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  • Life was fleeting and though he knew this he also wished to have caution in his own. His life had brought him may lessons but it was now time for him to rest it seemed. After that dog had chewed into his shoulder he realized that even after the days following that dreadful attack he was slow to heal, slow to move. So came with age and though he wasn't too old living a life that wasn't cushioned by twolegs was harder on his form. The one eyed tom moved carefully, feeling the strain of his muscles as pain pushed through them with each step. His eye flicked up and he would be sure to be proud of what he had done here and what his home had stood for before the sudden influx of other cats. Now that they had little choice they would become one and he hoped that the feeling of family and reason he had instilled within his own would become a collective taught lesson. Huffing softly he would begin to make his way to the steps, clambering on them before he paused at the top. Not bothering to go inside. There was no need. "Everyone come and gather please!" He called out with a tired tone before he glanced at the figures weaving their way toward the Stone Den it was the focal point of this flooded out town so to speak. Everything needed work but this was home. "First to talk about, the dogs. There are strays who linger from time to time and they do roam. Please be careful. They could very well still be around and if we have to start hunting parties to get rid of them then so be it. You all did as well as you could considering those carrion breathes are hard to deal with." A small frown pulled on his silvering muzzle before he closed his eye and pushed on.

    "There are going to be some changes. But I would like to announce that my rogues will be merging and becoming Bloodclanners. I see no reason not to as the trust I've given as not been taken lightly by any of you. I am grateful for that. This is all of our home and we should all defend it to the end." Not with biting words at each other or claws. Not with manipulation of their own but towards those outside that wished to do ill against them. "With that being said my time as standing leader has come to a close. I am not as young as I used to be. Ailments aside. So I will be filling up the ranks now. I know Bloodclan has a lot of standard things." Listening and questioning had gotten him plenty of information that he needed and he had been watching them all, checking to see who would be a better fit where. All of these cats were wondrous in their own ways. "First we will start with the senior warrior ranks. Those who held it previously will get to retain it. I'm adding Widow. Waspwing, Paradox, Jersey, Bianca, and Vortex to the roster. Although Vortex before attacking others make sure you know what the situation is." He held a small amount of humor in his voice before he moved on.

    "Through thinking and learning I have decided that Healer and Healer Apprentice is to be a more dedicated profession. Knowledge taught from one to another in order to heal our wounds and keep us sane. Without them we would all die here. This rank is to be respected, learning herbs and ways to solve ailments is no easy matter. It will be the third highest rank in Bloodclan, to give the leader council when needed. But this rank is not going to be filled just yet. The new leader shall fill it when they see fit." Moving on from that topic he would look over the group of cats. The one whom he had been watching for a very long time as well. He had a good head on his shoulders he was sure. "The new deputy of Bloodclan is going to be Sinclair. I'm sure he will do right by everyone here. He knows his way around already and I'm proud to give him this role." He had faith in the tom personally and he flicked his thick tail before finally getting to the other fill.

    Lifting his head up as the sun shown through the clouds he tried to not think of how tired he was. But he would get to take a nice nap after this. "Your new leader will be Stitches. She has proven herself well enough and I hope you will follow her as you have looked upon me for guidance. I'm sure she won't lead you astray, bolster her as she will you." That was it. The ranks were made, things were done. He looked down to the crowd of cats to see what they would say and what they would think.

    -- this concludes the refilling of the ranks within Bloodclan. things have been improving and staff will be lingering around to help with questions or anything else that needs to be done! we would just like to simply remind that everyone has been doing a good job but keep up the inclusivity both ooc and icly with older members and new!


  • she had not attended one of these grand meetings yet. not yet seen the congregation of gypsies wander to the words of their leader to listen with dedicated intent. her paws carried her seamlessly, unaware of what was to come. scorpion she had only had the blessing of seeing around, never interacting. it wasn't that she wished to, in fact, widow would prefer not to speak with half of the clan. they all had superiority complexes tied around their tongues. moths drawing to the flame.

    she was early, the crowd hadn't yet filled out the gaps in between her and groups of rippers, tyros, rogues, and the like. she was one among many. the meeting started as anyone could guess, addressing the oh-so-recent dog attacks that were plaguing their recently settled clan. widow had known of their existence for some time, cats were obviously not the only animal clever enough to take over such an open abandoned city area. yet the warnings still struck a chord of fear. her flee of terror from their sloppy flea ridden bodies was a wake up call of just how failed of a fighter widow truly was. fate brought her to those who could fight, glory over knowledge and logic. they would teach her to put her paws in the right spot, how to use claws to attack rather than climb.

    she may have zoned out for a moment, maybe multiple moments. deep in fearful thought of the canines. though the next portions were of much more.. personal interest. clan and rogue being blended, which meant her. she was officially a bloodclanner, deserving of their respect. she knew very little of their culture, let alone of their enemy clans dwelling by the lake, though it seemed scorpion made the mistake of overlooking it.

