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    The past few days had been a bit overwhelming. Asimov was going to have his cubs any day now, and as much as he reassured his boyfriend, he had his own fears to manage. An itch at the back of his mind told him fate wouldn't allow him to be a father, that something was going to happen to stop this, something was going to go wrong. Now, he also had Pas he was worrying about. It would take time for her to heal, and while he knew damn well things would never be the same for her, he was trying to make sure she never forgot that her clan was here every step of the way. Dee remembered the days following his mother's death. He had a taste of the suffering she must have been pushing through. They could celebrate their partnership in the division another day.

    How much charge she wanted to take at the meeting would be entirely up to her. She could simply sit back and be introduced to her first host division meeting, which Dee suspected, considering she had arrived as a ball of pink fluff and mounds of gray fabric. He remembered Corbin's scent well enough to connect that the cloak she was swimming in had belonged to him. He understood the sentiment, and he struggled to keep his usual smile as he called out into the hallway- "Host division meeting! Whether you're a member of the division, want to grab a few cookies, or simply enjoy the sound of my voice, feel free to join!"

    The canine would have spent quite a bit of time peaking his head in and out of Pastel's room, so today, the dining room table's contents were fairly simple. He had a few plates of butter cookies that had been pressed and decorated as flowers, stars, and hearts. Towards his end of the table was a tray for tea-making, including the usual kettle, cream, sugar, cup, and tea bags. It was similar to his first meeting, really, except for the fact that he decided to sit at the head of the table, instead of off on a sideboard, and planned on getting started just a bit more quickly than before. (He suspected it was taking Pas a considerable amount of effort to even be here.)

    As he waited for anyone to arrive, he would have started pouring a cup of tea for Pastel, only being able to guess how she may have liked it. He wordlessly pushed it in her direction before decidedly reaching out to try and rest a paw somewhere he thought would be her side. If uninterrupted, his paw would remain there the entire meeting. Dee would have given a soft smile to anyone who walked through the doors. It felt wrong to offer full grins, even fake ones, when Pas was next to him in the state that she was in. His eyes pleaded don't say anything.


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  • Ilya was probably one the least concerned or fretful Cartelians in the room currently. He doesn't think he can ever feel the amounting worries that Dee was feeling about his father practically being at the point of popping like a balloon, or about Pastel. (Ilya was unaware of what had even happened, but had noticed the older female was not teasing him as per usual which had stricken him as odd.) He isn't good at comfort like Dee is, not by a long shot. He was far too stuffy, aloof, grumpy. He wasn't known for being inexplicably pleasant like his dad's boyfriend. Sometimes Ilya wishes he could be, but he was just as clumsy with emotions as he was with his paws.

    In any case, the meeting that Dee is hosting now alongside his new lieutenant would be the first Host meeting he will be present for. He has a vague idea of what the hosts did. A majority of the time, it seemed like they arranged social gatherings, which Ilya had no troubling doing himself if his participation wasn't necessary. The sorts of social affairs the hosts produced were often grand. He had never seen a more ornamental get-together before joining the Cartel. They certainly had new experiences for him to try out eventually, though he was more resigned to working behind the scenes. Apart from knowing that, he actually had very little clue of what else the division did. Hopefully, he would be able to ask the questions he needed to here.

    As expected, Dee had set up the meeting with snacks and drinks. Today, the menu seemed to be cookies and tea. The former was a bit on the sweeter side, something he wouldn't mind eating at the very moment, even if the shapes were sort of childlike. He wordlessly takes a few of the cookies, dipping his head slightly to Dee and Pastel as he quickly moved on to preparing himself some tea. He leaves it as it is when he makes it, adding no sugar or cream when he pours it into his cup and then claims his seat. He starts to quietly munch on his cookies with his stare averted to the floor.


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    Well, he had been replaced rather quickly. He couldn't help but wonder if Asimov had done so purposefully to ensure that he couldn't reclaim it. Then again he doubted he would ever gain a single rank ever again for as long as his brother-in-law and himself were at odds. It was a struggle to avoid revealing how much it was ruffling his scales.

