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    Letting out a sigh on the counter, Tyler simply set his head down on the bar, having a half-drinken Manhattan in front of them. It was late into the evening, the male having already got off work and resting in his younger brother's bar. The bar was in a side street off of the main road in the city, and is known as "ACS 1-5". Nobody really knew what the possible acronym ment except for the brother, Liam "Little Man" Burtoiquise, and he refused to tell anyone.

    Hey, at least he served a wide variety of drinks and some appetizers in case the patron was hungry. And most would agree, his drinks and food were off the hook and incredibly tasty.

    "Hey, Nives." The all-too familiar voice of his brother called from a few feet away, and Tyler picked his head up to look at the calico that was staring him down. Angular features, docked tail, and a half-ripped off ear; that was Liam, since he could shapeshift into a cat. The calico licked his jaws for a moment before continuing, "Niiiiiiiives~"

    "What, Little Man?" Tyler snapped back with a glare, to which Liam arched his cat back in recoil. In an instant the cat lunged for him, in which Nives plucked him from the counter and into the air a few inches high out of reach of the ground with a single thought. At this, Tyler simply smiled at the air-hanging Liam, who tried to struggle for a few moments before accepting that resistance is futile against his brother and just layed limp as he started to speak again, "Other than this predicament, I was wondering why you don't come in here more often. It's nice having you around."

    Tyler shook his head at the younger brother's question, "It isn't that easy as just popping in whenever; you know what keeps me occupied. I would like to spend more time with you, yes, but such is reality."

    Upn ending his sentence, he set Liam back down onto the counter and took his glass to swish around the cocktail. His job wasn't exactly ideal, but it paid well so he got the most out of it. For a few minutes more, the buzz of the lights and iridescent chatter was most of the noise taking up the bar, along with the occasional shout from the kitchen. And then calico Liam decided to try to put his paw into the Manhattan, and Nives very much made a fuss at Liam about his cat paw ruining their drink.

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  • The red head ducked into a bar off the Main Street her heart pounding. She didn't mean to do that what in the hell had just happened. Her fiery red hair was pulled up to a mess bun with strands of hair falling into her face. The poor girl looked like she had seen a ghost and her hands were shaking in her lap. Her bright blue eyes darted to the counter as she struggled to regain her cool. V wasn't one to get shaken much given her up bringing, but she couldn't figure out what had just happened. He abusive ex's head just popped like a balloon. They had gotten in a fight where he had hit her and the next thing she had heard was agonizing shrieks. Then she had watched as the crimson liquid painted the alley way. Her black combat boots still had some of the sticky substance on them.

    The bartender trying to get her attention made her jump, "Can I just have a rum and coke?" Her voice shook softly as she refused to meet her eyes to the bar tender. She felt someone's eyes peering at her. She had sat towards the end of the bar to be left alone. She bit a dark red lip as she hoped no one would bother her. Her mind was still trying to process what had happened and why. She had heard some young adults were starting to develop super human powers, but was this really something to be deemed a miracle? What if someone else got hurt? What if someone found out? Her body tensed as someone broke the silence again. Her bright blue eyes turned up to see who was speaking to her.

    ///Sorry for the short reply I am bad at openers ;w;

  • Nives took a small sip from his drink, hearing as another patron came in. He didn't look to them, finishing off his Manhattan, but Liam decided to approach the girl. She smelled of metal, and the calico was very much curious about why.

    He padded over to her, and upon closer inspection Liam could smell that she had blood on her, intermingled with fear and adrenaline. Not good. He was hesitant to approach, as he didn't know how she would react. So instead he backed up to where Tyler was and quickly warned him, "The girl smells of blood. Be careful, she may have powers."

    Upon this warning, Tyler looked to the girl, who was shaking at the end of the counter. A bartender on duty has asked if there was anything she wanted, and upon getting a response they proceeded with the request. But Nives was curious; why was she scared out of her mind?

    With a sigh Tyler set his finished drink down onto the counter. Getting up, they took a step or two back before looking to the girl, and softly approached her. Upon looking closer, he could see that something happened to her that put her into shock. While he didn't really have that much experience with shell-shocked people, he could at least try to calm her down in case she did have powers and not try to lash out at others.

    "Hey, hey hey," Tyler softly spoke, a hesitant hand held out near her shoulder in case she tried to recoil, "It's okay, you're safe for now."

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  • V recoiled quickly as if she had sensed the hand before she had seen it. Her head was aching as she seemed to be seeing two different worlds. The one that everyone else saw and the other world was one that stood on its own. She could see people’s circulatory system. Bright scarlet eyes locked into the man trying to calm her. She was still tense as she held eye contact, “Please don’t touch me.” This was a mix of fear from causing this mystery man harm and the psychological damage her last boyfriend had left.

