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  • The shadowy feline races after Felix, onyx paws slamming against the meadow grass as her sheathed sword knocks against her side. This time she runs into battle against her former home - it is only the second time, the uncertainty which dwells in her stomach only expands as the battlefield comes into view. They had won last time, though that had been on Solarian sands, and her purpose for fighting was far more important than some stupid revenge. It had been to prove herself - and so she had to fight. Claws unsheathe as they draw nearer, mind moving into fight mode as pale red eyes find the zombies crawling. She doesn't need to take in the faces of familiarity - it's much easier to focus on the undead crawling around, nerves spiking a bit more.

    But as Arya found herself in the midst of the battle, eyes widen at the sight of someone more familiar than the rest. Showstopper.Her brother, one who had fled the Ruins a long, long time ago to flee to the Kingdom. Just like the rest of her siblings, he had been on the right side of history. He had always been much softer than her, getting captured at a young age and refusing to fight their mother during the Million battle. Out of all her siblings, she always remembered liking Show most as a kid; of course, things changed. She wasn't the bratty warmongering child she once was, and it seemed he wasn't the weak boy he once was, although him disappearing made her want to hate him a bit. Time had passed and the space between them grew - she didn't even know he lived in the Sanctuary anymore. But the sight of her savannah brother knocks the wind from her lungs for a moment, especially at the sight of Constellationdreamer L. behind him.

    She regains herself. Moves forward on fast paws and speeds towards the tiger attempting to catch the third tier by surprise and conjure a dark cloud in front of her eyes, attempting to tackle SHOWSTOPPER T.M out of the way of her attack. If successful she would turn, standing in front of her brother as piercing red eyes narrow, at the woman. "I promised Eva I wouldn't hurt you." Words spill quickly as the wakizashi hovers beside her, controlled by her telekinesis as the shadow elemental likely began to fade. "But touch a hair on his head and I won't hesitate to shove this sword through your heart." It was likely this woman had no clue who she was, but the situation was proving to be difficult and the small savannah would make the necessary decision if she had to.

    // trying to protect showstopper & attacking constellationdreamer!

    ╰ ‣ very difficult physically, medium mentally

    ╰ ‣ closed to capture/kill, open to maiming/large injuries (pm me)

    ╰ ‣ open to two opponents at a time

    ╰ ‣ open to capturing, torturing, or killing your character


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  • ☾ ‧₊˚ ✦ As Constellationdreamer dove for Showstopper, she was distracted by a winged serval as he dove for her back, claws digging into her skin. Shit, she hadn't expected him to have backup when she had seen one Sanctuarian fly out of the battle. With only a moment of hesitation, she teleported from his grasp, teeth bared in a snarl as she faced both Showstopper and Felix with equal parts rage and understanding. While she hadn't expected to be attacked from the sky, she could respect Felix's dedication to protect his clanmates - after all, she would do the same for her fellow Ruiners in a heartbeat.

    And then there were three, a dark cloud forming in front of her eyes and blinding her for a moment. Another attacker? Her eyes widened as the cloud faded away, revealing none other than Arya Tormenta-Million, a name she had become worryingly familiar with in the past month or so. Arya Tormenta-Million, daughter of Ver Million and Nadine Tormenta. Arya Tormenta-Million, murderer of Ace and enemy of the Ruins. Arya Tormenta-Million, a friend to Evangeline. As the words reached her ears, she nodded sharply, mismatched eyes never straying from Arya's own crimson ones. "For Evangeline, you and your brother are safe," she agreed, eyes softening for a mere moment before stepping back away from their battle. "We will not speak of this," she added before turning away in time to see strange undead creatures fill the battlefield.

    With that, she was off, sprinting towards where she was Speedfreak struggling against three enemies, one of which was one of the zombies. She was quick to teleport to the back of the zombie, raking her claws down its spine as she looked desperately to the hyena. "You good?" she asked, despite knowing he was most certainly not good. At the very least, he had help now.

    // interacting with arya. and now assisting SPEEDFREAK !



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  • Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful

    There is only a brief second of victory as the three legged fox became pinned under her paw, Evangeline's eyes narrowed down at him, when he yanks himself away from her grasp. Narrowed eyes widen in horror as skin and muscle tear beneath her paw and cries echo within her ears - he's that desperate he'd injure himself? His movements are faster than her own and Evangeline watches the injured vulpine bolt from where he was once pinned to the softened earth, his blood spattered on the ground and beneath her paw. Eva considers chasing him down, but Speedfreak's cries catch her attention and she searches the battlefield for the hyena.