    "first we will start with the senior warrior ranks. those who held it previously will get to retain it. i'm adding widow. waspwing, paradox, je...."

    widow blinked once, twice. she wanted to rub what felt like a dream from her eyes. a senior warrior, a rank of respect bestowed on the feline of black and white who joined on the basis of a failed rat. she was honored no doubt, grateful to have a veil of protection. she would be a partial authority to these cats. the rippers and kits that swarmed into their courthouse almost daily. it wasn't a responsibility like leading them, though she could still feel the weight added to her shoulders instantly.

    the rest of the roles were being filled, and she could hear it as a static in her ears. sinclair, her silently sworn enemy taking the control of deputy, stitches, someone she hadn't met yet taking up leader. stress in silence as she watched congratulations begin to stir in a previously silent crowd. should she feel grateful that their leader was taken by a female, possibly bringing them to a more stable future, or the knowledge that one day sinclair would take scorpion's place yowling out commands to a group of obedient felines.

    there was too much to take in at once.

    // thank you and congrats to everyone!!! especially dia and sub!! < 3


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  • Meeting time. The concept of the clan gathering together regularly was new to the former rogue, but he supposed it was cool to know the happenings around here. The bi-colored cat took a seat and listened to Scorpion's words. First he addressed the dogs ━ Jersey had never seen so many of them attacking at once; the upwalkers must be making a return to the town. Eh, they were just mangy little rat-dogs. It's the bigger ones you gotta watch out for.

    The next announcement came as a surprise to the tom, and earned a raise of his brows in response. The rogues were officially joining the clan? They had appeared so fearsome and headstrong the first time he had arrived here, and now it seemed that they were going to bow down to the larger group. He wondered how the more reluctant rogues, like Flora, would take this news. Jersey didn't mind them too much in all honesty and therefore was fine with officially sharing a space with them (except for Scamp, whose block he was gonna knock off one day). The lead rogue, Scorpion, was stepping down as leader because of "old age" ━ it was true that he was old, but he wasn't frail and weak. He could have stayed in power if he really desired to.

    Oh well, it looked like Scorpion's mind was already made up. He was appointing the new ranks himself, and was caught off-guard upon hearing his own name listed. Jersey was a "senior member" now, along with several others. Immediately came the defense from the egotistical individual, "Hey c'mon, I ain't that old. If I'm a senior that what does that make you? Ancient?" Jersey was then quietly informed by an NPC what the rank actually meant, which caused the tom to clear his throat and slightly duck his head as he realized he minorly embarrassed himself. "Oh... right." No worries; he never stayed embarrassed for long. Jersey looked up towards Scorpion and meowed, "Thanks, Gramps." A promotion. An inkling of authority. That... sounded pretty swell to him.

    Something about a new rank, a whole speech about how it was important to have someone to save your ass when you got hurt. Yeah, that would be nice, Jersey supposed. Who knew that these clan cats were so organized and thorough? The new deputy (which he assumed was a second-in-command) was Sinclair, and Jersey wasn't all that surprised. He seemed well-known and generally well-trusted around the clan cats. He turned his head in the direction of the aforementioned fellow and commented, "Just don't let all that power get to ya' head, pal." It was better Sinclair than some stuck-up, shrimpy-tailed weasel like Scamp. Jersey did not take too well to being bossed around, but he doubted that "brother" would give him much trouble.

    That just left the leader ━ the head honcho, the big fish in the pond. Jersey hoped that Scorpion was going to choose someone that he actually tolerated...

    Stitches. Ah. Jersey had seen the female around; he didn't know her too well, which meant that she wasn't annoying enough to stick out of the crowd. Hm, he supposed he was not opposed to this choice, at least not now.

