Some changes we made to the site!

We've done a few more changes to the site you can read about HERE
  • Hey guys!

    I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some changes we've implemented on the site!

    • Post character limits for every account have been upped from 30,000 to 50,000! It's not a huge increase, but we've received some complaints about it being too small for one-shots, adoptions, family histories, etc.
    • Every single account now has a unified amount of post templates available to save and a new character limit for post templates themselves. They are as follows:
      • Post template limit is now 15!
      • Post template character limit is now 3,000!

    Please message a member of staff if these do not seem to be accurately changed!

    Thanks for being awesome. :)

    PLEASE NOTE! I am having to juggle a lot in real life right now. Due to that, I am having a hard time accessing the site to respond to conversations/questions/requests in a timely manner. If you need immediate/quicker responses, please message another staff member. Thank you guys for the patience and I hope to return as I normally would have been within a few weeks. :)