    What she sees strikes terror into her heart.

    The undead.

    Immediately the alabaster Regent is drawn back in time to the old BloodClan territory. Everyone holed up in an abandoned prison, sick and rabid creatures prowling the territory, a singular bite spelling certain doom from the seemingly undead creatures. Evangeline recalls saving a child from two "walkers" as Merle use to call them, she remembers the feeling of their teeth and claws digging into her flesh, her own body fighting back until the creatures lied dead at her feet before she herself collapsed to the ground. Merle's bayonet glints in the sun above her as she begs him to do it - end her before she becomes a monster like they had been. Tears are flowing down her ebony face as she says goodbye to her loved ones, her fiance and children - she can see Merle's face, taut with grief as he drives the weapon into her skull. Darkness. The memory ceases there as the beating of her heart had done so all those years ago.

    Evangeline is drawn back to the present, her heart now hammering hard against her ribcage as pale golden eyes tear away from Speedfreak to find Constellationdreamer. Had the undead found the golden tabby tigress? Evangeline would never forgive herself if the one she loved fell victim to creatures unnatural to the world they walked upon. Eva needs to warn her! Don't get bit. She needs to protect her! Don't get scratched. She needs to -

    A heavy weight is slammed into her side and the mountain lioness goes crashing to the ground. Her breath is forced from her lungs and alabaster paws scramble to make contact with the turf so she can get back to her paws. Evangeline wants to curse herself for being distracted, but there is no time for that.

    //interacting with felix m.

    Is not because of these stars or lights, but us


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    — He was relieved to see Constellationdreamer teleporting in, dealing with the zombie that had been attacking him. He was still bleeding, but now he could handle his opponents much better. With a deep breath and a step forward, Speedy grits his teeth, stomping his paw down on the zombified serval's skull, which shatters with ease. It was a little gross how weak the flesh on these things were. "I'm fine, thanks for the save," There were too many of them, too many of those things. And yet the Sanctuary was drawing allies in from the furthest corners of the continent. He wouldn't hesitate to strike them down, each and every one of them. He wasn't going to bleed out, not here. With a bit of concentration, he manages to zap his side with a large enough spark to burn the flesh closed. The hyena cries out in pain, but at least now he could still fight without his blood spilling all over the place. He was pretty resourceful in a pinch, and he'd definitely regret burning his own flesh down the road. But it was more important to survive.

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  • You should not have come here, he flinches at that would she really try to rip him apart? Yet that's what he wanted to do to her so could he truly be surprised enough for a spike of worry to flick across his face and down his entire body. He lands his hit but something foul almost made him let go as soon as he jaws wrapped around her, it smelled of the corpse border but they were far far away from the Ruins something was extremely wrong and he can feel his heart pound in terror inside his chest screaming at him to run but he refuses it he would never retreat this was his first fight in forever and there was so much banking on it! His eyes widen as they try to flick to see the commotion around them, the undead beasts are impossible for him to see over her thick fur however and maybe that's for the best. He doesn't get very long to look around anymore before his word spins.

    He's slammed hard against the ground letting out a loud yelp as the air shoots out of his lung as her weight presses hard against him. He can't move he can only blink the shadowy's away from enclosing his vision as a groan trickles past his bloodied teeth he can't roll away to get away so he lays pinned on the ground gasping for breath for a moment longer at her mercy as he does. Tasting the flavor of defeat and fuck how bitter it is, he wants it out of his mouth now he barely got a chance to fight. No... It's not over yet, don't let them down fucking fight. Cmon! ”..Hrrr... I don't think you heard me... Let me repeat myself” he chokes out as the shadowy of her paw hovers over his head ”i'm going to kick your ass!” just as she'd bring her paw down to try and hit him on the eyes he would attempt to lunge to catch the wrist of her paw in his jaws, if this worked he would try to twist it as roughly as he could.

    // attacking: [Grave]

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    Constellationdreamer disappears out from under Felix, and the serval finds himself tumbling into the ground. He's still trying to get his bearings as the turns to face him, hears Arya, hears Constellationdreamer leaving. He shakes his head out. Hears Roman's shouting, the snarl of zombie. He takes a deep breath. Shakes out his wings, stands up. There's a lot fewer Ruiners than he'd thought there'd be. It was .. confusing. Where were they? Why weren't they showing up to aid the others? It made him nervous, like they were planning something, though .. there seemed to be an element of panic among the Ruiners who were there.

