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  • Without the Lake of Stars Reflected, how were the Tribe supposed to contact their ancestors? This thought plagued Stoneteller.

    Already, the ancestors did not speak directly too her or visit in dreams, only glimpses of their words and warnings in the nature around them. Where could they rest their heads and relish the fortunes that their watchers wished to share? It was like the stars had led them to the Shining River - out of all the rushing waters in the mountains, this river outshone them in beauty. Carefully lapping foam falling onto itself, the gentle remnant of their grand waterfall. Small, hardy wildflowers bloom along the edges and in between cracks of rock. The slow-moving water reflects the stars and moon brightly at night, even on the darkest of nights.

    Powerful indigo night blankets the Tribes world, no clouds or storms. The Tribe and their new land were still figuring each other, learning where was right to challenge the other. "Tribe of Rushing Water," Stonetellers bright voice was dimmed in awe of the night. "It's strange to think we haven't discovered the end of this river, that our search for new places for our Tribe still goes on." Stonetellers' green eyes look wistful in adventure down the rapids. "Tonight, the Endless Tribe will tell us who will next inherit Owls' feather." The wording perhaps strange, lingering on it being Owls feather, the boldest Stoneteller she had known. "Could those wanting a Telling please bring forward their token?"

    There was a slight pain in the eyes, remembering how harsh the visions had been last time.

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    Ice blue orbs watched his leader before drifting over the rest of his tribe mates. The journey had given him his chance to prove his worth, explore, learn about the unknown, make acquaintances, but over all... he matured more than he planned to. Lightning was dedicated to his role as a in the Tribe so there was no time for fun and games anymore.

    As he stepped forward to bring Stoneteller his token, the Siamese offered a warm smile and bowed his head. Usually he had words but today was a day for silence for him. The tom placed a gift of his fur at the chocolate Molly’s paws before backing away to find a place among the crowd.


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    Flutter had careful hopes tucked away in her chest about who the Endless Tribe would choose to be Stoneteller's successor. Predictably, they weren't about herself. The lithe tabby had little interest in leadership; she wouldn't be able to hunt if she was chosen, and cared little for herblore. No, she prayed that Holloway's path would be revealed by the Endless Tribe. She set down her token after Lightning - this moon, she offered a pretty stone she had discovered bear the cliffs. Almost perfectly round, pale in colour; she would have liked to keep it for herself, but the Endless Tribe might appreciate it. She dipped her head respectfully, and withdrew into the crowd.

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  • River padded towards the group with a hawk feather clutched in her teeth she had found, waiting for a chance to offer it. After Lightning and Flutter had done so, River moved forward and set the feather in the ground at Stoneteller’s paws before bowing her head and respectfully backing away to sit on the edge of the gathering.

    OOC: Maybe something vague about her pregnancy or a sign that her brother Hare That Runs At Dawn (who was exiled) is alive and has a family, making her an aunt?

  • Stoneteller had been working herself to the bone to get the Tribe Of Rushing Water settled into the new territory, to an extent that worried Holloway acutely. Not that others weren’t; the prey-hunters were running ragged trying to hunt in unfamiliar terrain, when not on duty cave-guards were relegated to building dens and nests, and kit-carers were overrun keeping their charges entertained and out from underfoot.

    Ultimately, though, no cat had as many duties as her friend, and no cat had so little assistance available. Several cats had suffered injury in motion, in addition to cats that had gotten hurt or ill prior to the move, and of course they were all in Stoneteller’s care. Not to mention the dozens of problems and decisions that she needed to deal with each day. Despite her promise to Owl That Flies At Night, there was only so much help Holloway and Stoneteller’s seniors could provide.

    Her head spinning a bit — and not just with how routine it had become to commune with the dead — Holloway brought forth the feather she’d taken off a catch a few days prior. The wagtail’s pinion was split neatly in black and white, the division a shallow arch opposite the vane. What would the Tribe Of Endless Hunting have to say this time? If it involved jabbing their starry paws directly into her mind again, she was going to throw a fit.


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  • Lightning approaches with a clump of brown fur and she smiles to the tom knowingly. He'd worked hard on the journey but he was modest enough he probably thought nothing of this Telling. Round and pale in colour, she takes Flutters offering with a thankful look to her. Rivers feather is from a hawk and she whistles, impressed. She'd love to see what the Endless Tribe thought of that! Her tension leaves at seeing Holloway, her friend a steady foundation in this otherwise quaking world. They were both tired, Holloway helping out on the finest details of plans, staying up too late to discuss. The feather given was sturdy and monotone, she flicks a happy tail across Holloways pelt as she settles.

    She swelled with pride, seeing her Tribe take this new Telling in their strides. Overcome, adapt, they were strong.

