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  • As our travels continued, the cats faced many disasters and tragedy. None could compare to the loss of their previous home and the stinging loss of StarClan. But now the cats have all made it successfully to the new territory.

    After exploration, they settled on where to place themselves. The groups argued, as was expected, but many were relieved that this place just felt right. This was it. They were at their new home.

    It'd been a little bit now, cats were settling in. StarClan was strong in this area. The leaders had decided upon an impromptu gathering, despite it not being time for one. They hoped that StarClan would be there with them for this one.

    The sky was beautiful, inky darkness with lots of twinkling stars. A warm night, but a pleasant breeze. It was perfect.

    And what would you know! StarClan cats, still looking a bit weak and ragged, stood there proudly to welcome them all to their new home. There was strength in their gazes, their starry pelts shining specifically brighter than they had been.

    They were okay. All the Clans were okay.

    This would be quite the story to tell to the young kittens in the future. Heralded as heroes who saved StarClan! Until the next challenge...be safe, warriors

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