TUMBLE DOWN // ball + intro

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  • She wasn't really sure what exactly was happening anymore... first she was told BloodClan had to pack up and move, now they were here in this unfamiliar town... It seemed like their last home, but it at the same time was incredibly different. It was abandoned, no twolegs roamed the place. They also were sharing the land with another rogue group... or were they united now? Were they apart of BloodClan too...? She didn't really know... everything was all too much for the young feline to understand so she decided to ignore it and just try to have fun with the new territory, let the adults handle the adult stuff. Exploring is what she usually tended to do, there were no twolegs around so this place was much safer to wonder where ever you pleased than the last. Slipping under a chain-linked fence where some dirt had been dug up, she moves through the overgrown grass to try to see if there was anything worth taking. Poking her head through some weeds though she finds something... a dusty blue circular object that clearly hadn't been moved in moons. Her amber gaze grows wide with curiosity, and she gives the ball a smack with her paw, sending it flying with a few bounces over into the fence.

    "Cool...!" She exclaims to herself, amazed by the ball. It seemed bouncy... and bouncy was fun so... it was hers now!

    Rolling it under the fence, she has to push it a little to slide it past where the chains to the fence had rolled up, with a bit of luck she manages not to pop it and get it to the other side. Once she squeezes past herself, she begins to roll it down the street with content purrs rumbling in her throat. She couldn't wait to get back to camp and show everyone!

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  • Kits were silly little things. Bianca never saw younger cats growing up; she really only had herself as a kit. Growing in a clan must be fun, she thought to herself. So many playmates, so many families all intertwined. Bianca stumbled over to Dingo, walking on the side of her paws in an attempt to walk without fumbling. Dirt kicked up as she pranced over to the road. "What're you up to, kiddo?"she shouted, eyes zooming to follow the ball. "woah, cool! That looks like something I'd see back in my old den!"She mused, mostly to herself; twoleg place was fine, but nothing much ever happened.

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  • * A heavy sigh whisked past his lips as he meandered through the abandoned upwalker dens, restless industry reduced to rubble as quickly as it took for a flood to sweep the streets. He would've liked to see it— perched safely upon a roof, watching those awkward, ambling beasts scuttle like rats beneath the shadow of a hunter. He'd fled to greener pastures long before the lake's wrath had forced him to. But he was back, and combing the silt-covered streets for a glimmer of starlight amidst the shadowed alleys- well, that had been his plan until his pearly green eyes caught sight of a kid, kicking a ball down the sidewalk with a rather tenacious vigour to her step. Oh, the childish enterprise of youth... More often than not he could see himself far more strikingly in the mannerisms of a child than in those of someone his age.

    He strayed closer to the pair— perhaps in a far more dubious way than he'd intended to. Silvered green wandered to Bianca, who happened to come across the kit before he had. He swayed as he walked, embracing the amorphous energy of a wayward shadow as opposed to a physical entity (he liked it that way, sometimes). "Oh wow, look at that..." With a vibrant tone- almost too comical for his sinister quirks- he breathed the first hints of interest. "A nice blue— Ball." His head tilted to the side with a slight twitch, errant smile twisted uneasily into his maw. "Where'd you find such a gem?" He stood in their path, frosted gaze sliding curiously between them.

  • [ IT TRULY WAS A CRUEL THING ] Toys are not something she cares about and never have been, even as a kit. Yes, she was one of those kids who thought they were too cool for those kind of mossball games. She isn't a materialistic one either and chooses to enjoy life as it is. Life is a game to her and all those ball playing are just mini-games, if she have to say. She would find herself following after the businessman just purely by chance, listening to his and Bianca's exclaims about the new item that this slightly familiar kid had found as if they had discovered a new world. She almost snorts out loud, but manages to hold it back in as she gazes at the rolling bouncy thing. "Huh, you like that, huh, spiderie? Maybe you can find lots of new toys here to trade in," Para would make a comment in slight amusement.



  • if life could not slow down more widow would be sure that the sky was frozen. cats seemed preoccupied with their own lives, activity slowed in the city heat. every day smelled, felt, sounded the same. clicks of distant birds, chattering voices with no conversation of interested. yet, sometimes there would be a sound worth investigating. a rarity. a squeak. not something produced by the small vocal cords of a rodent, even of a kitten scurrying through the halls and streets. a plastic ball's hollow reverberation.

    she had met some of these cats before, but no name was recalled staring at their multicolored pelts. numb disinterest in the characters of this story, quiet curiosity of the item of attention. blue, round, perhaps a bit underinflated from disuse, in the words of sinclair: "a gem"

    "why would she want to trade?" lips cracked just a moment, confusion. eyes never tearing from the bouncy flesh of the kitten's toy. "would it not be better to enjoy the toy?"

    these cats' sense of logic was inherently flawed. each one of them claimed to work together, be multiple cogs within a glistening machine, and yet. they all had such desires, their selfish wishes. they all feign excitement for the toys of others, claiming beauty. did they expect to earn privileges to play with the ball? why would they not just take it from the child if they desired it so badly. the black and white tom especially, with teeth bared and gleaming like the silver of his color. to say it made her uneasy would be an understatement, though relief that no such smile was aimed at her or her possessions.

    this kitten was unbothered, so jovial, so unaware of the threats of the world. widow's own jealousy was indistinguishable from interest in the situation. body stiff and tail close to her side, muscles stiffened as if prepared to flee, though so tightly wound around the personas present. fascination, morbid.



