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  • He's back sooner than he thought he would be.

    It's another act of escaping. Haveners around him were so busy buzzing about their chickens and their plants and their kids and their friends. Usually he could live among them (but not with them), scraping by on his work, spending much of his time in his own head or chatting with Ver about something or other. But lately the talk was so incessant and so inaccessible that he could find no other solution than to run away from it for a little while. This was how things usually went, of course- the Veil themselves had seen it not long ago. But this time, instead of escaping from his own trail of misdeeds and misfortunes, he was escaping from the reminders of just how little he fit into his new home. Whose idea was it to move to Wind Haven? Was it his own? It must have been. What an odd choice! He was so... detached; his grasp of Wind Haven's purpose was so loose that he sometimes forgot the name of his clan. Maybe it would have been better to just live nowhere at all. A lone wolf, they would have called him, and they would have been right: his teeth were sharp and he was itching for prey in a way not unfamiliar. It's been a long time since he's felt so erratic. Change of scenery, he reasons the cause to be, and leaves it at that.

    The feline's shoulders roll as he prowls towards the border. His nose wrinkles and the corners of his mouth flick upwards in a wry smile as he comes closer to the scent markers; how familiar this place was. He can't tell if he hates it or loves it. He swallows a lump in his throat, straightens his posture, and waits for a short while. Why is he here? Well, to get away from all of the chatter, for one, but this visit was doubling as a little 'hello' from Wind Haven, too. Juba and S (but especially Juba) had been twittering about getting out more to their allies, and he's certain that there is no man better for the job than himself. After all, he's been the head of ally relationships across multiple clans for so long now. The man can't imagine that anyone else is capable enough for the role- even though there technically isn't one. Maybe he'll forge it himself, then.

    Patiently he waits, deciding not to announce himself. He flips between feeling embarrassed for being back on this border so soon and feeling nearly cheery to do something other than laying in his cottage looking outwards all day- it'd be better for someone to just find him and tell him this is a good thing than to try and decide it for himself. A paw taps the hard earth beneath him while an eye flicks his gaze fly-like between the trees. He feels light; airy. He hopes that someone would be along quickly.


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  • Sylmae was out and about, or hiding, some might say. Avoiding Cade and the others for the time being because she wasnt sure she had a proper hold on her emotions, or even her powers. Since her ability to use ice had returned, everywhere her paws touched, ice spread. She left a trail of frozen paws in her wake, ones that melted moments later, but still left a trail none the less. The little leopard was lost in her own thoughts as she trailed the borders, wings ruffling a little on her back as she moved.

    Her golden eyes were downcast, fixed on the ground beneath her paws, watching ice form with each step before she looked up, sensing another being. Slowing her movements, she grunted softly as she walked towards the man on the border and lifted her gaze up to him. "Hello there. What can I do for you?" she asked, head tipping to the side a little as she studied him. She didnt recognize the scent on him, but then again, she didn't Recognize many of the scents these days.

  • Kira's departure had been frustrating for Calina for a number of reasons. One was that she couldn't help but feel that she might have contributed by calling him out over his behavior when Feliks visited, and while she did not regret doing that at all, it was annoying that he couldn't handle criticism. It was on her conscience that she had maybe contributed to losing one of her friends to who-knows-where. That led her to her second reason for being frustrated. She had asked him where he would be going, so that she could try to stay in touch with him, but he had dodged out of the question and left without giving any hints other than that he wasn't going to The Exiles.

    Then that brought her to her general irritation over him leaving Enjolras and his kids and then leaving Calina with more shit on her conscience because Enjolras was dead and Toulouse-Anne was gone and she wasn't even able to tell Kira because he hadn't fucking told her where he was going. Needless to say, when she noticed him on the border, she had a brief moment where she was tempted to just walk in the other direction. If he wanted to play the "Fuck off without a trace" game, then she could play it, too. But that was too petty for her, so she just came to a stop beside Sylmae. The clouded leopard had been out and about quite a bit during the week so far. Calina didn't know her well, but she appreciated her consistent politeness. The ice was new, she noted idly, before tilting her head down to stare at the blonde cat in front of her.

    She was torn between greeting him with a wag of her tail or a contemptuous look that would tell him exactly what she thought of his vanishing act. He smelled like flowers and grass and mountain air. "So you're in Wind Haven now?" It was a passively spoken question. Funny that he had gone there. Not back to Volary Flights? He had gone there for his ascension quest; she would've thought he would be comfortable there again. "You missed out on getting the Black Heart title. Enjolras would've gotten it, too," She didn't even realize what she was saying until it had dropped out of her mouth. Calina had wondered when she would ever have the chance to tell Kira about Enjolras, and the chance was now, and apparently she couldn't wait a moment longer.