    Felix turns his attention to Roman's shout, scampers after his friend's voice, easily allowing the press of his injured comrade's, ignores the blood it presses into his fur, desperately pulling at his brain for ideas. He thinks -- he thinks he knows the basics on how to do that. He thinks he does. He .. He brought his bag of .. stuff, right?

    "I can do that," He breathes, a sort of unsteadiness to his voice. His heart is thudding in his ears, and the battlefield feels distant. He grabs for his supplies, that tiny little bag of supplies. He doesn't think he'd had a tourniquet in mind when he'd been preparing it, and while he did had cloth, he had to grab something else to use as the ... tightening stick .. or .. whatever it was. It would, at the least, serve its purpose.

    A deep breath. Felix spreads his wings to help balance himself as he rises onto his back paws, items in hand. If allowed, he would begin, wrapping the cloth. It wasn't that hard. You .. you wrapped the cloth around it, attacked the stick to it, and spin it until it was tight enough to cut off the circulation, right? It was a rough method, but one that worked. It did what it was supposed to.




  • Fireghost was unbearably late, trying to weave their way into the fray with lavender wisps of flames blazing with fury. They had to keep their jaws shut for thick dark grey smoke was wafting out of the corners of their mouth. They were antsy, antsy to get these Ruiners off their lands. Even the fucking zombies were a better sight than they were and they couldn't help but feel joy that a few of them decided to rush at them. Of course, a few others decided to chase after their allies, which was pretty trashy. The spectral snow leopard dodged npcs clashing with npcs, trying to make their way in order to protect allies or engage with an enemy.

    // open to two opponents! fireghost is like?? my pokemon character?? so their moveset is flamethrower, will-o-wisp, future sight, and psychic so i'll try to attack like that??
    will most likely be protecting other allies !! closed to capture/maim/death


  • — Elian wasn't sure what the fuck he was watching. He was expecting the Sanctuary to recruit allies but he wasn't anticipating a group of feral, mindless creatures to also charge the field. The blue-tinted wolf had waited from afar with the second wave of Ruiners, ebony nails curling through the soil as he debated how to handle the sudden change of plans. This went from a highly orchestrated mission of destruction and annihilation to an absolute cluster-fuck of blood and chaos. He couldn't sit on the sidelines anymore, they needed to get in there and provide relief for the Ruiners already battling. "Fuck!" He'd curse quietly to himself. "They need us, we got to go. Now! He'd watch as Speedfreak took a nasty bite, his friend's blood trickling down his striped pelt. Constellationdreamer was already aiding in the attack but Elian would make a mental note to check in on the hyena throughout the battle. The third tier didn't know his own limits and he wasn't ready to lose a good fighter and the best man to his wedding to a pathetic group like the Sanctuary. The brute would sprint forward, mud seeping between his toes and strands of green grass whipping his ankles. The skies were dark but at least that meant the sun wouldn't be so blinding.

    They needed to get in, storm the camp, cause as much damage as possible, and get the fuck out. The gears in his brain came to a sudden halt when the familiar ebony savannah trickled into the corner of his dilute gaze. Arya? Fuck. He knew this day was likely coming but perhaps he was hoping it never would. The former Regent knew a lot of his own attacks, he taught her almost everything he knew, thankfully she hadn't been his apprentice for quite awhile and some new tactics were since developed. He didn't want to attack her but it was his job, she was a traitor and he wasn't going to make exceptions for former friends. She was dead to him, she had to be, and now he was determined to make her death reality. Front paws extended into a sprint, Elian aimed to knock arya. over with a powerful headbutt. He'd need to be aware of her stupid sword, if only he could dull the edges by melting them.

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  • TAGS. — "What are those things?" Pramanix muttered with equal parts fear and fascination as she puttered a few steps behind Elian, her fur stained with almost artistic swirls of prey-blood. The words "undead" and "zombie" weren't in Pramanix's vocabulary, so she had no way to describe the mindless, skinless creatures disturbing the battlefield. Finding that an answer to her question was not forthcoming, Pramanix shrugged away her curiosity and scanned the scorched earth for an opponent her size.

    Her gaze fell upon a dark snow leopard with eyes that glowed like lanterns. Flames circled his body and smoke seeped from his closed jaws. Pramanix was not a fan of fire—what snow leopard was? well, this one, apparently—and she lacked any powers to defend herself from such elements. The fact that he was a clearly capable fighter, though, was all the more reason to engage him in battle. He couldn't hurt her clanmates if he was hurting her.

