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  • Ivory Bordeaux • Serval • Dark Dynasty

    It had been a few days since Ivory had been taken. The Exiler had come looking for Viper, in fact. He had mistaken Ivory for his mother. Ivory had had no intention of giving anyway any information about his pregnant mother's whereabouts. Insults had flown and suddenly the scrawny little serval had been snapped up by the giant lion and carted away. Ivory could not help himself in the slightest. He had snapped and clawed at the black maned lion the entire trek.
    The man who had taken him had clearly been so far off his rocker, he shouldn't have even been allowed out. That creature was a danger to society. He couldn't believe that his mother-- tiny, scared, weak little Viper-- had ever been friends with such a monster.
    Ivory couldn't honestly say if it had been worth protecting his mother. Viper would have had the advantage, probably. Viper had more fighting experience than Ivory. Viper was smarter and knew how to escape things like that. Besides, Viper had the perk of a giant, scary Russian to come to his rescue at a moment's notice. Ivory didn't have anyone who loved him enough to come after him.
    That became even more apparent when no one had come for him. Ivory had been left to bleed out. He had been thankful for the wolf surgeon who had taken care of him. She had kept him alive and comfortable. Even when Ivory forgot everything.
    He could rank it up there with his most terrifying experiences. He had never felt such pain before. It wasn't that the pain itself was the unbearable part. It was the confusion and disorientation. He couldn't recall what had happened. Ivory had blacked out for days. He could remember repeatedly asking for Alexei and Viper and being so, terribly confused as to why they weren't there. His memories were boxed in to bewilderment of why his mother wasn't there to get him, why he couldn't piece together words and why walking was suddenly so much harder.
    Above anything else, Ivory wanted to go home. It hadn't made it into his brain that home wasn't where he thought it was.
    When he had been set free, Ivory hadn't known where to go. It had taken a miracle and the work of about three separate people to direct Ivory where he had come from. It was rather deservalizing. Ivory had never asked for help. Even when he had been at his lowest, he had always been on his own. That was his pride, being an independent man who didn't need his mama, didn't need his boyfriend and most certainly didn't need help.

    Ivory couldn't exactly walk. He dragged himself along in the most efficient and quickest way he could. The young serval had returned in almost exactly the same spot that he had been taken from. Ivory curled himself up in the leaf litter just beyond the scentline. He had gotten so bored of walking. If they wanted to kill him, they would be doing him a sort of favor.
    Ivory couldn't have known where Viper was. He didn't know if Alexei had come home yet. In Ivory's mind, he was alone. He knew for certain that Val would be pissed at him. Ivory was pissed at himself too. At first, he had sort of blamed himself, as if he had that power to control whether he had a stroke or not. Then, he had a sense of betrayal. His body had betrayed him and he was utterly worthless now. Ivory couldn't connect the wires in his brain that, sometimes, things just happened, whether he wanted them or not.

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    For fuck's sake, couldn't he feel better faster already? It seemed like every other creature coming to the Dynasty's borders was half torn apart on top of the fact that there didn't seem like any capable healer came to inhabit this place. He was taking care of himself already!

    Long legs wearily came across the curled figure. Future Warden didn't know what he was looking at until he curiously came forward to peer at the serval. Was this the one that was taken by the Exiles? Shit. He better start carrying a satchel of herbs everywhere now. "Someone get over here and watch over him!" shouted out the gentry, his head painfully throbbing once more.

    // what's his injuries btw? :0


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  • // ahdsjhf late but he's had a stroke ! So, he's having difficulty walking, speaking, and general confusion.

    Blackweed was the next to arrive. She had been one of the first to notice that the strange spotted serval had gone missing in the first place. Groaning inwardly when she spotted Warden, she hoped this wouldn't end with Warden pulling off another limb.
    "What are you going to do, hit him over the head with a frying pan?" The feline grumbled under her breath as she came to stand beside Warden.
    "Is his spine broken?" She guessed upon first inspection. With a ginger paw, she ran it down the length of Ivory's spine. "Must be something else." She hummed, glancing in Warden's direction. Some insight would be nice, but she supposed he was plotting on which of Ivory's limbs would be the first to go.

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  • TAGS ☆彡 be nice, you two, the red eyed male would murmur, side glancing them for a moment. it was always odd, seeing aether attempt to play peacemaker. (sometimes, it made him want to question if this was how 1004 felt, when they were with the two males). ivory, can you hear us? he didn't see any visible wounds, so obviously the wounds had to be internal, right?

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    "I'll do something better; I'll knock you out with a frying pan," replied Future Warden with a tone of defensive viciousness. Now she was making his fur ruffled with annoyance despite having a patient right in front of his paws. He kept his mouth shut towards Aether, now looking back down at Ivory as his mind began to race through its' groggy fog. He had some sneaking suspicions considering no visible wounds were on him. "I'm going to get some herbs, if his speech is slurred you hooligans better tell me so," he announced, quickly hopping off.

    Though as a cheetah, he tended to be in and out rather quickly and he was back with a bundle of ginkgo in his jaws, waiting to hear if Ivory's voice was slurred in any way because I didn't want to wait to post again haha.


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