    "He died last week. Shot through with arrows, seemed like a murder, might've been an accident." If she had been a more thoughtful creature, she would have felt bad about talking about Kira's ex-boyfriend's murder so bluntly in front of Kira himself- and Sylmae, for that matter. She had no idea what she had gotten herself in to when she was the first one to find Kira on the border. "Toulouse-Anne left right after you did. Did she find you?" She recalled the kitten dumping water on her father's head before running off. Kira had made no move to bring her along, but Toulouse-Anne had conveniently vanished right when Kira did, so she was probably trying to find him. Calina hoped she had. She knew from experience that not being able to track down one's father was stressful as hell- especially for one so young.

    She took a beat, and then added, "You should've told us where you were going. Wind Haven's not an enemy." Her voice was not as expressionless as it had been. It contained notes of "I wish I could have told you sooner" and "But I couldn't because you didn't tell anyone which clan you were running off to". She ended with "I'm sorry." because that was what seemed appropriate, considering that she had just told him that his former partner, the other parent of his children, was dead and that one of his kids had gone rogue. For the second time in one week, she wished that she could give a domestic cat some form of comfort, like a hug or a pat on the shoulder (probably just that, not the hug; Kira did not seem like the hugging type), but either one of those would probably end in a flattened Kira, so she just stood there and stared at him, ears slowly lowering.





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  • ulla jorda

    Kira had left at an unfortunately time, given his leaving had then been just before Toulouse-Anna running off, Enjolras dying, and Kiyoshi leaving. All of them had left (with the exception of Enjolras) without telling anyone where they were going or what they were doing. Ulla was completely incapable of tracking any of them, except for Toulouse-Anne who had eventually shown up in the Flights shortly before she joined, so she heard. She did think it was a bit ironic that she had joined the clan that made her feel so uncertain about Kira in the first place, given she had heard he'd once been an emperor. Maybe there was a part of her that had gone there hoping she might find him or Kiyoshi, but there were other reasons... other people she needed to see instead. While she had wanted to go off and search for all three of them, she knew she'd never find them all. Besides, if Kira didn't want to be found, Ulla was confident he wouldn't be. She had worked beside him as a Midnightbringer for quite some time and she knew that while he was her friend, he was also cunning and could probably be rather manipulative if he wanted to be. Much like herself, Kira would not be found if he didn't want to be. Then with Kiyoshi... well, as much as it pained her, there was a part of her that felt uncomfortable chasing after him when he had told all of Shadow Veil specifically not to do that. What bothered her about both of them though was that neither had bothered to speak to her individually and hadn't even bothered to write a note specifically to her. They had just left like she was some disposable figure they didn't ever really care about. Most of the time she just tried not to think about it, but that didn't erase the pain they caused, even if one of them was a boy she considered her son.

    When she caught Kira's scent, she knew immediately that it was him and she hurried towards it. She wasn't sure how she felt, but she was glad that he was returning. Upon arrival, she offers him a kind smile, even if it is a bit weary. How long could she afford being kind to him if he didn't feel like they had a friendship even worth acknowledging? "It's good to see you, Kira. Much has changed since you left, but I hope you're doing well." Despite her complicated feelings, that much was true. She wouldn't ever wish harm on one of her first friends from Shadow Veil. He had been there and listened to her complaints long before anyone else did, apart from The Witch Doctor, another individual who had left without saying goodbye. Was that to be her fate here? A long list of people she cared for, only for them to toss her away without even a farewell? She shook that thought away and was about to suggest that perhaps they should find a private place to speak. No one had been able to find him, so it was safe to assume he didn't know where Toulouse-Anne was or of Enjolras' death. Before she could make the suggestion, though, Calina spoke up and Ulla's eyes widened slightly. She wasn't sure she would've said such personal information in public, but there was no going back now.

