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  • [ Mercy Reaver ]

    Calina had meant to talk with Mercy earlier, but things hadn't worked out. She had joined and then, only a day or two later, the prolonged Shade Hour had hit Shadow Veil's territory and Calina didn't have time to talk to anyone one-on-one. The only moment she had spent alone with a clanmate was when Ulla had prompted her to reconsider to boost the Coven of Elysia up from enemies to neutrals. But that had been important. Political. As much as Mercy intrigued Calina, as much as she wanted answers, she couldn't bear to take a moment away from the bulk of the clan. Calina had monitored her clanmates, she had talked with them, she had gone out patrolling, and talking with Mercy had slowly fallen out of her mind as she tried to manage problem after problem and participate in morale-boosting activity after morale-boosting activity.

    Then finally it was over. The veil of darkness was lifted as much as it could have been from Shadow Veil, and Calina was left without so many problems to deal with. There would be the usual, but she did not have an intense Shade Hour on top of everything else. She had some free time, and some of it would be spent tracking down Mercy and getting some answers from her. As Calina padded through the pines, she ran through the information she already knew about Mercy. She was related to Barghest somehow, but he was not her father. She was cousins with Sekhmet, which made Calina related to Sekhmet somehow, which was a weird thought. She had disappeared for a while. She was one of Ver's lovers. She was a former shadowkeeper. She had looked at Calina with something akin to fear in her eyes, but then been polite when she introduced herself. She was the mother of Candyhearts and her littermates. Calina had so many questions, so little answers, and she kept rolling her knowledge around in her head until she caught sight of the cream-furred feline.

    "Mercy Reaver," She spoke the name lightly. Saying somebody's full name felt strange, but the Reaver part was so important. It was what had made Calina curious about her in the first place. "Can we talk? Like I said when y' came back, Ver talked quite a bit about y'. Heard a lot." She angled her head downward, ears angling toward Mercy in what she hoped was a show of intrigue rather than aggression. The dark-furred lupurca knew she did not come off as the most comforting presence, especially to smaller creatures. She had scared many an unassuming creature by looming over them. With Mercy she was trying to be especially careful, since she had looked hesitant when they first met. Normally she wouldn't have noticed such a fine detail of anyone's behavior, but she had returned with Ver, marking her as worthy of taking mental notes on.





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