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    Brindlemist has got her mother's face, or at least a close enough approximation. She stares at her reflection, murky and wavering in the surface of a puddle. The same narrow eyes, although her own are blue. A notch where her nose meets her face, a round head. Had Brindlemist had shorter fur, the soft definition of her cheekbones would also likely mirror her mother's, and yet they are irrevocably different. No one has to wonder what Tansystar (-ha! brindlemist resolves to kill her, if she must,) is feeling because every emotion is broadcast clearly. Brindlemist doesn't, every expression either purposeful or fleeting.

    While watching her reflection, Brindlemist shifts her stance, squares her shoulders, lowers her chin. Her curled ears fold back, her nostrils flare, and it's a familiar sight. She's seen Tansystar angry enough to know it well, but seeing the expression on her own face creates a dissonance somewhere in her chest. It's unnerving, wrong, like seeing a summerbird in the snow. Brindlemist drops the expression, falls into something hunched and nervous. Flicking ears, whiskers pressed to her cheeks. A stance that wont settle into one position, and it looks wrong on her, but this is becoming a fun game to play.

    Her attention drifts from the reflection, to the camp around her. To the clanmates about it, some of which who would have surely taken notice to Brindlemist making faces at a puddle, "I'm working on something," She says as way of explanation, then, an idea. Brindlemist makes a sound like she's hacking on a hairball stuck in her throat, then speaks, "Don't you know it's rude to stare? Come, sit sit sit if you are so interested in what I'm doing," Tansystar's voice is a little higher than her own, more nasally, but Brindlemist feels she's done it well.

  • TAGS ☆彡interesting. it was the only polite thing he could think to give internal voice to, but another word came to mind. weird. staring at brindlemist quietly, the blue tabby would stay seated where he was, not inclining to join her (or whatever it was that she was doing). wasn't it wrong to echo others? to mimic out of spite? was that what she was going for? he was more confused then intrigued. what are you doing?

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  • ShadowClan apprentice | American Curl mix | brown and ginger tortoiseshell | tags

    "It should be apparent," Brindlemist replies to Winterpaw. She doesn't know him well and, at his question, assumes him to be stupid. Still, she could take pity on him, "When I first started my apprenticeship, I would pretend to be... different. At gatherings." Not monotone, not severe. Bubbly, open, a bit dull. It was fun, "I had earned the skill of-" She imagines Winterpaw, draws in her mind what little she knows of him, repeats the snippet of his words over and over, "-doing-" that's not it, "-voices," Closer, but not- "I fear I need to practice with..."

    She trails off, coughs, then squares her shoulders, determined. A breath, two. Before she speaks, the muscles along her neck visibly tense and relax, "I just need- there it is." When she laughs, it's in her own voice. "tell me, do i make a convincing you?" Towards the end of her sentence, her voice wavers, brittle. She's had the same trouble when imitating Firedawn. Brindlemist lets out another dry cough, rubs a paw absently to her throat, "I don't know anything you to say."

  • tags — Well, this was a sight he had never expected nor imagined to stumble across. Brindlepaw- no, Brindlemist, fooling around like a kit shackled to the nursery. He had never assumed the normally earnest molly to hold a playful, perhaps childish side to her, but it came across as a welcomed surprise. Maybe he did not know her as well as he thought he did, a subtle embarrassment washing over him as a result of his own judgment. Regardless, whether this was just a momentary fluke or a side of her that would make a more common appearance come the following days, Stagheart was interested to see as to how it would play out.

    From what he gathered, she was emulating voices. First what he assumed to be Tansystar, her mother, and now Winterpaw. He couldn't help but crack the amused smile that had been begging to push through, nicked ears twitching jovially at Brindlemist's imitation of the new apprentice. "That's good" the tall youth complemented sincerely with a slight shrug of his broadened shoulders, casually taking a seat a few mouse-lengths away from the duo to continue playing as witness to the spectacle. "Can you do my voice?" It was more out of interest whether she could do it or not, rather than finding out what he sounded like to her.



  • "Stay Soft."

    — Martenpaw


    Amused by the warrior's ability to mimic others, Martenpaw chose to come closer so that he could hear her better. Up onto his paws, the man slowly padded over and took a seat next to the young Senior Warrior who had shared some interaction with which was a rarity for the shy tom. For some reason, seeing Stagheart there had comforted the somewhat large apprentice and so he felt more comfortable to be apart of the group. As Stagheart made his guesses, Martlepaw would nod along in agreement thinking to himself that there was no need to guess, they were obvious. Then when the man next to him suggested he did his voice, Martenpaw's fluffy ears perked with interest. Was she going to be able to pull it off? It shouldn't be too difficult as Stagheart spoke a lot, if anything he'd love to see her try his voice. The tom barely spoke and when he did, his deep tones could vibrate the surroundings - he wasn't even sure if the female could lower her voice so. "Very good," he gently purred as his shyness held him back from speaking more confidently.

    "Having a soft heart in a cruel world takes courage, not weakness."

    Martenpaw - Trad. Shadowclan - Tom - 9 moons - Apprentice -

    Mentored by Canarysong - Firedawn X Flaxensun - Penned by Dia'Kendi


  • the eager apprentice bounced over to the group, sliding into place beside Martenpaw. they were another voice that shouldn't be too hard to emulate, considering their near-constant nattering. "hey, you're actually pretty good! how do you do it??" they ask, eyes wide and leaning forward over their paws.

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