    Her late ex boyfriend usually took his anger and frustration out on V. Her body usually sporting black and blue markings. She use to be told she was often clumsy and she would laugh it off. He was also very possessive of the red head. Earlier he had tried to grab her in the alley way. All she could remember was seeing red and then blood. Jesus there was so much blood. It gave her a deep pit in her stomach. I did it somehow.

    The younger woman had never experienced this before. Super humans were still new to society. Usually you were viewed as an out cast. She could only imagine what she would be called. She brushed strands of red from her face, “I’m sorry I’ve just had a crazy night.” She tried to urge the stranger to leave, but she was pretty sure he wasn’t about to go anywhere. The bar tender set her drink down. Her slender fingers gripped the drink and pulled it to her cherry lips. V drank about half the cup to try and calm her nerves.

  • Tyler pulled his hand away and took a step back, both palms forward and up to show that he wasn't going to hurt her. He could see it in her eyes; she was terrified. They nodded, though, upon the girl's request, "I won't touch you. I promise."

    He could hear a patron or two murmuring about what was going on, and slightly turned to the voices. He really didn't want people to start snooping in on what was happened, especially if the girl had powers. Normal people have a tendency to...spread rumors, actively seek the person the rumors are focused on. Superhumans have only been showing up into the spotlight recently, but behind the media and lights? We've been living for longer than you think.

    "Where is Liam when you need him?" Nives silently remarked, a few moments later spotting the jet black-haired vitiligo skinned male come out from the backrooms. Once Liam showed up and started individually talking to the snooping patrons, Tyler turned back to the girl, palms still held forward.

    She spoke about having a "crazy night", to which Nives chuckle a bit. "I bet. I'll be honest, you look like hell." He sat down a stool away from the girl, giving plenty of space for her to relax and calm down. "If I may ask, what happened?"

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  • At this point the man moved back and sat down causing her to relax slightly. Her eyes returning to a bright blue. He seemed nice, but she wasn’t sure how to explain what happened. “Honestly I’m not to sure what happened.” Her voice creaked slightly due to fear. She didn’t want to believe she had just killed someone.

    She decided to tell him the story just to try and talk it out, “My boyfriend was starting to ummm.... he was getting loud...” That was a lie he was starting to hit her, “I started to get scared and the next thing I know he is on the ground with blood everywhere.” V visibly starts to shake as she quickly explains the story. Bruises were still on her forearms from he now ex boyfriend.

    Her crystal eyes sat on Tyler’s face watching his reaction. Would he even believe her? Would she have to run? This all was happening so fast. She pinched the bridge of her nose wishing that she could disappear. She quickly finished her drink trying to calm her nerves.

  • Nives quietly listened, musing over the details of her story. He had a feeling that she was trying to cover up some bits to save herself, the bruises on her arm gave it away. They wouldn't point this out, however; they didn't want her to become anymore skittish that she already was.

    Started to get scared.

    That one little detail piqued his interest. Usually a strong surge of adrenaline, most often when the person thought they were going to be on the verge of unconsciousness or death, was enough to bring out said person's power-if they had any. Some people's powers came through later than others, but the middle point was usually the older teen/younger adult age, but there were late bloomers occasionally.

    Liam was also listening in on Victoria's story, and since most patrons came here to relax and have a quick meal, it was quite easy to try to shoo them out of the bar. It took a few minutes, but the last patron or so left while grumbling about their time being cut short (with Liam simply replying "You don't own the bar, but thank you for your service!"). The girl was free to stay, however, since both brothers had to make some...inquires.

    Besides, kitchen staff were sworn to secrecy about the presence of superhumans. Little Man made sure of it.

    "I do have...a few questions about the events, if it's okay with you." Nives spoke, seeing that she was starting to shake from recalling the events. If she didn't want to speak anymore about it than that was okay with him.

    "Oh, and uh...drinks are on the house tonight."

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  • ///// Sorry for the short last post I was on my phone!

    She frowned softly at the mention of questions drawing her arms in to cross them over her chest, "What questions exactly?" She asked softly aware of both the men being interested in her story. Victoria wasn't to big on sharing about herself regardlessly, but after the event she just experienced she was a lot more hesitant to answer questions. She sighed as she let down messy red curls. She was younger than the two men that listened to her story before her. She was wary of how close they got because she wasn't sure how these so called powers might even work if she had any. Her stomach was flipping with nerves as she looked at Liam, "May I have another then?" She asked softly as she was trying to calm herself.

    The young woman was rather beautiful but the bruises and abuse that her body had endured recently made it hard to see. She was clearly not in the best spot either. Her boyfriend was rather controlling and had been dictating her life for awhile now. She wasn't sure why she had stayed. No where to go maybe? The fact he slipped substances into her drinks to keep her reliant on him or go through withdrawals? Probably the latter plus it didn't help what he had forced her to do. Honestly she should have killed him long before this, but she never could muster up the guts to do so.

