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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • Ever since he heard from Cole and Lloyd about the prey thieves that had entered Thunderlands territory a few days ago, he didn't quite know what to think. He never had to worry about that during his time outside the clans; the land was free reign for everyone, and whoever was the quickest on their feet and stealthiest in shadow was able to keep what they could, no matter if that meant other creatures got less. Of course, that didn't mean he thought stealing was right. Thunderlands had earned their place in Agrelos somehow, and it was just cruel for other groups to dismiss that and step through their borders with the intention of harm. The worst thing, though? Those prey stealers hurt his brothers, and he felt guilt that he hadn't been there with them, so he was glad to do something to make their efforts to protect their new home not go to waste.

    Jay didn't hesitate to approach a group of lounging Thunderlanders, seeing that they probably hadn't much to do at the current moment. "Hey guys, I'm leading a hunting patrol just to check if we have enough food after those Brigade guys came in and tried to steal some," he began to explain, "anyone wanna go with me?".



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    "Count me in, i'm starving" purrs the older male as he approaches. Been a while since he actually searched and caught his own meals. Hard not to get lazy when you live in a clan wherein everyone works to feed and take care of each other. Maybe whatever they catch today he could cook up and make a fun dinner for everyone? Or perhaps just for Tic and make it date night. He's really need to get tot hat - when was the last time they had a date night? Unforgivable!

    Speaking of his future wife, Drift would glance around, wondering where the ever busy woman is at. They haven't had many interactions as of late - granted Drift has been off exploring the place and sleeping in bushes so thats kinda on him. Still, he misses his placid princess. Maybe they could hunt together if she arrives?




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  • Those animals that had stolen prey, the Painted Brigade, is what Geralt had called them, hadn't done a whole lot of damage. He was pretty sure that most anyone got away with was a small scratch or bruise. He hadn't been injured, but he didn't like the thought that his clanmates could've been. He wished things had gone better, he wished everyone had stayed calm and hadn't leapt for each other's throats two seconds after seeing each other. He didn't like what Geralt had told him, that the Brigade had murdered one of their own and insulted her corpse and the Thunderlands traditions and culture. And as much as he was inclined to believe Geralt he couldn't say he did entirely. He hadn't witnessed what happened, hadn't heard them disrespect their dead member, he couldn't say he knew the full story and it sounded like it was in the past and as much as he hated to think they should all move on from it, they should all move on from it.

    He still hadn't liked what went down that day, but they were all civilized animals and he hoped they could move on from it someday. But from the sound of it, that was unlikely. Nevertheless, he had moved on from it and was plenty happy to act like nothing had happened between the Thunderlands and Painted Brigade. "I'll come too, Jay."


  • Cecilia was unsure if she would ever be able to forgive the Painted Brigade for their actions against the Thunderlands. First they had killed Felicity, and while the Skychieftess did not regard her especially dearly, Felicity was a clanmate, and Cecilia respected each and every one of her clanmates as friends and equals. Then they marred her body with scratch marks and scars and discarded her like useless trash on the border. And they didn't stop there; the Painted Brigade proceeded to steal prey from the Thunderlands. A more minor infraction, sure, but nevertheless it was one against her home. As long as she was Skychieftess, their status as enemies of the Thunderlands would remain unchanged.

    But when the opportunity to replenish their food stocks presented itself in the form of a hunting patrol, Cecilia would seize it. She wanted to help her clan in any way she could, even moreso now that she was the leader. "I'll go as well," she stated as she made her way over to the small group. A group of this size would certainly be able to track down a sizable amount of prey.


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  • He gave Jay this task, and it was probably the most productive task he had given, so there was a part of his mind that was pleased to see this carry out. The summer was getting unbearable. Now as a carnivore, he had to adjust his diet. It wasn't as hard as he would have thought it to be, but he preferred to spend his days lazying in the shade and not catching food.

    So it worked out quite well that a good number of people showed up to answer Jay's call. Dante sat down roughly and twisted his neck to smooth down the fur on his shoulders. "I'll stay. Someone's got to hold down the fort." Seemed plausible enough. "But good luck!"

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