circles ━ weekly tasks 6/29 - 7/6

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • Tasks again. This time, however, it was in the Arcane instead, the group he preferred. The Thunderlands was a mess as of this very moment. He couldn't stand Geralt in some aspects, but in others he couldn't help but admire the man in a way. He hadn't necessarily stepped up, but he also had in a way. From what he knew, both Felix and Deathstroke were not the two who should have been leaders. How dishonorable. Hatsumomo shook his head as he stalked into the mushroom village, his destination in sight. He sat atop a rock that jutted from the ground, perched high above everyone else. He peered down at the NPCs wandering about, chatting with one another, trading. He wondered for a moment what it would be like to have friends.

    "Arcanians, I'm giving out weekly tasks," Hatsumomo called out in a relatively deadpan voice, his feather tail curling around his body. The tip flicked gently as he waited for people to arrive, his golden eyes lingering on those who continued to walk around, ignoring him. He grumbled under his breath, quite annoyed.

    it kills, i wish the best for you

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  • *:・゚➵ It was good to see him take some initiative. His usual 'cool guy, stoic' act often had people who seemed lazy. Not him, how surprising. Truly, it was. She wondered what it was - the way that man had been so deadpan. Did something happen to cause such a coping mechanism? No matter, for now. She'd keep her thoughts to herself. A yawn nearly escapes the female, but she forces it down. Instead, she glances upward at her fellow dragon hybrid. "Sure. Give me one."

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  • Weekly tasks. Work, under a fancy name. Yes, it was work, and work she could do, though she would do it with a frown, did anyone really like work? "I guess I'll take one too," she said with a sigh, as if this was the highlight of her day.


    help her gather all my things

    and bury me in all my favorite colours

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  • Yeah, the Thunderlands were a mess. Being here in the Arcane gave Dante some peace of mind. There was, of course, the issue with the Hellraisers and the tunnels, but he didn't worry about it too much. Would Shiranui really notice if he slunk off before battle? He wasn't a very good fighter, never had been. He glanced at her cautiously before he sat down. "Hey." He grinned. "Give me one."

    It was not his intention to repeat Shiranui. He really just didn't pay attention.

    clothes on the floor, but the bed's on the ceiling


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    tribune of the thunderlands

  • The first to approach was the leader, someone he had grown to respect and admire. She was.. Hatsumomo didn't know how to describe her. She put on a facade was what he knew. There was something about her that didn't seem so real. She was genuine but not. She did, however, care for the group, from what he could tell. That was something to be respected, especially since he preferred the Arcane to the Thunderlands. "Shiranui, talk about the history of the Arcane. I think you know more than any of us do," Momo told her with a shift of his body weight, eyes watching her for a moment. He would have liked to know more about the group he resided in. Its magical theme was of some interest to him at least. He then shifted his gaze to the foal, his eyes narrowing upon her frame. She seemed less than excited for this, so Hatsumomo couldn't help but fight back the urge to roll his eyes. He frowned at her before parting his lips to speak. "There's still much to explore here. Saraphina, take a patrol and find an unexplored part of the territory," the hybrid suggested to her with a shrug of his shoulders.

    To the final person, his features contorted into that of a slight grimace. His opinion on Dante was more neutral than anything, but he still felt off around the male. They both lived in the Arcane and the Thunderlands, both cared for the groups, or so he assumed. His eyes narrowed slightly as he studied Dante, feathery tail lashing out behind him as he parted his lips to speak. "Dante, host a scavenger hunt for everyone," Hatsumomo suggested to the other male, his head bobbing idly. These were much more thought out, but the tasks had still been difficult to think up. There wasn't so much of a struggle as there had been the last time though. He breathed a sigh as he slumped in his seated position, awaiting the next batch of people to come.

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    It was time he began carrying his weight, testing the relationship with the place he had officially began to call his home. The sights and oddities of the mountains were almost enough to seal the deal for the stag. But what kind of duties and jobs would he be given in this kind of place anyway? He had already spoken to Shiranui about the apothecary position, a job he knew quite well, but what else could he help with around here?

    Mostly curious of the new customs he was getting more familiar with, Herne stepped forward along with the lion-dragon hybrid. A rumble escaped the young stag's muzzle, pairing with a respectful dip of the antlers to Hatsumomo. "I, too, would like a task."

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    you brought the flames and you put me through hell

    i had to learn how to fight for myself

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