    The questions Tyler asked were almost like white noise as her drama started to overwhelm her, "One more time. Sorry I didn't hear the questions." She kept her bright blue eyes off of his face. That was something Ethan, her ex, had drilled into her. Never look a man in their eyes. They are more than you. The slimy man's voice echoed in her head. She tapped her fingers on the bar as she waited for Liam to bring her the next drink. To try and numb the pain that she was feeling. She listened silently as Tyler seemed to ask a barrage of questions. She wasn't sure why she wanted to trust the man, but at this point she was alone with no where to go. She had no one to turn to. This stranger was trying to help her wasn't he?

  • //i feel...really sad for Victoria tbh

    Liam perked up, looking to the girl, "Of course! A rum and coke, correct?" He quickly moved himself behind the counter and set to work, shooing off the other 'tender to make them go on break. Rolled-up sleeves and washed hands making the requested drink with a toothy smile.

    Tyler, meanwhile, decided to ask the questions once he got the a-okay. He was...curious.

    "So," Nives started, "Did you feel a shift when he collapsed onto the ground? Did you feel as if your body swelled in strength? When you were scared-" He started his string of specific questions, but stopped when she asked to repeat himself. They leaned back on the counter, keeping plenty of distance between themself and Victoria.

    "I'll..reiterate what i was asking." Tyler coughed, clearing his throat while Liam set down the girl's drink in front of her and moving himself a few feet away to also give the girl some room, "After your boyfriend collapsed, did you feel as if a "shift" occurred inside yourself?"

    The phenomena which is commently coined as a "shift" usually happens when a person started using/discovering their powers for the first time. Said person felt as if their soul was changing, accommodating, for their newfound gift; the feeling ranged in a variety of emotions, but the emotion felt is what the person was feeling in the moment they activated their powers but increased tenfold. So if a person was awed at their ability, that wonder would engulf their whole body in exorbitant glee, a person's anger turned to malevolent rage, ect.

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  • // She is safe now with the two sweet boys. Sorry if I was to dark? I thought it would fit her, her power, and explain why she snapped the best

    She took another long sip as she thought, "Terror." She finally decided on the word as she placed her drink back to the counter. "I was terrified of everything that has happened to me and what was currently happening." She explained slowly not sure of exactly what other emotion she could have, "I was mad before he collapsed, but no after everything I was just scared." Tears started to well up in her eyes as she felt almost safe with them. She bit her cherry colored bottom lip to stop herself from crying. As she started to get emotional her flashed crimson again and both of the men's heart's began to race. Their blood pressure was rising without her realizing what was happening. The red head shook her head regaining a shaky control of her emotions letting their blood pressure go back to normal.

    Her bright blue eyes stared at her drink for a moment as she played with a lone red curl, "Victoria." The word seemed almost foreign to her. She hadn't heard anyone use her name for quite sometime, "I realized I never introduced myself to the both of you." She rubbed the back of her neck as she began to try and compose herself. She didn't want to burden these men that she had just met. She always was a burden to people, or so she was told. She waited for the next question to come. She figured he would have a few, so she sipped her drink once more. The rum starting to warm her body and calm her nerves. She didn't want to feel to much right now.

  • //no no, it's okay. i just don't wish for anyone to be abused in this manner, or at all ^^

    Tyler silently listened, nodding a bit as she described the surge of the one emotion. It was similar to his own shift, the adrenaline blaring in his own ears as he swallowed a handful of painkillers and ran to escape, refusing to stop until he was on the verge of collapse. Fear and self-preservation made his telekinesis flush out the pills via pulling them out from his stomach and throat as if he had started puking them up. Acid-covered pills, floating mere inches above his head as he vomited onto the sidewalk.

    It was a sight that Nives would rather forget, to be honest.

    They sighed, but moments later both brothers were stricken with pain. It felt as if their chest was compressing, blood pressure rising, and while Tyler recovered rather quickly, Liam staggered from the sudden pressure and held onto the counter a few moments more. Nives turned to the staggered Liam, quickly speaking, "Aspirin under the sink, right drawer." before turning back to the girl, while Liam quickly got what he needed and downed it with a glass of water, "He'll be fine, miss."

    Victoria. Victoria was her name, then. "It's okay, Victoria." Nives spoke, "Well, i'm Tyler, and my brother behind the counter is Liam. it's nice to meet you."

    His suspicions were confirmed, however, when V answered his earlier question. "Oh, and i'm not going to ask anymore questions; your answer earlier was quite what I needed." At this and with a single blink, one of his pencil sticks holstered onto his waist shot up a few feet before slightly twirling in midair, gaze looking to his airborne weapon of choice, if needed. Nives figured the display would solidify some...doubts that she had.