    The basilisk took up a seat he joined the meeting and he maintained a neutral stare, despite looking a little worse for wear. That bad chill from the raid against the Exiles had taken it's toll on him, and of course he had a couple bandaged sections on his lower body from where he had been stabbed. Still, he remained quiet and he hoped that the mindless drivel would be kept to a minimum since he had little patience for it.

  • Pastel was curled up by Dee’s side today, Asimov’s spot be damned. She had her paws up over his tail, her head resting on them as a single green eye peeked out from the oversized cloak. She had barely done anything since that day, it took them everything they had just to get her away from the body. The funeral had been a quiet one, just her and the people who wanted to support her. Corbin would have no one in his family but his adoptive child watch as he was put into a grave. She had planted a willow sapling over it, hoping that with time his legacy would live on in the tree.

    Not once in her life had she felt so drained, her birth parents’ deaths came with anxiety, uncertainty. Corbin’s had come with sleep, with a lack of wanting to do anything, even drink her iced tea because that required getting up to make it. She hadn’t even used her magic to do anything lately. So she pulled the cup closer and sipped quietly at it, content to just listen to this meeting because she had to be here. Normally she would’ve been a bit excited, even if she would’ve been mainly worried also. She hadn’t talked to anyone in days. Even Dee didn’t get many verbal responses out of her. Pastel leans into his paw, finally allowing herself to be taken care of when all she had done since arriving here was take care of everyone else. It was sad, knowing that her papa had to die before she would let anyone in like this.

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    Dee returned a nod to Ilya as he came in, smiling softly all the while. It wasn't really forced, but it was certainly more polite than joyful, showing that he appreciated seeing his clanmates despite the current situation cuddled just to his side. The smile he gave Penny was clearly concerned. He knew his friend had suffered some wounds in a recent raid, and he knew it was a bit awkward to have Pas instead of him at his side. God, the poor man didn't even get to see a host division meeting as lieutenant, but here he was- loyal, as always. If Dee had been in his position, he knew he would have been too bitter to come. He appreciated his presence, really.

    Pas was at least sipping her tea. They needed to take every victory they could get, no matter how small, and he would have made a point out of leaning his head to try and give her an encouraging smile within her line of sight. His paw had started gently moving up and down her side. "Alright," he began. His voice was soft, not bouncing or singing in excitement as it often was, but instead taking on a rather soothing tone. "I'm sure you've all heard the wonderful news that I'll be working with Pastel from now on, as she was promoted to this division's lieutenant. Well deserved, of course. I'm looking forward to what we'll be able to do together. This is her first meeting, so I believe she's mostly going to be sitting in for today." The canine's smile widened as he scanned over the table, purposefully not addressing that his lieutenant was currently a burrito.

    "On the agenda today are the topics of writing wills in the Cartel, selling to associates, and small event planning." Dee was warry of the first item of the list, but he had been meaning to address this for a few weeks now. It was just... very, very poor timing with Pastel. If the feline didn't object, Dee would have paused to try and gently pull her closer, moving her between his front legs in order to hold her against his middle, like a parent keeping a kit from running ahead. "To begin with wills, I'm sure most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the concept. A will is a document that dictates what shall happen to a person's wealth, estate, and any valued possessions upon their death. As a business, many of us have amassed a decent amount of gems from our work, and I've seen personal objects be left in debate or a state of limbo without any clear plans for their repossession."

    Planning for the worst in writing wills and setting aside wealth strangely didn't make Dee uncomfortable. Every family member he had ever lost was currently buried in the field behind the home he was raised in, and he knew exactly what place in the line would one day be his. He was just worried about Pastel. "Writing a proper will should require at least one witness to attest to the signing, and preferably, someone such as myself to give advice on the wording. This is a duty that I would like to fall under the jurisdiction of the host division. I can personally keep the records, and while this may be a difficult topic, I would like to strongly encourage everyone to consider writing a will, themselves, advise others to do the same, and act as witnesses. I will not allow anyone under the age of twelve months to act as a witness, advise on the topic, and without an unusual exception, write their own wills."

