A Blessing or A Curse

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  • Jiyeong Choi

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    Jiyeong knew that has soon has Jayna left his line of sight that he was most likely not going to see her for the rest of the night, and Jayna knew that to be true more than anyone else here. She was always the one Jiyeong would turn to whenever Kai had made another one of his attempts to get him into bed with him, she was always the one that seemed to just know that Jiyeong felt more for Kai than she was letting on, and she always knew that if was subtle enough she could play match maker. That's when it dawned on him. Jayna had given something stronger because she knew that he would get nervous around Kai and would just down it without much thought. And with a little liquid courage coursing through his body Jiyeong would be more than willing to give into the very man that he constantly tried to avoid. She played the role of cupid like she had been born for this exact moment. Jiyeong wanted to be mad at her for orchestrating this whole thing without even once raising suspicion. 'You should have known, Jayna is no fool.' It finally made sense as to why she was making so many comments about him getting laid tonight. She was probably hoping that Jiyeong would stop being so stubborn for once in his life.

    He wasn't going to do that though, plus it was his stubbornness that kept bringing Kai back to him every time, so what fun would it be if he didn't make Kai earn the right to leave his mark on his body. 'To soon to be tipsy, you are not aloud to have those kinds of thoughts yet.' Jiyeong knew that he wasn't tipsy because there wasn't that familiar warmth that came with the feeling of being tipsy. Now, he had never been all that interested in drinking, there was too much at stake, so he choose to really only drink when he was with friends or family. Even then he had never had so much alcohol at he blackout, and he certainly wasn't planning on getting that drunk now. He would need has much restraint as he could gather from within every part of him. It was hard not to give into him. It was always hard. It was only made worse with the way that his dark eyes drank him in like he was that last thing that he was ever going to see. It made Jiyeong's heart race even more and he could already feel that inkling of desire start to show its uglyself once more. 'Is it really worth fighting, I mean he obviously wants you, people do casual hook ups all the time.' Even if the idea of a 'casual hookup' was an option he was worried that once he had taste of Kai that he would just want more.

    No, Jiyeong knew he would come back for man. There was just something about this powerful man that made him feel both stupidly brave and hot at the same time. He took another "sip" of his drink wanting to drown the thoughts that where trying desperately trying to seed themselves into his conscious. He refused to give them any sort of ground. He wasn't going to doubt himself either this time, he was going to stand by his reasons like he has done many times in the past, and simply turn Kai down. Jiyeong would never tell him how he enjoyed he way he looked at him with his form fitting mesh shirt and jeans. Though that enjoyment was a bit soured by the fact that Kai wasn't he only one with eyes on him. He could see the way some undressed him from the other side of the room with just their eyes alone. It made him feel kind of gross. He had never wanted this kind of attention before, and he certainly wasn't learning to like it. Their gaze was different from the way Kai looked at him. Kai looked at him like he had a bombshell body, even if he was wearing the worlds baggiest clothes. But these guys, they were just looking at him now because he he was showing more than what they had expected. 'Just ignore them, and they will ignore you.' He told himself focusing on the Japanese man in front of him.

    Jiyeong had focused just in time to watched has Kai's jaw drop slightly, his tongue running over his canines in a smooth manner, and to top it all off Jiyeong could practically feel the heat rolling off him waves with the way he was looking at him. He squashed the urge to let a list filled shiver roll down his spine. Kai really had him thinking. 'What is the harm in letting it happen.' He could tell that Kai was drunk, from the faint smell of alcohol that muted Kai's natural scene a bit. Depending on how drunk Kai was then maybe he wouldn't remember Eirik time together. 'Who are you kidding, you want him to remember every little detail of what he might do to you.' Jiyeong slowly took a much smaller sip as he watched Kai carefully. He wondered briefly if maybe Kai had noticed all the looks he had been getting in the short time he had been at the party. That's when Kai stopped his scanning to instead looked directly into his eyes. Jiyeong softly bit his lower lip at this wanting to know what the older man was thinking. He tried not to break eye contact when Kai suddenly decided to down the rest of his drink, only stopping to get air when he needed it. He was about to ask him what was up with him when Kai took a few steps closer. Not completely closing the distance between them, but it was enough to cause wide spread jealousy.