    "Before the Telling tonight, we have some very special ceremonies! Lightning Storm on a Warm Night, please step forwards." Towards the Shining River, gleaming just beyond Stonetellers proud look. "You worked tirelessly on the journey towards our new land, enough that clan cats were coming past to say how helpful you had been to them too. By the power of the Tribe of Endless Hunting, I rename you Lightning Flash Dancing in a Storm Cloud, and welcome you as a true cave-guard of the Tribe of Rushing Water." Leaning her head to the top of his, it's as if all his ancestors do too, happy beyond belief. "Remember your vigil tonight." She purrs to the new cave-guard.

    "Osage Clinging to Crag and Silver Glisten of Evening Stars, please come forward." These names were harder to say, the eyes harder to meet. No less proud though. Pride overflows her because these are Owl and Veils kits, about to enter a scary new part of their lives. "You have both reached the age of six moons and are ready for training." As kits they'd been anomaly, unknown about their role in the clan. But the Endless Tribe was speaking, shouting intentions. "Osage and Silver, the Tribe of Endless Hunting has decided that you both will lead the path of cave-guards. From this day until you are full cave-guards you will be to-bes. Osage your mentor will be Clear Water Over Rocks and Silver your mentor will be Mud on Dead Wolf - I hope they pass all they know to you."

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    silver glisten of evening stars is now to-be of Mud on Dead Wolf

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    The rank change. The new name... He hadn't expected it to happen so fast. The Siamese tom was more than happy to take on the real role of a Cave Guard now, and that his name had a deeper meaning than most knew. This journey helped him mature while also realizing that it was okay to be a child at heart. He would maintain his serious role while also finding ways to have an adventure and some fun in his down time. "I will, my Stoneteller. Thank you." Now, Lightning only hoped that the Telling would shed some light on whatever The Tribe of Endless Hunting had in store for him.

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  • It had been a day Osage had been looking forward to for moons. Finally, finally, he was going to make his family proud. He'd make his aunt proud as she stood upon the Stoneteller's perch. He'd make his father proud, who he desperately tried to meet the gaze of in the throng of cats. And finally, he'd make his mother proud. She resided in the stars now, blessing he and his littermates with life before she gave up her own. Was she watching him now, he wondered? He had known from an early age that he carried the blood of not one, but two Stonetellers in his veins. The mighty Owl and the clever Veil. Now, it was time for him to pave his own legendary path as he stepped forward to stand alongside his mentor. The brand new to-be grinned up at Clear, tail whipping wildly in excitement before he dipped his head to both the cave-guard and to Stoneteller. "I'll do my best," He promised, his voice clear and genuine.



  • "I might, drown tonight with my friends" TAGS ── silver fur stiffened as his name was called. The lion like Cave Guard turned his burnt orange eyes towards the much smaller tom of whom he is to be in charge of now. Clear Water Over Rocks felt a hot burn in his chest as a new sense of responsibility rushed over his mane. His stone cold stare went back to Stoneteller. The ginger molly looked crisp in her clean throne, feathers about the earth in front of her radiating power.

    He gulped and nodded. He prayed to the Tribe of Endless Hunting that he wouldn't fail them.

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  • The Endless Tribe buzzed with pride for Lightning, Osage and Silver, looking fondly to their mentors they thought worthy to learn from. Stoneteller smiles at their promises, not doubting in the slightest that they'd do their best for the Tribe.

    Pulling the piece of Lightnings fur close, it was time to begin the Telling. She plays with the strands, letting them run over her paw pad and shift in the breeze. Suddenly her chest aches, exhausted from running so far and so fast. In this vision, she tilts her head up to see a hawk above. Why would Lightning chase a hawk? But the eyes drift down, also seeing a Monster on their Thunderpath. Which was Lightning chasing, and why? "You're running and exhausted, but whatever it is your chasing is very important. You don't want to let it get away."

    Next was Flutters pretty stone, almost perfectly round like it had been smoothed by water. She sees the Shining River glinting, the heavy deafening sound of the Thunderfalls nearby. There doesn't seem to be other cats there and a sharp blinding pain races down her shoulder. She visibly winces away from Flutters token. "You need to be careful about overworking yourself, it looks like it's going to put you in a dangerous situation by the Thunderfalls."

    Taking Rivers hawk feather, she brushes the curves of it, until the feathers multiply and divide hundreds times over - two birds of the same feathers, divided by something. They seem distraught in separate nests, one with unhatched eggs and the other with three chirping chicks. "Someone you were close to lives on - but they don't want to be found." Was this true? She sensed it so. Maybe she didn't want River to find this cat. She notes to ask River about signs of pregnancy, not announcing that detail to the Tribe out of respect.