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  • /// Oh trust me I know....

    Victoria's bright blue eyes widened as she saw Tyler's weapon of choice. She wasn't to sure why he was showing this to her. Victoria wasn't even sure at this moment that she was different. That she was "gifted" like many other humans were. "Woah what is that?" With her body warmed thanks to the rum she got up to go examine the pencil. She moved into Tyler's space putting a hand on his upper thigh as she leaned past him to examine the seemingly flying object. Her body smelled sweet as her personal space crashed into his. Her long red curls cascading down her back as she poked the end of the pencil pricking her finger. A small droplet of blood forming.

    "So it is sharp..." She muttered as she pulled away. Seeming to leave as quickly as she had come. This time she planted herself in the barstool in front of Tyler. She stuck the tip of her index finger in her mouth to stop the bleeding. Her cherry red lips wrapping around her finger as she applied pressure with her tongue. The woman wasn't really allowed to drink because she had been a light weight. After a few moments she removed her slender finger from her mouth, "How are you doing that? Also why do you have a mullet?" She began to rattle of questions, "Why are you being so nice to me?" Her brain was trying to make sense of the situation. The slightly intoxicated V was starting to get sleepy too because of how stressful her day had been, "Can I stay with you tonight?" V finally asked her bright blue eyes staring intently into his eyes. A soft pink blush crossing her cheeks as she asked. It was rather bold of her compared to how she normally acted, but she had no where to go.

    She was leaving her ex when she had watched him pass. She had no job or family to help her. Now it was just the three of them. She wasn't sure what else to do. "I don't have anywhere else..." She trailed off honestly as she broke her gaze away from Tyler. She could almost feel the pity, which made her almost annoyed. She didn't want their pity.

  • //you know Guardians of the Galaxy? The blue boi hunter's weapon i think, where he whistles and it moves in midair? Yeah, Tyler's weapons that are on his hip are in the same shape and function similarly, except Tyler uses telekinesis to move em. sorry if i wasn't very clear about it before ^^

    Her wonder at how he managed to move his "pencil weapons" made Tyler chuckle a bit, but having Victoria suddenly be in his space as she got real close to examine the arrows up close? He could tell that she miiight have been spiked on the last drink, and with that though Tyler glared at his younger brother, Liam giving a sheepish shrug while neither confirming nor denying that he did.

    His arrows that he could move freely around with his mind were indeed sharp. Put a little too much pressure on the arrow tip, and you would have your finger bleed. Nives mostly kept his weapons sharp because of his job.

    And as soon as she invaded, she pulled back, clearly a little tipsy. She then started barraging them with questions of her own, Tyler trying to answer them as quickly as V moved onto the next one, "I'll explain why I can- I have a mullet because I wanted to?"

    The third question caught them slightly off guard but they answered it all the same, "You looked distressed and frazzled when you showed up in the bar, so the least I could do is get you to calm down..."

    "Can I stay with you tonight?"

    Tyler froze. Liam froze. Both boys froze upon her request, and with it the explanation. Liam was the first one out of his shock, stammering out, "W-w-what? But-"

    Nivs quickly turned to him, face slightly flushed, "You have your own place, Little Man! My apartment has an extra room anyway; but you get to sleep on the fuckin' couch if you come over." With a quick sigh he turned to Victoria, while Liam slunk off to cry sulk in the backrooms, "I have an extra room you could use, so i'm okay with it."

    With that, Nives sheathed the arrow he brought out, and held out his hand for Victoria to take to lead her to where he lived. He didn't want her to fall since she was tipsy, and having her close meant that she didn't wander off and cause another incident with whatever her power could be.

    //possible timeskip to Tyler's home?

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  • /// No I understood! I like the power and that was who I immediately thought of! And yes time skip to Tyler's apartment

    Victoria still had a firm grip on Tyler's hand as she followed beside him clumsily. Her body feeling warm as she was still under the influence. As Tyler let the group into his apartment her bright blue eyes looked around the homey apartment. A soft smile crossing her face as she released her grip on the older man's hand. She began to look at the little decor over the apartment. Her red curls being pulled into a low bun as she felt warm. She was still covered in grime from the rain and alley way. Her bruises seemed to already be fading from how there were earlier. Her body seemed to be healing itself without her noticing.

    "I really can't thank you enough..." The red head sighed softly as she looked back at Tyler. Her soft eyes falling on his face as she stretched her arms. She took off her leather jacket and hung it by the door. Small scars and fading bruises covered her arms. It was clear the younger woman wasn't being treated to well. Thanks to the drinks Liam gave her she was a lot more open rather than her usual guarded self. She rubbed the back of her neck as she asked for another favor, "Do you mind if I take a shower?" She wanted to wash off the filth that clung to her body.

