BACK AND FORTH - private, sunny

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • figaro wasn't very good with time, so he had not been sure how long they were traveling for, but what he did know was that he was excited. he had seen so many new things, that he never thought he would ever get to experience! and all with this rather grumpy tom cat, who always went on and on about that stupid collar. he didn't understand why the other cared so much about an itchy neck piece in the first place, but it was not his place. he did not judge others, that way. still, the overly brave, and optimistic feline bounded behind the other, purring loudly as he stared at the area around him. "hey, where are we going next?" the ginger tom asked, his ocean colored orbs shining within the sunlight that was dipping downward.

    // SUNNY ! horrible start but uwu

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  • While his companion was bouncing around like a newborn rabbit, Sunny padded along with his eyes half-closed in boredom, tail lashing irritably. He was supposed to be long-gone by now, power and riches clutched in his creamy paws. But, no, this twoleg-loving kittypet had to get in the way. His ears flicked back as Figaro spoke and, no matter how much he disliked this forced journey, the cream point tom couldn't help but smirk ever-so-slightly. If anything, the other's naivety and excitement was kind of charming. But, he'd blink, shaking off the short-lived feeling. He was going to get rid of him and end this adventure once and for all.

    "Oh, somewhere fun. It's what all of the cats around this area do in their free-time, you'll just love it!" He assured, feigning an eager grin as he made his way towards a fence-line. The air here smelled terrible, but the sound was even worse. Howls and caterwauls could be heard from a mile away, and now that they were up close, you could see why. Dogs, probably five or six of them, scoured the junkyard beyond the wooden barrier. Sunny's icy eyes combed over the view before settling on a small hole a few fox-lengths down. He cast a smirk over his shoulder at the ginger tom behind him, tail lifting in the air. "Go on! See for yourself!" He encouraged before slipping through himself.

    Almost immediately, he leaped up onto a post just inside the fence, tall enough so that even the largest hound couldn't get to him. He peeked down, waiting for his companion to follow him up. Surely this would give him a fright and send him running home with his tail between his legs!



    tags -- rogue -- 16 moons -- male -- played by Blitz Krieg