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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!

  • plots

    i'm an advanced roleplayer who enjoys world building and detailed posting. I usually play males in my roleplays and so if you roleplay females then there are some exclusive bxg. other than that i have a lot of muse for a lot of things. if you have plot ideas that you would like to share with me then post! I am always up for plotting and discussion. some of my roleplays might be hard to understand, but i can always give more clarification.

    a lot of my plots have a darker side to them, so not everything is happy and easy going relationships. i love a slow burn romance, and i love the idea of exciting adventures. right now my muse for roleplays like college or highschool romances aren't around my style.


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    advanced plots

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  • beep! sliding on in here because i saw advanced, bxb and VIKINGS

    would love to do plot 1 you ha e with your Vikings if you're still up for it! <3