    If Pramanix had known that her soon-to-be opponent was a Shepherd of the Sanctuary, she might have given him a wide berth. Instead, Pramanix surged straight towards the snow leopard and leaped, attempting to latch onto and rake her claws down his back.

    // attacking fireghost.

  • There was no mistaking the smell of sand and blood. It was a smell he was well acquainted with - Angelbeats' murder, his capture, Raeliana's capture, Evangeline, his own assault - those events and many more made it so he wouldn't ever forget the smell.

    Makariy was late to the actual raid itself. However, it didn't take long for him to scan the battlefield for an opponent. There, his mind supplied as he spotted Pramanix. She was in the middle of attacking Fireghost but he didn't care - all he wanted to do was wipe the floor with the Ruiners. Push them back and keep pushing until they left - left, or disappeared entirely.

    Makariy wasted no time in breaking into a sprint, teeth bared. As soon as he got close enough, he would leap himself and attempt to slam into Pramanix midair, putting all of his weight into the attack. They were evenly matched as far as he was concerned - despite his hybrid lineage, he took after his father more than his mother.

    // attacking and trying to intercept pramanix h.



  • TAGS. — A second after her paws left the ground, a creature slammed into her side and bowled her right back onto the ground with the air knocked out of her lungs. Pramanix was more surprised than hurt, so she managed to roll back onto her paws straightaway. She took a moment to assess her new opponent, crouching as if she were about to lunge in order to stall for time.

    He was young. Not much younger than her, than still. That was almost worse than if he were older and bigger than her, in which case she could use all her strength without qualms. Pramanix turned her sigh into a snarl, attempting to dart behind the catsune, grab one of his tails, and give it a good yank in order to unbalance him. Maybe if she rattled him enough, he'd run away and she could redirect her attention to that dark-furred snow leopard.

    // switching gears to attack MAKARIY .

  • The haze of agonized adrenaline has masked the undead's presence to him at first. His paws thrum through the battle, warring creatures and beasts alike; direwolves and tigers thrash along with mere felines like organic skyscrapers tumbling around him. The lush meadows beyond their battle is a far cry from his dry city, but the ash and blood clouding the air like volcanic debris blind him with the fog of violence. It's all the same, everywhere, anywhere; the hopeless thought runs through his head while his paws thrum an unsteady rhythm towards wherever Felix might be. His shoulder is pure fire. Again. Intertwined with panic is always excitement, a complete lust for bloodshed, the charge of cavalry into footsoldier hell. Since "ascension," he's never let himself on to the battlefield for all too long. Surrounded on all sides by those with four, strong legs and sacrificial hearts.

    Idiocy isn't atonement. That he knows very well. He's had much time to reflect on the cycle of violence where there was none; he can't sacrifice his own life in exchange for others', even hundreds of others' he cannot resurrect through sheer stupidity. But it's only the urge to give back to all those who didn't have the privilege of fighting—dying—amongst the wood and flowers, who didn't even have the knowledge that such things existed. He has nothing else to do than give it back: his enjoyment, his contentment, his future. He isn't a martyr. Death doesn't discriminate between the causeless and the heroes. But, while sprinting towards a lioness, he only hoped that a potential death would buy Felix—their allies—some time.

    His senses come back to him just as his flesh comes off, both under the Ruiner's claws. His regret, his anger, return as he ducks beneath flailing limbs and paws, squinting against the red twilight and gray flesh-eaters. He doesn't have time to curse himself. He never had it in the first place. The only thing he can do right now is compensate, find him, gilded between the Ruiners and the defenders and the undead. This time he doesn't stare as Felix works, only lifting his senses to their chaotic surroundings. A feeble guard against any dishonorable attack, but a guard nonetheless. He grit his teeth all the while he works, stifling any whimper that crawls out his throat (not that anyone could hear it through the sound of bodies slamming into each other). "Thanks," he says, rising. Wound-sharpness keeps the sleepiness of nostalgia at bay. He glances back towards his savior, all shadowed eyes and clenched resolve. "I'm going to follow you; make sure one of our only medics doesn't get too damaged." It isn't an offer, just a statement with a quiet thought behind it: I can buy you time to run. "I'm can't be on the frontlines, but I can defend," he adds.


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    Rage ebbed at her paws, watching Speed take an attack from this bullshit situation. Her lip was curled as she looked around the battlefield, looking for targets, something to sink her teeth into and dispel all the rage and shed Sanctuarian blood. She’d check on Speedy in a second, make sure he was okay.

