ALL WE DO IS HIDE AWAY [ meet and greet ]

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  • a prince returning

    even though he's technically home now, he feels just as uncomfortable as he has been for the past moons. the only cats he recognizes are his parents and, vaguely, victoria, sinclair and ryland. everyone else is absolutely strange to him. the main hall arches above him in snowy marble. it could be beautiful in here, had they tried to make it so. right now it's dusty, loose hairs floating in the air and only weak sunlight filtering in through cracked windows. it reminds him vaguely of his old home- the church in the old territories. odd how they've found such a similar place. he sits in a shadowed corner of this hall, watching his new clanmates mingle, green eyes narrowed. voice still rusty and tail twitching behind him, the man calls out. "i don't know many of you," fantastic beginning, he thinks to himself, as several faces turn towards him. "and i want to. know you, that is. so come here if you want to do a meet and greet, i guess." disastrous.


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  • It would make sense that BloodClan members making a return would not recognize Jersey upon meeting him. He was a local of the abandoned town, having joined BloodClan as a personal challenge. It wasn't much of a change to his daily routine; he just now had to interact with lots more cats than before. Being an extroverted fellow, it was no problem.

    Speaking of being extroverted, the bi-colored tom had come over towards the meet and greet to make his presence known. With a flick of his tail, he would introduce, "Name's Jersey, how's it goin'." His tone suggested more of a statement than a question. He didn't leave much time for the other to answer before he moved onto a far more intriguing inquiry, one that he was actually curious about, "Say, how'd you get that nick on your mouth there?" He imagined receiving such a cut had probably been painful, so he wanted to hear the story behind it.


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  • Wynn's voice was quick to catch the tyro's attention, pulling her ears forward and causing her to look up from the string she had been playing with. Trapping the toy between her forepaws, she listened to what sounded like an invitation to a meet and greet. Oh! She loved doing those! Suddenly abandoning her plaything like a forgotten memory, Gaia pushed herself to her paws and trotted over happily, coming to a halt beside the older toms. "Hiya! I'm called Gaia, it's nice to formally meet ya, Wynn!" She guessed she had just been a young kit when he left, for she didn't remember much about the son of Waspwing and Caledon. But, she was eager to befriend him anyway. The tortoiseshell would glance up at Jersey as well, wanting to impress the two of them while she had their attention. She puffed out her chest, yellow bandana falling limply from her neck. "I'm about to be a full trapper!"


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  • A meet and great was something that Bianca was very grateful for. Her herself was very new to Bloodclan, so she sat and listened to the incoming cats introductions. In her mind, she repeated each name she heard thrice. Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. Gaia, Gaia, Gaia. She was pretty sure she internalized it by then. "Congratulations, Gaia! You're gonna be a great trapper!"she said, unsure on what a trapper was. "Well.. I'm Bianca."she thought of anymore that was important about her, but not much was.

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  • She was familiar with many of BloodClan's members (maybe not personally, but by appearance and the basics like their ranks), though many of them were not familiar with her. For most of her life she spent her time so far exploring on her own or playing with the other few BloodClan kits, the only adults she spoke to were the ones that helped collectively raise her and teach her all she needed to know so far in life. So she found herself instantly interested at the suggestion of a meet and greet, she had participated in one of these before quite awhile ago and they were a lot of fun! Speedily walking over to Wynn and the others (she found herself naturally standing beside Bianca, as she was the most familiar with the molly) who also began to pool around when she nears she gives everyone a excited toothy smile. "I'm Dingoooooooo!" She chirps, her ginger tail waving high in the air. "I'm bout to become a tyro." She says, copying Gaia a bit as that seemed to have brought the she-cat some attention. And she wanted attention, to be told she'd be a good tyro. She then looks up to Wynn, waiting to hear him answer Jersey's question on how he got the nick on his maw.

  • * Any small gathering of cats was enough to pique the interest of the clan's local busybody, who had before now been poking around the dusty sunlight-filled rooms, eyes drifting up the high-rise supports with a superficial wonderment. Bloodclan sure had a habit of repurposing the impersonal architecture of upwalker construction, of veining marble and aged oak. Cold, abstract shapes and wide spaces given life only by steep shafts of light and perpetually-falling dust. He slunk to stand beside the wonderfully orange-and-black Gaia, dispassionate eyes of green tracing stripes across their host. The occasion had attracted Jersey of course, nosily shoving himself into Wynn's business. Sinclair, for one, could appreciate the unconstrained frankness of his manner.

    "Yeah, with Ryland as a teacher, there's no doubt about it— hahaha!" He made his own comment on Gaia's apprenticeship with a hearty laughter, but his forever-empty tone left it up to interpretation whether or not he was being sarcastic. Unlike his friend who had so effortlessly fallen into the role of mentor-and-parent— Sinclair swore himself free from the moral obligations of pseudo-fatherhood, and yet he did feel a small rush of pride at the thought of her graduation. Perhaps Ryland's attitude towards adopting the clan's wayward orphans had bled between the seams in the businessman's forced-indifference; For he did, in his own backwards way, care about her. His eyes came to rest on Bianca, and lingered last on the rather spritely young Dingo. Ball-owner supreme, he'd yet to pry the toy from her apricot paws just yet, but he had his plans. "Im Sinclair," He introduced himself with an unceremonious blankness to his tone, pausing only to narrow his jade-hued skepticism into Wynn's striped features. "Do I know you?" An air of familiarity hung about the man, like an old memory, like a face in a crowd that rung a bell but couldn't conjure more than a passing sense of déjà vu.

  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    Seeing the new member collecting a crowd of cats, Stitches stayed further back. It seemed like a wholesome gathering of Bloodclanners, all sharing their names and a bit about them and all she could think about was methods of breaking it up and introduced chaos. She'd love to see them scramble if she through in a bee hive or yelled dog but something was holding her back. Possibly the new found responsibility of being a leader? There was no way she was going to let that change her! The thought of it alone got the little lady to laugh to herself. If it wasn't that then it was more likely the familiarity of it all.

    Stitches never had a place she could call home and now she found herself leading a clan of which she knew the names to all the faces that surrounded her. She had slept among them, let down her guard around them and because of it, she struggled to execute something that would disrupt the gathering on front of her. She particularly avoided caring for others... it was a weakness she often chose to exploit in others and now she was using it to control herself. Defeated the she-cat strolled over and an uncharacteristically low energy Stitches purred, "I'm Stitches." It was short but everything else she thought to say made herself cringe with how unlike her it was.

  • In all honesty Holn didn't care much for most of his clanmates. There were exceptions of course but he didn't see any of those particular cats present. It shouldn't surprise him that so many cats that he had held in high regard were gone, after all he'd been wandering for a long time. With an inward grown he approached the gathering clowder, picking out Sinclair's bi-color pelt easily. Against his will his lip curled at the sight of the tom. The knowledge that the tom was no longer co-leader alluded him and he felt indignation build in him until he realized he was just standing outside of the group of cats, staring at all of them.

    "I'm holn, 'not much else to tell. I hope none of you missed me terribly."

  • Gaia seemed to inflate with every word of praise and encouragement tossed her way. Her pale yellow eyes gleamed with happiness and she couldn't help but puff out her chest even more, grinning towards Bianca, Vortex and Sinclair, the ones who had gifted her such compliments. For a moment, she rose to her paws and scoot closer to the tuxedo tom, pressing her tiny frame against his foreleg affectionately before a familiar voice breached the crowd. Ears pricking, her gaze followed its source to find her father standing there. "Dad! I haven't seen you in forever! Where have you been?" She purred, bounding forward to rub against the much larger form of Holn.


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