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    The walk was longer, she noticed. RiverClan lived at the south of the lake, and the path that she was treading now was at the far north of the territories. They'd skirted around BloodClan and WindClan to get here, but met nocat on their way. It was ... strange, and she felt strange about the open scenery that sprawled out around the lake - like there was something missing, but she didn't know what. Perhaps it was homesickness; she hadn't left the forest territories in about twenty-eight moons, after all.

    Tempeswting reasoned with herself that it was perfectly fine to be apprehensive, as she followed Pipitpetal to the cavern which held what the medicine cats had dubbed the Moonpool. The last time she had tried to communicate with StarClan, the heavens' wrath had focused on the ancient quartz crystal and it had shattered into pieces before the two RiverClanners had even entered the cave. Tempestwing's healing scars ached at the memory, and she shuddered as they continued along the path to StarClan's new point of contact.

    It was just as beautiful as she'd hoped. A wide cavern, broken apart at the top, with the stars glimmering in the reflection of the pond. The water was eerily still, undisturbed by the wind and the presence of the two RiverClanners. So far so good, Tem thought apprehensively, eyeing the sky for a moment as if she expected the clouds to cover the heavens and bear down on them within the space of a few heartbeats. When nothing changed, she exhaled. For a moment she remained still, taking the opportunity to absorb the beautiful scenery with an awed expression on her features. The reflection of the sky glinted in her eyes, and she whipped her head around silently to fix Pipitpetal with a gleeful look.

    Touch your nose to the pool and close your eyes, she'd been instructed on the way. Tempestwing followed those directions now, still a little wary despite herself. But when she opened her eyes again the world around her was different. All she could see were pastel, vibrant colours - outstretched fields as far as the eye could see, broken by the bubbling song of a nearby brook. A soft breeze ruffled her fur, warm and inviting. It was weird - Tempestwing wasn't sure if she could scent prey, but the instincts in the back of her mind said that there was prey just waiting to be caught amid the long grasses and the trees. And, in the sky, a million stars despite the light of day.

    StarClan. She nearly broke down there, relief crashing over her like a great wave. After everything, the grief and the destruction and the journey ... it was still here. While she had seen the spirits of the warrior ancestors before, she had never visited their realm before.

    "It's beautiful." She murmured under her breath, utterly awestruck. She could see Pipitpetal nearby, but it wasn't them who spoke:

    "It is, isn't it?"

    The familiar voice registered somewhere between the smoke molly'sears and her mind. Tempestwing turned - her eyes darted up the small hill to see Robinfoot. The former SkyClanner stood comfortably, silver-and-white fur practically shining in the light. She remained still for a moment, and then descended to meet her daughter. Tempestwing was taller than her now, she noticed with something that might have been amusement.

    "You're alright? StarClan is okay?" Tempestwing managed.

    "We weren't, for a few heartbeats there. Some of us weren't sure if the living would heed the omens. But now, after the medicine cats, you've arrived - and you're a leader, my dear kit! Stars ... If only your father could see you now." Robinfoot's eyes glinted with a competitive smugness, one which Tempestwing recognised far too well. "The others will be along shortly ... but it would be my honour to give you your first life in the meantime.

    "You were not born a part of RiverClan, yet you made it your home with all of the stubbornness that you've inherited. You've been through so much at the claws of life, but while it's gotten excruciatingly difficult at times you've never once given up. I wish it was something I could say for myself." Her eyes turned sad for a moment. "When you tried to contact us, the Moonstone was destroyed, but not even the end of the world as you knew it was enough to shake your hope that StarClan would be waiting for you - one way or another. You led your Clan with one life, prepared to expend even that if it meant the others would arrive here safely.

    Tempestwing, the first of your lives is the renewal of a virtue that you've shown your entire existence: I give you the life of faith." Robinfoot leaned forward and touched her nose to her daughter's forehead. The rush of life that flowed through Tempestwing's veins was overwhelming. A sense of yearning that clawed at her heart, the possibility of the best just beyond her reach but just within view. The prayer that even through it all and even without a tangible reward, things would be okay. It hurt, but despite it all she knew that she would be fine - such was faith at work.

    The leader's eyes were watering when Robinfoot pulled back, reflex tears from the pain making her vision swim. She blinked a few times to chase the blurriness away, taking a few deep breaths before she even thought about straightening her spine out. When her eyes flickered back to meet the SkyClanner's, Robinfoot's expression shifted into something soft and proud and a little bit tender. It was something Tempestwing didn't see pointed her way very often.