    "We wanted to inform you earlier, but you gave us no way of finding you and didn't seem like you wanted to be contacted or found by any of us." While the statement is meant to be neutral, there's no hiding the mild undertone of pain in her voice. Still, she couldn't highlight her own grief when Kira was likely mourning the loss of his own family - even if he and Enjolras had ended things when he left. "I saw Toulouse-Anne in Volary Flights some time ago, though I haven't seen her recently. I heard she was injured quite badly when she showed up. I joined it, a few weeks ago. I was-" She stopped herself from speaking. He hadn't said goodbye. He didn't care why she had joined. Besides, she wasn't even entirely sure herself of why she'd joined. Now wasn't the time to unpack her own complicated feelings. "Well, it doesn't matter. I assumed maybe she was looking for you, though. Enjolras was killed not long after." Perhaps that would give him an idea of the events, though she wasn't sure he would want it. In a softer tone she would add, "If you'd like to rest here for awhile, you know my home is open to you. I still have all the tea and bread you could desire." It wasn't much, but it was what she had to offer. She couldn't bring Enjolras back from the dead, but she could provide a space where Kira might at least feel comfortable grieving. And perhaps a place where she might learn the true nature of their friendship, if there was still one to speak of.




  • He sees the ice before he sees the girl, and the ground smolders beneath his paws instinctually. The scar that Kukiko left on his throat had grown less... prominent after many months of healing, but he still remembers the dragon's attacks clearly. The way that she'd encased his paws in frozen crystals and then nearly killed him. Bitch. He hates that he still fears ice because of her. He takes a sharp breath in, trying to detect any scent of the woman, but there's no Exiler to be found. Instead, his gaze lands on Sylmae. A stranger. His paw taps the ground steadily; it's stopped smoking by now.

    She looks up from her paws (which he inches away from just slightly without thinking); tilts her head; asks her questions. Hello there. What can I do for you? He smiles, thinking, well, you can keep your damned distance, but he says nothing of the sort. "My name is Yoshikage Kira," he hums, keeping his white linen smile on his face. "I'm just visiting- technically on Wind Haven's behalf." As far as Shadow Veil was concerned, he was polite, personable. Maybe their opinions had changed since he'd left. Maybe he shouldn't mind his reputation around this stranger. But, as he'd said, he was not solely here for his own business. He watches Sylmae's wings ruffle in uncomfortably polite silence for a moment longer. She was not a face that he was seeking- but then, was he truly seeking anyone?

    He twitches his ears towards familiar heavy pawsteps, and his gaze follows quickly.

    "Calina," he greets, cool, neither friendly nor unfriendly. He did consider her a colleague, even with all of the butting heads they'd done, but she did not seem overjoyed to see him, and he wonders if her opinion of him had changed after all. Could he blame her? He left the Veil without giving an inkling of indication as to where he'd be next- he preferred it that way, at least for a while. But Agrelos was small, and after a few months of living in Wind Haven, he found that he did not belong there. He doesn't belong anywhere, really. The idea that any of these clans are his home is silly. But there were people that he'd tied himself to, and though he'd done his best to sever all connections, the sentiment was not mutual. He'd left his friends, his family in the dust. Perhaps all of his effort to be truly kind and truly wanted had only backfired in the end. It tied him down, and he was not a man to be tied down.

    Not long after her arrival, Ulla emerges from the undergrowth, and he turns his attention to her quickly, finding her weary smile and offering his own grin. He'd been wondering how she was faring, even if it was in passing moments, but apparently he'd never wondered with so much conviction that he might visit and find out. Or... is that what he's doing now? It's a confusing thing, really- he does still consider her a friend, but his definition of friendship tends to differ from everyone else's. They are an asset like anything else, albeit ones that he cares about a touch more than the prey he catches. Friends were something he'd only found in the past couple of years, after all, and more often than not, he found that their value depreciated quickly. Ulla speaks and pulls him from his thoughts. Much has changed since you left, but I hope you're doing well. Much had changed, he agrees- but it was not something specific to the Veil. "Thank you, Ulla," he replies after a moment. "Things certainly are different, now." He didn't feel like that was entirely true. After all, it was the same life, just in a different place. But when had he cared about the scenery?

    So you're in Wind Haven now? "That's where I'm living, yes," he responds to Calina's question, a little quiet, smile pressing a touch thin at its middle. He didn't feel like a true part of the place. He lived there, he watched others pass and buzz and throw shit on their gardens, but he spent much of his own time in his cottage, or patrolling their borders, or just being away. The only other presence he enjoyed was Ver's, though he'd learned to tolerate others', too. But for as much as he didn't fit into the soft, cushy mold that the Haven provided, he couldn't imagine daring to step foot anywhere else. He found the Thunderlands equally bland, and he couldn't stand to return to a place where he'd felt so insulted to just live there. The Flights did not remember him, and he would hate to return and find that he was not the best thing that had ever happened to them; his narcissism would not allow it. And, well, he couldn't just join the Veil after departing from them.

