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  • ・゚. As time goes on moments that influence one's life rush by without a second thought. There is no time to realize the purpose of such an act or occurrence, because yet another thing always comes. Rue recalled meeting Walker; arguably the most important interaction of her's yet. She had just escaped the grasp of her twoleg, tumbling out the door and crashing into a giant tomcat with a twisted muzzle. In her young eyes she was peering up to another monster.

    Oh how wrong she was back then. Walker gave her everything she could have wanted: a home, strength, a teacher... Though she always did desire something she could not articulate. It was familiar yet foreign, an old friend she knew vaguely, a lost belonging she forgot she misplaced. She supposed it could not be important if she did not suffer without it, so she ignored the yearn in her chest for something she did not understand. She refused to waste her thoughts on something so insignificant to her mission. She trained her entire life for this.

    As she stood in the maw of enemy territory, she knew that this was time she'd catalog in her mind's bank of "big impacts." Rue needed not to absorb the severity of the situation, she knew that this was the beginning of something larger then her.

    "C-Can someone help me?" her voice carried through the trees, limping further Thunderclan with hitched breathe. It was nothing she was unaccustomed to; a twisted ankle, a few kicks to the stomach, and scratches here and there. Her rougemates were instructed to make it sloppy, as if she was jumped by an untrained loner, and careful to make sure she felt enough pain to make it convincing. Truth be told it was strange to feel such a thing again - she was not the type to be bested in a fight. Walker made sure of that.


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  • Dappled ears perk up at the sound of a stranger's voice, a low growl rumbles in her throat as she rises from her low stance. She had been stalking prey but it seems that'd have to wait, someone who shouldn't be was strolling around ThunderClan territory. It had called for help, but still the autumn colored femme was weary as she pushed herself over in the direction the words had come from. Eventually as she moves to peer around a tree in the near stretch of forest she spotted a wounded feline limping through. With a low snarl Pumpkinstrut says screw the sneak act she was putting on and hastily strolls forward to stand right in front of the cinnamon striped she-cat. Fur on her hackles bristling she seemingly shows no care that the other was injured, she smelled nothing of twoleg yet wore a collar... Which made Pumpkinstrut distrust her all the more. Was she from BloodClan? They were surely the only fools who thought adorning one was intimidating... Though she didn't carry their scent either.

    "You passed the scent line." She informs with a lash of her tri-colored tail, "What injured you? Is it nearby?" She decides to begin, her wounds looked recently fresh and she swore... if this cat dragged yet another threat into this forest she wouldn't be so keen on allowing the medicine cats to give her medical treatment. She goes quiet for now, wanting to make sure that they didn't have anything lurking around first.



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  • ・゚ ✦ ° when the day met the night - Stalking up alongside her tri-colored Clanmate, Doepaw's icy blue eyes narrowed at the newcomer, instantly suspicious and distrusting. Her tightly coiled fur fluffed only slightly with her emotions, tail twitching slightly. The apprentice's ears twitched and swiveled atop her head, searching for rustles in the underbrush that might hint at something out of place. Every stranger was a potential threat, and after the raids, Doepaw was taking no chances. She was itching for a fight.

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    It didn't seem as if either Pumpkinstrut or Doepaw were in a huge rush to help this stranger, and honestly, Shadepaw wasn't either. Coming up behind his Clanmates, he came and stood beside Doepaw, his obsidian pelt slightly brushing against hers as he did so, his bright eyes fixed on the stranger. She seemed to be injured - which was a pity, though he didn't really feel any sympathy for her, for she was just a random cat. He knew nothing about her, and he felt nothing for her.

    What did concern him was the possibility that this strange molly had brought danger into the territory - that was the last thing that Shadepaw wanted. He didn't say anything, for Pumpkinstrut had said everything that was on his mind. He simply watched the molly, feeling rather curious at to who she was. He would probably end up finding out soon, provided that Pumpkinstrut agreed to help this cat.


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  • ・゚. Quickly a group collected about Rue, all drastically different in appearance, yet two were close in age as the one who verbally addressed her was much older. She focused her attention on the eldest, trained eyes finding no prominent scars or weakness. Just a serious molly with dappled fur. She offered a shaky smile.

    "Scent line?" She echoed, choosing the ignorant kittypet route. "Sorry 'bout that. Not sure what that is, but I hope it's no big deal. But uh... my attacker... I didn't know him, he wasn't one of the cats around the upright-walker dens."

    She struggled to sit, the pain in her stomach becoming unbearable, hissing back at the bark of agony festering and traveling to her chest. It couldn't be too serious... But goodness be this was no act. She needed not to feign the suffering she bore, and hoped it somewhat pulled at these clan cat heartstrings.

    "I didn't see it comin'. And he was real skinny, and he seemed to only hurt me to take whatever food I mighta' had. He scampered off once he realized I had nothin', I don't think he's 'round here."

    She sighed. Sympathy was not readily on these clan cats tongues. A growing pool of respect had begun to collect, every look of distrust adding a droplet to the basin. Perhaps they were not as weak as she was previously taught.


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  • Cats appearing on their borders wasn't new. Cats crossing their borders wasn't new, and Briarheart wished with all of her might that she could simply run them off and forget they ever appeared... and perhaps she would have done just that had a group not already formed around this lost and damaged kittypet. A distended belly betrayed her current affliction, unceremoniously maneuvering her pregnant body through the foliage to stand among the group. Narrowed eyes and a low rumble began in the deputies chest, immediate distrust evident in her reaction as she took up a defensive position among them. If they didn't have the sense to run this cat off ThunderClan land, she would be the steadfast bastion that protected them; even when they didn't realize they didn't need protecting. Always dependable, always predictable in her spite.

    Coming to stand on Pumpkinstrut's other side, the brindled molly paused, eyeing the stranger. Their scent was surprisingly neutral... she didn't possess the scent of any identifiable group... that in itself was almost more unnerving. Surely she sought some sort of aid for her wounds. Even Briarheart, prickly as she was, could see the discomfort and pain that radiated from her entire body. There was no faking the bark of pain that erupted unbidden from her maw; the deputy almost wanted to flinch away from that harsh noise but steadfast she stood upon light paws.
    "I... suppose we could heal you up..." Pumpkinstrut would offer, to which Briarheart's scowl deepened further.
    With ThunderClan moving soon, they needed all the herbs they could get! What if they needed them? What if she or her kits needed them?
    "There will be guards posted, just in case. No need to fear," her tone was gruff with displeasure and oozed off her tongue as readily as sap on a cold day. Which was to say, not very. She didn't feel the need to disclose the fact that the guards would not be posted to ward off her attacker should he return... but to make sure she herself didn't cause any trouble. "Do you have a name?" Much less out of courtesy, and more for convenience. It would surely grate on the tortoiseshells nerves to refer to her as "her" and "you" and "that one" for however long she sought sanctuary among them.

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