    That was when she saw Felix. He was attempting to heal himself in the middle of the battle. An easy target for the vicious, pissed off, pregnant wolf. And she shot forward, the light of battle and vicious hatred burning in her gaze as her small paws seemed to dance across the mud and grass. All around her, wisps and spirits and zombies shot around her, the cries of battle, the chaos of emotions battering her, increasing the vitriol in her veins. She was going to kill, was going to rip someone to shreds, feel blood on her tongue and drip from her jaws while the chaos erupted. She aimed to slam straight into the back of Felix, paws outstretched to pin him to his stomach. Her venom dripped thickly from her jaws, staining her painted pelt with greenish black, the crimson paint sludging down her alabaster pelt, leaving trails behind her.

    She looked like a demon, outlined in the darkness as blood seemed to drench and drip from her pelt. She wanted to rip this person apart, tear him limb from limb, listen to his screams as she would tear him apart. She wanted to make him suffer.

    //attacking VIDEO | physically moderate, mentally difficult | neurotoxic venom that causes paralysis if injected




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  • -

    She shouldn't be surprised that he has fight left in him, though for those few brief moments the Lupurca wondered if her opponent was going to give up. The way in which he started talking telegraphed he was going to try and do something, she didn't expect that to be latching onto her paw as she brought it down to swipe above his eyes though. Sharp fangs pierced her skin, and with another grunt of pain Grave almost made motions to pull away - at the last second though the wolf changed her mind, and instead of pulling against him let her foe drag her paw to the ground. It was at a painful angle and she could already start to see her own blood seeping into his mouth and to the ground, but what this presented her with was an opportunity to strike while he was distracted.

    "Do you think this is some kind of game?" Came her reply, snarled and between grit teeth. "The longer you stay here, you run the risk of getting injured to the point where if one of us doesn't catch you out, the undead will." With those harsh words, Grave raised her other paw and with sharp claws poised and ready, would try to strike down against the side of Angel Darling 's face while he had his teeth wrapped around her paw, hopefully too distracted to see her attack coming. All hostile actions aside, she did not intend to kill this Ruiner if she could help it. If she could force them to flee or at least retreat due to injuries, that would be enough for her.

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  • Yellow eyes suddenly widen as they watched one of these disgusting things ( they didn't even regard Ruiners as living anymore, they were in a tier lower than the zombies now for all that they've done ) try to jump for them only to get pushed midair out of her target -- which had been them. As Makariy briefly tussled with Pramanix, Fireghost took the time to peer at what's happening around them. Felix looked like he was trying to help -- not even engaging when another Ruiner tried to jump him.

    Gaia, they hated that. They'd use their Psychic ( telekinesis ) to raise stones and pebbles from the ground in order to pelt them towards CARNIVOROUSCARNIVAL and pramanix h. to offer some assistance to their fellow members. They hoped that maybe a stone would hit one of them on the head to at least disorient them, but Fireghost couldn't really say they were an excellent shot in any way.

    // pelting carnivorouscarnival and pramanix with stones to distract/disorient them atm !!!


  • The rapidfire of alabaster paws striking the ground almost miss him through the thick of battle; he whips around to get a full view of the pounding blur behind them, cape fluttering in the bloodstained wind like the reaper itself. There's little time for thought in the slashed seconds between her leap and her pin. Instinct flashes through his paws, the will to run burning lightning hot through strained nerves. To run from a fight he knows he can't possibly win, with searing wounds and nonexistent stamina. To run from a fight and save himself at the cost of...what?

    His paws push into the ground, adrenaline gifting him the power of flight for just one moment—in the other direction. Roman attempts to slam into VIDEO with tremendous force, receiving the full force of CARNIVOROUSCARNIVAL 's lunge instead. His head slams into the ground as her paws thud into both of his shoulders; he can't help but let out a shriek-roar at the pain that immediately rips through the hastily-set bandages. His vision blurs, and he freezes his limbs as he tries to make senses of this spinning, weightless world she's thrown him in. Fuck... is currently is most coherent—and only—thought.


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  • His attack rung true, and for a moment, smug satisfaction swelled in his chest. Makariy watched as Pramanix jolted into motion, tensing his body. However, he wasn't expecting the snow leopard to duck behind him and thus wasn't prepared for the tail yank.

