CROWNING GLORY [ meeting, 25/07 ]

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    "All cats old enough to swim, please gather beneath the willow for a Clan meeting."

    RiverClan hadn't been in their new camp for very long, but it was already starting to feel like home. Between the tasks that Owlpaw had given out so far this quarter moon and the way that things were already going wrong in true RiverClan style, Tempeststar was pretty confident that things would be okay. The leader sat on a knot in the willow trunk this time, tail swaying loosely beneath. RiverClanners who had not met her and Pipitpetal immediately upon their return from the Moonpool would notice the air around her was slightly different; yet she surveyed the gathering cats warmly as ever, noting the interested expressions that they showed with some relief.

    "We are strong, and we are safe now. I stand before you now as Tempeststar, accepted by our ancestors as leader. Thank you all for your faith in me during the journey, and thank you all for being here today. I'd like to welcome RiverClan's new members, both born and joined. In the coming sunrises, we'll be sending out patrols to see what our territory has in store for us - any warrior may lead them, just let me know if you would like to." Her maw twitched into a feline grin, eyes gleaming. Maybe they would discover some interesting hunting places, or new secrets ... but that would come later, rather than sooner. Tempeststar had things to do first.

    Tradition dictated that after a Clan leader received their lives, they had until moonhigh to choose a successor. If not, it would bring bad luck if that deputy became leader. Tempeststar had seen it happen - Twistedstar had only led for a short time before she'd vanished. She had chosen Gladestar quickly, at least, and his reign had been peaceful; and he, in turn, had chosen then-Tempestwing almost immediately. All she could do was hope that her reign would be the same ... even if she might draw some questions because of her choice.

    "Since I have my lives now, I feel comfortable enough to announce my successor. I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of RiverClan will be Rootlegs."

    She avoided Ravensong's gaze - this announcement had made a hypocrite of her. Especially since she had expected Ravensong to step up if she died before getting her lives. However, Tempeststar could not wrap her head around the concept of putting her mother in the line of harm that came with being permanent deputy. Maybe that was how the leaders before her had felt. It was brutal work, and even though Ravensong's youngest litter would be becoming apprentices this meeting she couldn't even think of the harm that would do them if something were to happen to the night-furred queen.

    Gyrecall's was a steady presence, helpful and keen-eyed, but he was the youngest and least experienced of the senior warriors. Tempeststar wanted to keep him where he was for the time being, to see how he thrived under her leadership and grew as a cat with more experience. She'd have to pull him aside at the end and thank him for his support through the past moon ... provided he wasn't too annoyed at her for the decision.

    She had also considered Otterspirit and Owlfeather, two kind and clever toms who had both shown themselves ready for the role in some capability, but seeing them around the Clan was more and more of a rarity in the wake of the journey.

    Which left her with Rootlegs, who she had chosen in the end. Stubborn, dependable Rootlegs who caught her on everything she slipped on and had been a constant for as long as she'd been a RiverClanner. He was still her best friend even after the argument they'd had, and she believed he was ready for this. He'd also make a good balance to her more abrupt approach, but she wasn't thinking about that now. She sought him out in the crowd and gestured that he take a seat at the root she'd stood on when they had first arrived. It would make a fitting place for a deputy to watch the Clan.

    "This leaves me with two senior warriors," she continued, "one of the smallest councils RiverClan has had in moons. While I won't be promoting any new ones today, I want to make it clear to you all that I am looking for more trustworthy cats to take on the role.

    Before I begin the ceremonies for this moon, does anycat have any questions they want to raise?"


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  • ❝There is a lot going on beneath the surface!

    — Rootlegs


    A call he had heard many times in the past was breathed new life as it was uttered for the first time in their new home. Rootlegs laid in his nest, a nest made for one. His paws were tucked underneath his slim body and his tail neatly curled round his body as he wrapped up tightly. When Tempeststar announced the start of the meeting, Rootlegs lifted his head in the direction of the call before pulling his gaze to the empty space where Ryecatcher once laid. A lonesome yet somewhat smitten sighed escaped the tom's maw as loving memories of his man flooded him and he purred to himself, "Riverclan has gotten far huh Babe?"

    Taking his first steps of the day out into the light, he cast his gaze towards the willow tree, taking a moment to watch the clan disappear behind the low hanging branches. The image itself was something to behold, a shroud that sealed away their leader and if he waited any longer he was likely to be late. He quickened his pace and pushed through the branches, scanning the area quickly for his family and friends. Locating familiar faces the tom settled and once again wrapped his tail round his dark paws and looked up to his close friend.

    Paws started shuffling as he watched the leader, nervous of her condition. Either she had gotten a good night's rest or she was getting better at concealing her exhaustion. She had returned with her names and lives but Rootlegs couldn't help but worry for his best friend. Gentle green orbs glanced up at Tempeststar as she commanded the role of leader with ease. Moral boosting the existing clan members, welcoming the new. It seemed so natural to her - something that came to no surprise to the Senior Warrior.