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  • Momentarily she stops kicking the ball at the sound of a familiar voice, turning her head to peer behind her she spots Bianca rushing forward. I found this! She almost says, but the feline is quick to notice the blue colored sphere at her paws. "...Really? Did your twolegs give you lots of toys?" She asks, amber eyes as usual round and shining with curiosity. "I had a lot of toys, but I had to leave them behind during the move." It still upset her... kinda, but she knew in only a moon or so she'd be busy with training and being a tyro. She wouldn't have time for toys then, and at least she had something to occupy herself now... Like this ball.

    The child's attention turns to Sinclair. Did he think the ball was cool too? She places a single paw on top of the ball with a smile, if the adults thought this ball was cool then she was really going to impress the other kits back at camp. "It is... a gem." She goes on, mimicking the usage of the word. "I found it over that way," She sticks a paw out in the direction of the chain linked fence, "I dunno if anything else is in there though. I found this sitting in a buncha of weeds..." Maybe there were more balls sitting around in there? She hadn't stuck around to check, she found this one and had been too eager to get out and play with it to care. Maybe she could come back and check tomorrow... if the adults showing up didn't beat her to it.

    "Trade... in?" Dingo echoes Paradox in confusion, trade in...? Oh yeah? Sinclair did that kinda stuff didn't he... But she found herself pulling the ball closer to her defensively, she found this ball. She didn't want to trade it in right away. But then again, there was something she was searching for. A collar. A lot of the members here were wearing one, and Dingo thought they were super cool! Her goal had been to get her paws on one in time to become a tyro but her days were beginning to grow short. Not much longer and it'd be time for her ceremony. "Yeah... I wanna enjoy it." Like Widow said... She sticks her nose into the air a little. "But... there is something I want. That I could trade the ball in for... do you have any collars. Sinclair? I'll give ya the ball for one!"

  • Bianca smiled grew to match Dingo's curiosity. "Mine got taken the older I got, but even before I left I had a whole bucket full! I hope they go to a nice kit like you if they're given away!"she giggled.

    As Dingo got distracted with ideas of giving her ball away, Bianca smiled a bit more somberly. She was grown, she had much better and important goals than laying around and playing, but she wished that Dingo would keep her toy around; she wished kits didn't grow up too fast. She put too much symbolism into such a simple toy, but Bianca was always an emotional cat.

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  • Ah, he remembered when he was younger, when he would go and throw sticks around and jump out of trees. Yes, he did some rather...troubling things in his youth and they were all quite dangerous. He even remembered when he would attempt to pick at foxes that almost took his life but he had been brazen back then, full of the idea that he was unstoppable and invulnerable. Now though he knew better and he needed to at least slow down so he could cherish his later moons or else he was doomed to end everything much too soon. He watched the conversation and the cats with a growing but somber smile on his silvering muzzle, eye glimmering with his memories as he rolled his injured shoulder here and there. His eye trailed from one cat to another and he wished that he didn't suspect that they wanted more than just him sitting on high. He knew better than to think that things would simply go peacefully and that no one would challenge him. But in the end he was withering so to speak and even now much of his energy was going into healing and resting. Shaking his thick figure the large male would make his way over, favoring his right half over his left. ''I would say keep it and treasure it for a while. You don't come by these things often anymore. Well, unless you want to me like me and play around with sticks.'' There was humor lacing his voice, a tenor chuckle leaving his throat.


  • * The voice of Paradox was always a welcome one- unmistakeable and scratchy, like a needle skipping over the rings in a record. He turned his head to acknowledge her probing tone, light mockery he could withstand for the sake of a well-humoured jab. He didn't like the nickname she'd selected for him, but nonetheless it was something he'd come to associate with the femme; Paradox and her endless, annoying nicknames. Pale green narrowed over a sly smile, facing her comment with an embittered amusement of his own. "Heheheh— Yes, maybe I can," He rolled the idea around in his mind, the round blue ball of future endeavours. "I mean, she did." He motioned to the ball-owner with a shrug, mimicking the disinterested detachment adults would often adopt when speaking about children.

    Widow's breakable voice entered the equation; the voice of doubt. Razor-edged scrutiny found the ebon-furred femme, and it found the fear coiled tight beneath her stiff posture, too. Uncomfortable with him, again. An appropriate response, he supposed. "Maybe she wants something else," He suggested through a cold smile, unblinking eyes lingering on her face for a period longer than was truly appropriate. What could he say? He saw a loose thread and wanted to tug at it. He was curious to see if he could unravel the careful embroidery that she was with an unsettling stare. 'I found it over that way.' At long last his eyes were drawn to the chain-link fence Dingo had motioned to, and the weeds bursting from the garden kept clumsily inside. He'd log it in the back of his mind as a future exploit to send his goons.

    She presented her interest in a collar, for which she'd be willing to sacrifice a nice blue ball for. His gaze lingered on the apricot girl, spinning trades around in her mind just as he was. "I do have many collars available for trading," he confirmed through an incredulous smirk, glass-green eyes moving to Scorpion as he limped forward. Curse you, wise old man. He shrugged and then nodded at the sandy tom's suggestion. Keep it. Treasure it. For a while, at least. "It'll take more than just a ball to buy a collar, anyways," He brought up the proposition with a nonchalant blink of his eyes, planting the idea in her mind regardless. "Why not.. Save up? Then you can cash in when you get bored of it." Teaching children about the nuances of trading.. How responsible. Sinclair did believe that fostering a culture of commerce within the clan's youth would help sales in the future.