    A muffled yelp escaped him as he staggered, claws unsheathing to grip the ground. Dangerous. It was dangerous to lose his footing, and brief panic rose in his throat. "Let GO!" Makariy snarled at the woman, an unsheathed paw raising. Makariy would attempt to slam his paw on top of Pramanix's head repeatedly in quick, yet brute motions. He wouldn't be satisfied with one, no, if the blows would hit, he would try continue his assault, sinking his claws onto her skull in a motion reminiscent of digging.

    If the woman let him go, he would tear his tails away from her and try to jump back in order build some space between them.

    // trying to pummel pramanix h.




    Only medic, huh? Felix wouldn't say that much. He may be one of the few here on the battlefront though, so Felix will grant him that much.

    It's .. well. It's not that Felix's guard was down, per se, there's a certain hyperawareness that comes with existing in the midst of danger, but Felix's attention can't be everywhere at once, and certainly not at his back. The serval's first hint of danger is Roman's dive at him -- the serval startles, almost instinctively tries to scurry away, but he's not fast enough -- perhaps for the better, truthfully. He doesn't yelp as Roman collides with him, but it takes a moment for him to gain his bearings as he skids just a moment away.

    He shakes out his head. There's rocks being thrown, and Roman is screaming(Felix can't help but snarl), and there's a great white wolf sitting on top of him. Not Dandelionfluff -- too small, the scent of the Ruins. He shakes his pelt out, re-orients himself.

    Ah. So they got attacked because Felix wasn't paying attention. Stupid.

    Felix doesn't wait. Every second counts, and she wasn't even that much bigger than him. Felix launches himself at CARNIVOROUSCARNIVAL , attempting to tackle the wolf off of Roman, latching onto whatever he can with all claws and teeth, one paw attempting to shove into her face -- to keep it away from him. Also known as, pretty much the same tactic he uses every time -- teeth were more dangerous than claws, after all, and tackling wasn't nearly as effective if you didn't put all of the sharp bits you had into it.





    The intended target quickly changed but she didn’t care who it was. Her single eye glared down at the fox pinned beneath her. She wasn’t much bigger than him, but size never stopped her. Her teeth were bared as she looked down at him, paw raised to smack into his chest, feel ribs crack beneath her paw. It felt good as he gasped breathlessly, the sound like music. Shortlived, as most were, when the emotions of fear hit her and she wanted it over with. Never can enjoy a good torture, huh? The thuds as pebbles slammed into her hooded form just annoyed her, nothing to make her stop what she wanted. Her jaws parted, lips pulled back as venom dripped thickly from her teeth and jaws, spattering his fur, before she lunged forward, aiming to dig those large teeth right into his throat, severing an artery as she clenched her jaws as strong as she can, blood erupting into her alabaster mouth, kicks slamming into her chest and stomach, nails scratching her pelt and tearing her cape. And with her paw holding him in place, she jerked her head, ripping sinew and muscle as she pulled and pulled, a waterfall of blood spilling from her jaws and splattering the ground around her until, finally it gave way and she ripped his throat out. Her head jerked back from the force, stumbling as her drenched pelt now dripped more with Sanctuarian blood.

    Unluckily for Felix, by the time he did leap on her, the deed was done. She snarled, turning to meet his attack as she fell onto her bad leg as teeth would turn to meet teeth, aiming to grip any part she can and fling him away from her. Stupid fucking creatures!

    //permission to powerplay Roman + attacking VIDEO  




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    — Having melted his own wound closed, Speedy was glad to see the rest of the Ruins beginning to arrive. Soon enough, the place would be overrun by zombies, which meant they had to do as much damage as they possibly could. He sends a telepathic message toward Carni, spotting her further away: Call for me if you get overrun. Of course he was worried-- she was pregnant and struggling, and as much as he wanted to tell her to just get out of here, he knew there was no keeping her away from the battlefield. He rips his attention away from her, turning toward the territory at large. The hyena takes a deep breath, pulling together all his concentration, releasing his worldly attachments.

    At that moment, static begins to form in the sky above. The dying gasp of the Sanctuary was at hand.

    The sound that crashed down from the heavens was absolutely deafening. He'd conjured a bolt of lightning so enormous that blood shot like a cannon from his eyes and nostril. Several large trees in the territory had been knocked down, and a blaze of unspeakable proportions was spreading like a wildfire. A malicious grin comes to his expression. They couldn't put out a fire that big. Not quickly, anyways. Would they keep fighting, or would they try to stop him from burning their territory to ashes? Either way, they'd have to give something up.

    //attacking the territory

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