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    The Lake territory has multiple terrain types, developed by both natural and two-leg causes. The East - Southeast portion of the territory is made up of flatter land, elevated by small, smooth hills and trees. It’s the more human-developed side of things, while the opposing North - Northwest area is rockier, leading up to mountains. The clans decide that three fox-lengths from the lake’s edge is neutral ground, allowing passage throughout all the clans to access both the Moonpool and the Gathering Island. It’s about a half day’s trip to cross half the territory. NOTE: The territory is not just what is shown on the maps; they expand beyond the edges of the map, and locations of things may not line up with what is currently written on it. More landmarks potentially may be added if they're discussed with staff beforehand. Thanks!


    Windclan’s territory is mostly made up of hills and fields, with random groups of trees dotting the land. One of the main sources of water is a small stream that branches off from the main lake and weaves through the territory, as well as a bigger creek along the north end that creates a natural border between Windclan and Thunderclan. On its southern side is Bloodclan, separated by an old Thunderpath.


    Thunderclan’s forest territory is a mix of pine, sequoia, and oak trees. They border Windclan, separated by a small stream, and Skyclan, separated by a thunderpath. It’s mostly made up of larger hills, though the east end flattens out a bit more.


    Skyclan’s territory main features include rocky hillsides and incredibly tall sequoia trees. While the sequoia trees are present among the entire territory, they’re most concentrated here. Their natural border between Thunderclan is an old, unused Thunderpath, designated for traveling to the Moonpool. On the other side is Darkclan, their natural border the same as Thunderclan. A small river runs in between the hills, eventually emptying out at the lakeside.


    Darkclan’s territory becomes steeper, becoming more similar to small mountains than hills, although it flattens out considerably as it grows closer to the lake. A mix of pine and sequoia trees cover the territory. Squished in between two thunderpaths that act as borders between Shadowclan and Darkclan, they make their home within the rocky hills.


    Shadowclan’s territory is mostly made up of hills, and is covered in mostly pine trees. In the valleys between these hills are large ponds, a few of them connected to the lake by small streams. Both clans they border with are separated naturally by twoleg paths, one of which continues on and the other leads to a twolegplace with a large garden.


    The Tribe resides high up in the mountains, in between Shadowclan and Riverclan. On the border between Riverclan and the TORW is a sheer cliffside, much too difficult for any cat to climb. There’s a near 90 degree angle, plus all the rocks are incredibly loose. Their border with Shadowclan is a large, dusty Thunderpath. The rest of the territory is much more manageable, with sturdier rocks and smooth paths from the multitude of water sources in the territory.


    Riverclan’s territory is split in half by a medium-sized river, which is fed by the lake. Mostly covered in flora that thrives in a more wet atmosphere, such as reeds and lily pads, there are some groups of trees throughout the territory. The Eastern half is mostly flat, with a few hills, while the Southern half has more hills as it leads up to the mountain in which the Tribe resides.


    Bloodclan takes up residence in an extremely old, abandoned town. In its prime, it was where many of the old miners and loggers used to live after working in the surrounding land. After an accident with the water pumping system flooded them out of the town, it remains lonely and quiet. Now, twolegs only frequent throughout the summer, exploring the ruins of the historical town.

    Please let staff know if you have any questions.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO: The rest of the staff team; Blitz (Brightstar, Windclan); Myth (Pumpkinstar, Thunderclan); Pin (Juniperstar, Skyclan); Hanako (Oakstar, Darkclan); Catfilter (Tansystar, Shadowclan); Abe (Stoneteller, TORW); Mercibun/Wren (Tempeststar, Riverclan); Radio (Aspen, Bloodclan); and EVERYONE who has come along on this journey and aided their leaders in developing the territories!


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