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  • *ੈ✩‧₊˚   To call their entire situation frustrating would be quite the understatement, but he had seen it coming from a mile away. Leaving the Exiles could have ended up being a feat in itself, he's simply lucky that he had at least some love within his own group and that they had let him go without a fight or a fuss, and finding a new home where he and his boyfriend can live in peace might turn out to be harder. The Shadow Veil... as much as he might want to stomp his feet in irritation and snap back at how unfair it feels to be cast away by them, he doesn't fault Calina for doing what she thinks is best for her group, and even if she had let them stay, the duo would likely have been drowned in suspicion and dislike. Still, he doesn't want to drag around his former life as an Exiles leader behind him like a ball and chain and he doesn't want to have his former actions thrown in his face. Jimin knows what he did ; the last thing he needed was for Calina to hit him over the head with it all over again. He's already paid for his mistakes so many times and in so many ways, and he couldn't help but feel that there was a certain hypocrisy to her words - the raid had been his fault, but she had conveniently ignored the fact that there had been several tortures committed against himself and his more soft and kind groupmates by the Veil leading up to it. It had felt like she was painting his former group as merciless, cold hearted killers and nothing more, while atoning her own group of all its former sins and leaving behind the fact that the Veil had been violent back then too.

    That isn't to say that Jimin fully expected to be let into the group, but that didn't stop him from feeling disappointed and... well, stomped on by their leader. He had been somewhat dragged down and downcast leaving the Veil in the distance, but chatting idly with Eisuke on the journey to their destination had restored his spirits somewhat, and as the pair make their way to the Wind Haven border, Jimin has a hopeful smile on his face. He finds himself nudging his smaller form close to the lupurca's side and taking comfort in his scent as his gaze rakes the territory and the soft hues and the array of scents.

    He doesn't believe he's had too much to do with this group in the past, but from what he's heard they're rather peaceful - he has no doubt that the Exiles has ruffled their feathers at some point in the past. Whether or not this is a temporary stay, and whether or not they actually get the chance to stay here at all are both up in the air, but the onyx canine takes in a deep, shaky breath and tries to keep his hopes held high. The Veilers had been gracious enough to suggest that they try here next, but if it doesn't work out, then they'll go to the next place, and then the next - no matter what it takes, he and Eisuke will find a place where they can have a life filled with light and life. This is a chance at a proper life he's fighting for, one where he doesn't have to look over his shoulder and stress about who might be dragged into their camp crying and screaming next, one where he doesn't have to look over his shoulder permeated by the possibility that a groupmate could stab him in the back for daring to defy their way of life, one where he and Eisuke can keep their morals held close to themselves. Giving up will never be an option.

    "Ah, we made it, 'Suke..." His voice has that slight hint of a chirp in it as his head tilts upwards and his amber optics flicker to meet Eisuke's icy gaze. He's swallowing back the nervousness that they might face another rejection and trying to stay optimistic. The expanse of the unfamiliar territory is definitely a far from the claustrophobic and suffocating environment of the canyon, and it feels infinitely right to be as far away from there as they can be. To have Eisuke by his side is something he wouldn't trade the world for, too. However, Jimin is an individual who loves to be part of a community, but he'd lost that when he'd lived in the Exiles - he'd really grown to fear and dislike his group and that want to belong had dissipated, so the prospect of being a part of something bigger than him and Eisuke is exciting. He's sure that the lupurca feels the same way, that he's tired of feeling like it's just the two of them fighting against the current. After a moment to just take in the weight of what all of his life has lead up to, Jimin instead arms himself with his hopes and the inkling of a future waiting to be grasped. They've reached the border, so now all they can really do is prepare for any conversation or confrontation that might await them when the Haveners arrive. "It looks really pretty... I hope we can stay here. So much walking," he whines, albeit his tone is laced with playfulness.

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER NATURE - Windwaker's thoughts on the Exiles were... mixed despite not interacting with them in recent days. He saw them as monsters, the whole lot of them willing to burn down lands just for fun. He had never truly saw a "soft" Exiler and the thought of them even existing would boggle his mind. There was a thin line between ignorance and complicity; a soft Exiler might not know there were better options in Agrelos for them or they knew better yet chose to stay in that horrible group. With violence running rampant, he thought people might skim over the quieter forms of pain or evil or whatever it was.