    "The path ahead of you is not an easy one ... but allow this to be your knowledge that no matter how long the night seems, there is always a new dawn coming. We are always with you, even if you cannot see it. You will be amazing, and I couldn't be prouder."

    At the end of her sentence Robinfoot turned to look over the hill. Right on cue, eight more cats appeared - not all at once, perhaps they came in ones or twos or threes - and began to descend the slope towards the trio. Tempestwing nearly choked at the sight of several familiar pelts, familiar eyes fixing her with the familiar stares of cats which she had remembered for moons. She didn't know where to even begin trying to process it - but thankfully, a cat stepped forward in Robinfoot's place before she really had to.

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  • The journey from where she had died to StarClan, then from there to the clans’ new lands had been taken step-in-step with her living prodigy, but that was to be expected. For all that she had lived out much of her life at SixClaw, she was still a RiverClan warrior in her heart of hearts.

    Though, she had been surprised to find upon her death that instead of being summarily returned to her youthful body, cast in starlight, she was comfortably middle-aged. Her white portions shone, her silver was merely darker stardust, and her interrupted stripes darker still — though somehow equally gleaming. To be honest, trying to think too hard about the mechanics made her brain feel as though it were about to exit her skull via whichever ear was more expedient.

    She was at her happiest age, and that was what mattered. The occasional creaking star-formed bone or stiff neck was well worth the grounding reminder that she wasn’t who she once had been.

    Even when the sweeping, semi-theatrical bows, so oft-practiced, now left her aching and with a certain twinging in the spine.

    Still, the occasion called for it. Her left paw folded to lay against the slight swell of her underbelly, the other foreleg lowering her to a hunter’s crouch, and her tail curled around to press flat to her flank. She rose to pronounce, “Well met, Tempeststar. My name is Belle. I was before your time, and many turns of the seasons passed between my venturing from our shared home and yourself venturing to it. Still, I’m in something of a mood to flatter myself; I believe you will find that we share more than a few qualities. But enough of that. We don’t have forever, and I am already dawdling.”

    She straightened into a forwards-leaning stance, the slope of her spine opening her chest cavity. In the moment, she was neither clan warrior nor SixClaw Lorespeaker; she was an amalgam of both, in a way she had never managed in life.

    She didn’t need to breathe, per se, but it helped to go through the motions. The lack of need for air also meant she could say more in a period than she could’ve done in life. That bit was particularly useful when her interminable lateness was once more rearing its ugly head.

    In her cuttingly clear Voice, she sang out, “You embark now on your next branch of the Path. It will be marked by many things, but first and foremost; the clan that is under your care and guidance. The cats that make it up will know you as their ultimate protector. You will see that they are your protection and guides in turn.

    “Your medicine cats will heal you, your warriors will feed you and fight for you, your apprentices will succeed you, your queens and kits will keep your very clan alive.

    “You will love your clan enough to dredge up hatred for anything and anyone that poses a threat, for they are not opposites — both the sun and moon give us light, after all. And you will love your clan enough to dredge up mercy when you long to exact vengeance, because cruelty is nothing to aspire to.

    “I give to you your second life, that of stewardship.” Her piece said, she let the Voice fall away and tilted the last whisker-length farther to press her own nose where Robinfoot’s had rested.

    In the final moment before stepping away she breathed, “I would be grateful, should you find the time, if you would tell Gyrecall that my clan name, my truest name,
    is Baystare. I suppose our clans will always be our hearts, in the end.” This would be even truer for Tempeststar than herself, but one must always have a good closer. The end in the beginning, she mused to herself as she retreated to let the next cat come forwards.

    SixClaw Colony’s trained Voices occupy the same sort of space as a classically-trained opera performer’s voice does. Traditionally, opera is performed without any sound-enhancing technology, so their bodies become their amplifiers through an acquired vocal technique. This is to say; Belle is quite loud. Consider what it would take to fill an entire music hall with one voice and you’ll get a sense of it.

    Capital-v Voice is indicated by bolded lettering ^.^

    Also mentioned is the position of Lorespeaker. It translates to a sort of combination elder-leader, as the most experienced and exceptional Voices serve as the colony’s guides.