    Dee took a slow, deep breath, his eyes settling on the table in front of him with a soft smile. "That topic aside, I would like to sell party supplies, food, and catering services directly to associates. I'd prefer that someone accompanied me for one of these, but I'm comfortable travelling alone, as well," Dee's eyes returned to going over the room. He would have asked Pastel, but... well, he was already pushing things, and he didn't want her to feel pressured. "Lastly, I love how many small parties the Cartel has been throwing lately, and I want to see this pattern continued. Pastel has made quite a few tea blends recently, and please, tell me if you're too busy, but Penny and Ilya, I'd be overjoyed if you two hosted a tea party. It could be a book club, something relaxing in the afternoon, grabbing Maruki for a therapy session over tea, et cetera, et cetera. The details are up to you." Dee rolled his claws for emphasis, smiling a bit more joyfully when he looked between the two.

    // ooc summary bc this is a long post- feel free to only read this //

    - Hosts over the age of one year are encouraged (definitely not required) to write a will, either ooc or in a thread with witness(es) and possibly an advisor. (Dee is willing to advise.) You don't need to actually write one ooc, but it could serve as plot points if anyone wants to note say, oh, this important necklace goes to my sibling if I die.

    - Dee wants to sell party supplies, food, and catering services directly to associates, and he'd like someone to come with him, although I'm completely fine with having Dee go alone.

    - Suggestion that Penny and Ilya host a tea party together.

    - I'm so sorry Pastel for the bad topic timing.


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  • As Dee began the meeting, Ilya glances up from over his cup of tea. He relishes in its bitterness due to the lack of sugars and added cream, but he sorely wished that he had some lemon to enhance its taste even slightly. He takes a final sip from his tea for the moment before setting it down, figuring that it would be rude to loudly sip his drink while the capo was going over the particulars of the meeting. The first thing Dee addresses was Pastel's promotion to lieutenant of the host division following Penny's demotion. His personal opinions on the matter were trivial. He, as well as everyone else, knew that Pastel was more than definitely more fit for the job with all of the work she put in, especially when working with Dee. It was so often that the two worked together that Ilya had been surprised that his father hadn't displaced Penny sooner. He didn't have too many ill feelings towards the serpent, nor had he even really spoken to the man, but he hadn't at all appreciated how he invariably spoke out against his father. Ilya nods as Dee combs over the topic, taking his brief pause in his address to drink more of his tea. Finally, do they get to the main business of the meeting, the first on the list a particularly heavy subject.

    Ilya was far too young to consider writing any wills. He didn't have anything to his name. Michael had never left him anything when the man had decided to disappear, leaving him and his young sister to raise themselves, and his equally as young sister to lead an entire clan. The young boy was also certain that he would not be dying any time soon. Ilya had some idea of what a will was already due to his royal roots in the Arcanium family. Dee had even said that those under twelve months weren't to have anything to do with will-writing anyways, so he was unconcerned with the whole thing. He wished he had tuned out the information if he wasn't going to be doing anything with it. It was worthless to him if he couldn't do anything about it. With that, Ilya leans back into his chair, a frown to his lips.

    The next thing Dee goes over is what he preferred to sell. Party items, food, and catering services: none of which he had any experience for the most part. Ilya could provide an attempt, but doubts that anything made would be as good as Dee's or Pastel's prior efforts. He was nowhere near friendly (he was rather unpleasantly gelid), and he imagines that would be a troubling characteristic for an entertainer to have, wouldn't it? Lastly, Dee advises that the small gatherings that have been happening in the Cartel to continue. He supposes it's for morale purposes, or whatever, and he can certainly see it being a thing about morale. The Cartel was very much a lively place. Being slow and dull was hardly the pace he could see the group venturing in, even if they were supposedly a business. However, he is surprised when he hears Dee say his name. The boy lifts his head, his ears now standing at attention, as claret eyes flick from his half-eaten cookie to the male sitting second closest to him.