    Yet with his recent visit to the Exiles was a lesson that he'd try hard to take to heart. He didn't even know Jimin was an ex-Warden so the horned rabbit approached them with an air of easiness. Maybe his temperament would shift as soon as the cat was let out of the bag, but damn was he trying to be a good Havener, one that could see past the uglier sides of people to offer them a single hand of goodwill. "Hey there you two. Can I get your names and what you want?" asked the Honorguard lightly, paws standing firm in the ground.

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    Eisuke could hardly blame anyone for hating them. It wasn't easy to ignore or overlook the actions a person took in their lifetime, especially when those actions went toward hurting someone who didn't necessarily deserve it. The lupurca knew that feeling well, because the fact of the matter was that good and bad people existed everywhere, living alongside each other even in places you might not suspect. And that was true for the Exiles as well. They'd have people in their ranks that had never lifted a paw against someone outside of self defense, people who were sweet and gentle and never wanted to hurt anyone else. And yet, that hadn't stopped their enemies from finding those innocent people and ripping into them as if they were the ones responsible for all of the evil in the world. It was unfair, and it was something the Veil had done to them more times than Eisuke could count.

    But nobody cared about what trauma or pain the enemy suffered, not as long as they could twist it to be justified. It was something everyone did, and even he was guilty of it. In fact, it was his biggest flaw, and the leading motivator toward the majority of his aggressions toward the other clans. Seeing them take Debiru, and then Jimin, and Cicero, and Ollie- it had made a part of him crazy with hate. To know that the sweetest people he'd ever met were being brutilized simply because they chose to live in the canyon was sickening, and he had twisted it into justification, had told himself it was fine to cut these enmies down because it would mke things safer for his own people.

    But that was the story for everyone, regardless of what side you were fighting for. You just wanted your friends and loved ones to be taken care of, and for Eisuke there was nothing he wouldn't do to see that come into fruition.

    Over time though, Eisuke had come to realize that the things he wanted weren't realistic for the Exiles. They would never know what brotherhood, loyalty, or fairplay were. And quite frankly he was no longer interested in running with a pack of bullys who would rather beat on the innocent then fight their battles against their actual enemies.

    And so here they were, cast adrift in a world they knew would probably never accept them. The Exiler brand on his skin and the scent of the canyon on his fur would mark him as a pariah for the rest of his life despite having lived there for less then a year- despite the fact that he'd never taken a single innocent life or tortured a single innocent person.

    He tried not to think too much on it, just followed after Jimin and reminded himself that soon it would all be worth it. Finally his boyfriend would be able to smile and laugh and live a life they deserved, one where they weren't surrounded by bullshit that kept them on edge every second of the day. The Shadow Veil had told them that this was a place that might allow that to happen, and the lupurca hoped it was true. They hadn't settled since they'd left and to be honest he just wanted to find a warm bed and relax for a while. He was sure Jimin could use it too.

    At the very least, things seemed to be rolling finally. They came to the borden of Wind Haven and it wasn't long before someone was approaching them with familiar questions. Things had started off decent at the Veil as well, but it wasn't long before things turned sour. He wondered if that would be the case here as well, in the land that was supposed to act as a haven to all, regardless of alliance.

    "My name is Eisuke, and this is Jimin. We were told the Haven is willing to accept reforming anticlanners, and if that's true we'd like to join." the silver and black canine would explain evenly in that deep timbre of his, still glued to his boyfriends side. He was eager to begin a new life somewhere -anywhere else.

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER NATURE - Brand of the Exiles and he felt his heart sink to his belly.

    Never had he really seen the enemy take up on the Haven's system of forgiveness; they always seemed to live and die by their immoral homes, preferring the life of violence rather than the idea of not needing to look behind their shoulders for the next monster. It was strange, strange to him indeed. But maybe the appearance of these two anticlanners, Eisuke's words, brought some kind of hope that even some of them could change. That even scary figures wanted things to be better.

