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    b e a n s p r o u t for me, dance for me, dance for me, whoa-oh-oh...

    ...i've never seen anybody do the things you do before...

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    IC ;; The she-cat couldn't wait to get out and hunt today! This warm, greenleaf weather had her almost panting back at camp. The plump warrior needed to get moving. Something had to be a constant in her life. At times it felt like the world had gone mad, leaving the boisterous she-cat in a dust of confusion. Life had become so repetitive with various jabs in between. She felt as if all she did was attend patrols, hunt, and witness her clanmates exorcisms. While it was important to the she-cat to uphold the warrior code and help in anyway she can, it was starting to drive her absolutely insane!

    Beansprout gave her white chest a few licks, smoothing down any spiky tufts and made her way out of the flowering gorse bushes that made the camp's entrance. Her rounded paws continued down the grassy path that was worn after many different cats' travel, padding until the ancient path seemed to disappear and the only trace of the cats that was left was the lingering scent of a few felines. She sniffed, attempting to see who had come this way recently. She immediately recognized Springleap's scent going one direction and giggled to herself. I'll go this other way so that we aren't hunting on top of each other. "I'll have to ask her if she saw any sign of prey that way."

    She headed north, further into the rolling moores, making sure to stay silent amongst the towering grass. Her yellow green eyes glimmered from the shade of the greenery. The the air around was already warmed and the wind was still, the song of bugs echoed around her, but moving about was a surprisingly good way to keep her thick, short fur cool. Even if she was to overheat, the act of keeping moving helped to circulate air through her fur and keep her much warmer than if she were just hanging about in the sunny camp. Her chubby frame moved with ease along the the wispy grass, shifting her paws along the lush ground. Her jaws parted as she tried to catch a scent of something, anything nearby.

    Beansprout's wild gaze narrowed, spotting a sandy brown rabbit's head rise above a small dip in the ground. After a moment, it began skittering around the base of what she realized was it's burrow. Her short, stubby ears flicked as the rabbit's strong hindlegs thumped the soft earth. The warrior swore she could feel the vibration in the ground from her hiding place. The molly's head tilted softly as she listened, keeping her stance low to the ground as it moved around a large tuft of tall grass. When it came to cats with pelt patterns as contrasting as hers, short bursts of speed and the power to bring down her prey made the difference between success and utter failure for her.

    The molly made sure to creep forward when the rabbit had hopped around to the other side of the grass, allowing her to get within four fox-lengths. Beansprout froze, her hindlegs bunched under her, ready for spring.

    After a moment, a singular pause that meant everything, the wide-eyed rabbit moved its form on the closest side of its burrow, its head turned in the opposite direction and unaware of the fate it held. She lunged forth, strong legs jetting her at such speeds, light paws silent against the dry, grassy floor until she pinned its body against the base of its burrow with white mittened paws. It cried out in a single notion of fear before she snapped it's neck with a sharp nip of strong jaws and reinforced claws dug into the larger rodent's spine. A good first catch! She knew StarClan had given her an easy one today.

    "Aw sweet! Thanks StarClan, for the rabbit. I'll make sure it's enjoyed." Beansprout giggled proudly, imagining her own jaws parting to take a big ole' mouthful out of the thing. Alas, it would probably be snatched up rather quick.

    xredxpepperx make me, make me, make me wanna cry...

    and now I beg to see you dance just one more time

    windclan | she-cat | warrior | 14 moons | penned by sparkofgrey


  • "Wow! Great catch, Beansprout!" The peppy call came from none other than the WindClan leader as she crested the hill from behind the warrior. An impressed grin was plastered onto her face, emerald eyes glittering with cheer. It had been awhile since she herself was able to bring down a hare of such size, so it brought Brightstar a great amount of joy to see a clanmate accomplish the feat. "That could feed every patient in the medicine den!" Black tail sticking up in the air, the calico trotted down the slope and towards the grey she-cat, that familiar hop in her step that she'd always had. Man, she really needed to brush up on her own hunting skills so that she could hope to catch something just as good! Coming to a stop before the other, she admired the catch wistfully before turning her glance up towards Beansprout's face. "Have you been hunting all day? I've been out and about trying my luck, but it looks like that nursery weight is really weighing me down," The leader-turned-queen admitted with a bashful smile, taking a seat in the moor grass.






    Bio & Pinterest Trad. WindClan Leader 26 Moons PENNED BY Blitz Krieg