seleste's commissions [⋇⋆✦⋆⋇] open

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  • hey everyone, im seleste! i had a ko-fi shop but some people............ told me to up my prices so here we are lol

    types of commissions + examples

    ✦ icons > these are 200 x 200 pixels so that they arent warped so much by the site. backgrounds will be plain unless otherwise asked! gradients, small patterns, etc are accepted as backgrounds for icons, otherwise.. no like.. detailed bgs will be done lol

    ✦✦ example 1 , example 2

    ✦ fullbody > these vary in size. backgrounds will be transparent unless you want something like,, in the bg? like sparkles or fire? idk not like a full blown bg though!! these are fully shaded

    ✦✦ example 1 , example 2

    ✦ ref sheet > these also vary in size. backgrounds will be on the simpler side! these include a fullbody, a headshot and then miscellaneous items if you want (such as accessories, different eye colors, etc) for extra money.

    ✦✦ example (this is a human ref but it's the same idea basically)


    ✦ icons : $10

    ✦ fullbodies : flat price is $20 + $3 for each mutation that difficult (wings, uhh scales? idk ill determine it when it comes to it i guess LMAO)

    ✦✦ an extra character is + $10

    ✦ ref sheet : $40 + $5 for extra stuff (and its just a one for all type thing)

    rules + info

    ✦ i have the right to refuse a commission if i don't feel comfortable doing it or just find it too difficult to do!

    ✦ payment is after i show you the sketch! that way you kinda know what ur getting and are satisfied with it

    ✦ when/if slots are closed, pls dont post a form (being in a spoiler is ok tho!)

    ✦ i use paypal so ill dm u my thingy when i accept your comm!

    ✦ these might take roughly 2 days to a week depending on my mood and my schedule; if it's been over a week feel free to bother me tho

    ✦ photo references are super duper helpful and much appreciated!!

    ✦ things i do: cats, dogs, horses, humans, deer, gore, just ask?

    ✦ things i don't do: nsfw, heavy gore, mecha, also ask?


    ✦ canxer

    ✦ open


    free for all, but please include things like your username, commission type, character details + ref if you have one, pose/expression, color bg (for icons), and a personality description. if you have anything else i forgot to include, feel free to put it in ur form <33

    *˚. ━━━━━━━

    そう!夢と向かってく転んでも立ち上がれよ *⊹˚.

    *˚. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ storage / chat comic storage human (au) art shop! commissions!

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  • :grabbyhands:


    name: azalea

    appearance: a white hellhound with pastel pink paws, tail, and ears. a small bit darker than pastel pink circle is on her forehead, shaping a bit like a rose opening its petals. her eyes are also pink, although it can become magenta when emotional.

    personality: pessimistic. stoic. blunt. antisocial.
    background: transparent or solid colour!

    pose/expression: perhaps neutral expression or a small frown ,,,

    others: rip no reference images of azzy T-T but smooches u


  • accepted!! and no worries about no ref! i will just be extra careful and make sure its all good with you before i finish it :^) ill get started on a sketch (probs tomorrow) and then dm you on discord if that’s alright? :0c

    *˚. ━━━━━━━

    そう!夢と向かってく転んでも立ち上がれよ *⊹˚.

    *˚. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ storage / chat comic storage human (au) art shop! commissions!