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  • I can offer my character, Champagne-she's a lieutenant of the Cartel rn-for either a friends with benefits/on-again-off-again relationship/casual fling or whatev works. the only thing is is that she's a hostess and polygamous, so they'd have to comfortable with her being with other people and being seen with them(or not, because, yknow, angst and plots lmao)

  • so sorry for late replies!

    Panya ooooo sure sure! that might be a neat little interaction <3

    Legrandite R.K.H. oo that gives me an idea of getting him into making like bows or something rather than just simple swords and knives. that'd be neat! Reese isn't the type to like hand out free lessons for something trivial like getting inks and whatnot. he rather just trade one item for another, but maybe they can be like friends first (maybe from a good trade or deal or something) and then he asks Reese about his blacksmithing career in the Court or something and that leds to free lessons?

    champagne s. Reese is by no means the jealous type when it comes to like friends with benefits. Honestly, I can kinda see him trying to find love in like all the wrong places since his girlfriend is no longer around rn. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY! 😂 maybe he can be like I want something more and she kinda breaks it to him that she's not interested and they like go their separate ways? if that's something you can see her doing?

  • Im definitely down and hell, cham could lead him on for a bit or even develop genuine feelings but be like scared off cause true commitment frightens her-perhaps she introduces him to her kids 👀

  • Sounds good to me!
    also sorry for the late response ehe - who makes? :O