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    I can't remember all that happened before I found myself waking up in the sick bay area of Volary Flights. Most of the details after I had escaped a giant dinosaur were a blur, but I'm pretty sure it was Legrandite that found me. Did he cry? I couldn't remember, but I made myself a promise to never make him cry again. It was childish, but knowing that my actions, however accidental, had hurt my friend was unbearable. I wanted to make him smile, that was so much better. And so, as I rose from the bed that had been made for me, dressed in bandages and poultice, I limped out into the main camp area. My bones ached from lack of use, muscles tense, but the exercise did me good. It was almost therapeutic, the way I was able to relax all of the thoughts in my head and just enjoy these new surroundings. It wasn't often I found myself at the heart of another clan's territory, might as well enjoy it.

    As much as I liked walking about, I soon grew tired and found a shady spot to sit in. This was a much easier task than in Solaris Kingdom, where the only shade was cast by the various building and handful of trees that lingered about the oasis. Thinking of Solaris, I wonder if they'd noticed that I was missing yet. The journey back home wasn't too long, but in my current condition I would probably need a few more days to recover before I was able to make it back. I suppose that meant I'd have plenty of time to get to know some of my members of my clan's allies. I had already met Felix when he was staying in the Kingdom, and Luci I'd briefly met at the Sun Festival. Of course there was also Grand, but other than those three I was pretty lost as to who was who. I suppose the most effective way of doing that would be through a meet and greet. Thank goodness my throat was one of the things that hadn't been injured. "Meet and gre-eet!" I called out, but I soon interrupted myself with a cough. It seemed my voice wasn't as safe as I thought it was. I remembered now, getting tossed around like a rag-doll might have fractured some of my ribs. I suppose deep breaths and raising my voice was out of the question for now.

    Once I noticed that my embarrassing call had garnered some attention I began to speak again, more carefully this time as not to break my body any further. "Hello, I'm Lavinia. It's a pleasure to meet you all." I began, wondering if there was anything else I should say. Perhaps something about myself, like a fun fact. That always made things more interesting and personal. "I hail from Solaris Kingdom and I play the pan flute." I added with a smile. It wasn't much, but I couldn't think of what else to offer. If I listed my ranks it would probably go over their heads, seeing as they had a completely different hierarchy system here.

  • Tim had received a visitor. He had been spending a great deal of time in the Phoenix Ruins, cooped up in the outbuilding which held Autopilot's herbs and rocks, as well as any injured Volarians. This was for obvious reasons, considering he was still recuperating from the two attacks on his person, and though it was dull he was scraping by wherever possible. To his surprise, though, when he stirred he found himself in someone else's company: a strangely-patterned young she-cat with her own potpourri of injuries. The dark tabby had just opened his eyes to behold Lavinia, and was about to say hello until she suddenly got up and made her unsteady way out. Curiosity now grasping him, the scarred Condor got to his paws and followed her, watching as she sat in a shaded part of the Commons with interest. Stuffing down a yawn, he listened to her introduction and then mrowed, "Hey, there. Uh, nice to meet you. I'm Tim." he didn't know what a pan flute was, but that was beside the point. "Uh, sorry if this is rude, but - what exactly are you doing here?" he had no problems with Solarians, but ... didn't they have their own medics?

  • ☾・゚. we've got dreams and they start right here

    The first fellow to approach me was one who had been resting in sick bay with me. Not exactly a familiar face as I didn't know his name, nor had we spoken. Perhaps I should have said hello earlier but I had assumed he was sleeping. Well, now was a good a time as ever to make a good impression. He seemed like a kind man when he started speaking, but as he asked what I was doing here, I froze. It was a valid question, one I would certainly ask myself if I had seen anyone in Solaris Kingdom who came from another clan and appeared so randomly. That didn't make answering it any easier. And if I'd know of Tim's thoughts of Solaris having their own medics, I would have laughed, for I was a healer there. For now I was only an apprentice, but I was picking up the basics quite quickly. The injuries I was currently suffering from were all things I'd read about how to deal with in the various books of our medical guild, though putting all those skills to practice was a different story.

    But back to his question. I could tell him the tale of how I was out on a walk and got ambushed by an enormous dinosaur, an unreasonable fellow who wanted nothing more than to make a meal of me, even when I'd politely asked him to be nice. Of how I managed to get out of such a desperate situation and collapsed on the border here, as it was close to the vertex I'd escaped through. But I didn't want anyone to think I'd lead the beast straight into their home, that would be terrible. Of course, had the raptor truly been chasing me I likely wouldn't have made it this far, but I didn't want to spread panic. So Instead I figured I'd offer a simpler solution, one I hadn't exactly planned on, but I suppose if Demeter and Marigold can keep up with their responsibilities in not only the Kingdom but also another clan, so could I. Besides, there was so much I could learn from this experience, it was a perfect opportunity to shed some light on an originally less than ideal situation. "I'm starting a dual alliance here." Oh Helios, please let Felix be okay with this. I'd already barged into his clan unannounced and taken precious herbs from his medics to treat my injuries, but I wanted to give back to this community, after all the Volarians had all been so pleasant thus far.

