her achievement. ”It's a personal quest or like adventure that you go on to prove your loyalty to the Veil... Some are easy and some aren't, it's a big achievement for anyone to complete however” she explains gently.


  • Aizik would be the first among his littermates to arrive and he'd lumber in already towering over most of his clanmates already a testament to just how powerful his Mum's genes were. The large lionhound would sit near the back ears perking as he hears his own name and he'd dip his head as well even if it wouldn't be seen by his Mum. However what interests him more then anything else brought up is the announcement that the Sanguine Ruins are now an official enemy after they'd taken and attacked a few of their own. He hears that in times of war that soldiers could easily garner rank and power, he bets if he helps with their efforts as a clan his strength and potential would be noticed by more creatures that weren't Mum. Perhaps this would be the first of many opportunities he'd have to better his position - the only issue was he didn't quite know hot to fight yet but that would change. If he set his mind to it a mentor would be easy to get and everything after that would just fall into place.

    He wonders just how much notoriety he'd get if in the future he took down someone of great importance in the Ruins while his littermates prattled on and played among the territories. That would be his goal of course.

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    The girl's bright sea green eyes turned back to her grandmother as she came to sit by her side once more. A flicker of interest fluttered across her gaze at the thought of a challenge to prove herself. The thought of putting her loyalty on display for the rest of the clan to witness was enough to make her lip twitch in a bit of a half grin. Really? She murmured in response to Ver's explanation. Her attention the panned back to Calina as the shadowkeeper hopped down from her rock. Standing to her paws the young savannah cat walked over to where the leader of the veil stood. May I have an ascension quest?


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  • and when I fall to rise —

    Cade silently padded over at Calina's call and listened to her long winded announcements. He was glad she was well again and getting back into the swing of things. Ulla had done a good job holding the Veil together in Calina's stead. The celestial hued midnightbringer voiced his congrats to those promoted, namely Sylmae, since they all deserved the recognition. As the meeting came to a close, Cade rose to his paws and set off to do some work around the territory.


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  • *:・゚✧ It was good to see Calina around properly again. As much as she personally liked keeping anyone sick she was looking after just a bit longer after recovery to make sure they were fully recovered, she realised that she couldn’t exactly do that with Calina under the circumstances.

    As usual joiners and all were announced, including Calina’s own children, she still wondering how she was managing to cope with all of everything.

    The Sanguine Ruins, when she’d joined they had been their strongest ally, and had been for a while after. Honestly, despite the multiple raids that the Veil has been a part of in her early months here, she’d always felt like the Ruins and Veil has been very different with their politics and views, she ended up being right of course, but seeing what used to be their strongest ally dropped to an enemy was not only jarring but, slightly worrying in her opinion with how flimsy their bonds between allies could be, and much as she hadn’t liked the Ruins to begin with. Made sense that she wanted ambassadors out soon, Órfhlaith certainly seemed to have taken the more interesting clan bond to take given she had the Flights, oh she hoped this visit wouldn’t have any hostility.

    Next she got a shout out, nice, oh and a title. Patriot seemed a funny one to her, she was much more loyal to people than any clan, to her it was the people that made the clan. Of course the politics and values helped, but she stayed for the people not, the Veil. Still, Calina thought it fit to bestow the title on her, and her mini speech was nice, as much as Órfhlaith actually didn’t like being complimented much, she never knew how to respond. But still, she was grateful. “T’ank you, a’m sure the Veil would survive just fine without but, t’ank you.” A wide smile was kn her face as she gave a nod, when the ninth of the month came around she’d have been here ten months, time really flew by huh.

    And next even she got her bronze ring, nice. She gave a small laugh at her words as she went to retrieve her ring from the edge of the rock. “T’anks again.” She said with a laugh, it seemed she’d been saying that a lot as she picked up her ring, now was only to figure out how to wear it.

    A’d love to take a second quest if ye don’t mind givin’ me one?” The mare requested, her first had terrified her at first sure, but she’d learnt a lot, and maybe a second would help her grow even more.

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