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  • In contrast to Bellestarr's operatic voice came a soft-spoken molly, if she had ever spoken at all. Her yellow eyes shone with glee as they laid upon her sister, standing before StarClan with both pride and fear. Well, if they weren't all cats who had to find her own paths. Roselight had gone astray, led away by a tom of darkness, yet, she couldn't say that she regretted it, not one bit. She died giving life to seven, three of which were still upon the earth, trying their hardest in finding their way, four which had fought their best fight, earning a resting place with her. This wasn't something she could easily explain, this wasn't a feeling she could put into words, yet she'd try her best for the leader.

    "Tem!" Roselight would call out as she came forward, chocolate pelt shimmering under the stars, "I'm so proud of how far you've come. Thank you for taking care of our family." How long had it been since she's last seen her sister? She would be, what, thrice her age by now? How exciting! "Life has pulled you in many different directions, and now here you are, getting your nine lives. I want you to know that..." She glanced to her paws before back to meet her gaze. Ah, she supposed not talking much during her life was a little detriment in being able to piece together a speech as eloquent as the others here must have prepared. "Don't be afraid to love. Don't be afraid to let others in. You're the beating heart of RiverClan now, and love... it comes from the heart. Love, even at its most basic form, consists of dedication, happiness, and forgiveness. Love your Clanmates, love yourself, and even love your enemies. It's the source of the world's goodness, it's the origin of peace and purity. Spread love in this world, Tempeststar. With your third life, I give you the life of love."

    She stepped forward once more to touch noses with her sister, granting her one more life to the two she has already received. Stepping back, she gave a loving glance to her sleeping child who had accompanied the new leader. How hardworking, her little messenger. She'd give them her silent thanks as she forced herself to turn away and join the ranks of StarClan as a witness, a watcher of the ceremony.

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  • WHEN TOMORROW COMES — tempestwing — riverclan — tags

    The next to approach was another tabby who Tempestwing didn't recognise, and she was surprised to see her come forward before the familiar faces she had spotted. The tabby's ears twitched with surprise as she introduced herself as Belle - it was unusual to hear a loner's name among StarClan in stories, let alone to meet one for herself. Moreover, being referred to by the spirit as Tempeststar did funny things to her pulse that she wasn't sure how to unpack. The cadence of her Voice struck her heart in similar way to Gyrecall's blessing, shooting down her spine and settling at the base of her lungs. Entranced, as if she had been forced to listen - but listening completely of her own free will.

    Stewardship. The rush of her second life was another onslaught, this time burning white-hot with protectiveness and knowledge and all of the things that Tempestwing thought she knew about. But this was a different perspective, the life of a cat who had been born in RiverClan and died having lived her life on a different path. They were opposites, like Belle had said, but perhaps not so different after all.

    When Belle pulled back, she blinked a few times to right herself amid the disorientating feeling of receiving a second life that had not been her own. The reference to Gyrecall blew right past her for a moment, but when she caught it she nodded at the former RiverClanner respectfully.

    "Thank you." Tem breathed as the silvery molly returned to the crowd. Baystare. Had she heard that name somewhere?

    The third cat to approach was one who the black smoke hadn't quite noticed immediately - but now that she did, Tem could have sworn her heart nearly stopped. Her adoptive mother's daughter, her own sister in every way but by blood. The vision of Roselight in front of her made Tempestwing's breath catch. She hadn't changed at all since she'd died, same bright expression and eyes full of hope, chocolate pelt unmarred by the scent of blood and shimmering in the light of the stars. Only now did Tempestwing realise how young the she-cat had been when she'd passed.

    "Rose." She breathed, ears falling flat in shock. Her jaws remained slightly parted as the young queen continued to speak, explaining the life that she was about to bestow on the leader: love. Don't be afraid to let others in. She almost winced at the words, even with the lack of accusation in them; she'd always had problems with that, hadn't she? During their journey, she'd lashed out at Rootlegs and driven a wall up between her heart and those of her Clanmates.

    This new life was a little different to the ones before. Bittersweet in a way that she'd never experienced but no less intense, Tempestwing's breath was stolen away by the pull of it. It was the pride of watching a new life unfold, the warm rush of affection that came with the knowledge that her Clan was doing well - not only living, but thriving. But it was also yearning, the wish of a life she had never quite been able to live. The way that she would see the worst in a cat and love them anyway, because that was what a Clan leader did. Look towards the future with love in her heart - that was Roselight's lesson.