    She walked into the spare bedroom Tyler had just showed her. After she stepped into the bathroom she closed the door. She removed the messy clothes and let them hit the floor. Her body wasn't in much better shape compared to arms. Thankfully she was relatively a decent weight. She started the warm water and allowed it to wash over her body. She quickly washed her hair and body removing a layer of dirt. She shaved thanks to an extra razor. After a while she was finally clean. She stepped out of the shower and dried her messy red curls. Only to realize she had no other clothes. She wrapped the towel around her body as she peaked into the living room. Her cheeks bright pink, "Umm Tyler can I borrow a shirt and boxers or something?" She asked sheepishly as she hid behind the door frame.

  • //no, no, i can work with what you gave me. also i did find a reference/blueprint of a 2-bedroom apartment, so i'll show it to you (Tyler has the bottom bedroom, and Victoria the top one?). don't know why i didn't pull one up earlier, *shrug*

    // also i am sorry if my post is really long, i tend to use a lot of details for locations ^^

    Tyler, once he had a hold of Victoria, had led her from the bar and down a few side streets, keeping close to the buildings to not have him or the one he was leading be noticed. That, and the fact that it started to rain, and rather heavily as well.

    After a few minutes of walking, he turned the corner from a side street of apartment buildings into a rather sheltered alley that had a large rectangular patch/strip of grass, both sides occupied by apartments. Taking the left side and helping V up a set of stairs to the 2nd but top set of apartments, he led past a couple of doors before landing on one: 211A. He quickly unlocked the door and helped Victoria inside, the living room being slightly chilly from not having been in for quite a few hours.

    Tyler usually kept his stuff neat and minimal as needed, with a worn wool and leather couch with pillows on it that was near the wall, a coffee table next to it, a flatscreen hooked up onto the wall, and multiple shelves full of books and notes Tyler wrote during his (non-invasive) investigative practices on the superhuman. The dining room had a small rectangular wooden table littered with placemats and magazines of various sources, and four or so chairs were sat at the table. Each bedroom had a full sized mattress, with a desk next to it and the various other knick-knacks you can find in one such room. While the "guest" bedroom was rather neat, Tyler's own room had the occasion shirt or two thrown on the floor and a desktop stand leaning on the wall.

    Taking off his own jacket as he hung it on a hook right beside the door, Tyler simply replied, "It's nothing; i've had plenty of guests over before." He did notice the various cuts and bruises littering her arms, clearly not being in any good shape. "Did her boyfriend do that...?"

    As Nives took strides past Victoria into the hallway connecting the two bedrooms to the living room, they waved her off, "Go right ahead, I have extra supplies if you need anything. The guest bedroom in straight down the hall, while my room is off to the side and adjacent to the bathroom. And if you need anything or are just curious abut the place, don't hesitate to ask." The last few Manhattans Tyler had were starting to kick in, though not as strongly compared to V. They have quite the alcohol tolerance, though they do ramble on a bit if they start to feel the effects.

    Once learning the layout of the various rooms, Victoria went into the bathroom to take a shower, and would be in there for quite some time. Nives, meanwhile, had unsheathed his arrows and put them on the counter, deciding to at least check the news in case the girl's story made it on there...
    "-man was found dead late at night, his head clean off his shoulders. Police say that the witness heard what appeared to be screams and then a pop as if a balloon exploded; as such they're taking precautionary measures in case this was an attack from the supposed "superhumans" that are showing up. Government, least of all civilians, do not know what-"

    Click! Nives sighed as he turned off the tv, leaning back on the couch. "Great." He had reason to believe that the girl's story and the report shown on tv were one and the same, but it hasn't been the first time Nives housed a supposed killer. No, they did this more times than they could count, admittedly.

    These safe houses were scattered across the country, sometimes around two to a city, but is highly unlikely, and each safe house guaranteed protection from society as you learned and mastered your powers. They could come in a variety of spaces and rooms, height and color. Though there were a few havens which weren't exactly "havens" and more like personalized abusive homes.

    So, in order to keep himself occupied, he decided to get his notes out from the various accounts of the superhumans he's housed over the years. Multiple books of varying covers, each holding many a person's profile on who they were and what they could do, and each book at least a cm thick. Tyler flipped through the multitude of pages, glancing over each person as he noted their powers and comparing Victoria's "symptoms", as he quietly called them, with the accounts.
    From the myriad entries, he found only a single one that seemingly matched from three or so years ago, which listed one of his "favorite" killers...a younger male, around his age back then, who started harnessing their own power: blood manipulation. He seemingly took out a whole room of blood relatives via assimilation of their blood into his own body, though the one thing that got him discovered (that he wasn't normal) after he entered the workforce was a blood test.

    Kinda ironic, if you think about it.

