I don't know when ("swimming") I'll see dry land again

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  • Basketcase didn't know how snakes could possibly swim. What, is he just supposed to slither? Push with his belly scales? There's nothing to push! Water's all smooth. So he's never tried to swim, and he's not about to try today. (shhh)

    Basket was showing off to absolutely no one, flinging himself from tree to tree across the territory because he had nothing better to do. He found those limestone caverns and switched to an overhanging tree branch. He wrapped his tail around the branch before diving down to touch the surface. (No reason, completely unprompted, just 'cause he can), but the branch dipped more than he expected and he went under. He recoiled, but then the branched tipped straight down, and Bas slipped right off into the water. Right in the middle of the basin. As serene as it is on the edge, it gets deep fast and Bas, as previously mentioned, cannot swim. And the branch had sprung back to its rightful place a billion miles away. His wings were too saturated with the water to fly. Bas wriggled and spun his tail like a propeller, keeping himself barely above the water's surface. Maybe he could call for help, but he was doing a very stupid thing and didn't want to be scolded. Also if he opened his mouth, it filled with water. No, he only has to swim to the edge. Which is right there. If he can just- get to it!

    His head dipped under and he switched to his form with the legs. The thick fur on his bear paws immediately saturated, as well as all the other hair on him. Just like his wings, and it's not like he knows how to swim with paws either. He sank again, dragged down by the weight of the wet fur. He switched back to a snake. Only then did he remember how he actually moves. The scales on his stomach move like paddles. Just like paws help quadrupeds swim. He tread water for a minute like this, half just floating there with his wings held just out of reach of the water. Snakes do float, after all. Something you'd think would make it hard to drown if you forgot that humans float too. Here he will wait until his energy is restored enough to reach the edge. Which again, is about 7 feet from where he is. Too bad he still doesn't know how to move forward. Swimming is stupid. He wants to be back in the trees.

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  • Marrok wasn't here to swim. After the death of Radegast he can't look at water the same way, and it reminds him of his leap of faith. So all he does is watch, settled down near the mouth of the cave and watching the ripples with lazy hooded eyes. His mind is entirely blank and for that he's grateful; it's been too long since he had a mind and heart not weighed down with his own thoughts. It would be easy to fall asleep here. It's peaceful and cool, so far from the jungle heat that for once he's not reminded of home. Slowly, golden eyes drift shut. His head falls to his paws. His heartbeat slows to a steady, gentle rhythm. And then —


    The noise jerks him from his lazy rest, and Marrok scrambles to his paws like a man possessed. Or, more accurately, terrified. The first thing he sees is Bas changing shapes, snake to bear and back, sinking ever lower. As he readies himself to dive in and help his clanmate, something miraculous happens. He finds his way back to the surface and simply stays there. Mar knew how to tread water of course, but he'd never seen a snake do it. "Are you alright?" he calls, unsure if he has reason to be worried now. If he was able to float he'd be fine, right?


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  • Seldom did Cecilia make her way over to the limestone caverns. It's not as if there were special herbs that only grew here, either, and prey was just as plentiful here as it was everywhere else. So why was she here? Truthfully, not even she knew. Whenever she got to thinking about something, her paws carried her nowhere in particular, and this was the place that she ended up on this particular occasion.

    A splashing noise distracts her from her thoughts. It is followed shortly by the sound of Marrok's voice. Within moments she finds herself next to him, staring out at the water where Bas was somehow treading water as a snake. She knew that certain species of snakes were capable swimmers, and it seemed that Bas was of this sort. She had not bore witness to the trouble that it took him to get here, so there was no way for her to know that he had been struggling mere moments before. "Do you need help?" the woman called out.


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  • Basket growled low, not out of anger at the two concerned clanmates, but more directed at himself for making a scene. Oh well, since they're here, Bas really can't keep this up forever. He tried to speak. "Wel-" the sound caught on the water filling his mouth. "I'm fi- for now but I don- know how -o ge-ack" he tried to explain, but he's not sure if the message got across through the water

    He tried to use his wings to paddle but they didn't really help. He moved a little, but they were hard to move through the water. He lifted his head up a little, causing his tail to sink, so he could speak. "Yeah, help?" he finally answered properly. Maybe he'll learn to swim later, but not today. He's tired, and trying to move makes him sink.

    "Speech" Attack/aggressive cuddling

    (Well, I'm fine for now, but I don't know how to get back)


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