    // thank you for the promotion !! knowing jersey's egotistical nature, he wouldn't refuse it but i just wanted to say congrats to everyone else, they deserved their promos more than he did LOL


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  • Bianca walked cautiously towards Scorpion, a bubble in her chest from how eager she was to see her first meeting. She sat and listened attentively, dramatically gasping at the warning of the dogs. She had seen much smaller dogs wandering around her old neighborhood, but the ones that plagued Bloodclan where much more intimidating than anything the twolegs totted around. As Scorpion went on to speak about the senior members, Bianca tilted her head curiously at the call of her name. "Um," she butted in, rising, "Thank you, but I'm really new, and- and I don't know much about Bloodclan yet. I haven't even got any training yet, so.. maybe when I know more about my new home I can try to aim for the rank again." She nodded awkwardly, then sat back down to listen to the continued meeting.

    As more roles got filled out, Bianca smiled. She childishly cheered for Stitches, glad to see one of the first faces that met her be given such a big title. Even though Bianca joined Bloodclan feeling only intimidation, she hoped that she could get to know her new clan well.

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    // thank you for the senior member title but i cant take it in good conscious; congrats to everyone on their well deserved ranks!! c:

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  • * Joining the flock of gathering pigeons was Sinclair, hooked by his ear and striding with the robotic intensity of a rusty machine towards the settling brood. Fluttering into place at foot of their wise old Birdkeeper, heeding his every word. Sinclair sat alone, the spot beside him left empty for a feline on the other side of the lake. He wasn't bothered by the fact he was alone, but by the fact he'd subscribed himself to the very same, boring tradition he'd earnestly ignored back in old Bloodclan.

    Focus grew clouded but his eyes lingered mindlessly on the sandblasted patriarch. He resembled at times a sculpture chiselled from sandstone, imperfectly stoic, stiff, impartial as rock. No one doubted his age at this point, but to hear it verbalized, and to see its ailing fallout was admittedly sobering. He began to fill ranks, starting with the lowest of the pecking order; Senior members. His eyes moved between the chosen with a distant interest, knowing fully well he'd never consider them more important nor respectable than himself. If they wanted to try and boss him around, they could certainly try and certainly fail. He hadn't allowed authority to kick him into submission before, and he wouldn't now.

    To hear his name in the same sentence as 'deputy' cast his world into a surreal sort of light, one that convinced him this was some sort of nightmare, or a sick joke. He assumed scorpion had misunderstood the role and the responsibilities he was now slinging onto the tuxedo's shoulder. The heavy burden of obligation drew his face into a confused scowl, but only before he graced the occasion with a slightly slack-jawed, and tentative smile. Pearly greens narrowed into their leader's one-eyed gaze, the thin threads of gaiety stringing whimsy into the rather shocked expression prior. So old age had finally made its graceless scores in the elder's brain, rotting his judgement like carrion. It had to be the answer. He balanced the weight of their gazes like a brimming cup, a deeply humoured smile flying to his face. With no response prepared for the affair, a chuckle spilled from behind his fiendish grin. "Haha! Alright." He reacted with a careless flippancy to his composure, long whiskers fluttering lazily in the wake of a crooked simper.

    If his suspicions about Scorpion's skewed judgement weren't set in stone before they certainly were when he announced his successor. Stitches. He had no plans to take the role seriously if from whom he'd be taking orders was essentially the word 'wacky' embodied. This was going to be interesting, thats for sure. "Oh— It gets better, hahaha!" He riled freely, as though utterly enthralled by the performative flare of it all. He remained convinced the situation was in no way serious, or, at least hoping it wasn't... Hoping, because the thought of submitting to the whims of an enemy felt like a kick in the stomach. He'd never sacrifice his dignity for his rank, and if it came to being banished from the roster for that, he'd be banished with a wide smile all the same.

    As he watched the unceremonious transfer from old power to new he found himself for once hoping that Bloodclan's acclaimed leader curse would make a triumphant comeback, and maybe relinquish them from this impending tyranny as it had the other leaders. Perhaps she'd wander into the rolling oceans of wheat never to return. However his twisted thoughts didn't extend far enough into the future to appreciate what chaos would befall the clan should he be handed the holy crown and scepter. Scrawl his name into the big dusty book of names, seize and lose power with the inelegant entropy of a maimed bird's spiralling plummet. He still felt compelled to wonder what about Stitches' brand of lunacy had struck a chord in their elderly leader— the final resolve being that Bloodclan was better off with a directionless madwoman than a calculating madman.