    Successor? Of course, now with her lives Tempeststar was going to appoint a deputy! Rootlegs watched patiently, sitting in his usual perfect upright position as he waited for the black and white femme to utter a name of a clan member. Rootlegs. The tom's eyes had never been wider. The man usually concealed any extreme expression that was not of the positive emotion but shock was plastered plainly on his face. However, as the slow seconds ticked by it became obvious to him that the she-cat couldn't force herself to chose her mother and if there was anything Rootlegs understood was being protective over your mother.

    With her encouragement, Rootlegs took hiss first steps as deputy of Riverclan and sat at the root of the willow tree, looking out at the many eyes that starred back at him and his leader. With a proud but shy small smile, Rootlegs dipped his head to the cats that watched him, hoping they agreed with her choice. Subtly tapping his paw three times before he spoke, Rootlegs lifted his head up to look at Tempeststar, "If I may? I would like to say I am grateful for your decision in choosing me and just like when I was a medic, a warrior or Senior warrior I will do my best to look after the clan's well being," and with that he fell silent as he waited for the rest of the meeting to play out.

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  • ➤➣➤ Owlpaw was quick to appear at Tempestwing--no, Tempeststar's call. He had breathed a sigh of relief that day that she had returned with Pipitpetal, new name and nine lives in tow. It had been a harrowing first moon of her rule, what with the manner of Gladestar's disappearance and then the moonstone's destruction and the great move. He couldn't even begin to imagine the amount of stress and strain Tempeststar must have been carrying all this time, and it pleased him to see her recovering one milestone at a time.

    Coming to a comfortable seat to one side of the assembled crowd, Owlpaw listened carefully to what Tempeststar had to say. He noted her acknowledgement of all the new and recent joiners to the Clan, which was marked by the abundance of new faces sitting around him, and his ears perked up at the possibility of patrols to explore their new territory more fully. He hoped that his medicinal duties wouldn't keep him from participating, though he was sure their new herb garden would require a great deal of care and maintenance as they began to grow things there. But as he mused, everything grew quiet again as Tempeststar prepared to announce her choice for deputy. Ravensong, Rootlegs, Gyrecall, there were so many excellent choices that she could have made, but as Rootlegs' name left her mouth Owlpaw couldn't help himself from grinning widely. That was his grandfather! The father of the man who'd taken him in when his parent had disappeared, the one who'd always kept an eye on him and Sunpaw, who'd healed and served and guided the Clan for so many moons.

    Owlpaw had never been around for the selection of a deputy before, so he didn't know what the proper decorum in this situation might be. Without waiting to see if anyone else was doing it, he yelled out "Rootlegs! Rootlegs!" several times, like the Clan would do when a new warrior was named. His enthusiasm grew swiftly to awkwardness as he waited to see whether or not others would join him or if he'd just made a complete fool out of himself.


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  • He really didn't care about any of this. The only thing he knew today was that he'd be getting a mentor. The leader — not his leader — moves on to speak about how all her lives and how she's Starclan appointed. He would've snickered had it not been for the serious expressions on the others. Kinda embarrassing she even thinks that's real. He'd make sure to remind himself that's she's crazy anytime she tried to tell him to do something he didn't want to. Rootlegs gets chosen and accepts it gratefully. Cool, let's move on now. He still didn't get whatever the hype was about having these tanks and why they were so important. All he knew was that Tempestwing, or star for some reason now, had let him in and was expecting him to respect her as if she was great. He'd be the judge of that, as he knew that his former leader type cat was a disgusting man who didn't deserve respect. Truthfully, he was just scared that she'd turn out the same.



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  • It seemed that all had gone well this time. While Ravensong was no worshipper of StarClan, she had seen enough to believe in their existence. She found a place to settle next to Kio, blue eyes looking up to Tempestwing—star—taking in her words.

    With her lives all in order, the Clan would sit in bated silence as they awaited her decision for a deputy. When Rootlegs's name was called, she felt a wide smile break out, whether in joy for the tom, or in her own relief, or both. He was a perfect successor, and while she did hope to be deputy, she knew the younger tom's expertise in so many different fields would make him a great leader someday and she did hope said someday would come without Tempeststar losing any of her nine lives; a peaceful retirement, if one would. She was relieved too, that she no longer needed to step up, and that nothing had happened to her daughter during the journey. Heavens knew she much preferred to follow orders than be the one giving orders on such a high level. Rootlegs was a good tom, a good father, and to her, a good friend. A part of her wondered if he'd still be able to lend an ear with all the new duties he had to do; he kept her grounded, but she understood if he hadn't the time. "Congratulations, Rootlegs!"

