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  • It had been sudden, to her, at least.

    Her twolegs had started moving things and boxing things. They did that sometimes, getting new things and whatever, hardly a bother. But...then they'd moved things out, not brought new things in. And then they hadn't let her out during the day as they normally did. Suddenly she had been cut off from Skyclan, from her duties, from everyone.

    And...well...she never went back to that camp, hell, even those territories.

    They'd packed up, shipped off, to somewhere new. Sure, it had a lake, and the places to explore were vast and new, but... She missed Skyclan, missed her second home. Arlo could only entertain her for so long, as dogs do. It felt like she'd suddenly come upon a great loss, a loss she couldn't fill...that maybe she'd never fill again.

    Though, perhaps whatever 'other power' may exist - she was still unsure on this whole starclan business - had been looking down on her, and felt bad for the little brat. Because, well... seemed she came into some old company.

    It had been another wander, looking around what felt like empty land, when she'd frozen, white fur on end. She'd met some of the strays and other twoleg pets, but this was not them. She was paused in place, frozen. It was familiar, but...also so very different. She learned not to get her hopes up. Grandpa had been very sure to remind her that too much hope could lead to deep disappointments.

    But still, her paws moved, faster and faster.

    Before she eventually burst forth, leaping out at the cat before her, sending them tumbling in a squabble. It was only when she planted the cat on their back did Marie finally look.



  • He usually didn't go out alone, but he figured he needed to get used to the territory and explore someday... he couldn't have a guide dragging him around at all times. So at the moment his guard was down, no danger was yet to be reported in their territory- aside from their neighbors he supposed so he wasn't on that high alert. He was sniffing around, trying to find things that made each area memorable like their past territory had... It was hard to adjust to but he knew with time he'd get used to it, he'd know this land like the back of his paw.

    Currently sniffing at a nearby tree, his head bolts up from the ground and his ears pivot frantically to the side at the sound of racing paw-steps. He turns and right then and there, boom, he's tumbling back- head getting bonked on what he believed to be a trees roots before he began to roll on grass again. But once he stops tumbling with his back to the ground he's dizzy, vision blurry and he looks up to see the form of a white cat. Mind racing, trying to grasp at what was going on and who this was it takes him a few good seconds before he comes to his senses.


    "Ahuh." He meows back, but he seemed half out of it. He was confused, why was she here? Didn't she go missing? Or decide this life wasn't for her? He didn't get it but eventually he brings himself back into it and shakes his head, attempting to push a paw against the ivory feline to get her off of him. Assuming he was successful he slowly gets back onto his paws before shaking his tawny fur of all the leaves and clumps of dirt and grass that now clung to him. "...Why are you here? How...?" He then asks at last, still just as confused as before but... at least now he wasn't so dizzy.


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  • It doesn't make much sense to him how she's here and he can't even remember the last time he saw her. Her name is still fresh in his mind and quick to slip off his tongue. "Marie!" He called from a distance and approached to brown tabby and younger molly. It seemed rude to question even mentally how she was here, since it was truly a blessing that she was. He was happy Marie had found her way back to the clan though he asks himself if she'll stay, an answer that he couldn't possibly know. Instead, he would wait for her response to Tawnydove.


    former mediator — senior warrior — roleplayed by zhar!

  • From Marie's attitude when she'd been around, Juniperstar's assumption was that she had just decided that Clan life wasn't for her. He was fine with that; she had not pledged herself to them, and as far as he cared she could do what she liked. She'd had her free trial, and she didn't like it; too bad, he supposed. She'd had a fiery spirit, although defiant... a part of him believed that she could have been a valuable asset to them, but it had seemed as if that path had not been for her.

    So he'd forgotten about Marie, mainly. Forgotten about her sharp tongue, about how Tawnydove- still Tawnypaw, then- had saved her. He'd let her be, because she was a simple kittypet now in his eyes- nothing more, nothing less. Just.. not a SkyClanner.

    He was not far behind Hurricanegaze when his gaze befell the 'lovely reunion', and a slight grin played upon his lips at Tawnydove's visible confusion and disbelief. He had to give the boy credit... it was a wonder that she'd managed to make her way back here, all the way, to find them. Perhaps she'd left a piece of her with them that she could not help but attempt to retrieve. "Ah. It's you," he said, a smile in his voice, recollection in his eyes. "Come here for a visit, then?"






  • For a moment the fiery molly was paused in time, unable to tear her eyes away from her old...friend. Had they been friends? He'd saved her life and they'd spent...more time together than two who weren't at least some form of pal.
    She wouldn't have judged him if they weren't, her tongue was sharp and her attitude unwavering.

    Marie moved off him, watching him as if Tawnydove would disappear.

    Her maw opens to speak but she doesn't manage anything before Hurricanegaze is there too- was all of Skyclan around? Why? How?

    "I... My twolegs... they packed up one day, wouldn't let me out and...we've been here. I-I...I couldn't...I didn't know it was happening, I didn't get a chance to..."

    She glared to the side, upset. Both with herself and the situation as a whole.

    Her long fur prickled at Juniperstar's voice, eyes quickly darting to him.

    "yeah. Me." she repeated.

    "Uh, I live here, have you come for a visit? You weren't here when I got here!"