    His thoughts went back to the recent meeting, they recently had another Ward join didn't they? He'd be foolish to turn them away so the horned rabbit simply swallowed his quivering fear, his bitter memories, of what the group did to his kithood home. "You'd two would be Wards," explained Windwaker steadily. "Don't worry, it's just a fancy name for creatures seeking protection or just change from their past but you're just as part to the Wind Haven family as any regular member." He'd try to smile, briefly pointing the tip of his horn to the main camp. "My name is Windwaker Aeternum, it's really nice to meet you two. I'm sure the others would love to get to know you two too! But uh... if you have any questions about the place, feel free to ask me or anyone else."

  • Charlotte hated the Exiles. They had long terrorized the Veil and its allies, and had personally harmed her and her children time and time again. She loathed them all, every last one of them, with every fiber of her being, and the fact that Wind Haven's Ward program existed had been one of the greater stumbling blocks in her decision to move here. The idea of sharing a home with former Exilers was almost unbearable to consider, and she had hoped that day would never come. But now, well - now it had, and the ink-and-hazel canine had to draw on every ounce of willpower she possessed not to lunge at the ex-Commander and ex-Warden. The German Shepherd stood tall and wordless next to her son, her dark eyes glued to their newest members, and felt a wave of bloodlust hit her.

    For a moment, the compulsion to throw all of this away and tear their throats out was almost overwhelming. It would be so easy to tear into their soft flesh, to rip them apart like she'd ripped apart the man who'd killed her wife, to savage them like prey. Charlie gritted her teeth so tight her jaw ached, and told herself over and over again: They are not worth it, not worth losing this new life with your lovers, not worth losing the chance to start anew. Not worth it, not worth it, not worth it . . . and she almost believed it, really. She almost did. With blatant difficulty, the Aeternum opened her mouth and spoke as evenly as she could, wrenching an unconvincing replica of a smile onto her face. "I'm Charlotte Aeternum. Welcome." kill them! Don't welcome them, kill them, kill them now! "Glad to have you. Want a tour?"

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  • The Exiles are a strange place filled with stranger creatures. Easy enough to rescue members captured there, though, with all the noise and blood and gore occupying the senses, making it easier to slip by unnoticed. Easy enough that she's done it not once but twice. Returning someone who had been a Havener at the time and someone else who had been her mentor in the past. With two achievements like that, nice and shiny and tucked away on some shelf, it's hard for her to fear the Exiles. They pose very little trouble for what she specialises in, the silent art of slipping in and out of crowds, and doubts they would know how to stop her anyway.

    For a brief spell she had wanted to fight the Exiles. Wished it. Resented the fact that the Order had never decided to do such a thing, and never could make that decision now that they're nothing more than ashes scattered on the ground.

    The somali appears by the two Haveners, stares at the two latest Wards with mismatched eyes. Much like Charlotte her expression is forced; unlike Charlotte, the grin brimming with teeth, the one that fills her face and doesn't dare touch her eyes, is habitually forced. Since Windwaker has said all the reasonable things that need saying, and Juba isn't here to hold back the worst of her, she sees it fit to add her own pieces. "Call me S. I'm a General, one of two, yes indeed." Starkly different to the Aeturnums' introductions (a familial relationship that she notes tidily) but introduced nonetheless. "Ooh, why do you need reforming? Did you eat children? Make parents eat their children? Something truly wretched, like political corruption?"

    Not a single thing in the list actually suspected, same as not expecting every star in the sky to form a constellation. But if any bit of it is true, or heinous enough to prompt the truth being said, maybe she can connect the dots to form her own bigger picture. "You're very welcome to the Haven, Wards."

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    Mercy knows deep down that she doesn't have much of a right to judge people like Jimin and Eisuke. She herself had never been inclined toward violence, but she'd grown up in ShadowClan at the height of its anticlan brutality, had looked the other way when her clanmates tortured innocents because she loved them — they were her family, and who was she to question their ways when she was just a child, even if watching made her sick to her stomach? It was just the way ShadowClan was, and they had raised her and kept her safe and respected her own peaceful nature. No one had forced her to commit acts of violence, so she hadn't tried to stop them from doing what they'd always done. It was just how the world worked, she'd told herself. They hurt the bad people so that kids like her wouldn't fall victim. Then she'd left as an adult to join a proclan and quickly learned that the people she'd always loved so deeply, her dear friends and family, were the exact people she thought she was being protected from.