    His thoughts on the matter would be left to brew as the throng erupted into quiet, curious mumblings, pressing himself into the sharp edge of their collective skepticism by meeting every passing glare with his own. In the end, he didn't care if they supported him or not— this was all much too entertaining to dilute with their trivial disagreements. 'Just don't let all that power get to ya' head, pal.' Cold eyes slid to the jesting drawl of his pseudo-brother, obliged to mimic his curved smile with one of his own, crooked creation. "It definitely will," Came the businessman's promise from the lash of a forked tongue, fictitious venom beading to the tips of his canines. He was joking, really, but thinking an egoist such as himself wouldn't go dog-mad with power wasn't exactly far-fetched (in fact, it was quite likely he would).

    /congrats to everyone <3 and thanks for the opportunity ofc :)

  • "congrats for who were promoted," victoria meowed. she did not really know much about sinclair or stitchies but the buggy eyed girl can lead. she just frowned for a moment, giving her a lick there and here. the grey tabby only watched. / track

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  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    The small mangled figure that was Stitches worked through the crowd of larger bodies so that she could gaze upon the older leader. Still an unknown to her, Stitches was weary of what the one-eyed man could do she was keen to listen in on his words - for the uncertainty had chaos embedded within it and when there was chaos, there was a large Stitches wide eyed and grinning from corner to corner. Sitting among the other cats, the Singapura sat unnaturally quiet, her beady stare locked onto Scorpion as she spent these fleeting seconds trying to understand him better.

    The announcement caught the madwoman off guard. Scorpion was stepping down! Her jaw dropped slightly and her ears perked as the possibilities began to flood through her. No leader meant no conciquences and she would be free to cause all the havoc she dreamed of. Sure, none of her companions would like her but that never mattered... Scorpion had now moved onto filling the ranks yet that went by as a blur to the tiny lady. White noise rumbled in the background as she sat contemplating the home she had made for herself. She didn't get along with everyone, she was never going to but some had seen past her wild antics, her colourful personality and had grown to spend time with her and even share memories with her...

    Stitches thought lowly of emotional connection between two cats. They were a weakness, a tool for manipulation and to her they served as nothing more than that. She had observed how other's gave and sacrificed for those they held closest - if she ever wanted to watch someone fall into a state unknown friends and family was an easy target for her. She would know.

    At the mention of the business man's name, Stitches lifted her head up and cast her gaze in his direction. For a robot the tux wore a gleeful grin at the happenings, however it was different to his usual warm smile when he was near Ryland, Gaia or Mikhail even... It was as if he had heard something funny but with a tinge of disbelief.

    Your new leader will be Stitches.

    With a sharp turn of her head, Stitches snapped her attention back to the former leader. He thought of her to be capable to lead the clan? Sinclair's laughter broke through her disbelief and she felt her body flush cold. He knew she wasn't fit to run a clan, it was likely everyone else did too. As the clan began to bustle at the news, cats came over to congratulate Stitches she slowly regained her senses. Standing shorter than the muscle that surrounded her, Stitches couldn't understand what Scorpion saw in her. First Aspen and now this random stranger. Then it dawned on her that many eyes were on her and she was frozen like a kitten upon their first time seeing a Sharptooth. Shaking herself back to reality she turned to face Sinclair, her deputy.

    It was no secret he hated her and now he was her deputy. She was going to have to speak to him properly some time but on front of everyone was not the time. Instead, she chose to take a deep breath and bounce her way over to the tom. "Well, looks like we're running the place huh?" she purred meeting his greedy green eyes with her own crazed. "How about we make it a fun time and take Bloodclan to a special kind of chaos!"

    // thank you all and congratulations to all!! sorry it took me a while to reply I have been a little busy since the announcement

    I plan to a meeting thread soon but I am just getting to grips with Stitches and the new position :3 also I am working on upcoming event and activity rewards!! bu if you have any suggestions feel free to message me <33

  • NxPEITW.gif Yes, yes, more news. Bee sat down for the meeting and listened to everything that had to be said. So they were changing leaders once more. Eh. Bee didn't really care, so long as they new leader didn't try anything bad or stop her from adventuring, she was good. Her green eyes flicker onto the new leader of Bloodclan. She thought it was a good choice. The dusky molly was excited to see how this was all going to play out. "" .

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