    She dipped her head gratefully to her sister as Roselight stepped back into the group, and her eyes landed on the next cat to approach her.

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  • hushed pain held within the body of a ticked lilac tabby, the memories of feeling forgotten, given up upon. life of the time in the clan of river, the clan he had grown up in and died in, was not one of utmost expectations of perfection. no, far from it. despite the blossoms of fire that roars against the rushing waters, despite the all of of differences of him and this clan birthed into, he cannot truly hates it. a clan that had birthed him is one of a unspeakable difficulty of relationship, a love-hate one of sort. the same could be said for the delicate members, his own flesh and blood included.

    but few stood out. fond memories of kindness from the darkness of clan of shadows touching his heart, sorrelfire and briarpaw before their reign of leaderships, the ever protective mother, kestrelsong, the adoptive fatherly figure, rootlegs, the defender of his sibling, salmonkit, and the strongest warrior, tempestwing. gazed at her from afar during his breath of life, watched her grew from warrior to senior to warrior to deputy and now, soon to be a leader. besides rootlegs, she was the longest running riverclanner he knew of since his birth. she truly deserved it, for all her loyalty and strength she had put into this clan that had surmounted through many obstacles.

    briefness of concern rose in their starlit chest when the move had started, when the storms threatened to tear the land and sky apart. wide-eye watched the cats of the forests and open spaces carried their youths and elders, pushing through sunrises and sunsets of their journey away from their battered home to a new land by the lake. relieved to see that this clan had finally arrived, but he knew it was shortlived. never was there truly peace in this world, he had learned this very early on. what would come for the clan of fish and reeds in the future would only be unknown and that even he could not be certain of.

    among others that stood in the ranks of the stars, he watched them move forward to give a life to the very feline he thought and watched over from afar. unfamiliarity among them, not one could be said to be recognized by him, but that was expected for someone who sheltered himself from the world, no? but chocolate shimmering of light of rose had taken her place among them, having just finished giving a life to the maine coon below and a quick glance told him it's his turn. rising to his paws, movement of seeming a slight hesitation, plastered of a smile that wasn't truly forced upon as he padded forward to meet with the wings of tempest.

    "tempestwing." his voice cracked a little and a clear of throat swiftly followed to cover his embarrassment of not sounding proper compared to the others before him. "i didn't live long enough, but i always had admired you even back then as a kit." gaze softened as if remembering of a distant time lost in the haze of nebulous cloudy memories. "you had gone so far for many, many moons. you carried the clan and yourself through the currents that went against you, fought hard with your muscles to swim and against many difficulties." pause of consideration as the words sank in the dreamy starlight atmosphere. never was he truly good with words and felt lackluster in his mini speech. "this power drive forth would be what you need in the future, for many moons more."

    leaned in closer to the smokey blackness and whispered his song of life to her, "for your fourth life, i give you strength." his nose would touched with hers for a brief few moments and then the tabby's stepping back, moving to take place among the starry pelts of the others. five more would come after her to give her lives, and soon, she would depart to return to lead the waters higher and stronger. swiftcurrents may not know all the future that can held for this clan and this land of the lake, but he could say with certainty that the wings of this tempest would carry and cut through these waters for her clan for a very long time.



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    Unlike many of the others, hail did not approach in solemnity, nor in the joy of seeing a familiar face. Instead, the tom wandered over - his stormy pelt surprisingly dark still despite the glimmer of stars within. A soft, genuine smile on his lips - his body was round, the perfect picture of mid-pregnancy despite the fact he was certainly not carrying kits. It to had been his happiest days - knowing that despite his children would be loved despite not being conceived of love, each and every time. He supposed it may have also been becuase he'd died to give them life - something he found a worthwhile sacrfice, even though now ost had passed on, come to join the ranks of the stars themselves. Subdued as he was, he didn't bother to hide the youthful amusement from his tone as he'd step forwards, teasing. "Tempeststar now huh? What, one fancy name not enough?" A more lopsided grin and a small laugh, and he'd go to press his head against her flank, his body still much shorter than hers even here. "Were all so proud of you ya know? " he'd say, before his gaze would turn a bit more serious. "BUt don't let your pride get in the way - you may have come far, and you will go farther, but remember that there is value in other veiwpoints, and you may not always see the big picture. With this advice I give you your fifth life - humility. It is something I myself struggled with, but it's a lesson well worth learning."

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