  • Malachite faked a smile and approached the two. The coughing after the call for a meet-and-greet concerned her, but what does she look like, a medic? She sat, tail curling over her talons. "Hey, the Kingdom's a super ally or something so that sounds good to me." The second part of this interaction was a meet and greet. Mal cringed, and her bird spirits took over. The goldfinch, empathy, chirped "She's Malachite. We're her spirit companions, and she needs us." Yeah right, all they ever do is make her life worse. Make her talk out her feelings like someone people care about or something. Determination finished, "She's a good cook too!" Well, no one was supposed to know that, were they? Plus she's not even that good.

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  • Amahle is still cautious around these creatures and in this strange environment which makes it hard to move easily and not having the freedom of grasslands or desert. Not able to communicate with the creatures of the jungle that she finds herself in, she remains lost without mama there, feeling like there's a hole in her life. The cub wanders the camp after getting up from her resting place outside, her ears taking in the sounds of birds and strange noises of a foreign tongue she speaks not. She wanders until her paws find her at an area that smells, only it doesn't smell like food but rather something pleasant that she cannot name. As she cautiously approaches, her ears pick up the sound of murmurs that she cannot distinguish and she nervously pokes her head in to see at least three creatures conversing with each other. Amahle doesn't try to speak, she's realizing quickly these creatures don't speak the ancient tongue of her clan and so just watches on the fringes of the gathering trio.

  • Careful pawsteps lead him through the crumbly ruins, weaving around emerald tendrils of ivy and moss coiling from the damp soil. Wisps of sunlight wavered as the breeze swayed the tree limbs above and Felix slipped through their cracks, stormy pelt reflecting sunny rays which drifted in thin swaths through the holes in the ceiling. In truth, the lynx-cat visited the healer's quarters more often than he probably should. Granted most of the time he wasn't the one injured — his arm, face, and electrocution were the only instances of true injury leading him to stay in the infirmary. For a long time he visited Elowen before she took her leave, and the absence of her hurt his heart in ways medicine could not fix. Most recently, he'd join Auto for chats while the Swan sorted herbs, or made sure that Tim was doing well as he recovered. On the same token, having since recovered from the infection in his wounds, he needed to stop by the med bay anyway to make sure he was healing properly.

    But the infirmary was not where he found Lavinia that afternoon, which was concerning in of itself. As Felix padded through the dense foliage outside of the Phoenix Ruins and spotted the Solarian apprentice upright and smiling, he figured her absence didn't just mean that she'd stopped breathing in the middle of the night. For that he was grateful.

    "Lavinia," Felix greeted, drawing up beside young Amahlespot. A frown crossed over his maw lightly and he paused as if to be sure that she really wasn't going to keel over. He hadn't been there when she was found injured at the border, he just knew that it hadn't been pretty, if Grand's panicked warbling was anything to go by. He'd been worried that the Solarian's condition was going to worsen the longer she remained asleep — the shamans, of course, were diligent and powerful, so Lavinia's wounds were treated with utmost efficiency. And with her wellness came clarity, a demand more than a request. Whatever. He wasn't exactly a stickler for stuffy political politeness. Giving a light nod, the tom lowered his haunches to sit, half-veiled in a stream of sunlight. "Well... I'm glad you're doing well. You're welcome to stay," he said with a short inclination of his head.


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  • Oh, this was the girl Grand was treating at the border. The one who was afraid of a dinosaur coming to eat her. Absalom never saw that dinosaur, something he was thankful for. The poor boy was already missing a hind leg, he would stand no chance against a hungry lizard a gajillion times his size!

    "Hello Lavinia. You look like you are healing nicely. I didn't get the chance to introduce myself earlier, but my name is Absalom." The tripedal snow leopard youth hobbles over to the meet and greet, his baby blue eyes bright and welcoming as he settles down near Felix.

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  • Amahle turns her head as something sits beside her and she flicks an ear, staring with wide eyes at the creature that comes to sit next to her. She doesn't say anything but freezes, as if the creature might have malicious thoughts towards her, though she's never met the new emperor before. She's not even sure of the different ranks within this tree-filled clan but is used to her brothers and brother-in-laws being at the bottom of the clan and the females being the runs to rule. The creature doesn't seem vicious but then she could have said the same about her sister that attacked and injured mama. Mama had taught her something of an English greeting, the cub is just afraid to mention it lest she fumble it up and so, in the end she stays silent, watching Felix until others arriving catch her attention and she turns away from the emperor to see another creature come moving along, much more gracefully then Amahle but maybe because it looks like a weird cat with spots. Not a cheetah...not a lion for sure and beside Felix she gives a relieved sigh of breath before hunkering down next to the older creature, her yellow eyes silently watching the meeting and greeting of those who are familiar with each other, feeling lost. If only someone could teach her this strange tongue so she could communicate better.