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  • Bianca, despite her age, still found herself to be very young in nature. She was overly trusting and still loved to just fumble around and be silly. An uneasiness stayed in her stomach as he thought back on Ark and his teachings; was she talking his word seriously enough? Did she trust her eternally soul-bond partner well enough? She sighed; her gaze his a column and a small smile spread across her face. She could distract herself from her internal perials, just for a moment. She giggled to herself as she ran towards a column, and she jumped up to it bounced up to the podium, from one to another.

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  • immaturity. such a classic plunder of will, failing to grow with the knowledge you earn of the world. failing to become wary. widow could laugh, but more than that she felt only pity. knowing that one day the cat who played on the columns would laugh, play, fall to an imminent death. cripple themselves. even then, widow wouldn't laugh, no, she would however reward herself with an internal "i-told-you-so".

    "should i set up some cushioning in case of a slipped paw?" perhaps the overgrown child wished to end her life this way, and then widow was in no place to watch. merely offering a question of intention before sitting to await an answer. silver blue eyes trained on the subject, paws light and full of ease. the she-cat was lucky to be blessed with such a unique coat, curls, long legs.

    widow gulped, turning her eyes to the sky beyond bianca. distractions welcomed.



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  • Well, wasn't that a bit dangerous. But then again she could probably land on her feet if she did slip and fall. It was something natural but they did have to have the time to right themselves. Still he looked on with a bit of worry in his one eye at the fact that she was jumping around on the columns and he came to stand just beside Widow, tail flicking with a bit of anxious energy. ''I do ask that you be careful up there.'' Columns were not like trees that had extra grip for the cat's claws, they were more smooth and polished. Causing slipping to be a more easy thing to actually happen instead of not. Glancing to the other that had spoken he would agree with getting something to cushion falls if that were to happen at all but he was unsure of what they would obtain to do such a thing. Ah, now he was starting to worry more because he didn't want any sort of injuries to befall any of these cats, even if they were not his own.


  • The overgrown child drew nearer to the cheerful sounds of playtime, finding herself planted next to Widow and Scorpion. The tiny she-cat's bicolored ears angled up towards Bianca, dandelion-yellow eyes following her leaps and pounces before an eager smile played onto her lips. "Oh, oh! I wanna try!" She called out, leaving the older cats' sides with a burst of kit-like energy before reaching the base of one of the columns. She crouched down and peered up at her destination and, with a small wiggle of her rump, leapt into the air. Her forepaws reached up and scrabbled at the top, barely catching on so that her hind paws could kick out and boost the rest of her body up. "I made it!" The tortoiseshell boasted once she balanced herself atop the piece, still gripping the edges awkwardly with her little paws.


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  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    Stitches watched the younger she-cats play freely on the columns as Widow and Scorpion watched nervously on. The small lady's carefree nature urged her on to join in on the fun and Stitches made her way over to the two girls that stood on the pillars singing to herself until her muscles froze when Gaia struggled to make the jump. She wasn't too close to the younger she-cat but still, the girl had shown nothing but sweetness and didn't deserve such a sudden end. She quickened her pace to get up on the columns to help her but fortunately Gaia had managed to summon the strength to get herself safely.

    Letting out a soft sigh of relief Stitches stood confidently on the her pillar and began to do a little jig. Making a simple skip from one column to another let out a laugh gleefully as she called out to the other girls. "Hey can you do this?" she called out to the other two standing on her hind legs and bringing her right paw to touch her nose.

  • Mikhail was no climber. He hadn't an ounce of climbing blood. His long legs and slim body were merely good for racing through the streets and the plains. Thinking about being that high up, unsupported by branches or anything, made him grimace internally, as if he were expecting one of them to slip. He watched with wide eyes as Gaia made her attempt, and he let his jaw loosen in relief as she made the jump successfully. "I don't think they're heeding your advice very well, sir," He said to Scorpion with a lightness in his voice in a feeble attempt to ease their tension, but if anything, he felt that he merely increased it.

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  • * From nearby sauntered the rowdy tux, drawn to the gathered for little reason than to entertain his whims. Unlike Widow, Sinclair would certainly laugh if someone lost their balance, and he'd laugh very loudly, too. The desire to see someone fall had been enough to chum the waters in his twisted mind, something of a temperate smile flashing across his face as he stopped beside Mikhail (who surely would begin his reign of repetition in the businessman's presence.) He ogled up at the pillars with squinted eyes, Gaia scrabbling to the top and Bianca an onlooker to her play-partners dangerous exploits. Stitches had joined the pair as well, prancing from support to support. For a moment he was entranced by the vision of her falling, perhaps by cause of a powerful shove of his own doing. It was too high up for his arms to reach, but he could certainly dream.

    His eyes drifted to Scorpion, warning the climbing fools to tread with care. Mikhail verbalized the obvious of course, and Sinclair felt inclined to agree. "I say let them climb, and fall, if it comes to that," The venomousness of his tone so undisguised that in that moment, his tongue could've been forked. "Hahah! It'll be funny."

  • Gaia watched the other she-cat in wonder, gasping as she managed to balance on her hind legs. Well, she could do that! Couldn't she? The small tortoiseshell stuck her tongue out, focused, as she managed to sit back on her haunches and try standing on just her back feet. At first, she wobbled wildly before coming back down to all four paws. "Whew! That's hard!" She admitted before trying again, tucking her forepaws to her chest. The wind didn't help all the way up on top of the column, made obvious by the flapping of her bandana. "Ah-ah I don't think I can do it," She trilled with worry, coming back down onto all fours once more. A familiar tuxedo figure caught her attention, however, and she swiftly looked towards the tom. "Sinclair!" She shouted, perhaps too loudly. "Look where I am! I'm all the way up here!"  


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  • Bianca laughed as more cats came around, some with critical looks and some bouncing up onto the pillar right alongside her. "I'll be as careful as I can! ... A cushion would be nice, though.." she giggled to Scorpion and Widow. She smiled to Gaia as she was joined up on the pillar. "It's a lot of fun!"she said, eyes quickly turning over to Stitches' pawstand. "Woah! Lemme try--"

    Bianca cautiously squatted on the pillar and turned, climbing up backwards on the pillar as she tried to stay stable on her front paws. "I can-- I can do it if I have some support," she laughed, sliding back down the pillar to once again sit on the edge. As Gaia called out to Sinclair, Bianca grin grew even bigger. It was very fulfilling to see so many Bloodclanners gather around and just be.

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