    Dee wanted him ... to host a tea party? And with Penny no less. He blinks, displeased, but swallows said displeasure with a slight nod of his head. He wasn't much busy this week anyways. He had been getting the idea of finally getting his mercenary services off of the ground, but he supposed he should focus on helping the host division a little bit first. "Yes sir," The reserved son of Asimov replies. "Would it be advisable to go around and take a survey of everyone's preferred tea types?" Ilya inquired, pausing with enough time for just about anyone to answer before another question leaves him. "And I'm not nice or charismatic like a lot of the people here. I'm likely not the best person to offer catering services and sell party items. Is there anything a person with my disposition can do for the host division? I would like to help where I can." Hell, at least he admits he's not quite 'host material.' "And... I can accompany you on your travels, Dee. I can carry everything." He was nearly three feet tall and strong for his age. He could carry quite a few things on his back if Dee would allow it.


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    Penny offered a clap of his paws as he offered his congratulations to Pastel, even though he was bitter about it. Though that anger was directed at Asimov, not her. Even the basilisk recognised that she was a decent worker with a caring heart, so she wasn't an ill fit for the higher positions in the Host Division.

    As the talk about wills came up he gave a solemn nod of his head since he knew that such a thing was vital. He wished that he could have known more about what to do with Angel's belongings when she had passed since so much of it had been snapped out by various folks before he could even properly gather his thoughts. Though with his mind on that his eyes widened in horror as he recalled that he had left the ring in a fancy box in Asimov's possession. "Oh bollocks! Does he still have it?" Not knowing was killing him now.

    "The willssss are a valid thing to have prepared. So many of our numbersss have died in the passst, and asss someone who hasss lossst matesss it wasss even more difficult to have little control over their belongingsss asss othersss simply helped themselvesss to the spoilsss like scavengersss. I think having the recordsss kept in the library would be best, and that each will once completed should be sealed with a wax stamp inside an envelope."

    He explained before descending into a coughing fit as all the talking irritated his throat. Politely he tucked his head into his coils as he tried to avoid spraying everyone with the spittle.

    As the meeting continued the surprises kept coming as Ilya and himself were asked to host a tea party together. His mouth became a strained thin line as he looked towards Ilya as he tried to gauge what his reaction to the request was like. At the mention of a survey regarding preferred tea flavours the basilisk offered a shrug.

    "Why not jussst run a blind taste tessst party? I have plenty of tea flavoursss in my stocksss, and combined with Pastel'sss own blendsss we have enough to appease mossst tastesss."

    He really couldn't be bothered going around asking every Tom, Dick, and Harry before running a party on top of the workload. If he wasn't feeling under the weather then maybe he'd be more willing, but right now he just wanted to get it over with.

    "How good are you at planning and stock staking? It'sss behind the scenesss but still incredibly important to our division."

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    Dee raised his brow at Ilya's response, a soft smile on his face as usual. He considered the boy to be fairly well spoken. It was the lack of confidence, hesitancy, and need for more practice with faking smiles that seemed to hold him back, but he was still young. The fact that he had followed the self criticism with the word disposition said enough to the host capo. "Maybe you could get a bit of practice selling while you help carry things for me, then? You spoke very fluently just now, and you've been more than kind in offering to help, hon. Don't be so hard on yourself," he reassured. Some of Ilya's formality could be awkward, sure, but as far as Dee was concerned, he belonged in the host division. (You know. Prostitution aside.)

    The canine didn't miss the lack of excitement between Penny and Ilya, but Penny was still recovering from his injuries, and he worried he would overwhelm Ilya by giving him a task alone. Beside it all, Penny still had a step of authority above the Cartel's hosts in his eyes. He respected his opinion. "I'm sorry to hear that, Penny," he began, solemnly nodding. He had always seen him with Wave, first and foremost, but he knew he was polyamorous, and he had heard Angelbeats mentioned several times in his stay. "The library would be proper, and wax seals are a simple, but effective way to prevent tampering. I agree."

    Finally, he addressed the tea party. "A gathering for taste testing would be lovely! If you really wanted to, Ilya, you could note which ones people enjoyed, but I'm not asking for you two to organize anything complex. It would also be a good opportunity to help Penny organize the stock," Dee gestured with his paw as he spoke, curling and uncurling his claws. One paw, however, always stayed with Pastel. He gave Ilya a pointed smile for the last sentence, suggesting that Penny could use the help.


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