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    a phantom: she fell unknown into the sea of faces in the passing months, voice stripped of her as she watched with sun-lit eyes the changes before her. familiarity dissipated into undefined features as she realized that she didn't recognize many of the felines who gathered in the days coming, suspicion clawing at her psyche, but she quelled many of her observations. she both seen enough and knew little, little fears that grew with the sudden storm, commencement of the move, and the election of another leader; such changes accumulating around her so quickly, she feared she would collapse from surprise. yet only one thing gnawed inside of her: with the move came the dawning realization that her lover had indeed abandoned her. nimh ( how curious of the suspicious molly, who didn't consider how running away with a near stranger had consequences ), who left her band of 'sisters' for a whirlwind romance with a molly who didn't keep her word, who probably never intended to meet up with nimh in the first place. on the day bloodclan departed she spat at the cobblestones and cursed the girl's name, although she hid her tears beneath the foreboding rain, finally realizing where her loyalty truly belonged. ironic for the feline who at the beginning despised any semblance of false bonds.


    she has settled, not truly belonging but not up and departing for lack of a better word. new aromas and new faces are inviting, sure, but the dark-furred cat can't quite comprehend how she's gained the company of two npcs as she cleans rat bones. they ask their questions and make their observations ( that's freaky or why you clean bones from your kills? ) and she just shrugs her broad shoulders, well, how would you suggest i spend my evenin'? or it's nothin', jus' a little hobby. keeps me occupied. the group bloodclan decided to settle with were unyielding in their badgering, but nimh didn't quite mind, just didn't like talking for too long on something so trivial.

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  • perhaps widow was more outsider than she liked to admit, being one of the many sets of eyes watching nimh with morbid curiosity. picking the carcass of a rat beyond the average point. not to get the extra scrap of meat behind the eyes, no, this was to clean the skeleton, and she didn't seem to be having a terrible time doing it.

    "if you're looking for ways to spend your evening, i feel like there are many more productive." the flash of confidence was quickly seeped away, replaced once more by meek fear. instantly shrinking back as if expecting the recipient to have a violent reaction.

    widow had never traveled with these cats, she didn't understand their culture, the accent and the way they carried themselves. it sat like fat on top of milk, clear but unreadable. it was a puzzle for widow to put together before they decided to remove her from their place of residence. it didn't seem to be happening yet, curiosities on curiosities. they were almost welcome in a way, not opposed to have an extra set of paws, however useless.



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    "Eh, bein' productive is for chumps." Chimed the bi-colored tom, who had suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Strolling forward in a casual manner, he plops onto his haunches and gives a quick lick of his paw before swiping it back over his head. He looks up, green eyes vibrant and glistening. " 'Sides, there's only so much t' do in this place." Jersey would know; he had been living in the abandoned town for several months now. At first it seems like a whole playground to (mostly) yourself, with no holds barred and no rules to follow. Then, the town eventually turns mundane ━ everything is the same, nothing changes... Except the inhabitants, of course. That's changed drastically within the past week.

    Anyway, onto the cat in question ━ she's a new face, which doesn't surprise him. These BloodClanners had been oh-so kind as to let him "join" them (although he did not know how long he would last). They didn't seem to be total assholes; in fact, the only cats giving him any trouble were the local rogues who had temporarily taken over BloodClan. That Scamp fella in particular... he wanted to knock his block off.

    He blinks, sporting a grin. "Don't think I've caught your name."


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  • . separating blood from bone, leftovers from a near forgotten culture: praise be to those who examine their prey. dissecting began as an innocuous child activity overseen by the elder mollies, her naivety preventing her from questioning the why's ( why should every mouse be thanked? ; why should every corpse be appraised before burial ? ), accepting what she was taught without further instruction. now it was an unconscious hobby, woven within her marrow where she would indulge in long after converting to the more predatory ideals belonging to bloodclan. yet she remained set in the words of the sisters, still believing in the odd manner of death. scatter her bones to the earth, let the soil gnaw on the decay; marrow to dust, remnants of her returning as the newfound flora.

    yellow eyes flickers towards the appearance of another feline, this one bolder than the gathered no-names before her. more productive ways, subtle words that made nimh eye the bones and nearly becoming defensive; she notices widow's grimace immediately after. an ivory claw moves the rat bones to her side, attention now focused on the younger girl. ah , mind tellin' me then lass? an oddly tuned hum to accompany her words, drawled out and genuinely curious. raspy voice that nearly made her sound irritated, but an assuring toothy smile came after: no harm done. i wouldn't mind learnin' a new thing or two since i am but a humble listener.

    a tom comes forth, there's only so much to do. yes, identify faces, trek the new territory, rinse, repeat. she'll wake up to the rosy morn and sleep at the blue dusk and accomplish nothing. i would have t' agree, 'specially since everyone's jus' settled in. few she remembers, fewer she knows. it'll take a week if she was going to know every nook and cranny in an intimate manner, even longer to align faces with names. however, at jersey's asking of her own, she becomes slightly tongue-tied: she's used to offering noncommittal grunts in response, or being cryptic by saying she'll reveal later. today, she decides to be open. name's nimh, one an' only.


    penned by kal !

  • was she... mocking her? how broken must be the nervous system within your body to believe picking the corpse of another animal was normal. a small splatter of blood and entrails hit the molly's nose, the smell alone nearly warranting a gag if not immediately distracted by another appearance.

    her head snapped around quickly to face jersey, the sudden arrival catching her attention. heart race picking up, pupils shrinking. however, there was no shock present in the face of widow. as it was a predictable arrival. what was with the black and white toms here, strutting around as if they owned the very land widow walked on. the way they spoke, the length of their neck when they approached gatherings. grooming himself lazily as if not starting a conversation with two strangers.

    perhaps her displeasure was obvious, or perhaps he disliked those who knew how to wisely spend their time. either way, she would choose to ignore his question of introductions aimed at nimh, turning back to their resident bone picker.

    "if there is all the time in the world, might as well catch more rats instead of turning them to trophies." a monotone voice, vexation. the fools that were a part of this desolate clan were just that, zombies going through their daily routine as they see fit. no expectations put on them. it was pleasurable when she was not required to preform chores or hunt for their people, but the insolence of those who got to hunt and pick their bones in boredom were clearly lacking in routine. widow could not blame her frustration on these two travelers. for it was their leader (or lack thereof) that was to blame.

    "nimh, excuse my curtness, i am widow." forgiveness that they didn't know they needed, tossed to the two cats in front of her. she did not care to apologize to jersey, knowing it would earn some sort of smug look, though some sort of make believe would keep her at least somewhat civil.


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  • [ IT TRULY WAS A CRUEL THING ] Two outsiders flocking around a poor BloodClanner trying to enjoy her day of cleaning the bones of the rats, that's what Para sees when she arrives at the mini group. Ears perking as she hears snippets of conversations, she circles around to an open spot in between the one who introduces herself as Nimh and the other two former rogues, Jersey and Widow. "Is bothering others our hobby now?" A teasing tone towards the two of them as she peers at the work of the dark feline trying to scrape off meat from the bones. "Clean bones are plenty useful than you may realize, birdies." With that said, the tabby would attempts to swipe one of the bone up to inspect it. "Sweetie, it's not like we're going to run out of rats to catch, there's all the time in the world to do it."

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