    Calina continues, and his ears prick. He sees that she still believes that he'd done his Ascension Quest, and his smile fades slightly. She doesn't have a reason to believe otherwise, but he dislikes the small nips of... anxiousness, perhaps guilt, at his throat. But something else piques his interest further- Enjolras apparently hadn't received his title, either. But why? His head tilts just slightly, brows drawing together into a crease; he leans forward without noticing.

    He died last week. Shot through with arrows, seemed like a murder, might've been an accident.

    His lips draw backwards now into a far more familiar scowl. Confusion and disgust and indifference fight for their place in his expression, and he ends up looking troubled, but not terribly upset. Perhaps it's an accurate reflection of how he truly feels, but the emotions he feels roil in a fashion too fast and too illusory for him to follow. It's something to sort out later. "Pity," he ripostes, as if spitting. So Enjolras is dead? Well, it makes no difference to him, really. Another name to add to his list of lovers dead or gone; Bramblemask, Lovescars (though he never did know if she felt the same), Rohan, and now... Enjolras. "Yes, what a fucking pity." His head shakes just a touch with the emphasis. His voice is harsh through his teeth, and yet, he cannot help but smile tightly and unhappily. The bridge of his nose wrinkles as if he smells something rotten. Is he supposed to cry? He does not particularly feel like crying. The news doesn't stop, though, and he's suddenly and unwillingly aware that Toulouse-Anne has vanished from the home which he'd raised her in (though, did it count if he'd left before she was grown?). Stop talking. He grits his teeth behind a grimace that flicked up at its corners. It feels like a challenge to part his jaws and speak. "No, she did not." Why did you let her leave? But he couldn't ask that. He was hypocritical, but that was just too far.

    His claws itch in the beat of silence; he thrusts his gaze away from Calina's and into the trees. He can feel his fur prickling uncomfortably, and he swallows a lump in his throat, frustrated at the turn that this visit had taken. Should he have expected otherwise? You should have told us where you were going. Wind Haven's not an enemy. "I'm very aware of what you think I should have done," he answers quickly, bitingly, unkindly. "What difference does it make for you to know then or now? You gave me the news. It's fine. It's just fine." Kira whips his gaze back to the lupurca, missing much of the careful emotion in her voice, but whether that was because he didn't care to pay attention or because he was unfamiliar with such nuance was undetermined. Ulla's addition doesn't help much, but he can't bring himself to speak at her with the harshness that he can face Calina with. Was that rude? Well, there wasn't much to say, anyway. Calina speaks up again, and his gaze flicks back to her. I'm sorry. He stares at her for some time, brows creased and gaze hard, but his bubbling anger and itching energy subside gently, and eventually he acquiesces to her apology, hug or not (though she was correct in her assumption; hugs had never done much good for him).

    But the news doesn't end, even if it comes from Ulla now, instead of Calina. At least it's a touch happier- Lucy had been seen in the Flights. She was somewhere within his grasp. He feels strongly that he should find her soon, and small pricklings of regret sting at his stomach. I should have brought her with me, he thinks, but even in the moment it is hard to feel appropriately guilty. Or, rather, it is hard to feel guilty for the right reasons. The consequences of his actions were understood as a blow to his image. He made himself out to be a bad father, and though that might have been true, he didn't want anyone else to think of him as such. Then maybe you shouldn't have fucked off to Wind Haven, a piece of him hisses, and his grimace tightens again. But Ulla continues, drawing him out of his mind. I heard she was injured quite badly when she showed up. "Injured?" he echoes, wispy. She was hurt? His mouth feels drier than it did moments before. I joined it, a few weeks ago. She continues, but he isn't listening. It seems she was correct. He stares just slightly past her, into the depths of the shadowy trees, chewing his lip like a businessman chewed his pen cap. Her offer flies just through his consciousness.

    "That sounds lovely," he replies, obviously upset. His voice cracks just slightly on the o of lovely; he wishes that he could just abandon his fucking feelings already. Life was easier that way. It was easier to understand, to let things go, to succeed. He forces a smile to his face and it wobbles minutely. His expression pinches in a determined, angry sort of way. "But that's quite enough about me, don't you think?" he hums, almost hissing. "How has the Veil been? You said things have changed." He doesn't want to talk about himself anymore, and though he doesn't particularly care about how the Veil as a whole has been doing, he needed the topic of conversation to change. I wonder that asshole Barghest made his way here, too. Maybe the Veil is going to start farming and raising chickens and buzzing like happy little fucking bees all over the place. His paws tap the ground impatiently. Just don't talk about me anymore.


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