    Reading over the kids abilities, Tyler noted the various ones that were listed: complete control over blood [blood pressure, blood loss, blood flow from the heart, ect.], controlled movement of blood outside of the body, and assimilation of blood into self [note to self: keep an eye on the last ability]. He would have to look back over this later and-

    Victoria's request startled Tyler out of his focus, shutting the journal with a loud SMACK out of instinct. It took a few moments for the male to process what she said, but once he understood what she asked he replied back and loud enough for her to hear, "...Yeah, you can. I'll get them for you, stay where you are though."

    With that, he quickly got up and set the journal onto the floor as he went to the guest room. He mostly kept the spare clothes of varying sizes in this room's closet, and quickly got V an extra-extra large tie-dye t-shirt and a purple pair of underwear, while also getting a loose-fitting grey shorts in case she would rather wear something else over her panties instead of leaving them uncovered. If she didn't want to wear the shorts she didn't have to.

    Being careful not to look inside the bathroom, Tyler handed over the articles of clothing with a single hand, "Here you go, Victoria." Once she got them, Tyler retreated themself away from the bathroom and back to the living room, putting the journals away as quickly as he could back onto the shelves. He didn't want her to look at their contents; not now, at least.

    Once that was done, he moved to the kitchen and rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands, speaking to V as he dried them, "Hey, did you want a snack or something to eat? I can cut up some boiled eggs, if you want that..."

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  • /// I love it don't apologize! I like the apartment lay out and yeah V can take the top one.

    Victoria slid on the much larger t shirt that draped over her body. Sliding her tanned legs into the purple underwear she sighed in slight drunken annoyance at the effort she was expending. She heard Tyler moving around rather loudly in the living room, and she chalked it up to him just making sure the apartment looks nice. She looked at the large shorts and clicked her tongue not wanting to have to put them on. She decided against pants tonight as she walked out of the bathroom. Her damp curls wetting the shirt ever so slightly as she walked into the hallway. Tyler's voice drifted to her ears asking about food. "If you don't mind that would be great." Drunken Victoria was never going to say no to a snack.

    She appeared in the kitchen and sat on the adjacent counter causing her chest to bounce softly. She crossed toned legs causing the large t shirt to inch up ever so slightly. Her bright blue eyes watching Tyler lazily as he moved around the kitchen. She ran her hands through her red curls as she felt... relaxed? How long had it been since she had such a nice shower with no one waiting for her on the other side. Waiting for her to work so that way they'd pay her boyfriend so she could "help with rent". He was such a slime ball, but she had fallen in love with him. He kept her coming back for her smoothies he always made her. A cocktail of pain killers and other substances to keep her numb to the world. When she didn't listen or broke his rules he would take it out on her tanned skin. I guess he was more of a pimp than a boyfriend. She was his number one seller. How many scars had she had. The countless bruises that she forgot how she got half of them. She was just clumsy and a wh*re, or so her boyfriend said. Her scars were slowly fading as her body began to heal itself. This young woman carried pain around with her. In this. very moment though there was peace. No anxiety and no terror. Just a very warm feeling she could possibly recall when her father was still alive.

    As Tyler sat the snack beside her she smiled softly, "Why thank you." She said as she lifted a piece of egg to her cherry red lips. "You have a lot of books. Do you read often?" She mumbled between bites to try and drum up conversations as she focused on her food. She seemed so happy for such a broken girl. She also had a very ominous aura. She listened to his explanation without interrupting. "Also what exactly do you do for work if you don't mind me asking." She was just trying to make conversation still under the influence. She was beginning to get rather tired as she listened to him explain. Yawning she hopped down from the counter as she was headed off to her temporary room. "Goodnight Tyler. Thank you." She let the door click shut as she climbed into the full bed. She drunkenly tucked herself in.

    About halfway through the night V began to have night terrors or what had happened earlier that night. Her PTSD and anxiety flaring. Tyler's heart began to race like he was expiring the night terror with Victoria. She woke up crying and gasping for breath. Her eyes crimson as she gripped the bed comforter trying to relax. Tyler's blood pressure raising steadily as her powers lashed out unstably .

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  • Upon her confirmation, Tyler set about getting a plastic plate from the small stack located on the far corner of the counter, and opened the fridge. Getting the hard-boiled eggs from their bag on the 2nd top shelf, he took out two from the bag of five and set them on the plate, putting the rest back into the fridge. He then got himself a steak knife from the cutting board and cut out the eggs into fourths, before setting the knife neatly into the sink and sat the plate of cut eggs beside Victoria...who decided to park herself on the adjacent counter.