    With a tuft of Clear Waters fur, she tries to do what she had done for Lightning. Nothing. She flicks a look to Clear Water, trying not to show alarm. She presses her paw again. Nothing. She swallows thickly. She'd never fortold a death before - so she had to be wrong. What could she do, apart from telling him theres so much darkness? "Um ... it's." She's bad at lying, voice too bright. "It looks like a good moon for you! Nothing to worry about."

    Finally, she brings Holloways piebald feather to her, casting her friend a warm look. The last Telling had revealed her friends intentions to stay with the Tribe but she worries she'll have a repeat of Clear Waters fortune. It felt strange to pry into her closest friends future, given how independent she seemed of fate. The black and whites of the feather merge into a grey, flickering. Flickering flames in a fireplace, content and warm. Flickering against a young pawpad, excruciating in its pain. So many voices and colours overlapping in strange hues, songs and stories getting louder - louder and sharper. Rising, intense, staggering her under the choir of travellers. In the dark, the flickering flames swell around a log, burning and burning, the wind fanning the flames higher. There's a cat in the flames, unmistakable as Holloway. The fire doesn't affect her grizzled black pelt, yellow eyes calm and focused.

    "Holloway Where Travellers Walk," Stonetellers voice boomed across the area, distinct from it's usual tone. "The Tribe of Endless Hunting have chosen you as the Stoneteller to-be of the Tribe of Rushing Water. They trust your judgement and know you will flourish the Tribe."

    The piebald feather under Stonetellers paw, was now a pitch raven black - the feather of the Stoneteller to-be.

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  • The tellings begin in order of the the gifts presented to Stoneteller. First is Lightning's telling and then Flutters and she glances at the cat in question as Flutter is told to watch herself and might be in danger at Thunderfalls. But then it is her turn and she watches as Stoneteller runs a paw over the hawk feather. River finds herself waiting nervously. Maybe this was a bad idea. Why would the Tribe of Endless Hunting give her a fortune after her brother's mistake? She can't help seeing it as a mistake, even if it was a horrible crime that resulted in the deaths of several members. But the words of Stoneteller are both welcome, it means that maybe the ancestors don't find fault with her, but also confusing. They make no sense to her as Stoneteller tells River her fortune.

    "Someone you were close to lives on - but they don't want to be found."

    River shakes her head, trying to think on what it means and unable to come up with an answer. As River ponders the telling given to her, she doesn't listen to the rest of the tellings to those who have shown up and wish to find something so she misses the panic in Stoneteller's words and body language when it comes to Clear Water. As she misses Holloway becoming the Stoneteller To-Be as decreed by the tribe's ancestors itself. Who could she have once been close to that doesn't want to be found and most importantly...why don't they want to be found? The only one that briefly comes to mind is Hare...could he.... could he be the one that the Tribe of Endless Hunting speaks of? Or is just wishful thinking on her part? Without speaking, without bothering to excuse herself, River departs the gathering to wander and ponder.

  • Getting to the meeting place for the Telling was a challenge. Pigeoncheek winced on every step, his hurt hind leg hindering him. He hadn't been to a Telling before or known the Tribe long, yet he still cheers for Lightning, Silver and Osage on their new ranks. Hes shocked by the timber of Valley - or Stonetellers - voice when she announces Holloway as her To-Be. They seemed close and he was glad that his Sister had someone to trust here.

    He sees one of the Tribe members [River] turning away for camp and he struggles after them, his leg tired and longing for his nest. "That was quite the experience!" He'd remark ahead to the Hunter although she seems in thought.


  • As she turns away and begins walking back to camp, she's so lost in thought as she ponders the meaning of her telling that she didn't hear someone following her. She didn't think that anybody would notice her disappearance as they processed their own tellings and so, she did not think to pay attention to her tribe mates. A voice calls out to her and it's only then that she hears pawsteps, scents someone coming after her. She slows and turns to see Pigeon Cheek hurrying after her and the molly slows for the tomcat to catch up to her. He seems excited about the telling and the events that happened, through her dazed loook and she shakes her head. She'd best be careful, there's already rumors...they might think she's crazy too and banish her. That the tribe even deemed her important enough to give Stonteller a telling, even if it makes no sense, is a surprise, but one she is grateful for. "I suppose it was. Did anything important happen? I'm...afraid I left before the end of the telling.?


  • To say that Holloway was surprised would be putting it mildly. Quite mildly. Very mildly. Honestly, she had been expecting that the oddity of her friend’s telling of Clear Water Over Rocks’ omen would be the most important thing to happen this telling. Holloway herself would be given some vague warning about overwork, or her risk-taking, or a warning about not overstepping her bounds as a prey-hunter, regardless of her having learned to fight as she had hunt, and the telling would be over. Holloway would wait until they were back home before lightly interrogating Stoneteller on her minor freak-out.

