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  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    The small feline was tasked with taking on the rats that had plagued their new home. It was interesting to her that Scamp hadn't taken her size in consideration to the task delegated to her as a fight with a bunch of rats may be suited for a cat of a bigger stature that the Singapura's. As such, Stitches called out to her clan and rogues alike, "There are rats that need a catching and a killing!" her tones were thriving with enthusiasm. "It'll be a fun game of who can kill the most!" she said in a tempting voice hoping that volunteers would be coasted into the mini competition.

    When cats arrived, Stitches set off to catch herself some rats. She wasn't really keen on the competition herself, not being competitive and rather finding other ways to entertain her wild attention however, she was going to do her best to catch as many as possible. After all, Stitches would want a big selection to choose from when picking which two rats were to be her new puppets. Using her short legs, Stitches ran ahead and located an alley that was perfect for rats to scavenge. With her ears perked she listened out for the rummaging of the big rodents, there had to be at least five from the sounds of it. She wasn't much of the hunter but maybe she could pick one up if she just launched herself in their direction.

    Landing on one, Stitches sunk her small pointed fangs into the rat's neck dealing a killing blow. The others squeaked and hurried away into the light of the open city and Stitches with her prey dangling from her jaws stalked after them into the light. Her sudden attack had shocked the rats into fleeing... She could only count herself so lucky. Surely, the next one she went after was probably going to result in a fight.

  • Ah rats. Yes, those pesky things that had been multiplying more as of late. It's one thing to be able to enjoy eating rat as a meal, but it's another for them to literally just become a whole hoard. Too many rats is no good for the felines, no good for the plants around here, and no good for the town in general. She's glad that her mate thought of a task for this BloodClanner, as she approaches at the call of Stitches. But before she can make a comment, the girl's rushing off in the start of her competition and a sigh would let out. Flora can be competitive, but at the same time, don't quite like doing it. Hunting isn't her best area, and she do better in pairs, usually with Scamp, than alone. Her coppery gaze trains on a nearby rat scampering around, running away from Stitches and Vortex. One squeals and with a quick movement of her legs, she pounces on this slower moving rat, one that seems to look a bit older and perhaps sickly than the other ones. Killing it in a blow, she lets out another sigh. "Do I hate doing this," the calico mumbles to herself.

  • Not one in her life had Bianca had to catch her own food. She looked down to her front paws and gulped; she still had her back claws, at least. Bianca jumped up to the group of hunting cats and scanned for mice. She crouched as she watched a small mouse scamper past, and without warning, she jumped at it. She tumbled into the mouse and bit it as she tried to corral it with her paws. She winced and put the mouse out of it's misery; it was a clumsy and messy first hunt, but Bianca was proud of herself. "One down!"

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    the female bounded after her mentor. "I bet I can catch more than you can, Stitches." she teased, smacking her in the shoulder gently before lifting her chin and detecting smells, then wandering off in a crouch in a direction she smelt a rat, her tail waving teasingly behind her.

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  • "Insanity."

    — Stitches


    As the other members of the clan succeeded in there first catches, Stitches paused and glanced over to the she-cat who mumbled to herself. "To soft to kill your prey?!" she called out to Flora following it was a song filled laughter as she hopped from where she was stood to hunt down another rat. Having cornered the large rodent in another alley, Stitches' fur bristled and she slowly measured up against rat. Breathing quietly she edge closer until suddenly she launched herself at the rat. Spitting hisses she scrambled with the rat until she got her jaws locked on the rat's neck, biting down until the rat fell silent.

    The kill was a lot messier than her first and Flora's earlier remark made more sense. Stitches wasn't one to be squeemish but there was something particularly unpleasant about ending the rat's life in such a way. Even in combat, Stitches never really wanted to see her enemy's body become lifeless. She quickened her pace and threw her next kill onto the first one. She noticed Bianca and purred, "ayy looks like you're fitting in well. And Bor, I'm on two already - good luck!" she called to her Tyro before slinking off once again.

  • He didn't quite know how to hunt—scratch that—he's never been hunting before. With the whole leader thing up in the air, he should be a tyro by now but he wasn't. He merely watched and learned, and surprisingly, he was good at it. He watched Stitches on her hunt, watching her launch the first attack with the twitching of her ears, then the next with quickened pace as the rats were now alerted to their presence. Flora and Bianca seemed a little more hesitant, but made the kill anyways. So Mikhail kept two things in mind: velocity and pounce.

    He joined the others, letting the stink of rat guide him. Disgusting, if he must say so, but necessary for hunting them, he guessed. He kept his paws quiet, stepping only where another paw had stepped before, his blue eyes taking note of his surroundings, looking out for movement, whether it was rat or shadow. There: a hairless tail! He continued his pursuit, coming closer, and closer, and pounce! He launched himself in front of where the rat was settling, unsheathing his claws, and felt a deserving satisfaction as it ran right into his paws in the sudden shock. A quick nip to its greasy neck was enough to kill it, just as he had watched the others do. His first prey! That was easy, did it get harder from here? "Caught one!"

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