    Her exact memories of her childhood are fuzzy now, considering how many years had passed since then, but she recalls regarding people like Sango and Barghest so highly as a child. Sango, the woman who'd mothered her in place of her absent parents and Barghest, her uncle and leader whom she'd loved and respected — Radioactiveplague had been his name back then. Sango had later raided and tortured Mercy's new home, HawkClan, and tried to murder Mercy herself (which... she still believes she may have deserved); Barghest's love for her had ostensibly persisted, but he'd come to lead the Exiles and torment everyone she loved in Shadow Veil, her girlfriend included. Though she hasn't seen him in months, his actions still make her wonder how much of his love for her is genuine.

    It would seem he's turned over a new leaf, though; Ver told her recently that he'd joined the Coven of Elysia a few months ago — after trying to join Shadow Veil. The news had come as quite a shock, and his intentions still seem hollow to her whenever she thinks about it. To her knowledge, he hadn't apologized for anything he'd done as the Exiles' leader, hadn't shown any remorse for torturing Ver when confronted about it in front of all the Veilers he was trying to appease and join. So maybe "turning over a new leaf" wasn't exactly accurate. That was the difference between herself and her uncle — she's actively been working toward bettering herself and facing the consequences of her complicity since day one of leaving ShadowClan, whereas Barghest only seems interested in moving on without taking accountability. Ivorybones had been the same when he left the Exiles to try and join Shadow Veil under Mercy's leadership; the apathy he'd felt about his past actions had disgusted her to no end, and she'd promptly banished him from the Whispering Pines.

    Ver had also warned her about Jimin and Eisuke shortly after their attempt at joining Shadow Veil, and her first thought upon hearing of it was: Why are so many Exilers hellbent on joining Shadow Veil despite the neverending hostility between the two clans? She'd felt just as suspicious as she had toward Ivorybones — the course of action just didn't make sense to her, and she doesn't know why any Exiler would be surprised by being turned away from the Veil, who has a history of denying entry to said clan.

    Her suspicion had subsided just a little bit when she was told that they were coming to Wind Haven instead. Unlike her wife, Mercy likes the concept of the clan's ward program; she's seen the rare good in anticlans, ranging from Gordon who always spoke out against tortures in ShadowClan to Angelkisses, a warrior who'd brought Mercy food and water and kept her company when she'd been imprisoned in the Exiles. She likes to think that she herself counts as well, but she knows she'd been satisfied in her complicity back then. She'd only left due to some bad memories from the past catching up with her, and knows she would have stayed if she'd felt mentally well enough — and continued to turn a blind eye to the clan's cycle of violence since she'd suffered no consequences from it. But despite her complicity, she'd learned and changed for the better since then. There's been bumps in the road, questionable patches — such as allowing Shadow Veil to remain allies with the Sanguine Ruins during her leadership despite how deeply she's always detested them and their bloodlust. But she knows she's not a bad person, had simply been backed into a corner and hadn't wanted a war to be waged against her home for breaking off the alliance.

    She wonders if Jimin and Eisuke are in a similar boat to her, born into brutality and taught nothing else. Isn't that how every anticlanner gets their start? It's such an unfortunate fate to be locked into, and it upsets her to think about it. Maybe she's glad they're here and working toward change, just like she had, even if she reflexively grows nervous at the mention of the Exiles. Reflexively grows angry. They've hurt and killed so many people she knows and loves. A part of her feels the same as Charlotte as she approaches, trying to keep her breathing steady. The only good Exiler is a dead one. But then she thinks about Sans and Twinskeletons, her unofficial father and brother respectively. She thinks about all they've done for her, all the laughs and affection they'd shared so long ago. Mercy knows that the ShadowClan she'd grown up in was on par with the Exiles' brutality, and she knows that Sans and Twin and all the rest of her loved ones from that era were probably as cruel to innocents as they were kind to her. So as much as she wants to feel hatred for Jimin and Eisuke as she stares up at them from her place beside Charlotte, her heart pounding, she struggles.