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    Upon hearing the leader's call, the ebony apprentice pushed himself out of the apprentices' den before pounding towards the center of the sprawling camp. Shade covered the clearing and it was cool. Sweeping glowing moons over the camp, he'd noticed that the construction was happening at a steady pace and the camp was finally starting to come together. Home. Golden orbs glanced over the gathering cats as he attempted to figure where to sit. Owlpaw was close by and it seemed like that younger cat had been trying to make friends with him, Starlingpaw wasn't too far off either and he'd felt more comfortable around her, Silentpaw was probably picking on Seedpaw, Otterspirit was among a group of warriors, and his siblings were no where in sight. It was beginning to become that way. They were usually too busy, they were beginning to grow apart, and they were making themselves scarce. Sourpaw had seen them less and less with the passing moon though held his breath that their sibling bond would hold them together in the end. Sadness lurched in his heart over fears of losing the two cats that were apart of him. Would any cat understand him after they've gone? Any cat beside Sagefeather or Starlingpaw? The boulder sized cat decided that he wouldn't tell them how he'd been feeling about this situation for fear of being a burden. With a heavy sigh, the apprentice shouldered his way over to Starlingpaw who'd always seemed to be knocked over by the blackened tomcat. "Sorry, Starling... I keep thinking I'm your size and I'm not!" The words came out in a forced huff of laughter.

    Then, the clan leader started to speak. Tempestwing had started out by announcing that she had gained her nine lives from StarClan along with her leading name, Tempeststar. This was excellent news for the clan since the she-cat's previous attempt at going to Mother Mouth. The great place that cats had gone to for generations to speak with StarClan had been destroyed by a powerful strike of a storm's deadly claw. In turn, this meant that their warrior ancestors had accepted the she-cat as a leader of RiverClan. The apprentice let out a cheerful cry of acceptance for their clan leader's new name, "Tempeststar! Tempeststar!" It was the traditional call of those who obtain a new name. Soon after announcing her own achievement, the she-cat was announcing the deputy. Disappointment crashed over him when he'd realized that the new RiverClan deputy was not his mentor. Otterspirit had never mentioned wanting to be the deputy of the clan, yet Sourpaw thought it was be the best thing that StarClan could grant a cat. Every apprentice would be grateful to be trained by the deputy of their respective clans. Envy coursed through him as golden orbs landed on the few apprentices that were being mentored by Rootlegs. With the same call he'd used to accept Tempeststar, "Rootlegs! Rootlegs!"

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  • ringing in my head, when you broke my chest

    She couldn't be more proud. Moons ago, Storksplash couldn't have said she felt the same as she did now. Oftentimes, even at DarkClan, she felt like an outsider during meetings. Now, however, she really felt a part of this - a part of something bigger than herself. More to the point, she was excited that her Clan - no, her home - was becoming more than it had been before. This was more than a move, or rebuilding, but building upon what had simply been here all along. Tempeststar's reign most certainly brought newfound hope to the Clan, and with a definite successor now, shining optimism. Rootlegs was a great decision.

    "Tempeststar! Tempeststar! Rootlegs! Rootlegs!" Storksplash joined her Clanmates eager rejoice, ready to join her leaders in paving the way for the future of RiverClan.




    ( to the bottom of the river )

    Storksplash (n.) – Long-furred, black rosetted tabby, orange-eyed warrior of RiverClan. Dulled sight and hearing.

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    The dark tabby almost purred; Rootlegs looked like he was about to fall over with the shock of it all. She could relate - her first pawsteps to the base of the fallen log under Gladestar had been shaky, too. At his words she blinked, surprised and pleased by the proclamation, but she nodded gratefully all the same. None of her Clanmates seemed to have any qualms to bring to her attention, so Tempeststar settled in with a small hum of delight as they chorused in favour of the new Deputy.

    "Brightpaw, step forward." Her littermates had become warriors last moon, yet she'd stayed behind. This moon, however, she was more than ready. Tempeststar regarded the young molly warmly as she approached. The leader leaped down from the knot in the trunk, taking up residence on a root nearby Rootlegs. Among the half-woven dens were the feathers RiverClan had brought with them. They were missing some, but the Clan had brought a few mouthfuls of their most important plumes.

    "As leader of RiverClan I, Tempeststar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in turn. Brightpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" She waited for the affirmative from the young molly, ears pricked forward.

    "Brightpaw, from this moment onward, you will be known as Brightfish. StarClan honours your kindness and your courage, and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan." She dipped her head to the young molly, eyes twinkling. Carefully, she plucked a falcated duck feather from the bunch, and placed it at Brightfish's paws. With a nod and a murmur of congratulations, she sent the new warrior back into the crowd.

    "Boar, step forward." Her tone was a little different this time as she sought him out in the sea of familiar muzzles, firmer and with less room for questioning. He'd always been a cat who liked things straightforward, as far as she knew. She wasn't sure what had motivated his request, but she was happy to oblige: this wasn't a ceremony she saw performed too often.

    "Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you now to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what he is. By my authority as Clan leader, and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on he will be known as Boargrowl." Tempeststar plucked the second and final duck feather from her little storage, and placed it at Boargrowl's paws. Not exactly traditional - he was already a warrior and had proven that he was well skilled enough - but she hoped he would appreciate the gesture.

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° A PLACE NO ONE CAN SEE - Sagefeather settled just outside of the nursery, relief sweeping over them at the announcement that Tempeststar had received her nine lives. It would be weird to refer to the molly by her new name - she'd only ever known the tabby as wing - but Sagefeather supposed they'd all have to get used to it. Rootlegs was named deputy, and Brightfish and Boargrowl received their full names.

    "Congratulations!" They enthused.

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