    "You're welcome." Tyler replied, stifling a yawn from how late it was. They would check the time latter, as they relaxed and leaned on the wall in the kitchen. He hadn't had a budding superhuman since...what? A quarter of a year ago? The last kid he had was a young lady whom couldn't control herself and kept turning parts of her body (and sometimes objects) into...stone. He was able to wrangle her down to be able to control her powers, and was able to help her use that power for the betterment of her life. Though what became of her after she left was anyone's guess, but since the government haven't shown up at his door he could be at ease. At least for the moment.

    Listening to what Victoria asked after slipping from his memory, Nives responded, "I read often, yes, but they're not really anything to write home about. The occasional light novel or two, though I am writing my own stuff. Maybe...i'll show it to you sometime." The question about his work, though, put him a little on edge. He didn't really wish to explain what his job was, for it involved some rather shady interrogation techniques on superhumans.

    "I do...freelance work." Nives tried skirting around the whole answer for now, so as to not scare the poor girl or make her lose trust, "It's nothing you need to worry yourself about, since what I work on isn't really for the public eye. It's a simple job, really." But it seemed that his explanations were tiring out the girl, and as she said goodnight and shut the guest bedroom door, he let out a sigh. He should get some sleep, too...

    Tyler turned off the kitchen light, then the living room one. As they walked into their bedroom, they took off their shirt and tossed it onto the edge of the bed and stretched as Tyler turned the lights off but left the door open just slightly in case V wanted to crawl in here asking for a favor. He wasn't chubby, per se, but he did keep himself in shape and as such he did have quite a bit of muscle, but not enough to be especially noticeable; around the middle ground (but leaning to the muscles), some would say. He also took off his pants, which just left him in his striped boxers and socks.

    Quickly checking the digital clock-"Holy hell is it already 12:23 am?" Tyler silently mused as he flipped over the covers and slid himself under the comforter. And after a few moments when his head hit the pillows, he swept himself into the sunless sea of dreams.

    ...Only to be woken a few hours later, pain gripping his chest as he woke.

    "The hell...?" Tyler breathed out, his body feeling as if it was tightening up but he sat up nonetheless. Looking quickly to the clock-3:57 am. Looking to the left at the wall, where Victoria slept. "She's using her powers, I-I think."

    He quickly got out of bed (well, as quickly as he could while his body felt like it was being vice-gripped), staggering for a few moments as he moved his body to the doorframe, then hallway, and then to the guest room doorframe. He was gripping the frame, and taking a couple heavy but quick steps to Victoria's side.

    She was terrified once more, shaking and crying. She seemed to have had a nightmare or somesuch, and upon seeing her state Tyler silently sat himself on the edge of the bed. "Hey, it's okay," Tyler softly spoke, "You're awake now, and are safe."

    Nives was silent for a few moments more, "...What happened?"

    He wanted to know. He wanted to help her control her powers, yes, but that could also mean be that person's anchor.

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  • Her crimson eyes locked on Tyler pain filling them as his blood pressure continued to rise. Without thinking her arms were around his neck her body pressing against his. Just a thin layer of fabric between them as she cried into his neck. Her body shuddering as she couldn't seem to gain control of her emotions. Her long red curls falling into her face as she cried looking for support. "I... I killed..." She barely managed between shaky breathes. The image of her ex boyfriend's body hitting the blood stained ally way. She felt his strong arms wrap around her small waist she began to grow less hysterical. Her eyes returning to their normal bright blue as she looked up at him her powers fading. His chest releasing pressure slowly as had tears streaming down her cheeks. She was vulnerable and fear had written itself into her features as she sat embraced in his arms.

    "I killed him Tyler. His head exploded...." She broke eye contact with him as she admitted it, "I didn't mean to though..." She whimpered as she bit her lip softly. Thoughts whirling through her mind. She was going to tell him, "He was 6 years older than me. When Ethan found me I was homeless and in bad shape. My dad had died and my mom was ummm. She hated me and committed suicide. He found me when I had nowhere else to go. He let me crash at his apartment and took me shopping to get me back on my feet. Quickly after he ended up saying that I owed him and that if he was going to be my boyfriend and take care of me I had to help him. He began to make me these random breakfast smoothies that I had to drink." That was how he would drug her and it was clear the next bit was what caused her to pause, "He would often cause me to be the company of other men. If I made him mad or disobeyed him he would beat me." She kept her gaze on the ground not wanting to watch his reaction, "So when I had ran away I told him I was done. That I didn't want to go back, so he began to try and hit me. I felt a giant surge of terror and then warm liquid." She went to pull away, but felt his arms tighten causing V to blush a light pink.

    "Can you stay with me? Just until I fall asleep?" She usually wasn't so forward, but Tyler made her feel safe and relaxed. It also helped that she still wasn't sober yet. The light from the hallway casting shadows over her body. The large t shirt resting on her upper thigh. Her toned legs shown off in the dim light. Victoria was rather short only standing at 5'1, and because of her ex he made her stay toned because of how she made him money. Her curves were natural however. Which on her petite stature stood out. She had full cherry red lips with freckles that sprinkled across her nose and cheeks.