    Jiyeong didn't ever what the taller man was saying yet, all he could to do was watch as Kai closed the distance between them. He could really feel the heat that rolled off his body now, and Jiyeong silently longed to feel the weight of him being pressed into his much smaller frame. He blushed from how rough and desperate he sounded as he asked if Jiyeong wanted to go to his room away from the prying eyes of everyone else. He already knew that he answer was, and he only felt more confident about it when Kai wrapped an arm around his thin waist. Jiyeong raised his free hand to tap has his chin in thought. "Hmm, that does rather tempting." He said keeping his eyes on Kai has he took a large swallow from his drink. "But I think you know that already don't you, you always seem to know what my body wants." Jiyeong knew that he was definitely in for it now and the warmth in his gut wasn't just from alcohol. "I will go on one condition." He stated before finishing off his drink. "You are not to treat the me like porcelain, I want you to fuck me so hard the only thing I know how to scream is your name, that work for you?" Jiyeong knew that he was smaller compared to Kai but he wanted it rough and he wouldn't settle for anything else. Jiyeong let his cup fall somewhere so he could reach up to wrap his arms around his neck in a loose manner and pulles him closer. "I can promise you, I can take whatever you give me." His tone of voice conveyed everything he needed it to. One, he just was tipsy not drunk so he was giving full consent to this. Two, he wanted him just as badly as he wanted him. And three, he didn't want to be able to walk to tomorrow morning. "Now that my condition has been laid out, it's one you to decide what happens next." He let his hands play with the little baby hairs on the back Kai's neck, they hadn't moved from their place around the others neck, while he waited somewhat impatiently for his response.

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    Jiyeong is making himself available to Kai.

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  • Jiyeong Choi

    Male • 21 • The Protector

    When Jiyeong came to he felt surprisingly okay, which was unexpected after what he had gone through last night but he would take it seeing as though he had class this morning. He slowly opened his eyes waiting for his brain to catch up with him. That's when he realized where he was. He was in the car again. The car that had taken his mom's life when they had crashed. The dream was taking place before the truck rammed into the side of the car, so at least there wasn't as much blood and gore this time around. He still couldn't even begin to describe the feeling of panic that had rushed through him as he tried to remind himself that this was all just a dream. That usually helped him wake up before he had to witness the accident happening all over again. Jiyeong looked around frantically looking for something, anything, that would wake him up even if the logical part of him knew that it wasn't going to happen. When Jiyeong realized that he wasn't going to wake up his next option was to try and get out of the car. Now, Jiyeong wasn't a lucid dreamer but there was something off about this dream. It was too clear, too real. It was unsettling. Jiyeong could almost feel the fabric of the car seats, that's just how real it felt. He would have gone into it more if he wasn't so panicked but right now he just wanted out.

    Jiyeong was reaching for the buckle that held his seat belt in place when he suddenly felt complled to look up. He didn't even think about it, he just looked up. And there it stood. The figure from his window. He thought that maybe his dream had some how decided to shove this figure into the scenario because he was panicked and was trying to find an escape. Jiyeong was about to drop it when he noticed something about the figure, well more like what was around the figure. The dream was distorted around the figure, like was a black hole sucking in his surroundings or a poorly photoshopped in guy. It was some uncanny valley level shit. Jiyeong was starting to think that this dream mean a lot more than he had originally thought it did. He couldn't look away from the figure. It was entirely black and it looked like it was dripping. It was brain trying to make up for the fact he knew jotting about how the figure actually looked. All that really stood out where it's eyes. They were white, like the kind glowing white the moon gave off at night. He didn't recall them being white the night before, but hell this was a dream and he was scared out of his mind. Who knew what his mind would do at this point. He was sort of expecting the figure just to continue looming there, it soon showed him it had other plans.

    The thing slowly tilted it's head to the side, as if it was observing him. Jiyeong's eyes went wide as he tried to rationalize what he had just witnessed. He had almost forgottenwhat the dream had started out has, that is until the truck came brawling into the side of the car. The dream went black and he was expecting to wake up from this nightmare. He always woke up after the truck hit the car. Expect this time he didn't. When he opened his eyes the figure was right there looking at him through the broken window. Jiyeong could only feel terror has it froze him solid. Not that he would be able to fight back away. He could feel how his mind was already starting to pull him back to reality. The figure wasn't going to let him leave without a parting gift though. "You will not be able to escape, just as you cannot escape your own mind." The voice that came from the figure could only be described has terrifying, like the kind of terrifying that makes you feel like you are a little kid before the one speaking. Jiyeong just wanted to get out of this nightmare before it got any worse. Luckily his train of thought actually agreed with him and the nightmare faded to a much more welcomed black. This time he could feel that he was waking up rather than continuing the nightmare.

    Jiyeong didn't jump up as soon as he woke up like some girl in a horror film, not that he would be able to since the soreness he had been expecting was making itself quite known, but none the less he certainly was startled awake because of what his mind had decided to play out for him. Jiyeong was didn't end have time to think about being awake because he was so hyper aware of his surroundings. He could feel how fast his heart in his chest. It was normal for him to be like this very time he woke up from a nightmare. Jiyeong was honestly just waiting for the figure from his nightmare to emerge from the dark corners of Kai's room at this point. As he calmed down from his experience he was starting to actually take in his surroundings rather trying to absorb everything at once. Jiyeong also letting the memories from last night return to him. Luckily he didn't even a lot to drink last night so he didn't have to fight to remember that Kai had not only given him the best lay of his life but also opened up to him a bit. Jiyeong's memories only got kind of fuzzy after the shower since he was tired and ready to sleep at that point. Kai was really after his heart with the way he had so sweetly helped him into his bed. Speaking of Kai, Jiyeong had just realized that he laying on the large Japanese man's chest. Which was quite comfortable, but he knew he had to get up since he had class this morning and with that way he was feeling he knew he would need the extra time to get to back to his dorm, get his stuff and then finally make his way to class.