    Their circumstances are different — she's never led an anticlan and abandoned those ideals much earlier in life — but there's still enough similarities that she can deduce from subtext, without having met them before, for her to empathize. She's seen the good in Barghest, no matter how dim and questionable it may be, and though she knows that there's something inherently unforgivable about leading and serving a clan like the Exiles, part of her wants to try and find the good in these men as well. The fact that they're even here for the ward program speaks volumes to how much more they deserve it than Barghest or any other Exiler. Mercy can't blame anyone for not wanting to forgive them, and she herself doesn't want to forget the cruelty they represent, but she can't just ignore the step they've taken by coming to Wind Haven.

    She listens quietly as the others speak. Everyone is civil, but she knows it's not all genuine. Charlotte especially is forcing it, she can tell. Mercy gently strokes her leg with her plumy tail. Her gaze lingers on S for a moment, a woman she knows by name and rank but has yet to speak directly to, and her questions feel very pointed.

    After a moment she turns back to Jimin and Eisuke, and the shadows concealing her eyes pulse slightly with the movement. "My name's Mercy Reaver," she says, and though she doesn't smile, her expression and tone are devoid of hostility. Rather, she seems thoughtful, though the hollow stare produced by her shaded eyes is uncanny. "Welcome to the clan."



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  • Surprise her welcoming statement as she pads over is spoken scathingly though not without a hint of sick humor, damn how she wanted to snap at Calina and Merlot in argument when they brought up the Haven but she'd went rigidly silent when Ulla had spoken up again. As much as she despises the rhetoric of the doe she didn't want to burn any bridges she had with her, didn't want to shit upon their friendship or whatever sort of connection they could form/had formed for the sake of her daughter she'd kept her snarled teeth clamped behind her lips and her words unspoken. However she couldn't help but find the woman utterly naive and idiotic truly to throw away everything she worked for just for bastards like these two for men who claimed they were better and deserving of redemption when they'd willingly stayed in the Exiles despite it all knowing damn well that no matter what they did that nothing would change their history nothing would erase the morality that was devoid from their lands since the very beginning. They may claim the Veil was just as bad but their history was mixed and they'd let go of most of their roots, they didn't torture innocents didn't beat pregnant women or turn children into minced meat like the Exiles had. The innocents; the kind Exiles they'd claimed existed weren't truly kind they still stood behind generations of slaughter for slaughters sake with no religion or defense to properly explain away their sins like they were nothing but rightful mistakes.

    They stood and watched, willingly lived in that canyon when they could've run away at anytime they weren't innocents and she would never regret what she'd done to any of them. If it weren't for the muzzle the Haven had on her metaphorically with it's complete opposite form of acceptance then the Veil she would've mirrored her attitude and words she'd snapped just a couple days prior. Wind Haven was the only other place that truly would accept filth like them, they wouldn't absolve their sins but give them an opportunity to work and better themselves these lands had a habit of bringing inner peace to even the most tattered souls and she supposes if it'd calmed her then it'd calm them. But just because they found that peace didn't mean anyone was forced to find peace withing themselves enough to forgive them for what they were, no matter how much they changed it wouldn't ever fully change what the Exiles had stained them with. Wouldn't absolve what they did, nothing would just because they forgave themselves didn't mean she or anyone else needed to forgive them. She'd tolerate them here, she would live near them with stiff silence and baited hatred not because she wanted to but because she had to.

    She did not give a shit about their pain, didn't give a shit about hearing what they had to say, and hopefully she wouldn't need to. The sooner they were in and had a cabin to cry their feelings out to each other the sooner she could fall back into living peacefully with her girlfriends. She'd warned Mercy already what to expect and she was glad she had. Both her and Charlotte are here both keeping the civility but she can see the tension in Charlotte's muscles and the lack of any true friendliness from Mercy's end. Protectively she strides besides them hovering just over Mercy one paw held close to the feline and the other stepping in besides one of Charlotte's paws. She doesn't bother fully playing the part of a good Havener, why should she? S didn't seem to care about baiting her own words anyhow, she doubted she even could. ”We don't reform you, you reform yourselves” she corrects tersely, though she truly doesn't know for certain how every Ward is handled she'd come for protection not reformation after all. ”Welcome to the Haven, try not to fuck anything up because I'll be watching”


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    He watched for the reaction that would undoubtedly come from the horned rabbit, and he found it when their gaze landed on his brand. The gears in the lapines head began to churn, and Eisuke was certain they were recalling every rotten memory the Exiles had been responsible for in their life. Would the clan of outcasts be where the line was drawn, forcing Jimin and him to move on once more in search of a home?