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  • Victoria snapped up at his presence, and quickly wrapped herself in his arms. She was crying, shaking. Her words softly easing across his ears, his thoughts confirmed true amit the crushing pain in his chest. "Oh, Victoria..." Tyler softly spoke, wrapping his arms around her petite waist and bringing her in to keep her close. To keep her safe from the least for now.

    The pain squishing his chest tight was loosing up, most likely from V calming down. When she started speaking once more and explained her situation before coming to the bar, he simply listened. About Ethan, her situation before he found V, and everything afterwards. He curled his upper lip slightly from disgust at the mentions of the beatings and the forced company, but quickly changed when she explained the minutes prior to her appearance in front of the brothers.

    Tyler held Victoria tight, despite the girl trying to pull away slightly. Letting out a sigh, he brought her gaze back up to his own and wiped her tears with his thumb, a smile on his features. Victoria requested, and Nives nodded as they helped her back into bed, setting on the comforter and softly hearing her rhythmic breathing. He was a silent sentinel, watching over her figure as she slipped back into restful sleep. And once a good amount of time passed without incident, Tyler quietly slipped away, back into his own room and into bed, his thoughts occupied with V's story she told as the night slowly claimed his thoughts and mind.

    He felt...compelled to keep her safe. To keep her close, physically and emotionally. It might be a bit of older brother thing, but he wanted to see her thrive and build up from her circumstances.

    And as he fell asleep, a slight twinge in his heart plucked, as if struck.

    The dawn started to break through, Tyler's eyes automatically starting to open themselves. Letting out an arching stretch as if he were a cat, he went through his usual morning routine before heading off to his next location. Doing a few sit ups, push ups, warm-up stretches while still in his briefs. Moving onto using the bathroom and quickly flossing his mouth (with mint strips!) before moving back into his room. He then changed into proper clothes, wearing calf-length shorts with belt included and an orange-yellow tshirt, socks and boxers changed as well.

    And with that routine done, Tyler moved on, being careful as to not wake Victoria as she slept while he fixed himself food. It was mostly a slice of toast or two with jam or garnish, though they sometimes brought actual cereal into the apartment. He would be gone for a few hours, depending on how long the job was, and as he finished up his toast Tyler quickly wrote on a napkin and put it in plain sight where she could see it.

    The note read, in black scribily ink, "Victoria, sorry if i'm gone when you wake up. I'm working right now, but i'll be back in a few hours. Keep inside the house, and don't answer the door. I don't have much in the way of entertainment, but I do keep some games beside the couch; they're mostly to past the time. Keep safe. -Tyler"

    Upon setting the note down, he swiftly grabbed his arrows and holstered them, while moving to put his coat on. He had three essential things on his person: his keys, his public transport passes, and his arrows.

    And as he walked out of the apartment and locked it behind him, he whispered a small little prayer. They weren't that religious, but they did wish her to be safe.


    "T-The hell?" A male, beaten and holding onto one of his limp arms, retorted as he was backed and sitting on a bench in a secluded warehouse. It was roughly around 10 am-ish, and this was a part of Nives' freelance work. "Extortion" would be the roundabout way of calling it that, but it was "collecting" a variety of things through illicit means, which was mostly violence. Sometimes it meant a hunt, where the first person to catch the prey was rewarded handsomely.

    Nives often got these bounties for being so quick about the collections.

    "I said," Nives growled, putting his foot on the bench right beside the boy, leaning close and both of his arrows dangerously close to poking the male's neck, "where did you bring Lady Veronica to? My employer's asking, and don't deny."

    The male was pressed up to the chain wall, rapidly taking breaths, "I-I-I don't know! I was only driving, I d-didn't know who I was escorting!"

    Nives pulled back a little, hearing in the male voice his truth: he didn't know who. But he still didn't pull back the arrows trained on his throat and arteries.

    "Then tell us the locations you drove to yesterday. And be quick about it." Upon his command, the trapped boy started spouting out a list of places, and upon each name spoken a scribeling could be heard outside the chain walls; most likely to file them to help in the employer's search for Veronica, whom was the person's child.

    Upon the information given, the male was free to be let go upon the condition that if he told someone about his experience he would be hunted down. The victim always kept their promise, for their life was on the line if they told. A minute or so later, the same black shaded woman (or man) that Nives saw dozens of times before handed him a stack of 20s. "200 for the hours. You're free to go for now, but we'll call when you catch an employer's eye." Tyler nodded slowly as he heard this plenty of times before, before he was lead out and onto the streets. Therefore, he slowly walked to the nearby corner stores, his 20s tightly held in his pockets.

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