    Jiyeong mentally prepared himself for what was about to come has he ever so slowly sat up. Being careful not to disturb Kai too much since the older male seemed to be sleeping still. His whole body was screaming at him to lay back down and just pretend that he didn't need to go to class today. "Ow, fuck okay slower then." He said softly to himself while he scanned the room for his clothes, or at least what remained of them since Kai had decided it would be fun to rip his top in half. Surely the older man wouldn't mind him borrowing a shirt would he. When Jiyeong spotted his jeans and boxers neatly placed on a chair near by he knew what he his next challenge was. Getting out of the bed. As slow as his body would allow him, he carefully swung his legs over the edge of the bed and started to put his weight on them. Luckily the shower helped prevent any major soreness in his legs but he could still feel how much effort went into holding him up. He was still trying to avoid waking up Kai since he looked so peaceful right now and he didn't want to disturb that peace. Jiyeong eventually was able to get his boxers and tight jeans back on. He really didn't want to rummage around Kai's closet to find a shirt so he simply picked up the shirt he had been wearing last night. It didn't smell bad so Jiyeong happily slid the material over his head. It certainly a struggle to get it on but it was worth it in the end. The shirt was huge on him, like he could wear it by itself huge. Then again he was only five foot seven after all.

    Jiyeong smiled when he found that his phone was still in his back pocket where he had left it last night. When he turned it on the bright screen told him that it was four o'clock in the morning. "Damn, well too late to go back to sleep." He whispered mostly to himself. He put his phone away looking around Kai's dark room once more. He smiled when he found an unused piece of paper on his desk and something he could write with. Jiyeong quickly wrote down his number and that he had left because he had to go to class that morning before placing the note on the bed side table. He looked over Kai one last time before heading out. He did struggle a bit leaving the basement and stepping over the various passed students on the floor. Some were awake and shuffling out the door like he was, and oh when they looked at him he could only describe their faces as full of jealous rage as the scanned over his hickey covered neck and how Kai's shirt hug slightly off one shoulder. Jiyeong decided really to smile and wave at them as he left. He was determined to leave with his head held high despite how much his body protested it. Jiyeong could worry about their jealousy later, right now he just wanted to get back to his dorm and clean up a bit before he had to go outside again.

    Jiyeong took a deep breath of the cool morning once he had stepped out of Kai's house, he noticed it was still dark out which was to be expected since it was only four in the morning. The street lamps that lined the street provided just enough light that he could see but his eyes wouldn't be irritated. "I shouldn't have slept with my contacts in." He mumbled to himself before absent mindedly starting the walk back to the dorm. The dorm was that far away and there a few others walking or jogging around so he didn't feel unsafe. He wasn't really thinking about walking either since he knew where he was going already. Call him an idiot for not being aware but his mind was off somewhere else. Part of it was trying not think about how much he was aching right now and the other was wondering when he could do this again. He figured he would need a few days to properly recover since Kai had quite literally tore him with his size. But Jiyeong was happy to go through that again if meant more minding blowing moments like last night. Jiyeong paused his walking for a moment to rub his eyes when he heard something shuffling behind him. Jiyeong's whole body whipped around so fast he thought he might get whiplash. His heart rate spiked from the unexpected noise behind him. When his focused to see what was in the darkness, he sore his heart sunk. There it was. The shadows dancing around its form, it's growing eyes staring right him. He didn't need to see all of it to know what it was, and that was moving closer to him. Quickly might he add.

    Jiyeong quickly turned back around to start walking again, much faster this time around mind you, hoping if he ignored it long enough it would go away. Expect it didn't. In fact he swore it was moving faster now. Jiyeong basically said 'fuck it' and started running to get some distance between him and whatever that thing was. If he wasn't hurting before he certainly was now because he was no where near ready to be running away from creature from his nightmares. He knew he wasn't imagining things because he could hear those things foot steps behind him. Jiyeong wasn't about to get killed that was for damn sure. While he was running away from this thing he grabbed his phone from his back pocket. 'Kai, I swear if you don't contact me right now.' He couldn't explain why his thoughts went to him first when he should be calling the cops but he wasn't about to question it right now. When he looked up there was the thing right in front of him. "I told you you couldn't escape, but I must admit it's fun to watch you run." The same voice from his nightmare filled the air. Jiyeong for a brief moment froze with the urge to scream, but seeing as though he couldn't really afford that right now. He took a left planning to take the long way to campus to try shaking this thing. He could only hope this wouldn't end in him being found in a ditch.

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