    After a moment Windwaker spoke again, their voice steady as they went on to accept them and bestow them with the title of 'Ward'. It hardly bothered the ex-Commander, but he couldn't help but wonder if someone else would come along and try to over-rule them, as had happened in the Veil when Ula attempted to give them sanctuary there.

    Such a thing never came about, though. One by one more Haveners turned up, and while none seemed particularly pleased to see them both standing there, they weren't chased off either. Charlotte was first, a german shepherd who asked if they wanted a tour. Eisuke could see how plainly difficult it was for her to maintain her civility among them, and he had to remind himself that he couldn't let his protective streak for Jimin ruin this for them. As instinctual as it was for Charlotte to want to snap her jaws closed around their throats for being Exiles, so to was it for Eisuke to eliminate whatever threatened to sweet boy at his side. In this single endevour he could so easily lose his mind, because how could he survive in a world where Jimin had been taken from him? No, he would sooner destroy his own body in pursuit of their safety, and would gladly strip the flesh from the bones of anyone who put him in danger. In that instance alone, no scream for mercy could be acknowledged, and he would gladly make them suffer and scream for the release of death.

    "Thank you for the offer, but a tour isn't necessary- we wouldn't want to keep you from whatever plans you had for today." Eisuke would reply, his tone respectfully polite as he declined the females offer. Maybe Jimin would be upset with him, but he didn't trust it yet. Everyone here had their own ideas of what was right and wrong and nobody had yet to judge them based on anything other than the preconceived ideas they had in their own heads. He would let his actions speak louder than his words ever could, and after they'd been shown what he and Jimin were truly like, then he would be able to accept their attempts at kindness. Anything before then, it would just feel fake.

    S came next, and odd somali cat who had some questions of their own. "No, nothing like that." Eisuke would reply with a flick of his tail. He'd never had an interest in doing anything of that sort- he didn't collect body parts or boast about the fights he'd been in, he didn't cannibalize his own species or get satisfying chills from torturing someone. He had simply fought and, on occasion killed, those who fought against his clan. "But nobody would care to what degree we were guilty. An Exiler is an Exiler in the eyes of most, apparently incapable of seeking individuality without first proving themselves worthy of it." And thus, they were in need of 'reforming', at least in the eyes of the other clans.

    Next was a feline whose welcome was rather empty, but at least it lacked any outward hostility. That was something, at least, even if it had technically been nothing. "Thank you. I'm Eisuke, and this is Jimin." he would say, just in case she hadn't caught their names before. Besides, he wasn't sure if she was blind or not with those shadows obscuring her vision, so he couldn't just nod his welcome back as he might have preferred to do.

    Lastly, came Ver. Was he a fan of the woman? Not in the slightest. She had gotten away with being a high position in two anticlans that had both been extremely violent and cruel, and she personally was responsible for the torture, death, and dismemberment of more people than Eisuke cared to count. She was the woman who always seemed to get away with whatever she wanted, leaving anyone else to watch on with envious hatred at the hypocricy of it all. Of course she would be here to. "Watch all you want." the canine would reply curtly, reminding himself that this was why they had come- to be watched and judged so that they could tell people to screw off when they realized they weren't the bad guys they so desperatley wanted them to be. It was a lesson Ver, Charlotte, Calina, and hundreds like them would be forced to learn, weather they wanted to or not. Jimin had joined the Exiles because he wanted protection from the strongest clan against his abuser, not because he sought to personally hurt or ofend anybody. And while Eisuke may have joined for the wrong reason, thinking he was after something only the Exiles could give him, he'd quickly come to realize that none of it was what he'd expected it to be.

    It wasn't the life he wanted, and trying to force it to work just wasn't an option anymore, not when Jimin was the price he might have to pay.

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