    But best laid plans and all that — Stoneteller’s consideration of her feather had a most... unexpected result. Her friend’s voice was closer to a proper Voice than she had heard from a non-SixClaw Voice. The thunderous elemental to her voice gave her colors a depth she had only seen once before, when she had offered Stoneteller the use of her Heartname. It was an expected thing, to bare one’s Heart- and Facenames for one’s full lifetime without change. Holloway never had been particularly good at doing what was expected of her.

    Taking up the position of her friend’s apprentice and presumable successor? That was also not expected. Maybe it should have been, given the Tribe Of Endless Hunting’s propensity for toying with her fate. But this was Stoneteller, not some nameless and unknown starry stranger.

    When she realized she had been silent for too long, Holloway stepped forwards. There waa no privacy here, where she could speak freely, but she also couldn’t not do her best approximation of a formal acceptance. In her own Voice, piercing as clawpoints and silky as her pelt wasn’t.

    “I, Holloway Where Travelers Walk, accept and acknowledge such as my name, so granted by Teller Of The Pointed Stones. So too do I accept and acknowledge the position of Stoneteller To-Be, as granted jointly by Stoneteller and the Tribe Of Endless Hunting.” As she folded a paw to her belly and bent in a bow, her eyes fell to her feather; somewhere in the madness, the white had burnt away, leaving the black feather Stoneteller had worn as Valley. It would join her other feather, as the tangible reminders of her place and connection to the Tribe. This was her home now, and she wouldn’t need to have the freedom afforded by her prior staunch independence of possessions. She had the Tribe, she had Stoneteller, she had her To-Be. What could she find elsewhere that could compare?

    /thank you so much!!!! I love the Tribe and its community so much, and I can’t wait to help it grow and develop <3333


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  • Jealousy roars inside him upon seeing Lightning become a full Guard for the Tribe - he had been cruelly shot down from changing his path by Stoneteller and felt resentment ever since. To add fuel to the fire, his adoptive Siblings were now becoming To-Bes. It would be nigh impossible to avoid their presence when sharing the same den. He'd call the new names soaked in sour and bitter lemon.

    Heather gave nothing for the Telling, he had been frightened by how accurate it'd been. He'd rather let life swing at him freely than be anticipating a stomach jab. It moves to the end of the Telling and the air sparks with energy, Stoneteller appearing lost in visions of fire. Her gaze snaps open with both a familiar and unfamiliar name in her maw - Holloway Where Travellers Walk was the new Stoneteller To-Be.

    The position was well deserved, even without a full Tribe name, Holloway had dedicated her time here, dealing with incompetent Tribe cats like himself. "Holloway Where Travellers Walk, our new Stoneteller To-Be!" If he'd follow her rule the same as Owl That Flies At Night or Stonetellers they'd have to wait and see.

    [ Congratulations!]




  • The molly looks a little lost in her head and he's pointedly aware he may just have interrupted her, sharing a sheepish smile in apology. "Yes, yes a lot happened! Not that I could comprehend what most of it was about." He didn't know of the rumours around River [yet] and so had no qualms speaking with her. "Holloway Where Travellers Walk became the Stoneteller To-Be, I suppose congratulations to her are in order. Its quite the dramatic reveal unlike in the Clans. There, you already sort of know who will be Deputy before Starclan does!" He chortles warmly.


  • River sits down as the tomcat speaks, shaking her head at his sheepish smile. He then speaks of a lot happening but not understanding a lot of it and River nods. She can't understand much of it herself, at least about her own telling. She didn't take the time to really listen to the others' tellings. "I believe that feeling is mutal," speaks River. Pigeon speaks of Holloway becoming the Stonteller To-Be and River blinks her eyes at this news. "Well, I suppose congrats are in order. She and Stoneteller seem makes sense." Truthfully she has never thought about how it is the ancestors choose the next Stoneteller or even the next Stoneteller To-Be. She is a simple prey-hunter, her rank chosen on build and at birth like all tribe cats and is content with her rank. She has no desires to do anything else in her life. "Ah...I think the clans would find us strange as well," said River. "Our ways and customs...our beliefs...are so different from them. Rumor has it they have a rank for medicine and that cat chooses an apprentice unlike the tribe where the Stoneteller is both leader and sole Healer, an honorary thing I must say." What is it like to know your deputy ahead of time, to be able to build a bond with them over moons and maybe years? River does not know which she would prefer were she in such a be chosen which she doubts would happen and isn't comfortable seeking out sounds like a lot of responsibility...or to be chosen by your leader with no insight from the ancestors and yet be able to build that comradeship up as you serve side by side? "Hopefully things look up for us. How are you settling in the new territory Pigeon? There seems to be more water here then our old home."

    OOC: Congrats for becoming stoneteller to-be holloway.