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    Its brunch time.

    Too late for breakfast, and too early for lunch. A very uncomfortable time for many. If they didn't have breakfast they would feel hungry however the need to wait for lunch was always looming over. In actuality, Naomi always ate at this time. Two meals a day, one around brunch time one at dinner. She had this schedule for as long as she had been in the Ruins. Throwing off that would probably upset her stomach, something she wouldn't be able to feel. She truly didn't care honestly, but at this point she probably shouldn't throw anything off.

    The raid on the sanctuary was going to happen any day. Probably later today if everything was going to plan. Naomi had collected herbs, even though she doubted they would need them, right? If the Ruiners were injured in a raid like this, maybe they truly deserved it. However, at this point everything was done, and it was time for Naomi to eat. Somewhere earlier in the day, she had decided it would be better for everyone to have a good meal leading to the raid. Maybe it would give them some sort of strength, actually it would. Naomi made a good brunch, well actually she told people to make it. It was some different prey as well as scrambled eggs, toast, and several different bowls filled with different types of fruit. She had done the fruit bowls herself. There was also some omelettes and waffles if they wanted to pick between that. Of course there was also some fruit punch and juices as well.

    And finally, when it was all set, Naomi finished everything up by... drugging the food.

    She hadn't drugged all of it... only the more staple items that she assumed the majority would eat, the eggs, toast, prey, and such. She drugged the food with some lotus and ginger, if anything it would add to the flavor. These herbs were energizer herbs, she put it in the food so they would kick in by raid time and the ruiners would have a burst of energy to finish the job. Herbs like that really didn't work on Naomi all that well, but she would eat the food anyways, because in all honesty she didn't care, and she was too lazy to make separate food for herself. "ruins... I made brunch" she stated. It was exactly a week ago that she had hosted the movie night... hmm... was this much different? "eat the food, its good..." she stated simply. That was it, Naomi didn't actually have to tell the others she drugged the food right? It was only to help them fight.... ya...




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    Sometimes, Necrosis realized, his clanmates would eat some very strange things. Eggs "cooked" over a fire. Bread. Weird, fancy shit that was alittle too complicated for his taste. What happened to going out in packs to take down prey, only to bring it back in fresh, steaming hunks? The hulking hound loved the thrill of it. This... This human shit was disgusting.

    With a huff, Necrosis seized a fawn from the provided prey and settled down with it. In greeting, he offered Naomi a grunt before sinking his snow white daggers into the warm meat. In almost one bite, already half of he carcass was gone, being chewed to a pulp and swallowed down into his gullet. Blood splashing over his tongue reminded the direhound how hungry he really was, and how long it had been since he had settled down with a good meal. Too bad his particular taste would leave him left out of the drugs.



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  • Lola hadn't explored such foreign food in a long time. She vaguely remembered eating fruit with Toni moons and moons ago, but it'd been so bitter. She spat it out. This time, however, she was more open minded to the idea of eating something that wasn't meat. Twitching her ears, she approached the small set up that Naomi had prepared before them. Sniffing the food, she caught up an odd scent. It was likely just the difference in taste, right? Thinking nothing of it, she took a few bites of scrambled eggs. "Ah, this is good Naomi. What did you put in this?"

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  • ❝ NARRATOR ❞ ⁠— claret could eat, they supposed, but they weren't hungry. they weren't going to participate in the raids either. it didn't seems like a good idea to eat when the others should eat for the need for energy. so instead, the cub brought a book to the brunch event that naomi had set up, settling down at the edge. nercosis and lola were already here, quickly eating it all up with no hesitation. cracking open the book, universal guide of understanding nothing about the universe, they eyed the three ruiners. "she have water?" they would ask naomi.



  • Having planned out meal times was stupid in Angels eyes, he hadn't had a routine since he was a very little child still barely a speck compared to his mother and father (he still felt like that regardless of the fact he was likely rivaling them in height already) he didn't really hate or like any foods more then others despite his recent hobby of fishing he still liked regular prey as much as he liked fish - it was all food at the end of the day! However he wasn't going to pass up easy pickings, he was still growing technically and gorging himself sounded real appealing especially now when his stomach rumbled for food, he had only just woken up and in his eyes the Red God himself had blessed him and his usual shit luck by having one of the Ruiners read his mind and cook up some grub to eat.

    If only he knew there was always a catch to the Red Gods blessings.

    Angel would make his way over eyes flitting from face to face uneasily before they settle on the eccentric woman who was doing the serving he does take pawfuls of each of the dishes not settling one or two and the servings are large for him, his appetite preceded him but he never grew chubby more so bulky between the weight gain and exercise he often put himself through when he wasn't moping. He's about to head towards his mother without a word but he remembers at the last minute and would stiffen as he'd make a move to leave ”Thank you” he chokes out practically before going to sit besides Bellona and almost as soon as his plate hit the ground he would begin to feast.

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    Jace always liked to eat. It was surprising that he wasn't overweight, but where there was food, there was Jace. He doesn't hesitate to join the group, looking to Naomi with an appreciative smile. "Oo, this is fancy." The elder says, finding a seat beside Claret. He is quick to take multiple things - some toast, bites of eggs, and pieces of prey, completely unaware that the food had been drugged. "This tastes good, I could eat your cookin' any day," The warlord purrs with a half full mouth.


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